The Don Drive In and Cedar Lane Drive In – Research Update!

shreveport-louisiana-12-13-74-mr-go12-13-74 – FINALLY!!! Another showing of The Yin and Yang of Mr. Go has been found! Understandably, some readers are possibly saying that the film was not much except for being a Late 60’s folly that flopped on a massive level that had a history which was more interesting than the movie. Since that history had The Scene of Screen 13 written all over it – in short: Burgess Meredith makes a film in Hong Kong with a Canadian Producer starring James Mason (who met his wife who also co-starred), Irene Tsu, and a young Jeff Bridges which is passed through a few low-level Distributors before winding up on TV and also having it re-titled The Third Eye by some Florida-based company – you know I have to dig in.

The Scene is looking through it’s files to see what Pleasure Pit…I mean Drive In or Sleaze Cinema I should focus on next. Right now, it seems that the Don Drive In located in Bossier City, LA looks like that it’s one of those magic spots.


3-1-74 – Those Euro Teen flicks just kept on playing! Released in The US in 1970 when the words Swedish and Danish meant Adult Movie Boxoffice. these films were among the first of this kind to play any Drive In that was willing – and the R Ratings were official (I’m sure they were edited for US consumption). Fine Films’ release of The School Girls was the one that broke through, but these Universal-Marion (U-M) films were ground breakers in some kind of way, although they were more dramatic than the films that followed.


12-13-74 – The best thing about being in Louisiana was that the DI were operating through the year which meant that a Passion Pit was a Passion Pit – or also the kind of place where outsiders or those who were not as lucky sometimes connected to the films in the right way.


3-1-74 – Greenville, SC’s Cedar Lane Drive In has also been of a major interest as well as the following ads will prove.

greenville-sc-3-15-74-scream3-15-74 – Greenville gets ready for some Gorenography from Scream Bloody Murder, although the area was seriously not new to it – The Body Shop/Dr. Gore made a stop there a couple of years before.


9-13-74 – At the time “You will never see this on TV” was true to it’s word before Cable and VHS crashed the party.


11-8-74 – You can see it all with ALL THAT NUDITY in a film that was BANNED IN (but number here) COUNTRIES! Group 1 knew how to sell it’s films through The 70’s by using it’s “Banned” claims and constant re-titles.


6-15-73 – The Drive In class-sick Terminal Island played with an appearance by a DJ, although I would have been more interested in seeing Barbi Benton in the second feature!

greenville-sc-5-6-775-6-77 – The Teasers was another Group 1 presentation of an sexy imported film that was successful.

5-22-77 – Promoted with a trailer featuring what sounds like the voice of The Real Don Steele!


5-27-77 – The violent Shaw Brothers film rides into the area with “Billy Jack” in the classic Born Losers!


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