Shriek of the Mutilated in Greenville, and SC, and High Point, NC – You Will Be at a Drive In, So Go Ahead and SCREAM – 10-25-74

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10-25-74, Greenview and High Point – Getting my files together has been a great adventure, but it sometimes provides some interesting results like this. Shriek of the Mutilated was one of the jaw-droppers of the VHS scene – yours truly among the renters – and it was a given that some viewers wondered where it wound up when it played the screens. On this day in ’74, it wound up at two of the Drive Ins noted by The Scene for the last few years, the Cedar Lake in Greenview and the Tar Heel in High Point (or Archdale to be technical). The Michael Findlay film has had it’s share of critics and fans and some very inspired advertising in it’s first year of playing, and around here it’s a given that a very low budget film following the short lived Bigfoot/Yeti trend set in upstate NY made by Michael Findlay (Richard Jennings of the Flesh Trilogy) deserves to be remembered on it’s own merits.

Witchcraft ’70 in Louisville – 1970

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10-25-70, Louisville – Hello to all once again. So many things have been happening, but thankfully there is plenty of time to do this research madness known as The Scene of Screen 13. Starting this return with a cool ad from 1970 with the Preston Drive In hosting a great show surrounding Witchcraft ’70 that included a meeting with a Warlock and his High Priestess in the snack bar along with a witches coven display. Throw in some Black Magic show and three other great movies including Black Sabbath and Black Sunday and you had the makings of a great night out.

Dateline, Honolulu: 10-9-67 – Screen 13 Update

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10-9-67, Honolulu – A bit of a Screen 13 update reveals that I need to see The Cave of the Silken Web sometime yesterday as the trailer seriously shows that it’s of my interest – stylish strong women, imaginative¬† fighting, Shaw Brothers class, and as widescreen as it can be. The show at the Princess was sponsored by the Associated Chinese University Women.

A Fallen Woman looks like a Shochiku Roughie with style, but sadly we may never get to see it due to it’s rare or lost status. Still, a good ad for it’s showing Nippon still gives me hope it will show up sometime.

Glen or Glenda Update – Dateline: Heath, Ohio

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10-8-57, Heath, OH – The Scene can never get enough of Glen or Glenda or any classic Ed Wood film, and it’s with happiness that an update to the G or G collection has been made recently with this showing in Heath, OH.


2-24-57, Detroit – Not to leave a recent find standing alone, it’s fitting that this Detroit grindhouses – the Grand and Regent – is mentioned.


4-3-57, Detroit – Another Motor City showing I think was at the Gayety Burlesk as Two Lives Have I: Male and Female already hinting at the Adults Only world Wood would go into in full by the 1960’s.


4-18-58, Toledo – This was among one of the first ads I collected several years ago, but it is important as it was from an area close to one of my childhood homes. The Palace also played Plan 9 from Outer Space as the B to Go Johnny Go, the best known double feature of the Wood-land Sci-Fi classic’s original time on the screen.

Voodoo Heartbeats and Naked Evil with The Gorilla Gang in Greenville, SC – This Day in 1972

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10-8-72, Greenville and Greer, SC – Back in the day when Indie companies charged through areas to get as many screens as possible, Robert Saxton had a double screen win like the booking of Voodoo Heartbeat at the Cedar Lane Drive In and the double bill of The Gorilla Gang and Naked Evil at the Greer Drive In, with Greenville just a little SW of Greer enough to be considered the same area. Although some may remember the Roy Molina Voodoo Heartbeat as The Sex Serum of Dr. Blake released independently of Saxton, the 1968-made Ape Suit Krimi Gorilla Gang and the 1966 Voodoo-themed flick Naked Evil were enjoyable picked up screen fillers that played many times in the ozoner business that were later handed over to Sam Sherman’s Independent-International by around 1974 – the very reason why some may recall the later as Exorcism at Midnight on TV with a “new” scenes thrown in. It was all a part of the industry that tried to sell any old movie it could, and did!


7-6-73, Chicago – Voodoo Heartbeat was thrown into the Drive In showings of How Did a Nice Girl like You… starring Barbi Benton and Three Golden Serpents known here as Island of Lost Girls. I think that How Did… was almost originally known as The Cheerleaders before a better known film too that title as it was aka The Naughty Cheerleader when picked up by Sam Sherman’s Independent International. Island… was one of the Kommissar X films that played under several different titles through The States especially on Late Night TV and released by Hampton International – the last chapter of Saxton’s Distribution history from what I know.


5-10-74, Detroit – The Motor City showing of Voodoo Heartbeat was late in the game at the Adams with The Devil’s Wedding Night.


10-26-73, Detroit – The Naked Evil/Gorilla Gang show hit the Grand Circus in Detroit with the emphasis on Naked Evil aimed for the urban markets (note the “Soul Brothers of Death” line in the trailer). Although the films were not bad, at least in a Late Show kind of way, it’s understandable if the audience was not too into them at the time.


3-15-74, Pittsburgh area – in a desperate attempt to promote what was at the time a very outdated¬† B&W production, the ads had to evoke the word “Exorcism”, which was a very common ploy in the Mid 70’s.

Looking for the Switchblade Sisters – A Screen 13 Update: Classic Post-1975 Showings

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3-19-76, Edmonton – One of the most thrilling searches in the Scene’s history has been that of trying to find where Jack Hill’s Switchblade Sisters played through the years and some of the greatest ads were from after it’s first showings in 1975. With it’s reputation in the Exploitation industry for sleazy and exciting fun with a drop of hip politics to go with it, it was a easy to play pick for those theaters still showing the Independently-released excitement even if it’s initial success was not too much to write home about. In this Canadian showing, it was paired off with the Made in Florida jaw-drop face palm that is the classic Satan’s Children resulting in this classic ad for the Plaza ONe theater and Twin Two Drive In.


4-30-76, New York City area and suburbs – Those wondering if Switchblade Sisters played The Deuce should rejoice that it was at the Harris in this seriously wide-spanning showing through New York. Fishkill in upstate New York was nearby Ed Wood’s childhood home of Poughkeepsie (also once the hometown of Billy Name and Sterling Morrison).


3-4-77, Philadelphia – Serious Woman Power was shown at a few Drive Ins with this pairing of Switchblade Sisters with the first two Ilsa films that were said to have been the R-Rated versions, but maybe the complete edit – they had a way of sneaking in those complete versions (think I Drink Your Blood and all of those fake rated ads for films that never got rated).


10-8-77, Saskatoon – The Skyway Drive In was heating up with Jess Franco’s Sinner: The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac in a five film mainly Euro-Tease feast, but a great show was planned for the 10’th that included Switchblade Sisters and Satan’s Children. Also on the bill is The Student Body, a film from the same company as Switchblade Sisters (Surrogate – Once known as Centaur) and Too Hot to Handle featuring Ginger herself, Cheri Caffaro.¬† Cover Girl Models was the wise pick for the “get them out of here” fifth flick as it was one of the lesser New World screen fillers with a classic ad line.


5-30-80, Dayton – The Co Ed Murders was another re-title for a film best known as What Have They Done to Your Daughters? originally released in The States through Peppercorn-Wormser and brought over to NMD (best known for the Drive In favorite Teenage Tramp). Brought on board for the night was David Cronenberg’s Rabid and Jack Hill’s Switchblade Sisters.


6-24-80, Hazleton, PA – Ending this with a cool footnote to the First Run history of Friday the 13’th which saw it with the “Terror packed all new action hit”…meaning that it was “all new” for the Laurel Drive In and Nescopeck Motor-Vu Drive In even if it was already 5 years old by this showing.

For the Love (and Fear) of “Torment”

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10-6-67, LA area and Canoga Park – The Pussycat Theaters taught it’s customers an important lesson with Love + Fear = Torment, Max Pecas’ sexy Crime Drama released in The US by Olympic International. While Bob Cresse had some trouble playing the films picked up from Japan including Hentai, other releases like those by Pecas did pretty well in the Adult Movie scene back in the day.. Here, the LA area have two different stylish ads for the feature with the Park announcing it’s co-feature of the House on Bare Mountain which was it’s Nudie Cutie breakthrough starring Cresse in his best comedic role as Granny Good.


8-18-67, Akron – Torment played the Astor, once a leading Adult Cinema in Akron. The B was Lou Campa’s Cool it Baby.


9-29-67, San Antonio – Torment played the Prince Theater, which sadly was to close up a couple of years after this showing. It’s B was Hentai, a film on many Exploitation fans’ wish lists.


2-2-68, Lawton – The Ritz was running in it’s Adults Only phase by this time until it’s shut down in Mid-1974.


7-11-68, Corpus Christi – The Palms’ North Screen was the hot spot for the Adults, showing Torment with the jaw dropping Made in Texas class-sick She Mob.