March 23, 1973 – George Romero’s The Crazies Opens in New York

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3-23-73, New York City – George Romeo’s cult classic The Crazies opens up in New York at three theaters – The Times Square area’s Forum 47’th on Broadway and two UA cinemas on the east side in the East and Eastside Cinema. Romero fans knew that even if the film was not the biggest of hits it would still remain relevant through the years and I can imagine some might be tempted to say that this is a perfect fit for the Coronavirus era we’re in now and that the rawness makes it feel more like a documentary when seen recently.  Distributed by Exploitation legend Cambist Films who also carried Romero’s There’s Always Vanilla as well as some classic Roughies including 1967’s Aroused (which I feel provided some inspiration for other classics not least Maniac), it was sold like a common Drive In flick by necessity although it was much more and today’s viewers might say that it is one of the Director’s most direct and effective films.

In recent times, the Forum, which closed in 1989 was demolished and turned into the W Hotel after the demolished building once hosted the Roxy Deli while the UA East (Yorkville) shut in 2012 and the Eastside in 2003 to make way for an office building


5-17-73, Toledo – In this local area post script, The Crazies appears with Romero’s legendary Night of the Living Dead at the East Side and Telegraph Drive Ins. The later was demolished shortly after the release of Dawn of the Dead in 1980 for what was supposed to be another part of the North Town Square across the street from the main building although now it sits like a dead strip mall years after the shopping center’s closing with only the base of the Drive In’s sign being used. The East Side turned into the Butch Cassidy, possibly remembered by a few for it’s Horror shows that opened and closed the seasons in it’s final years, and later had it’s land used for the New Sportsmen’s Club.

The Censored Ad Hall of Shame Returns from The Dead

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2-5-65, Charlotte – My Tale is Hot advertised as My Tale as Censored.

Please scroll to the bottom of this post and click the link to a censored ads I posted a long time back. Sometimes the past will come back to greet you in some fashion when you leave things alone for a while.  Thankfully, this time it’s for a very positive reason!

Through the classic years of Exploitation, censored ads were a constant source of amusement to those who knew what the theaters were playing while they were also trying to stay on the good side of the news. The editors of the ad section were possibly being constantly told what was acceptable and what was not, and it was obvious that. many of the Sexploitation ads were usually the ones focused on. This is a trip through some of my favorites.


10-7-66, Danville – I’m sure that there were a couple of readers who might have imagined the letters S and M after the B and D which advertised The Blood Drinkers. As it has been noted, there was a resistance to saying the word “blood” in reference to Horror movies titles that led to many movies getting more AKAs than usual. With this one it was a case of the censored title sounding more spicy if your mind went that way.


6-11-71, Salt Lake City – At least we can take a word for each title! I Drink Your Blood and I Eat Your Skin was a super hit Drive In double feature, but that did not stop the censors from trying to protect our eyes by removing most of the words in the ad.


8-24-74. Lumberton – The Big Snatch was one of the problem titles in the history of David F. Friedman, but EVI already had a safe AKA title in The Big Catch. For some reason, this ad decided to throw both into the same ad as The Big Cnatch! This also proved a problem in the digital age as Something Weird Video tried to released it on DVD under the tamed title and still got a “no” from Image who were Distributing their presentations back in the Early 2Ks,

NYC-11-27-67-SARNO - Copy

11-27-67, New York – Even if Joe Sarno’s films were several steps up from the usual Adults Only fare, he was also subject to title censorship. Innocent eyes should not be reading where the violence was happening…in this case on the Bed.


2-10-69, New York – Oh “Muther”! The Adults Only hit had it’s title to just the letter M.


2-25-66, Philadelphia – The Ed Wood-written Orgy of the Dead had plenty of title alterations, but it was rare when it happened in the listings. It was a stripteasing Nudie Horror, but it did not deserve to be called Orgy of Death, but it did deserve to be with “Unusual Exotic Shorts” and called “from the shocking pages of Knight Magazine”. For it’s time, it was “Wild” for the lonely men of the era not used to films beyond volleyball games at nudist camps or possibly even the Roughies that were raw and street-level, and today it’s still unique.


5-13-66, Newport News – In a sly way, Party of the Dead was more in connection  with what Orgy of the Dead was about.


8-30-67, Detroit – Not only did the Guild altered Orgy of the Dead to “Revels”, it also covered up what kind of maniacs were int Mondo Weirdo.

EDIT NOTE: Information about an older post which brought together some classic censored ads has been added on at the beginning.

PHILADELPHIA-11-29-67 - Copy

11-29-67, Philadelphia – Ironically, The Studio changed a word from Dead to Weirdos.

Living in The 80’s – House on the Edge of the Park – an Update

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2-1-85, New York – Directed by Ruggero Deodato, infamous for classics like Cannibal Holocaust and The Last Cannibal World, House on the Edge of the Park is an effective and evil film starring two titans of psycho cinema – David Hess from Last House on the Left and Giovanni Lombardo Radice from films like Lucio Fulci’s City of the Living Dead (known in The US as The Gates of Hell) and Umberto Lenzi’s Cannibal Ferox (AKA Stateside as Make Them Die Slowly, a huge hit at the Liberty). Unleashed in Europe in 1980, it took a long time to reach Stateside screens in 1984 during a time when Indie distributors that specialized in unrated European Horror were facing tougher times getting their movies advertised or played due to both the major’s stronger hold in the industry and Adult and Unrated films getting much resistance from several influential papers. Thankfully, some excellent ads like those for House on the Edge of the Park appeared here and there through Early 1985 up until Cannibal Holocaust’s run in the Summer of ’85 when it’s safe to say it was the end of the era even if a few films showed up in the later part of the decade here and there to remind us that the thrill was not over yet in the age of VHS, just harder to find on the screen.

Soon to shut theaters in this ad included the RKO Warner Twin (1987), the RKO Keith’s Triplex (1986), the Commack Twin (RKO theater, reportedly closed Late 1987), Cinema Union City (I think…small sized theater), and Adams Newark (?). It’s place with the Shopping Center/Strip Mall theaters in the area was the South Bay at the Pathmark Shopping Center (Stand alone – Closed in 2006. Still standing with plans…but will they go through considering that’s going on now?). Some were still running by The 90’s and a couple into the 2Ks, but now most are only a memory…


6-29-84, Dayton – With the Kon Tiki showing the movie at night, three Drive Ins familiar to readers of this Blog were showing it as part of a super show that was one of the first for this film with Horror Hospital. a long standing classic screen filler at Drive Ins and B-Theaters, Night of the Demon, and House of Shame – the last possibly the film that played with Girls in Bondage which we may never really know what it originally was called (Girls in Bondage was originally the Manson-inspired The Cult). The films carried by Bedford Entertainment must have been with the same Sub-Distributor of the Hallmark Releasing catalog in the area.

The Dixie reportedly is still running movies, although I wonder if it will survive this year if the business is still around. The Sherwood is legend with readers with many familiar titles playing in The 70’s and closing up in 1989 – a perfect year for many still-standing ozoners to fade away. The Captain Kidd in Kettering with it’s “Cinema Radio” car radio-received sound system had it’s share of wild films and times up until 1988, doing business through a time when families were slowly gravitating to the indoor screens.


9-21-84, Detroit – With a Downtown showing at the Adams, Downriver showings at the Showboat and the New Ecorse Drive In (the later closed in ’86), and bookings at the long standing Ford-Wyoming, House on the Edge of the Park seriously found a “home” in the Motor City. With fewer Indie Horrors showing up in the area due to most ozoners shutting down in the Winter and the Northgate trying to mainstream it’s image after years of Exploitation greatness (only to close in ’86), it’s great that at least a few notable class-sicks showed up from time to time. The Bel Air Drive In also closed in 1986.


9-13-85, Sioux City – With it’s Sioux City showing on a Friday the 13’th, it was only natural to hype it with the day made infamous by another legendary Horror film. The Cameo would sadly close up shop in 1988. The new logo tried to fit in with the then-modern trends, but it was missing something – David Hess!


9-7-84, Mansfield, OH – The Spring Mill has been reportedly still in business (as of writing, times have been very uncertain for most of the still-running theaters mentioned by The Scene), with this show being one of the class-sicks with Last House on the Left on the bill.


3-21-86, Miami – With Hess in the picture, the ad that was presented in 1986 in areas like Miami was solid Mid 80’s gold with the U meaning Unrated – this film delivered the goods promised by the warning. The Apollo South, which looks like it was in an outside shopping center, closed in 1999 (I think the address is now a Clinic Center) while the Ambassador closed in ’89 and the 27’th Avenue Drive In was soon to shut in ’86 (The year many Detroit ozoners were closed).

Reportedly,  this film showed up in Georgia in Late 85 with hardly any serious advertising. I’m still on the lookout for other showings, especially at Drive Ins in smaller areas. There is an older post that had a Toledo showing.


5-30-86, Pittsburgh – One of the last theatrical showings was in the Pittsburgh area with the soon to close Bank showing it with Critters in the Downtown area. George Romero fans will be delighted that it played the Monroeville Mall’s Cinemette East which reportedly started off as a Jerry Lewis Cinema (!). The Kenmawr Drive In was another ’86 closing while Greater Pittsburgh DI closed in 1997 (kind of an end of an era year for many of us), the Gateway closed circa 1990 (area now a shopping center), and I think the Colonial was a Late 80’s shut down (area now nothing).

Getting back to the good memories, there’s some inspired pairings at the ozoners with this film including Texas Chainsaw Massacre and House by the Cemetery. Take note of the Adults Only fare at other Drive Ins including the legendary Dependable.

EDIT NOTE: I thought that there was an article that had the Detroit ad posted here, but at least The Scene has captured it and brought it to your attention in this update.


Mar. 18, 1977 – Pets at the Camp Bowie Drive In and Early Showings of Purr-Fect Interest

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3-18-77, Brownwood, TX – Playing the small theaters and Drive Ins since at least Sept. 1973, Raphael Nussbaum’s Pets starring Candy Railson plays the Camp Bowie Drive In which is now the Gate 1 Inn. The B was the EuroSexy flick The Secrets of Sweet Sixteen.


9-19-73, Zanesville – At the Cinema 1, RIP in 1978. and possibly demoed for a parking lot.


9-29-73, Akron area – A serious “Only in The 70’s Show” with The Roommates and Bonnie’s Kids happened with Pets at the Summit and East Drive Ins.


10-19-73, Indianapolis – At the Castleton Square Cinema 1, the Speedway Shopping Center Cinema 3, as well as the Northside and Twin Drive Ins. The Castleton Square had a short life as an Art Theater, but is reportedly now a self-storage space after closing in the Early 2Ks while the Speedway closed in 1990 and was recently demolished. The Northside was torn down for a subdivision and the Twin was torn down to make way for a park where you can still have a good idea where the screens were.


1-4-74, LA – Pets hits the Pacific circuit on the West Coast! More information as it happens.


10-18-74, Brownwood – Pets had it’s first Camp Bowie showing back in Oct. 1974 with The Female Bunch Directed by Al Adamson.

New York Memories – The Pink Pussy(cat) and Love Hunger at the World 49’th – 1965-6

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8-17 and 8-10, 1966 – Getting back into the swing of things, here’s a couple of recent finds of Alberto Dubois’ 1964 film The Pink Pussy: Where Sin Lives starring Libertad Leblanc playing at the World 49’th. While the classic graphics make the ad, keen observers of classic Exploitation ads will notice the censorship of both the title which was given an extra “Cat” just to be on the safe side and the subtitle which changed the word “sin” to “The Devil”. Viewers of the film will spot the additions to the Argentinean film  with brief parts made in The US featuring June Roberts, although that is seriously no bad thing at all!

The B was The Casting Director, a charming short co-starring Bob Cresse showing his skills as a comedian.


12-2-66 – Even if The Pink Pussy-Cat was in it’s 5’th month at the World, where flicks seriously stayed for a long time, the title is still neutered and even the word Sin is replaced this time with “Evil”.


12-6-65 – Dubois’ Love Hunger was another film distributed by the ever-artful Cambist which played the World to good success.

Still Around! Getting Ready to Return to WordPress for Real – Screen 13 Update

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I know there are some visitors to this page wondering what has been happening with The Scene after a long time away. It’s a short list of reasons with plenty to detail. More news will happen soon, but first this brief State of the Scene which has had plenty of ups and downs through the last few months but winding up in a good place

First and foremost, there is the Facebook Scene of Screen 13 page which has had plenty of action and time for me to communicate with fellow travelers and readers – actions which have given me more focus and connections with people who have been using FB as a solid place for their own research. Some pages have been into contact with me and The Scene offering me more of a communication which has built up more friendships – and in an increasingly tense world these things matter. With more research and facts gathered together, the stories about how these films played will be more accurate and complete, and many thanks to the pages I am usually seen on (The Something Weird Video Fan Club, Groovy Doom, and to a lesser degree but still important Ed Wood being three of them) that have seen a progression in the writing which should be reflected in the articles I plan to present here.

Second, I have been trying to get a You Tube video thing happening which might be running again in the near future. Although I have some great video editing software and a good camera, the weather seriously hit me to the point where I had a sore throat and a bit of a mood which stopped any interest in creating anything visually once I had the confidence to go further into that field. Thankfully, the situation has improved and this plan might get back on track.

It has been a VERY tense time with a couple of uphill battles, but thanks to good friends and communication that chapter looks like it’s going to end on a happy note.

Still, expect the same amount of dementia and jaw dropping madness like this new find from 2-11-72, Charlotte, NC. The Scene will not lose the edge!


Shriek of the Mutilated in Greenville, and SC, and High Point, NC – You Will Be at a Drive In, So Go Ahead and SCREAM – 10-25-74

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10-25-74, Greenview and High Point – Getting my files together has been a great adventure, but it sometimes provides some interesting results like this. Shriek of the Mutilated was one of the jaw-droppers of the VHS scene – yours truly among the renters – and it was a given that some viewers wondered where it wound up when it played the screens. On this day in ’74, it wound up at two of the Drive Ins noted by The Scene for the last few years, the Cedar Lake in Greenview and the Tar Heel in High Point (or Archdale to be technical). The Michael Findlay film has had it’s share of critics and fans and some very inspired advertising in it’s first year of playing, and around here it’s a given that a very low budget film following the short lived Bigfoot/Yeti trend set in upstate NY made by Michael Findlay (Richard Jennings of the Flesh Trilogy) deserves to be remembered on it’s own merits.

Witchcraft ’70 in Louisville – 1970

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10-25-70, Louisville – Hello to all once again. So many things have been happening, but thankfully there is plenty of time to do this research madness known as The Scene of Screen 13. Starting this return with a cool ad from 1970 with the Preston Drive In hosting a great show surrounding Witchcraft ’70 that included a meeting with a Warlock and his High Priestess in the snack bar along with a witches coven display. Throw in some Black Magic show and three other great movies including Black Sabbath and Black Sunday and you had the makings of a great night out.

Dateline, Honolulu: 10-9-67 – Screen 13 Update

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10-9-67, Honolulu – A bit of a Screen 13 update reveals that I need to see The Cave of the Silken Web sometime yesterday as the trailer seriously shows that it’s of my interest – stylish strong women, imaginative  fighting, Shaw Brothers class, and as widescreen as it can be. The show at the Princess was sponsored by the Associated Chinese University Women.

A Fallen Woman looks like a Shochiku Roughie with style, but sadly we may never get to see it due to it’s rare or lost status. Still, a good ad for it’s showing Nippon still gives me hope it will show up sometime.

Glen or Glenda Update – Dateline: Heath, Ohio

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10-8-57, Heath, OH – The Scene can never get enough of Glen or Glenda or any classic Ed Wood film, and it’s with happiness that an update to the G or G collection has been made recently with this showing in Heath, OH.


2-24-57, Detroit – Not to leave a recent find standing alone, it’s fitting that this Detroit grindhouses – the Grand and Regent – is mentioned.


4-3-57, Detroit – Another Motor City showing I think was at the Gayety Burlesk as Two Lives Have I: Male and Female already hinting at the Adults Only world Wood would go into in full by the 1960’s.


4-18-58, Toledo – This was among one of the first ads I collected several years ago, but it is important as it was from an area close to one of my childhood homes. The Palace also played Plan 9 from Outer Space as the B to Go Johnny Go, the best known double feature of the Wood-land Sci-Fi classic’s original time on the screen.