Have a Weird and Wild Turkey Day! Blood Freak

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8-7-73, Clovis – A Happy and Weird Turkey Day to all! A Something Weird Video T-Day is not complete without a love for the classic anti-drug Turkey Monster flick Blood Freak. While it has been loved through the classic DVD and the Regal Video tape from way back in the day – future SWV fans will remember their first rental of those big box tapes – one needs to know of it’s original showings on the screen, most of which saw it paired up with other jaw-dropping Weirdo favorites. As you can tell the results are few, but beautiful in their own wild way – all of these ads are for real.


10-19-73, King’s Mountain, NC  – Starring Steve Hawkes and Directed by Brad Gritner, who’s Devil Rider was doing OK as a B to the many Biker films rolling by, Blood Freak was hindered by an official X rating on it’s first release, although you can tell that it’s showings were so far off the map that the ones that never mentioned it never got caught. Here’s a surprising find that sees Blood Freak playing with a couple of hits from other companies – Hemisphere’s Brain of Blood and Hammer’s all mighty Dracula. Well, the Turkey Monster was a bit of a vampire, but a paper-mache beak can’t do the damage.


5-4-73, Greenville, NC – A classic “Only the Drive Pays” night at the Cedar Lane DI featured not only Blood Freak(s) and The Body Shop, but the Crown International double shot of bad film goodness with Blood of Dracula’s Castle and Nightmare in Wax – the pair of films that were connected to the history of Rex Carleton, Jr. who never saw these films finally released.


10-15-75, Bakersfield – No ad, but this tasty word-only line up at the Edison Drive In.


1-26-76, Fairbanks, Alaska – Playing with Psyched by the 4D Witch (originally released by Emerson, who are to blame for releasing Manos the Hands of Fate outside of El Paso), Blood Freak was picked up by Clamil Distribution, a company which also carried 4D and a few other films of Weird note.


1-16-76, Honolulu – Playing with the Man with the Glass Eye, a film picked up by Sunset International Releasing, this makes another perfectly “Weird” combination.

1-16 and 2-26-76 – The Chicago area also a taste of Blood Freak showing with the Blood Trilogy Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis, who you can say was an inspiration.


Happy Turkey Day! A quick “Screen Filler” of 11-23 Drive in goodies.

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11-23-79, Akron –
Although this post is about a few 11-23 findings, they’re great finds. This first from 1979 shows that Akron’s Summit Triple was rocking with sleaze and Bruceplo. Wanda the Wicked Warden sins…I mean, wins the top award and Screen 1 has something for those wanting to party like it’s 1974 in the final days of The 70’s – which was very easy to do if you had a Drive In nearby.


11-23-84, Shreveport – Turkey Day still means Mystery Science Theater 3000 to the MST-ies, and what better way to say hello to them than to write about Warrior of the Lost World. To the viewers of Episode #501 who want to know where it would play, an easy pick would be Shreveport, a city that had a long history of showing trainwecks which means movies galore for The Scene’s historical research. It is the “Ginty”-est!


11-23-79, Akron – Returning to Akron, the East DI had three classic hits…OK, one super “hit” and two action-packed hits. Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke was a sure-fire pick to play as Paramount put it in several packages up until at least 1982-3, and the VHS scene picked it up. The most interesting film of the three to The Scene is Switchblade Sisters which was making one of it’s final theatrical/Drive In showings under that title, soon re-titled by MPM as Chain Gang Women while the classic Warriors was the hit of the day.


11-23-73, Anniston – Lucio Fulci’s One on Top of the Other gets a showing at a Sexy Dusk-to-Dawn marathon including a few 1970 films and 1072’s hit Night Call Nurses.


11-23-74. Long Beach – the classic The Devil’s Nightmare/In the Devil’s Garden continues it’s long journey through the Drive In circuit.

A “Strange Love” for Lust for a Vampire

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10-8-71,  Phoenix –
Lust for a Vampire, re-titled for this ad under it’s original title Love for a Vampire, is one of the Hammer films that has it’s fans and critics, some of the later sighting it to be a sleazy exploitation film featuring the sight of Yutte Stensgaard and the over the top performance of Ralph Bates while those who love it already know that and see it for what it is, especially for Yutte. It was the Early 70’s, and it was time for wilder movies which meant that aiming for a worldwide market had to up the sex and gore. With AIP doing well with The Vampire Lovers, it’s still a little bit of a mystery why Hammer would connect with anyone else for Lust for a Vampire, but working with American Continental, a short-lived connection to Levitt Pickman was not going to be a perfect answer in the long run.

The sight of Pippa Steel and Suzanna Leigh also do well in this, although sadly Mike Raven’s performance was not as inspiring his voice was dubbed by Valentine dyall and his eyes had to be dubbed for a few seconds by a more familiar actor…now who could that Lee…I mean be?!


10-24-71, Asheville – Although having a serious mess of a production history and slams from the critics, Lust for a Vampire had enough charm to get in a few Drive In dates with some notable films. Here, it was good that George Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead was to be played in the same program while Scars of Dracula was another American Continental/Levitt Pickman release. It was unleashed at a perfect time for the Halloween season, but sadly the distribution was more or less here and there.


10-30-71, Burlington, NC – one of the few first run indoor showings perfectly timed.


11-12-71, St. Louis – Another surprising double bill putting together Lust for a Vampire with Night of the Living Dead.


11-19-71 – A Lust/Lee pairing from the Levitt Pickman company which played a few screens by Nov. 1971. Scars of Dracula played through Late 1970-most of 1971 with Horror of Frankenstein, a double bill that did well through most of the decade.


Waco, 12-17-71 – A good pairing with a couple of AIP films including Curtis Harrington’s Queen of Blood.


1-14-72, Hartford, Conn.  – With Leonard Kirt’s Death by Invitation and also with HG Lewis’ Something Weird!


2-19-72, El Paso – with Night of the Living Dead


12-24-71, Akron – this ad had nothing connected to the films, but at lest an HG Lewis footnote can be said for A Taste of Blood playing as the B and the familiar screaming face of Teenage Strangler’s ad mats used in this one. This show also played Toledo.


3-24-72, Tallahassee – A jaw-dropping decision to drop Jerry Warren’s infamously bad She Was a Hippie Vampire was nothing unusual for the DIs that played anything.


4-21-72, Garden City, KS – Once again with Night of the Living Dead!

8-9 and 8-11-1972, Tampa – A tasty show with Vampire Lovers and the respected Texas-mad regional Horror Mark of the Witch with the AIP release de Sade spiking up the weekend shows.


Kansas City, 9-6-75 – And One More Time!!! Thankfully, this last run appearance had a fine ad campaign in a time when many older films were getting their second, third, or maybe their fourth before they fade into the TV Night.

Roughing it at the Astor, Akron, 1967

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1-13-67 – On Jan. 14, 1967, The Astor brought in the dark and sinister Hentai, and it was the real deal (not Anime). Behind the Nature Curtain was one of the namy Nudie Cuties that tried to lighten up the program, but by 1967 it was looking too quaint.


3-23-67 – On the 24’th, the infamous Mondo Night Women was presented. Sadly a lost film, this looked like a good sordid film with good looking women. Presented by Olympic International.

2-10-67 – The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill started on 2-11, one of the lighter hits of the 1967 season at the Astor.


8-25-67 – Double the Milligan – Double the Madness!!! The Degenerates with Depraved! starting on Aug. 26’th brought two of the Director’s roughies to Akron.

While the youth scene was crying out “love, love, love”, the Adult world was saying something different. Filled with roughness and cynicism, the Nudie movie scene was fading out fast to be replaced with something more real by 1965 and stayed for good. No more volleyball games, just a bunch of jaded and usually erotic characters in bleak settings and some sexual violence that can be called fan service.

AKRON-8-18-67 - Copy

8-18-67 – Lou Campa’s Cool It, Baby, it was also playing as the B to Olympic International’s presentation of Love + Fear = Torment.


5-11-67 – Joe Sarno’s Naked Fog appeared with a smokin’ ad! The classic stip tease of Sweet Skin was the B.


5-18-67 – Cambist had a double bill with Aroused and The Unsatisfied starting on the 19’th at the Astor.


3-9-67 –  Satan’s Mistress, Mitam, Roughie – that’s all one has to say as a way to talk about classic smut presented by the company that brought you House of Cats.


6-15-67 – Michael and Roberta Findlay’s Take Me “Nature” (Naked) appeared fittingly with Olga’s House of Shame, a must-see back in the day.


7-6-67, Doris Wishman’s Roughie My Brother’s Wife got the Astor leggy on Jul. 7’th.


3-30-67 – this rare ad for Frustrations told it like it was. The Radley Metzger presentation was a hit on the Adult circuit for years with a memorable campaign to attract the fans.

Mickey Dolenz in Keep Off My Grass – Showings from Iowa, Dec. 1972

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12-5-72, Des Moines –
In an era that must have been intense for Mickey Dolenz, who was keeping busy with trying to establish a solo Post-Monkees career including a lot of voice-over work and TV appearances, Keep Off My Grass was one of two films that played some theaters across The US through 1972 on a here and there basis – the other being the comparatively more successful Night of the Strangler.  Released when the hot films of the day was Last House on the Left and Deep Throat, this kind of film certainly looked way out of date although Dolenz looked like he tried to make this as good as possible (his comedic timing was always a highlight of The Monkees), but the results only had some here and there showings and the film turned into a lost movie until being re-discovered for a 2017 release.

Distributed by Capital Productions, a short lived Indie company who also had films like Luana and Super Man Chu, it was transferred to Gamalex by 1975.


12-7-72, Ames, Iowa – I seriously hope to find more showings, but at least there was a release in Iowa. The alternative title is Keep Off, Keep Off, but I’d rather have the original title. Although this might have stiffed at the BO, which I think it was down to the timing of the release, but there are some good reviews of it by fans.


12-6-72, Des Moines

More about this here…

…and there

With the lack of a clip to post, here’s a version of Nilsson’s “Daybreak” with some vintage footage to make things amusing.

Not a bad song, although this went unnoticed by the time it was released as a single.

Torrid and Teasing Roadshow Ads! Come One – Come All!!! “Dr. Elliot Screen” is your “Commentator”!

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1-23-58, Harrisburg, PA – the infamous Lash of the Penitentes always used the in-your-face sell knowing this was for the advanced viewers. The story about the cult was already known by newspaper readers on the lookout for stories with kicks, including the Producers of these films, but what was seen on the screen must have been a trip.


1-29-38, Harrisburg, PA – “Whip it good!” another rare find of this Action story ad which would have been perfect for a book, too.



2-11-41, Santa Ana – Wonder if this was Refer Madness, Slaves in Bondage, or Traffic in Souls – some of these ads were confusing back in the day as these films played under many titles for years. Back in the day, these sordid ads were eye-openers – and the models better be living!!!


11-7-39, York, PA = A rare but effective ad for Assassin of Youth was an example of “Doing Good by Doing Good” with these films by bringing in the public.


8-18-39, Greely, CO – One of the best films of it’s scene is promoted with this party-party ad. I’m sure with something like that,m the crowds would have been there anyways!


4-10-41, Detroit – I don’t think I posted this leggy find, but I know many of you won’t mind. Al Dezel turned into an owner of some of Detroit’s early Adult cinemas as well as being a presenter of Reefer Madness in the 70’s before New Line got it.


11-6-49, Toledo – a small but tasty ad for I Married a Savage


11-13-49, Battle Creek – Street Corner is known for advertising that highlighted the evil characters, but this is a rare find featuring the Greasy Spoon Diner server who was a serious contributor to the tragedy. With a name like Kitty, you know there’s something wrong – and she’s smokes (not a good thing in proper company…then, of course!)


6-10-49, Terre Haute – A classic case of sending mixed messages is in this ad for Street Corner (you need to see it!!!). Take note – The word “Segregated” was meant for shows for Men Only and Women Only, a common practice for the Roadshow trade back in the day.


7-7-52, Terre Haute – Once again, a “Smoking” expose of human wreckage, Skid Row, appears in Terre Haute. Things were getting a bit “leggy” by then…and you know these rebel types: smoking and showing off more leg than a proper lady should (GOSH!).


4-18-52, Toledo – Promoting it with a scene that the audience could have seen live,  Damaged Souls plays the Rubber City. The Telegraph DI was a good example of an ozoner near the state line, and you can tell that by using the word “Hi-School” that this was up to no good (heh! heh!).


5-27-52, Kokomo, Indiana – a beautiful sorrow-driven ad for Marijuana: The Weed with the Roots in Hell and Human Wreckage is not too common, but very effective. The doomed lady on the left is great with the over-the-shoulder coat. Teasing and tasty!


4-9-54, Toledo
10-30-54, Long Beach
With these great ads, I will stop here, especially with Lila Leeds “laying” down the reason why many of us see these films in the first place. There’s more to come! Stay tuned!

Laying it Down Some More!

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7-23-71, Des Moines  – This ad for Murders in the Rue Morgue certainly has a “Leg Up” on the others! Distributed by AIP, the Gordon Hessler film did some good business through the years.

In response to the cult popularity of the first installment yesterday, here’s some more ads that were made to lay around on the job to sell the film!


12-10-71, Philadelphia – Tower of the Screaming Virgins was originally released as Der Turm der verbotenen Liebe in 1968 and later picked up by Maron Films for it’s US showings. Most of the ads mainly used the image on the right, but this one turns a couple of backs on us…and we’re not complaining! Teri Tordai and Uschi Glas co-star.

Before the recent Snappy Video release, it was a part of Something Weird Video’s Sexy Shocker library. In some markets, the co-feature was the beautiful Daughters of Darkness. Here, the ad features a little “rest and relaxation” vampire-style!




5-7-58, Detroit – The Art World’s favorite Bad Girl, Monika, lays down for the Motor City in this ad for the Van Dyke Drive In. this ad was repeated later in Sept. 1958 for the Holiday Drive In showing.


Binghamton, 9-15-72 – Slaughter Hotel, here known as Asylum Erotica, did not lay around when it came to bringing in the customers. Fernando Di Leo’s sexy Horror has developed a strong cult reputation for years, and it’s easy to see why – and not just for the presence of Kalus Kinski, either.  Released in the US by Hallmark Releasing – “Its only a movie!”




6-9-72, St. Cloud – A rare use of this Virgin Witch ad at the Cinema Arts was pretty creepy for the right reasons while over at the 10-Hi DI, Ewa Aulin was “flying” for the Candy cause while Carrie Snodgrass “looks on.”


12-3-71, Alton, Illinois – See you at the “Back Table”, Beyond Love and Evil played here and there for a couple of years to some notice and it had some stunning ads. Based on de Sade’s Philosophy in the Bedroom, much like Jess Franco’s Eugenie but possibly more true to the tale, this was another left-field show that played both Art and Exploitation theaters. In the US, it was Distributed by Allied Artists.