Swinging in the 70’s -Wild and Rare – 1977

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6-10-77, Albuquerque

In this look back to the Sleazy Late 70’s and various rare finds, the focus is on 1977, forst looking on a funny Adult parody of Jaws called Gums…and it’s exactly what you think it is and then some. The added attraction  here is that of the appearance of Brother Theodore.


9-9-77, Bridgeport, Conn


10-7-77, Palm Beach


4-1-77, San Antonio, also featuring Tinto Brass’ classic Salon Kitty presented in the US as Madame Kitty.


4-29-77, San Antonio – Abducted Bride is The Sinful Dwarf and Celestine is the Jess Franco film. More Late 70s San Antonio action in the plans!!!



4-1-77, Palm Beach – Self Service School Girls and many variations of the genre are being planned to be in a post of their own soon…


9-23-77, Lubbock – Remember the Fine Arts Drive In ads from The 60’s? Sadly, by this time, they were part of a small line-up of adult Theater ads, although it was still keeping it in the Sleaze.


2-4-77, Detroit – Cambist Films were seriously playing a lot of it’s back catalog by this time – Relations was one of the hottest sin-sations of 1970’s Grindhouse scene. One again, this is a shining example of Winter-time sleaze in the final years of the original Exploitation era.


6-11-77, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada – Sleaze in the Great White North was plenty, and this ad featuring  Claude Pierson’s Justine de Sade and French Love had this cool ad.



11-25-77, Fort Walton Beach – Don’t have too many of this title (yet), especially with this kind of ad, so it’s in this collection tonight! cirected by Pierre Unia.



11-4-77, Youngstown – Jail Bait Babysitter promoted with the artwork for The Baby!


1-7-77, Brownsville TX – One of the rare plays of this under-performing film from the makers of Flesh Gordon including an OK performance from Bill Osco. This was made when Flesh Gordon was having problems in it’s release, but it proved to be a footnote in an otherwise notable Exploitation career.


Port Arthur, TX, 12-13-77 – This rare one was turned into Dr. Dracula. The original Paul Aratow version looks a “Hell” of a lot better!


11-4-77, Del Rio – and on this note…More Later!!!

Drive In Memories of The Late 70’s – Twin Palms 1 and 2 in Corpus Christi

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It’s time for another Drive In Memory with a twin in Corpus Christi that seriously wins a Screen 13 Award of some kind (maybe I’ll call them Screeners!) for a history of DI greatness. The Twin Palms’ programs are my kind of variety, especially in the Late 60’s and 70’s: Exploitation, Sexploitation, Spanish, Last Runners, Horror, Classic Horror, Eurosex, Western, Adventure, and all of the rest of the things that make life worthwhile. It was noted for having that great DI practice in the ate 70’s of having one screen for the spicy stuff and the other for the more general shows with some weeks playing more Adult fare on occasion, keeping the tradition alive when the screens were called the North (Adult) and South (General) back in its early years.

This and the Surf, connected in management, reportedly closed in 1980 leaving behind plenty of classic memories in these small nuggets of Sin-ema history. Although not a part of the Ayres DI strip that included the Surf, the Twin Palms was of the same style


1-9-76 – Both cool shows! Classic Horror fans might want that time machine to check out Tura on the big screen in Astro Zombies!


3-18-77 – By this time, ads for the Surf were joined in at the top. The Dragons Die Hard/Devil Woman double bill was seen on so many screens through the Late 70’s, and it’s appearance on the Ayres Drive In strip was something to check out. Those who liked it more sexy went to the Twin Palms 1, where the Amero Brothers’ Every Inch a Lady (for some reason named Every Stitch a Lady!) featuring Harry Reems was playing.


1-23-76, The second screen is a perfect example of the Last Run Drive In show. 5 st the Funeral was reportedly the working title for House of Terror released by Gamalex in 1973 and possibly picked up by a very low-level company that specialized in hardly played films. Death Makers is possibly Only the Cool, another Gamalex-released film, this one a French Spy thriller from the Early 70’s while “Charlton Charlie” was possibly the the Ross Hagen film Bad Charleston Charlie.


1-30-76 – Screen 1’s title should be familiar to Something Weird Video gallery fans as it was a familiar sight in a couple of them. The second screen was into films from the Early 60’s that night including The Devil’s Messenger, an edited version of the 13 Demon Street series with Lon Chaney, and The Devil’s Partner from 1961. Eye of Evil might be the Mario Bava film The Girl Who Knew Too Much as it would have fitted perfectly with the night – it was called The Evil Eye in the US.


1-21-77 – Another Twin Palm/Surf line up ad – At the Twin Palms 2, it’s time to solve a “Puzzle” which could be the Italian Giallo  L’uomo senza memoriaDirected by Duccio Tessari (A Pistol for Ringo) and starring Senta Burger, while going WTF at Andy Milligan’s Blood Thirsty Butchers…and that was the fun of a true Late 70’s DI ready to play anything!!! Twin Palms 1 was showing Radley Metzger’s Score which was daring for the time. The Surf was showing AIP hits perfect for the night.


5-7-76 – The Twin Palms 1 was showing the S&M classic The Defiance of Good with Jean Jennings and Fred Lincoln. Screen 2 was something for the Action fans – the Gambler must have been the effective Paramount film starring James Cann.


2-20-76 – Here’s another example of the Twin Palm’s Action Night at the Second Screen with three Westerns. A Man for Hanging might be the film starring Peter Breck. Screen 1 features one of the many European flicks that were a staple of the Drive Ins through the Mid-Late 70’s (The Wayne in Detroit was still showing them in the slow months as late as Early 1984 with Young Seducers!)

2-11-77 – The Surf was showing the sleaze and Schoolgirls while the Twin Palms 2 was dishing up the Spaghetti Western, once again with a film by Duccio Tessari, and Man of Iron. Screen 1 featured a strong running Porn hit.


 1-28-77, Milligan fans will dig Screen 2! Feast of Flech was usually served up with Night of the Bloody Apes.


2-18-77 – Milligan’s The Man with 2 Heads showed up.

More Drive In fun later – with vintage 60’s ads!

On the Search for the Maneaters- She Devils on Wheels After 1968

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3-14-69, East Liverpool, OH – The Wild Eye was another AIP film.

Through 1969 and beyond She Devils on Wheels payed a number of classic shows which made it one of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ greatest successes in his history. There’s no need to seriously write about the detail when the ads are perfect in telling the story themselves.





5-14-69, Carbondale – Lewis was in a Drive In war with himself that weekend!!!


10-24-69, Youngstown, with 1969’s most notorious Biker film, Satan’s Sadists!


10-24-69, this double also hit the Mansfield, OH area


3-5-69 – Did you know that She Devils on Wheels and two other HG Lewis films were actually banned in Ontario?



3-28-69, Holland, MI – Here’s one of the plays of She Devils on Wheels with Tom Laughlin’s classic Biker epic Born Losers! The Hellcats tried to be a Biker Chick flick, but was more of a showcase for Ross Hagen – good film, but not as great as She Devils on Wheels! Of course, William Grefe’s Wild Rebels, also filmed in Florida, is a good flick.


10-11-69, Plymouth, OH – This was possibly the ultimate show for She Devils on Wheels after it’s first runs. Laughlin’s classic, Al Adamson’s Satan’s Sadists and the classic Russ Meyer double bill makes for a perfect night!



5-23- and 7-23-75, Cumberland, MD


8-21-71 Logan, OH


10-9-71, Hagerstown, MD – a classic double for Something Weird Video fans.


9-29-72, Alton. Illinois


1-21-73, Salisbury, MD


Another Greenville showing – 3-24-74


7-22-77, Lumberton, NC


Saving the best for last, this final ad may be word-only, but it seriously reads like poetry!


6-10-75, Frederick, MD

Still…I think you already know me. This is seriously NOT the last of the Maneaters, and they will be back on The Scene soon!

She Devils on Wheels (1968) – Riding Strong with HG Lewis’ Classic Biker Chick Epic

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Time for a little personal history – After the time when going to Punk shows with friends was nearing the end by the Fall of 1988 and the search for anything interesting was on, nothing screamed “this is the way” to me louder than watching She Devils on Wheels when it came to sparking my research on these films. Rented from the Video Connection, which had a number of World Vision tapes (as well as those from Regal!), this seriously was my first Herschell Gordon Lewis film which still remains one of my favorites and I always wanted to find out about the history that was in every gritty frame of this classic. You know the rest of the story centering around years of renting, research, and raving.

Like every great Exploitation film, She Devils on Wheels fitted perfectly with the Drive In screens it played (most perfectly at those that were getting rough around the edges) as well as the indoor places that welcomed these films on a regular basis Downtown, Down on the Corner, or just plain Down and Out, but it stood out from most of them when it was playing it’s runs through the years, and this is looking beyond the fact that Lewis’ classic featured an all girl motorcycle gang played by real riders in a time when women in these films were usually an accessory or a romantic side story (several of the cast were reportedly from a club called the Iron Cross Motorcycle Club). The film was perfect to play with the best of the Biker films, especially as exchanges of the mighty AIP had this film in some territories thanks to a deal with Executive Producer Fred M Sandy who worked at the Washington DC branch, but it was also rough and rugged to be with the Westerns and Action flicks as well as hip to play with the swinging Acid flicks of the day (once more, usually at the places where AIP had some Distribution) – and it also played with Horror films, too…


7-5-68, Chicago area




The adventures of the Maneaters, led by Queen (Betty Connell), first focus on their weekly races to see who chooses first from a stud line which sees Karen (Christie Wagner) getting hooked on one man – something that’s totally against the code of use them and lose them. After punishing the goody-goody member by being forced to drag her dream prize around on pavement, she’s shocked to see her ex-boyfriend Ted (Rodney Bedell) in “the line” in the next race. After getting some information that Joe-Boy’s gang was in for a turf war which involved ruining the Maneaters, starting with turning their young mascot-turned-legal-member Honey Pot (Nancy Lee Noble) into a bloody mess, things go for the gold until the end when the Maneaters win the war and get away with their actions due to a lack of evidence.




Featuring some effective gore (possibly helped out by Dr. Gore himself, JG Patterson Jr.), as well as some well-executed tastelessness, sex, drugs, and Rock and Roll, She Devils on Wheels is a classic Drive In flick. Great supporting performances by Pat Poston as Whitey, John Weymer as Joe-Boy, and Steve White as Doodle as well as amusing Lewis-World cameos including that of Roy Collodi as the bartender roughed up by Queen are all good and the light attack on the small town of Medley, Florida is a highlight (Medley’s in Dade County, resting on Route 27 in case if you were wondering). Connell is perfect in true Tura Satana mode, making this perfect with Russ Meyer’s classic Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, and the Maneaters all together predate a number of classic gangs including the Jezebels…and keep those titles in mind as we go on the paths burned by the She Devils through the years.

(Sorry, Honey Pot fans, Nancy Lee Noble may be a cross of the Rural High School flirt and Marianne Faithfull if she rode a moped, but Girl on a Motorcycle will not be a part of this journey…although it would have been great as well)





As usual with Lewis’ films, the advertising is great and was very effective in selling the film, especially in rural territories and smaller cities where it was perfect.


9-17-68, Chicago – First, let’s take one brief detour to Lewis’ own small cinema The Blood Shed, here known as Le Cinema Bizarre, renamed due to some pressure about the name of the place. At least the monsters were still a part of the show!


5-31-68, Salisbury, Maryland…Go Johnny Go and Teenage Wolf Pack was originally a DCA release, once home to Ed Wood’s Plan 9 from Outer Space, which played with Go Johnny Go in many areas.

Keeping in mind that there were Maryland plays dating back to May, 1968, there are plans for further installments of this run of first run ads, but what is here reveals a cool look at how well it did play ad what it was paired off with in various territories.


9-14-68, Gastonia, NC


9-13-68, Toledo


9-20-68, Lumberton


10-3-68, Alamogordo, NMALAMOGORDO-NM-10-4-68

10-4-68, Alamogordo


Freeport, Illinois, 10-14-68


10-15-68, Fayetteville, Arkansas


10-20-68, Paris, TX


10-23-68, Greenville, MississippiGASTONIA-NC-10-17-68

North Carolina, 10-17-68


Sedalia, MO, 11-3-68


11-15-68, Abilene, TX


11-25-68, Fresno


12-6-68, El Paso


12-6-68, Burlington, NC – take note of David F, Friedman’s Costume Cutie as the next show!

So, I know what many of you are thinking…”Where did it play with Born Losers?!!!” The answer to that question will be answered in the next installment!

Scene Update 1/18/16

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WACO-11-10-67 which has slowed down th pace as of late, bt

Waco 11-10-67

This Mondo-Rama show is one of many that AIP Played across the country through the Late 60’s. The “Much More” part is in with my thoughts as to what has been happeninging for this Blog. There have been a olt of things I have been needing to do on a very personal level, but I plan to be back in constant action very soon!!!

Stay Tuned!!!

The Last Stop Drive In – Still Riding in the Late 70’s – Part 1

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ALBUQUERQUE-9-2-779-2-77, Albuquerque

The Last Run Drive In still had movie ghouls like us as regular customers  and I know people like me would have been regular customers if we were born at the right time. Still, there was the growing problem to bring in as many people as possible as the Late 70’s crowd were not frequenting the DIs as much as they could and the original audience were moving on with their lives after spending their wild years partially at these paces. Even the more atmospheric Horror films from Europe of the day (or at least released in The US in that day years after) were admittedly best seen in some low-budget and sometimes ran down indoor theater still playing the Independent flicks when that term really meant “Picked-up” and by then “Second Run” or “Third Run”. There were some winning genres for the Drive In’s final days, especially the large catalog of films from SRC which were really re-titled films from Hemisphere’s collection of Schoolgirl Report flicks brought over to the new company as well as MPM’s early run of films with titles like Vampire Playthings were were also re-titled flicks, and of course some big hits traveled well to the outdoor screen, but there is something special about seeing a Biker flick or even one of those clumsy attempts to gear a film into that genre.

Thankfully, there was the Biker Film, the Chopper-Opper, and the Cycle-Psycho films still ready to be played which I’m sure at least brought back some customers. Even Easy Rider, a film that still has those saying it’s not, was brought back out to play! The best of these shows was the AIP super-cycle shows with five of their top-grossing hits that must have brought back some memories for Drive In customers, but even someone like Howard Mahler saw fit to unleash the Shaw Brothers variation of the genre, Killers on Wheels in a time when these films were not as profitable (the New York City Unwritten Grindhouse Law: If It Has Sprockets, We Play It!).


2-7-77, Terre Haute, Indiana

Howard Mahler was the company who brought this wild ride from the Shaw Brothers, but sadly there’s nothing of it’s US release to post around these parts. Thankfully, this gave Drive Ins a chance to throw on some classic Biker flick from the classic years making it perfect for this post. The Shaw version of the genre. Some screens decided to have Wild Riders as the second film or even on the other screen – there goes your Weekend Money!


8-12-77, Al Adamson’s flicks were an easy pick!


4-29-77, Toledo – they did right with this double-genre double bill, Biker and Possessed Woman!


10-12-79…read the date right, too!!!


10-28-78, San Antonio – someone took Super Ball and threw in some Psycho Billy Jack on a Motorcycle plus some false advertising (Linda was NEVER in this film)! I’m sure that despite the deception, it’s far better than Billy Jack Goes to Washington. Now that’s extending a life of a film!


8-15-75, Brandon, Manitoba – Let’s throw in this set, too! Featuring Riders and Rollers (the kind loved by The Scene, of course!)

Screen 13’s Ad-a-Rama-a-Go-Go…The Return!

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Corpus Christi, 9-3-71


Clarkwood (via a paper from Corpus Christi), 11-3-67


Corpus Christi, 9-11-70


Fresno, 12-31-69


New York City, 9-2-71 (The same Village Voice paper that Sweet Savior appeared!)


8-2-72, Corpus Christi


8-18-72, Corpus Christi


8-8-75, Corpus Christi


7-14-67, Chicago, Epic Records ad with four classic albums.


3-5-68, The “Shake: model Shadows of Knight at the Cheetah.


Wilmington, 5-29-71 – I dig the look!


5-5-72, Ames, Iowa


6-8-74, Kansas city


1973? Madison. WI


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