Research Update – Greenville, SC DI Action and More!

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philadelphia-2-16-682-16-68, Philadelphia – Here’s a cool ad for the Something Weird/Gruesome Twosome show that’s a rare find!


12-12-69, Philadelphia – Before December, 1969, Satan’s Sadists was that Biker flick that had some shock to it which stood out. Around Mid-1969, the film had a serious promotional kick by using it’s production at the infamous Spawn Ranch as the spark to sell the violent world of Satan’s Sadists as comparable to The Manson Family although it certainly was not despite the fact that Russ Tamblyn was very convincing as the murderous leader. Certainly tasteless, but that’s a plus in the world of Exploitation.

More Phila Action later! Now is a good time to unleash some ads from Greenville, SC. Any place that had Malatista’s Carnival of Blood must have had good connections to the B-Level Movie Distributors and Sub-Distributors because the Early 70’s was filled with good stuff! There’s no better way than to move onto the classic triple play of all time!


12-9-73, Greenville, NC – Another spotting of the Gore Trilogy that never stopped playing. Get the point(s)?


5-19-72, Greenville – Milligan-Mania at the Belmont with The Rats are Coming The Werewolves are Here and The Man With Two Heads. Better get more Milligan stuff on here, I think!


12-8-72, Greenville, SC – Around 1970, The Jerry Lewis Cinemas were aimed for bringing Family-level G and PG Level entertainment as a response to the growing interest in Adult and R-Rated films. Well, that plan was 86’ed pretty quick! It was Co-distributed in some territories through Duffy, the Maron Films Adult wing that also had The Cult/The Love Cult/Together Girls.


5-12-72, Greenville, SC – Nitemare in Wax? Alright, I’ll say OK on the hip spelling. This ad is seriously cool, and to show that it’s 1972, Beast of Blood (Actually a GP, I think) was clearly OK for the families! Greenville was a serious Drive In  area and knew cheap special effects when they saw them!


2-8-73, Greenville, SC – Regional Action heads this double at the Ceder Lane DI, which seriously screamed Passion Pit on many nights! The Sin of Adam and Eve was one of the first hits of Dimension Pictures – the 70’s one!

12-15-72, Greenville, SC – Another cool find of the Dead End Girls! Dig the legs!

3-2-73, Greenville, SC – Speaking of regional, you have yo love any showing of a Pat Patterson flick playing in the Carolinas! Boots and The Preacher’s trailer rocked in it’s $1.95 kind of way.

2-8-74, Greenville, SC – Road of Death at the White Horse DI. Directed by Rene Martinez, Jr, who later made the incredibly must-see bad film The Guy from Harlem!

12-15-72, Greenville, SC – The Dirtiest Girl I Ever Met was child’s play for 1972 as this Brit Flick by Peter Walker was one of his Cuties dressed up as an Adult flick originally called Cool It, Carol. I actually like the film as a nice slice of 1970, but playing it in 1972 under that title must have left a lot of customers looking for entertainment in the back seat. Three in the Attic was the AIP hit from 1969 re-issued, but the real psycho win was The Psycho Lover!

Walker would make his mark in a series of sordid Horror flicks that showed more of his talents later on.


11-24-75, Indianapolis – Any ad featuring the Switchblade Sisters is great, this one with Naughty Nymphs. At the Shadeland, Johnny Firecloud is playing. Sadly, the South 81 got Gone with the West…Not B Funny!


10-9-76, Alexandrea, Louisiana – I’ll wrap this update up with this classic Horror show led by a great film by Dario Argento. Although edited for the US market ad picked up by one of the many New York City based distributors, it still played so many Drive Ins and lower-level theaters that at least a good number of fans were made (and I’m sure none of them were the local critics who actually promoted these films with their rants!)

Chicago-land Arthouse Memories and More – Early 1960’s: Post One

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4-15-63 – With so may excellent choices, you may have wished you would clone yourself! Promoted with an ad featuring Marion Michael from Liane, Jungle Goddess looking at you (although she would not be in any of the films!) the Kholberg-owned Starlite had HG Lewis’ Lucky Pierre and Daughter of the Sun, the Brigitte Bardot film Naughty Girl, and something called Nature’s Island of Love which could more likely be the Tony Randall/Walter Matthau Comedy.

The 53 has a show that’s mainly Hitchcock films while the Oasis is seriously 50-50 with the classic Young Lions featuring Marlon Brando playing with a Jerry Lewis film. The Harlem is having a Sci Fi night, perfect for the family.

Going back to where a lot of my ad hunting started with the Chicago area, here’s a nice small selection of Arthouse ads and a few Drive In shows of serious interest. This was a time when some sordid Drama shunned to the margins by the film industry would play the Adults Only places usually with a Nudie Cutie. The results are always fascinating.

4-12-62 – The Capri, ran by Thomas Dowd (the Producer of a few HG Lewis/David F. Friedman Nudie Cuties including Goldilocks and The Three Bares) ran a classic mind-twist of a program: A Nudie Cutie and Peeping Tom! The Loop was running Voodoo Village, one of the many Roadshow “Shock”umentaries of the day released in 1958 promoted with an “Imported Voodoo Doll”!


10-19-62 – This super show at the Starlite featured two held-over movies added onto the three which were picked to play that weekend, Something Weird Video fans will instantly recognize them on the spot!


1-1-65 – A great group of ads! The Monroe was playing Sexploitation starting around the Early 60’s-Late 50’s mainly as a way to stay in the business, but it was a plan that worked until the Mid 70’s. Sadly, the World closed up shop around 1972, and it might have been out of declining to join the Porn trend. The Capri shows what could be the Eva Bartok film Naked In the Night as Naked Las Vegas – only a guess as For Love (ers) and Others was Distributed by Sam Lake.


1-15-65 – Girl in Trouble is a serious and Dramatic film that was Directed by “Lee Beale” better known as Brandon Chase later founder of Group 1 Films while Nude in Charcoal was one of the early films involving the legendary Joseph A. Sarno.


1-15-65 – The Plaza Art, a theater that closed a couple of years later, was showing the instant audience grabber Two Women. The eye-catching vision Eleonora Brown was both memorable and maybe a bit troubling if you have seen the film as her character is raped, a bit for the Adult cinema ghouls who like their serious films on the Rough side – hence the use of “Shocking!” next to her. It’s co-feature was The Seducers and the Plaza Playmates were roaming around.


10-1-65 – A fine gathering of films plus a classic small teaser ad for Ecco at the World and Town theaters.


2-14-64 – Violated Paradise was exciting enough to get playdates in the Early 60’s for it’s exotic value alone – the topless Japanese Pearl Divers were what the customers wanted – but today it’s only for the seriously devoted of the genre…yeah, I’m in that group of viewers Prelude to Ecstasy was a German film released in The US through Manson, who I think handled the worldwide (outside of the US and Canada) Distribution of Two Thousand Maniacs, or I think Blood Feast – correct me if I’m wrong with my memory of seeing it’s logo on a video.

A bit from Prelude’s original language version from Germany that has legs!


5-8-64 – There will be more later on. Winding this up with another Capri ad for now.

Maid in Sweden, Christina Lindberg, and the Rise of the 70’s EuroSex

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4-19-72, Detroit area – It’s time for some serious Christina Lindberg (b. 1950) stuff at The Scene. The collection of They Call Her One-Eye is still growing, but I feel that right now is the time to capture a few ads for her breakthrough Maid in Sweden. The first post is starting in the right style with a double-up with the classic Trash in the Detroit area.

Directed by Dan Wolman, this tale of a country girl who has adventures in the city was a big winner in the market filled with Early 70’s cinemas that welcomed the chances to play Adult films in  an era when Porn was just starting to explode but not yet take over. By this time, it was only a couple of months before something called Deep Throat would change things around, but this would usher in a popular genre that was legit in Europe but too hot for the States hinted at by many Art films of the 60’s and UMC’s 1970 release of Eva was Everything but Legal. By the end of the year, the EuroSex scene took over where the White Coat films left, many of them officially getting an R rating and bringing in many “curious” customers until at least 1975 when these films started to go into Last Run Drive In play.

The road paved by Joe Sarno’s Inga was starting to be traveled on, and the numerous Documentaries on the rage in Denmark both “Doctored” and all real were the finishing touches, but the drivers were not too careful. The danger was a part of the attraction.

Next up on her US hit list, The Depraved!


1-28-72, Pittsburgh at the Fulton Mini in it’s second week. The audience can’t get enough of that “Vim”!


3-17-72, Conelsville, PA – Here’s a clash of the beautiful and the ugly presented by Cannon Films. Joe is a great film starring the one and only Peter Boyle and should be seen by everyone into the films of that era.


3-31-72, St. Joseph, MO – At the Plaza Theater, the ad sadly did not think about putting in any photo of Christina.


4-6-72, Youngstown – Another double with The Erotic Three, directed by Alex Matter and originally known as Scratch Harry on it’s release in 1969.


2-25-72, Chicago – In the Imported EuroSex competition, The School Girls – the first Schoolgirl Report film – was bringing in the customers around the same time. disguised as something of a Documentary, this was good old fashioned ooh la la in an advanced 1970’s style that had many sequels imitators which sometimes were wilder than this. Although the attraction to playing or viewing these films was certainly one of seeing how far they can go in The 70’s, I’m sure some of the audience in the States apart from the obvious deviants and those who were “curious” (for real) seriously knew of the contrasts between the acceptance of sexuality in Europe and the rather restrictive attitudes of The US caught in the Nixon Era. These were like the button pushing films of The 50’s and 60’s without the intense dramatic seriousness as if some Producers new why Monica: The Story of a Bad Girl made it big and Summer With Monka hardly went beyond the art houses sand catching on to the tends of the White Coat flicks started in 1969. .

By this time, Sweden and Denmark were code words for any movie that could get away with these kind of things.


4-8-72, Kansas City – Fine Films was the company of Billy Fine, who’s name was within the story of the making of Savage Streets. Fine had some success in the early 70’s with the Sexploitation side of things before he moved on.


4-28-72, Masillion, OH – this small ad at least shows a little image even if it was for To Hex with Sex, a neat film distributed by RAF which played for years and even had a promotional record at some showings!


5-12-72, Alton, Illinois –

4-18-72, Ottawa – Christina invades Canada!


…while The School girls invade Indianapolis! Radley Metzger’s Camille 2000 was on the same program!


…while Lowell, Mass also had a visit from The School Girls with Love Doctors and Two Lane Blacktop! A salute to any theater that promoted any the School Girls with a fake R rating.


6-23-72, Chicago – Veit Rilen’s Love Under 17 was making plenty of waves in the Drive In Circuit. Presented by United International Pictures, this played for a long time through the decade. The Miracle of Love was the German “White Coat” film featured in the classic Taxi Driver scene.


6-9-72, Spokane, WA at the infamous Y Drive In, home to many Exploitation spectacle through the years.


6-23-72, Chicago – A look into the Love Customs of Scandinavia played with the once-seen-never-unseen Inga the Animal Lover!

4-7-72, Chicago


7-28-72, Chicago – The first of Hemisphere’s pickups of the Singing films of Erwin C. Dietrich that played for years!

9-8-72, from a Mansfield paper, Maid in Sweden was already getting respected enough to show with some big hits!

sanantonio9-1-72 9-1-72, San Antonio – The classic sleazy ad for Teenage Sex Report!


10-27-72, Pontiac, Illinois – More Report action across the Midwest!

11-11-72, Toledo at the Franklin Park and Maumee Drive Ins with Wedding Night.


12-27-72, Toledo – A more edgy brand of Schoolgirl film was already closing out the year in this double bill.

Sleaze in 1973 Research Update!

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9-29-73, Akron – Time to dive into 1973 once again for more sin on the screen. Just sit back and enjoy the ads!


5-9-73, Detroit – the psychotic Horror of the Baby made it to the Motor City in a few mainstream cinemas!


5-18-73, El Paso – Believe it or not, this was a PG back in the day. A cool sick flick!


4-20-73, Gastonia, NC – Creepy, creepy, and actually cool. A very bleak film, the Candy Snatchers payed around.

5-16-73, Detroit area – The Candy Snatchers made it to the Drive In circuit in Detroit.


6-22-73, Fort Walton Beach, Florida – A very eerie and rare find of an ad here. .

detroit-1973-2-28-73-hell2-28-73, Detroit – I’m sure there were problems in getting every daughter and every son to see a film that was officially rated X, but then it was Detroit in 1973…who knows?


10-26-73 Detroit – This Cinemation film was not among their biggest hits, but it had some business.

detroit-12-14-7312-14-73, Detroit – This cool sick flick had some strong playdates. In the Downtown area, it was at the Adams.


3-7-73, Louisville, KY – This is one of the best ads for Scream Bloody Murder. I’ll look for the review!

11-21-73, Pittsburgh – Gee wonder what’s missing from this ad…


4-14-73, Des Moines  – Maybe this is a hint…

9-24-73, El Dorado, Arkansas – This wicked showing of the “Gore-Nography” flick was with The Wizard of Gore!

Ginger’s Hot Triple Play – Winter 1974

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anderson-in-11-22-7411-22-74, Anderson, IN – The Ginger Trilogy was seriously big news for Drive Ins. Cheri Caffaro’s  sleaze and violence films seriously lived up to the hype and played well for years. My first experience was with the second, The Abductors, the one that starts off with a very intense kidnap scene that might make some viewers think that someone slipped in something else for  few seconds. Shortly after The Abductors played out as a main feature, someone had the great idea to slap these three of the films together for one classic Mid 70’s show in time when the Drive Ins were playing greatest packages hits more often.

Until I dig up some more ads, this sees to have played the Midwest to some success in the Winter of 1974


10-4-74, Piqua, Ohio  – I seriously wonder if Ginger was the real deal or an impostor, but only those who remember being there can say. Also, I’m guessing that gift was a poster. Still, this is one hell of an ad!


11-29-74, Detroit area (Taylor and Warren) – A very handsome ad featuring the classic first film mat and the slightly risky photo used for the Abductors.


3-22-74, Akron – Just an excuse to show the spicy ad for The Abductors with the third feature being a dramatic 1967 film that looks great and slightly controversial for the time.

Sin Cinema Report – Studio – Philadelphia – Focus Year: 1967 (Part One)

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2-3-67 – It’s been too long that I focused on one theater, so here’s  post to finally bring another Sin Center into focus. The Studio was one of the many city theaters that decided to play something with a bit of skin, in this case And God Created Woman, stirred up some controversy, and never looked back until it closed up shop. the ads hardly censored, and actually added on to the sin in a couple of them!

At that time, most of the other Adult movie ads in the Philadelphia papers were just word-only promotions in the listing, but thankfully the Studio knew how to bring in the customers. Many of their shows look like that the programmed only wanted the best and proven, which in this scene was not a bad thing considering what played.

1-20-67 – One of the few advertisements that had no shame in printing the title of the Rape.

2-17-67 – The hit of 1966 makes it to the Studio for two weeks in a theater that usually stuck to one per show.


3-24-67 – Honey is possibly Beyond the Valley of the Lost, but I hope that someday a print is found good enough to get into the digital age as soon as possible. I first caught the trailer on the “Legend”ary Sleazemania collections.


3-31-67 – Another showing of the infamous Roughie that had two different tales, one of them being Follow that Skirt, which thankfully was found and was unleashed through Something Weird Video. Originally a stand-alone short, the tale of a murderous cross-dresser still remains a stand-alone in that it was something that made the modern viewer who has seen a lot to think that the Director must have been a fan of Blood Feast.


3-10-67 – Doris Wishman’s classic showed up  with Girl With an Itch.


3-17-67 – Libertad Leblanc from films like the Pink Pussy (Where Sin Lives) is the star attraction in one of the many imported films sold as sleaze. Directed by Emilio Vieyra (The Curious Dr. Humpp), this was distributed through CIP (Banned, Teenage Gang Debs). The Girl from S.I.N. was another of it’s releases.


6-2-67 – Hip, Hot,and 21 was a film starring Lorna Maitland that was Directed by Dale Berry.

5-19-67 – I seriously know nothing about these films, but I’m sure that they had something to look at.


4-7-67 – Unholy Matrimony was one of two films unleashed by Arcanum which payed the Sin Circuit for a few years.

6-16-67 – The Love Cult was the other Arcanum film. Infidelity American Style was released through Chancellor.


4-14-67 – A Smell of Honey, a Swallow of Brine was one of David F. Friedman’s best films. Featuring Stacey Walker, who left the movie scene shortly after this and the short But, Charlie, I never Played Volleyball, this torrid tease flick played for a long time in the circuit. Look for the Producer, who helped to see My Tale is Hot get released after moving to California, in a couple of cameos.


4-21-67 – At the Studio, a Radley Metzger presentation gets HOT in this ad!