Greg Lake, RIP

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Detroit, 9-25-74 – The film of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer’s Lyceum concert in December, 1970 was released by Crown International and played successfully through The US. Around this time, the three-album Welcome Back My Friends to the Show that Never Ends – Ladies and Gentlemen, Emerson Lake, and Palmer was their then-recent album which documented their show in their Brain Salad Surgery era that was arguably their best. Their film showed why they were a major concert attraction in their early days which saw them appear in Detroit a few times, not least for five shows of the Eastown when it was a major Rock venue in 1971, while by that time of this movie they were regulars at Cobo Arena when they appeared in the Metro Area.

Greg Lake’s great musicianship and songwriting was a part of the Prog and Album Rock scene of The 70’s and beyond, and was the distinctive voice on the first two albums of King Crimson – In the Court of the Crimson King and In the Wake of Poseidon. In his years with Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, his vocals were just as distinctive and was also behind the production of their music (Brain Salad Surgery, with its legendary HG Geiger sleeve, was possibly his best). While critics dismissed them outright, the fans were more honest about their love for the music. Lake passed away after a battle with Cancer at 69.

Garage Punk fans should take note that his voice was also part of the British 60’s Beat scene in a band called The Shame who had a record out on MGM which should have had better luck.

Earlier this year, influential keyboardist and occasional soundtrack creator Keith Emerson passed away.

While Rock and Roll Your Eyes turned into a Midnight Movie favorite in the Album Rock era, this was a time when ELP songs turning up in various Adult films unaccredited (keep in mind that this was an era where something like Pink Floyd’s 1968 masterwork “A Sucerfull of Secrets” appeared in Psyched by the 4D Witch). While having an IMDb listing including titles like Forbidden Ways with Porn Star Vanessa Del Rio might raise some eyes to those not in the know, films using non-credited Rock Music was a regular happening.

On a better-known note, there was a very memorable scene in Aloha, Bobby and Rose which used ELP’s crowning moment in music…


St. Louis, 10-4-74 with the normal FM Rock support for movies like this. Fellow Prog legeneds Pink Floyd also had their Live at Pompeii film turn into a hit. After this time, Yes also had their concert film, Yessongs, make its way through the US cinemas. The Mid 70’s were known for several FM Rock movies of the day.

Although YouTube clips of the film are hard to come by, here’s a clip focusing on the band in 1970 with one of Lake’s showcase moments.

Although the Works era Emerson, Lake, and Palmer was a band in it’s final round of popularity before the Punk Era moved Prog and Album Rock to the side in many areas of the world, their promotional film for “Fanfare for the Common Man” still is one of the highlights of the pre-video era that shows them in good form before the infamous Love Beach. “I Believe in Father Christmas” is also another song that has turned into a standard.

After the trip’s fade-out following In Concert and an under-representative Best Of (In concert was thankfully expanded into Live Works for the CD era), Lake would be there in the reunions of ELP (including the Emerson Lake and Powell line-up) and perform solo. His appearances with Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band were very notable.

Ilsa, The Wizard of Gore, and the Malletts Bay DI in the Screen 13 Sexploitation Research Update!

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4-16-76, Akron – Spring-ing up for action at the Gala and ready to shock the 1976 season, Ilsa hits the Rubber City in it’s original edit, the way it should be!


4-30-71, Akron – An all HG Lewis show hits the Gala and Blue Sky with The Wizard of Gore the new arrival in Akron.

With the HG Lewis and David F. Friedman Research Update already documented, it’s time to move onto more Malletts Bay action with a couple of ads from Burlington. It’s great to see the a Drive In in a smaller town have its priorities correct, which was bringing in the DG’s…I mean customers with cars and their dates. It showed mainstream fare, but this is about the Sin-ematic Experience and the Weird World, not Gone With the Wind.


4-23-76, Malletts Bay, Vermont – The all mighty Christina Lindberg in Anita, Swedish Nymph found a lot of dates on the US Drive In and Grindhouse scene through the Mid 70’s it would be fair to say that it was among the last hits of it’s kind to use “Swedish” as the code word for getting away with a lot on the screen. When it’s One Eye, all is good!


5-5-72, Malletts Bay – With more research, there are a lot of  ads that contain the full title of The Oral Generation. Here, it’s telling the truth that these were not rated and Adults Only instead of self-imposing the X, which was alright without getting into trouble with the MPAA.


5-21-71 – It’s rare to see a showing of Blood of Dracula’s Castle without Nightmare in Wax, but here’s one of those times. Replacing the Cameron Mitchell film is the Omnibus 3-story Horror film featuring Peter and Jane Fonda as well as Brigitte Bardot. Directed by Federico Fellini, Roger Vadim, and Louis Malle, this was a hit which played for a while. Blood of Dracula’s Castle played a lot, too, but unlike Spirits…, it was mainly a screen filler.


8-6-71 – Ray Dennis Steckler’s Sinthia The Devil’s Doll showed up here and there for a few years with a great campaign and what’s possibly the Director’s last regular-released OTT flick before moving into Porno and the occasional small-run movie.


8-13-76 – In a time when movies that can send you to Hell by their “plots” alone played with ease, Teenage Sorority Girls was at the Malletts Bay with Fantasy in Blue. The real thing is on the web, but the movies were where you let the imagination take over – and I’m sure the models in these films were of age!


11-1-68 – The second title is the return of the Greek movie The Rape with what is possibly the most Anti-PC title of it’s US cinematic life. It might have been a comment from the person who whipped up the ad, but damn! A real WTF award right next to the Chicago ads that re-titled it after Shakespeare’s Rape of Eurydice!


9-17-71, Burlington, VT – The Burlington was no stranger to Sleaze. Despite all of my attention on the Malletts Bay DI. it’s time to give it some mentions, too. Sandra, the Making of a Woman is possibly one of the best-talked-about growing up flicks of the day – and with Monica Gayle, you can see why! The Sinthia in this show was the other film that played under that title, not the Steckler Devil Dream.

Euro-Horror-Vision – A Random Introduction 1973-77

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11-18-77, Akron – Starting this round of Euro-Horror-Vision is Jean Rollin’s classic Requiem for a Vampire that was picked up by Boxoffice International (Harry Novak) and re-titled Caged Virgins as well as Virgins and Vampires and in this case Crazed Vampire.

With this post, I’m starting another series, this time focusing on the sexy EuroHorror films imported into The US through The 70’s. This small introduction assortment should be a nice way to start.


11-26-77, Zanesville, OH – The show was in several Ohio DIs at that time. Boxoffice International was mainly living off past glories and several pick-ups at the time, but they were usually good finds.


10-24-75, Albuquerque – The 66 DI’s Midnight Special featured Rollin’s film with the creepy Behind Locked Doors. toledocaged112175

11-21-75, Toledo – You can tell that this was a very popular pair to play through the Fall!


3-22-74, Greenville, SC – The Exorcist sparked off a number of ads that used the word to sell it’s shows, but leave it to the Cedar Lake to throw in it’s classic logo.


4-12-74, Rochester, NY – this censored ad calling The Virgin Witch to a more accepted The Erotic Witch still rides the stick! This also throws in “Exorcism!!” as a selling point.


12-19-73, Tuscon – Brenner’s classic double feature pairing the saucy British Occult thriller with Umberto Lenzi’s classic shocker was a decent DI hit.


4-13-73, Philadelphia – Devil’s Nightmare had a good first run before teaming up with In the Devil’s Garden (which had first US showings as Molested) and turning into a go-to B feature for other Horror movies through The 70’s-Early 80’s.


9-28-74, Kansas City – Another appearance of the “Fact or Fiction?” ad for The Legend of Blood Castle, a very effective flick by Jorge Grau and released Stateside by Film Ventures international.

detroit-10-23-7410-23-74, Detroit – The perfect way for Film Ventures to promote their films was to play the Drive Ins, and here the suburbs had it’s main audience in the Metro Detroit area.

brownwood-tx-9-17-769-17-76, Brownwood – Rene Cardona, Jr.’s flick that was more popular with video renters had very few plays when it was picked up by Trans International Films, but it’s cool when one can get any of the ads.

york-pa-10-29-76-210-29-76, York, PA – Now here’s a Halloween show!!! Although the only EuroHorror here is Torso, it’s with a group of notable films including the classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre! What’s not to like?


10-29-76, Wilmington, OH – Every Euro-Horror-Vision entry has to have the great ad for To the Devil…A Daughter, but this one continues the Halloween, 1976 Drive In super show theme with The Devil’s Wedding Night and Lady Frankenstein using the ad to Paul Morrissey’s epic.


5-20-77, Terre Haute – This gets the Screen 13 Seal of Drive In Ad Approval! A rare Nastassja Kinski-only ad!

One-Eye and The Jezebels – Held Over in Lubbock, 1975

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2-27-75, Lubbock – The One Eye showings just keep popping up! While it’s obvious that Thriller: A Cruel Picture is one of the most influential films – not least because Christina Lindberg looks hot while taking care if her business – but it was a very well played film through The 70’s under three different titles.


5-16-75, Lubbock – Lubbock seemed to be one of it’s most successful areas thanks to it’s three week run at the Golden Horseshoe Drive In as The Swedish Vice Girl which played with Dirty O’Neil, The Sensuous Cop.

The Dirty O’Neil trailer was perfect for the time and place, and I can imagine it being a DI hit anywhere.

5-23-75 – Love the way the ad just shoves the other screen into nothing. Still, Lady Frankenstein is worth a view.


5-30-75 – Thought I was making this up? I have to admit that the original advertising on Dirty O’Neil for this theater looks pretty cool in a Donn Davison style (Think Hillbilly Hooker, Moonshiner’s Woman…you get the picture).


1-31-75 – The House of Whipcord would play with One Eye later on under the title Photographer’s Models as a co-feature to Thriller’s Hooker’s Revenge (unlike many re-titles, that one had truth in the advertising!). This was a few weeks before One-Eye’s appearance at the same theater!


5-2-75, Lubbock – Another cult favorite of the Mid 70’s was The Jezebels, but you can call them the Switchblade Sisters. Under it’s lesser used title, The Jezebels played with The Swinging Cheerleaders at the Red Raider DI, a popular place to play the Exploitation of the day as documented by several posts on this blog.


5-9-75 – In another rare case of movies being held over at a Drive In, both screens were showing these movies for their second week together with the Chinese Godfather playing for #3!

We Have What You Want – Albuquerque’s Adult Theaters 1971-1977

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The art for Albuquerque’s Adult theaters through the 70’s was so in the raw no matter how XXX or R the movies were that it sometimes resembled a Punk show. Empathizing on the nature of many of the films who’s subject matter was risky to do even back then, many of these ads seriously said that these places were clearly not for the sensitive. I can imagine some of these places hosting a parking lot, mobile phone store, or carry out today.

In the Mini Vue’s case, it’s now the Two Fools Tavern.



6-10-77 – This is now a Pussycat Video. Still in business.


4-28-72 – Still wondering about what this is – an Ape Suit flick? This ad is seriously one that made my jaw drop upon first seeing it and still gives me a smile for it’s Junior High level art…actually brings back to mind a couple of my long lost attempts at drawing!












5-26-72 – No matter where the film was made, either in Europe or some hotel down the street, the word “Import” made sure that it went a little more than usual. Once one used that word as an excuse, it usually worked.






1-1-71 – A number of areas in the West and Southwest had a Mini Vue


5-4-73 – The 66’s Playboy Late Show was an example of what some DIs would do through the Early-Mid 70’s by programming two different shows, one for the Adults.


While this is seriously not from Girl in a Box, this is an example of how hot Rene was back in the day!







12-30-77 – Lower right hand corner announces another showing of the rare (and still lost) the Mermaid with Rene Bond.




6-2-72 – Although I like Submission, I wonder how people must have felt disappointed back then as it was a 1969 Roughie made before the days of Mona. Still, it had Jennifer Wells, which was enough for some.




Random 70’s Sleaze!

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Burlington, 9-10-71 – I’m just going to whip out some random sleaze for sleaze sake. enjoy the ride!


3-7-75, Shreveport, Louisiana – Another spotting of the Jess Franco classic The Demons. You need to see it!


8-22-75, Shreveport, Louisiana – AKA Teenage Love released in The US by the company who also unleashed Love Under 17 and Teenage as well as a few Kung Fu epics like From China with Death. Reportedly one of the weaker films in this genre, but the ad is a rare find.

shreveport-louisiana-6-10-776-10-77, Shreveport – Released by Martin Films (and Something Weird Video), this seriously is for the full frontal fans! Maybe this might be among the Top 20 R-Division EuroSex flicks. Starring Ingrid Steeger, that is (not) all!!!


6-6-75, Lubbock – If you have not seen these two flicks, you need to correct that soon. Toys… is a serious bummer of a ride while Behind… is a creep feast that played more in The 70’s than it did under it’s original title of Any Body…Any Way. This was a Boxoffice International pairing of films Produced by Stanley Brasloff who’s other film was Two Girls for a Madman.


3-7-75, Lubbock – Just when I thought I could not come up with any more ads for Love Me Deadly!


10-18-74, Lubbock – Another showing of The Gorilla Gang and Naked Evil! You never know where they will turn up.

1-17-75, Lubbock – An ultra-Weird night at the Red Raider with Swinging Schoolgirl flicks, the Sins of Rachel, and Donn Davison’s immortal…and immoral..,Hillbilly Hooker!


2-4-77, Shreveport – Another night that may send you to Hell in today’s climate, but back then these films were everywhere. The Joy of Love has been covered by the Temple of Schlock as a film called In Trouble, released by the one and only UIP (see Swedish Lessons in Love), and you will already know what this is about if you know your old school codes – to those who don’t, it’s being pregnant. Although “Joy…” is one hell of a bum trip, the good news is that it features the one and only Sybil Danning. At the Don Drive In, of course!


2-7-75, Lubbock – Another showing of the much-played Love Under 17 with Max Pecas’ Sensuous Teenager.


3-19-72, Chicago – Ed Wood’s infamous Necromania at the Festival with a cartoon! Wonder what Mr. G is all about.


4-2-76, Chicago – Another showing of Necromania in Chicago! The flick peeped itself for years.


3-30-73, Youngstown, OH – Another title for Forced Entry shows at the Art Theater Guild screen in the area.


9-28-73, Poughkeepsie – Yet another 9G DI show that was a portal to Hell. This was a sanitized version of the ad.


3-2-73, Piqua, OH – A more elaborate, but slightly sanitized version of this ad with a little more Schoolgirl.


10-5-73, Waco – The full on version of the ad! A lot of the Drive in showings of these Sunset International films were usually with a non-related third feature that tried to get your mind on something else, but it was seriously all about the sin.

Jess Franco’s Venus in Furs – Screen 13 Road Trip Part One

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5-15-70, Chicago – This round of Jess Franco ads focuses on the psychedelic classic Venus in Furs, released by Commonwealth United and picked up by AIP, who connected with the company around April, 1970 (Boxoffice Magazine report on 4-18-70). Filmed around Late 1968, the film with the Working title of Black Angel and released internationally as Paroximus did alright in The US despite having no connection to the story by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. the Jazzy paranormal murder mystery co-starring James Darren and Barbara McNair, and including some music by Manfred Mann and Mike Hugg who were enjoying another run of British hits before morphing Mann’s band into the Earth Band, reportedly first played the US back in March, 1970 in Anderson, Indiana and played for a few years in a wide range of theaters although not as many as another of Franco’s 1970 US releases, Eugenie.

Both Darren and McNair provide some strong performances as a couple being torn apart as Darren is dragged into the story about a ghost named Wanda (Maria Rhom) who kills a group of jet set sadists who caused her death at a dark swingers party that he witnessed – with the legendary Klaus Kinsi and Dennis Price playing those among the group. Using some great library music including Syd Dale’s “Marco Polo” at the start and including some good jams by Mann and Hugg which possibly surprised some of the band’s followers who only knew of their classic Brit Beat hits (one with Franco!), the film was sophisticated and dream-like showcasing some of the Director’s best work. Although not having the pull of the X rating or stars that made Eugenie a good pick to play, or did it have many good critical notices to help hype the film which was too edgy for the mainstream but a little dramatic for the Adult market, it fitted the time perfectly and is a good example of the Adult-level Cinema that was a short lived trend through the 60’s and very Early 70’s of which Franco was a contributor of even if it took a while to get noticed by later-day fans who rented the videos – Republic Pictures Home Video unleashed this and Count Dracula around the Early 80’s.


6-19-70, Nashville – Another of what could be called the First Run showings at a place not known for Exploitation.


6-28-70, Pelham, NC, “South” of Danville, Virginia – Playing at a center for Exploitation, the ad here focuses only on Maria Rhom’s seductive look which was thrown into the film after it was titled what many call it today. I seriously wound not call Venus in Furs a Drive In film due to it’s dream like quality better suited for a cinema, but then again it was a way to sell the film.

des-moines-7-22-707-22-70, Des Moines – A good pairing with AIP’s release de Sade. One can think that the titles were brought together with literary influence, despite Venus in Furs not having anything to do with the risque reading that was in fashion at the time.

detroit-9-16-70-franco-venus9-16-70, Detroit – Sadly, Franco’s film was put as a B to the McMasters, but it played at the Michigan theater that was a home for several notable concerts of The 70’s.

9-12-70, Lubbock – This is following the lead of it’s pairing with de Sade, and a better fit.


9-20-70 – Trying for a Horror night at the Bessemer City DI, it was something that might be called a mis-match of two good flicks to some, but it was good for a night out for a few customers anyways!


10-1-70, Urbana, Illinois – A very small theater playing Franco’s film with the 1970 hit by a Stateside king of Sexploitation in what’s the best pairing of this history. The Thunderbird is now the Canopy Club.


9-30-70, LA – This is possibly the best known double feature for Venus in Furs. Playing up the sex angle in a time when Denmark was taking over the scene with three exposes of it’s Adult industry, it could be understood if it under-performed.


10-3-70, San Bernardino with a Trans American release from the wing of AIP that had it’s more edgy fare.

4-9-71, Lowell, Mass. – Playing with the sadistic and tease-driven schoolgirl thriller The House that Screamed. east-liverpool-5-11-71

5-11-71, East Liverpool, OH- Playing with the Adult hit Kama Sutra, a highlight of the sexy “Sex Ed”  scene