Mitam Mania – Sordid Sleaze for the Sick Set: Various ads, Part One: 1966

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2-10-66, Akron – Tortured Females, the only Roughie with a :Half-witted, monkey-chattering, Mongolian Hunchback”, appears at the Astor with an ad that obviously looks like that pasted the ad mat over something from the LA times. Obviously doing their homework!

It’s time to get into the super 60’s sleaze featuring the ads of Mitam, a company that had a long line of down and dirty lowdown Smut ads for their films which played many skin flick joints and down-for-the-last-count theaters. Something Weird Video fans know this company for unleashing Tortured Females, the trailer for The House of Cats (Still want to see that!), and Private Arrangement with Uschi Digart, but most of their films were lost over the years resulting in some wondering what the rest of their Sexploitation films were like. You would never believe that it would try to go mainstream in the Early 70’s by jumping on the Philippine Horror bandwagon with The Thirsty Dead, although in the end it got picked up by International Amusements, but it happened.


2-18-66, Strand Theater, Kansas City with Once Upon a Night and the must-see Go Go Girl Revue.


4-6-66, Highland Park and Inkster, MI at the Paris and Melody with the Troy Donahue/Doris Day comedy Palm Springs Weekend! Now that’s quite a mix!


1-21-66, Fresno, CA at the Paris with a newsreel and a cartoon.


12-17-66, San Antonio, TX at the Prince which closed in 1969. The B was Just Once More, which was kind of a Swedish version of a JD Girl flick which wound up on many Aadults Only screens.

8-17-66, Detroit at the Art and Guild theaters – The House of Cats seriously clashed with Brigitte Bardot as Agent 38-24-36 with Anthony Perkins, but that was the way they programmed them.

9-2-66, Wilmington, Delaware at the Capri, which I think closed around 1970.


9-29-66, Akron at the Astor


10-21-66, Kansas City at the Strand with Nick Millard’s The Erotic Mr. Rose

12-14-66, Eastpointe (Detroit area) and Ecorse, MI at the Capri and Harbor – The House of Cats returns to the Motor City at the same time the Downtown Gem Art was showing the infamous Ravaged.

10-5-66, Deastpointe and Ecorse – Satan’s Mistress under the title of Satan’s Den hits the Capri and Harbor with the “forbidden” (at the time) world of love in Strange Loves, a 1963 film with William Koenig which fit the Art portion of the program.


10-8-66, A smaller ad for the Detroit area showing.


11-19-66, San Antonio – With the William Mishkin presentation of Pleasures and Vices, an imported film from France with Viviane Romance and Maurice Ronet (original title Gueule d’ange).


9-9-66, Wilmington, Delaware, Male Service hits the Capri.

Smut at the Drive In – Heating Up the Screens and Steaming Up the Car Windows

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11-5-82, Hendersonville, TN – No censored titles here! Sadly, this was near the end of this DI’s life.

It’s time to go back to the Drive In when the Sleaze was all night long and sometimes in the public view! Through The 70’s, the Drive In was facing some major challenges to it’s business, especially that of the growing amount of multiplexes and cinemas in the malls which were bringing in the customers. One of the most successful battle plans was to throw on the sleaze because most of them were already the “Passion Pits” where what was going on the screen was going on in a lot of the cars.

For those who were alone, many of these films were pretty good choices to watch and wish in the comfort of the car in seclusion. Either way a film was enjoyed or served as a backdrop for the night, many of the movies re-ran for years up to and including the Last Run era when it was almost mandatory to keep the business open with these films.


3-24-75, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, where all of these films were safe to see on the screen, but might get your “Ascot” if you tried to live these out in real life. Such was the guilty pleasures of 70’s Sin-ema. Actually, Sixteen was more of a Drama so-starring Mercedes McCambridge that fitted in well when it was playing with the EuroSex flicks of the day.

11-10-78, Akron – With Christina Lindberg as the star, Anita, Swedish Nymphet was a serious hit film with theaters that still played these films. To those asking, Sugar Cookies was an early Troma re-release back in the day when they were more Sexploitation before it turned into the house that Toxie built as Lloyd Kaufman was a Co-Producer of the film originally released by General Film Corporation. .


11-24-78 – A nice “Got Your Back” ad with Love in Tokyo with (I think) Roman Polanski’s What? that was released in The US as Diary of Forbidden Dreams.


2-27-76, Spartanburg, SC – John Lamb’s kinky flick was showing with deep Sleep, the film known for getting Kim Pope into some trouble, and the tasty Sandra (always a wise choice to fill up the screen).


3-6-76, Spartanburg, SC – Another South 29 Night of “Rated Ex” flicks including Eroticon, a cult hit film that started it’s sin-ematic life back in 1971 which kind of dates the “Ladies and Gentlemen of Now” ad line, but I don’t think anyone was taking note.


3-12-76 – A nice small ad for Love Lust and Violence with Lecher. The first film was AKA Mafia Girls, but not the familiar 1969 released by RAF film that played a bit on the DI scene. .


6-6-75, Long Beach – Although I wished that it was 76 just to have a 6-6-6 kind of date, this ad is a must-post! The DI housed 1000 cars and had a sail boat painted on it’s front, but with this blog, it’s known for having Adult Movie programs like this.


6-26-75, Long Beach – …and this!

8-6 and 10-1-76 – High Point, NC, The Tar Heel Drive In’s Kitten Club was a mainstay of the DI’s last years.


9-17-76, Abilene




9-4-76, Coleman, TX – Some say that this DI lasted until the Late 60’s, but it was still living in the Mid-70’s with the Adult stuff. I’m sure it closed up in the Late 70’s.


6-18-76, Carksville, IN – I will be planning to get more ads from this theater which shut down it’s DI part although the indoor portion is still open, but I seriously love the ads that are in my collection now. A cute woman in boots is always a nice touch to any ad!


4-9-76 – This is a keeper! The Theatair X advertised with two indoor screens to have your weekend panned!


2-25-75, Louisville – The South Park DI was another hot spot to see the spicy stuff.


4-30-76, Statesville, SC – The low-budget twisted tale of Janie was not exactly a big hit, but it had some plays here and there. It was kind of creepy when seen under the stars. Here, “Schoolgirl Report ’75” was was the second of the Reports released very late in the game and without much fanfare.


10-19-84, Akron – This small ad has it all – Horror and Sleaze in Akron at a DI in the Early 80’s! The leading Sleaze feature on Screen 2 was courtesy of SRC with a title that was promoted with an ad that looked like Making Love which could be any of the Hemisphere EuroSex flicks of The 70’s it played under a number of titles. Screen #1 was for the Drive In Ghouls with Driller Killer, Blood Eaters (Toxic Zombies), Flesh Grinders (TV Mikel’s Corpse Grinders), and Drive In Massacre!

Being a 1984 ad, I seriously wonder if The Seducers was the 1969 film with Rosalba Neri which was a small hit when released through Cinemation or if it was Death Game which had an AKA of The Seducers.

Sinful Small Smut Movie Ads – Detroit in the Early 70’s

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1-22-71, Detroit – a “Seemore Doules” Double Feature from the NYC area hits downtown Detroit. By this time, the Gem was just keeping alive with these skin flicks. Marina is available from Something Weird Video.

It’s time to dive into those small but sweet and sinful Adult movie ads from the 70’s which are a reflection of a time gone by when they could be advertised in the newspaper. This round focuses on my part of The US – Detroit and the Metro Area.


1-4-74, The 6 Mile was in the Highland Park area was did well for a while through the Early to Mid 70’s. This was possibly at it’s height with High Rise being a well-known flick directed by Danny Steinmann (Savage Streets, Friday the 13’th Part 4: A New Beginning) while Teenage Fantasies was a big hit through the Early 70’s reportedly filmed at the Eugene Hotel in Oregon featuring the one and only Rene Bond (no wonder why it played so much!!!).

Sadly, after the Variety and Guild stopped sharing it’s program with the 6-Mile (they would be closed by 1974-5), things would face a slow decline. Naturally, the theater would end it’s Adult era in 1980 and would try to revive it’s life as the Eighties theater, which had a number of good films but not the power or image to bring in the customers.


3-2-73 – The Pussycat got away with this logo for a while! In Personals, Armand Weston is the host of a look at the Personal Ad scene featuring people who did not go that route including Tina Russell and Barbara Grumet.


5-6-73 – Get ready to “Check Out” at the X-Rated Supermarket! Reportedly, Producer Paul Roberts was an Associate Producer of the short I Am a Motel which included an appearance by the one and only Leonard Cohen. The theaters showing this would stick around for a while.


3-7-73 – The Nortown was a second – or maybe third-division theater when it decided to go Adult. Mona was the infamous 1970 film that changed the game in the adult field. I don’t think that the type-set used for “Highest quality Adult films” brought in the customers, but at least it was showing a winner.


10-8-73 – the Frisco is a PNC Bank today!


4-20-73 – the infamous Forced Entry at the Variety, Guild, and 6 Mile when they were showing some notable Adult flicks.

8-3-73 – Hey, didn’t we see that “New talent, new faces” font before?!!! The Harbor Theater closed as an Adult place to try to turn into a music place featuring Punk bands (Saw the UK Subs there in 1988).


9-21-73 – The Gem getting sleazy with The Girl Nappers! It might be a small ad, but I like the “forbidden” feel of this one as it was with Love Captive.


3-22-73 – A rare ad for the Projection Room with a stylish small ad for the Frisco. It’s possible that the Projection Room was shut down by through the attack on Adult theaters in 1973 although the Frisco stuck around for a while.


11-30-73 – The National Burlesk was down to showing three flicks with small ads, this one featuring the ad art of The Blue Balloon. The sight of Forced Entry at this time was showing that it was a second-third level Adult place.

3-15-74 – The Guild was getting super sleazy by this time with Prison Babies and Madame Satan. The Frisco was possibly getting a little too frisky for some tastes with a title that was possibly whipped up due to the popular cover version of “You’re Sixteen” by Ringo Starr, but it was the 70’s!


9-25-74, The Highland using the ad art for Zero In and Scream for More Ways than One.


2-8-74 – The Frisco with The French Girl and the Hi-Land with Switchcraft.


11-8-74 – A Las Vegas Entertainment theater ad featuring some hits and the Atlas going for the 3 Dollars, 3 Hours, 3 Movies bit.


5-3-74 – Well, The Devil Made Me Do It!

A Quick One – Teenage Torture, Tortured Females, and a couple of other things

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Many thanks to Howie Pyro for sending in this seriously delicious ad art for the re-issue of Jerry Warren’s Teenage Zombies as Teenage Torture!


11-9-76, NYC – This is a long stretch of speculation, but I’m still wondering if someone saw “Teenage Torture” to change the working title of Sardu,  Master of the Screaming Virgins to The Incredible Torture Show – maybe not, but hey, it’s worth a post. Still, both had captive girls…


7-23-71, Des Moines – A classy Woman in Distress pose for the AIP release of Murders in the Rue Morgue


4-25-75, Detroit – Detroit’s showing of Jose Luis Merino’s the Hanging Woman had the lurid story look down right.

4-26-67, Detroit – Tortured Females was a Mitam film which featured some pretty sleazy and weird characters including a Mongolian Hunchback…still “Chained by infamy?”Who cares it read good. It’s a true sleaze scene, but it had a drop of Horror…only just.


8-12-66, Toledo – Wonder what that “Second Big Hit” was judging from the ad.


3-22-61, Freeport, TX

Jerry Warren’s Teenage Zombies turns into “Teenage Torture” – 1975/6

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Many thanks to Jamie Teel and Howie Pyro for the messages, Teenage Torture was a Late 70’s release of Jerry Warren’s Teenage Zombies, which explains the G in the Camp Bowie DI ad in the last post – you knew that I was thinking more European as it was The Late 70’s with a title like that as it was the era of a lot of re-titled films. We can only thank (or blame) a company called Orrin Pictures for this.

This crazy 1959 flick must have been difficult to book at many places in 1975 and 6 with an Adult Movie sounding name, but it actually had a few showings. A Drive In with the skills would play it with a couple of classic films with ease, although most programmers could have skipped a classic school Sci-Fi brain fry with that title as it would have been better off used with some X-Rated happening, a Hallmark Release (The company that reminded you that “It’s only a movie”!), or a Group 1 release that was “Banned In (put number here) Countries”.


11-10-76, Jackson, Miss. as the B to Gus…that’s not a Photoshop, but the real deal. Seriously love the ? after the title. I can see someone might be thinking Audience Torture! Something Weird Video fans might want to check out screen 1 with Bummer!

Orrin Pictures was not really well known outside of the industry, but it has a small place in Late 70’s Exploitation/Last Run Drive In history. It reportedly carried The Electric Chair, another Something Weird Video favorite, and it has been said that they picked up Ralf Olsen’s Uneasy Summer and calling it Trip With the Devil (not to be confused with Crown International’s Trip With the Teacher, of course…Ha! Ha!).

Classic Horror and Science Fiction Madness through the 70’s – Part One

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1-8-71, San Antonio – the Realart re-release of the Universal Horror classics with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi kept playing here and there with this showing promoted with classic ad art.

Right now, I’m in the mood to dive through some showings of classic Horror and Science Fiction films that possibly united the Cinema Ghouls, Fiends, and Freaks of The 70’s who wanted their nights out away from the TV. Although it was a time for classic Exploitation and Sexploitation, there were a lot of us who wanted our Monster Mashes, Scary Monsters, and Super Creeps of a time long gone (you knew I was going to say that!). These films were made to be seen on the big screen, especially with friends (or was that fellow fiends?) who immediately  loved the opening theme of The Rocky Horror Picture Show when they got the chance to see it on it’s first run,


10-13-72, Kansas City – Three cinemas participate in a great classic Frankenstein feast focusing on classic Hammer Horrors.


4-13-73, Spokane – Although no titles are in this pretty cool theater-made ad, it looks like that there were some classics in the Friday the 13’th spectacular at the NGC Fox. The PG for Positively Gruesome was a nice touch, and it was the time when films with that rating had more “Bite” to them!


5-2-75, Chicago area – I wonder if a future Punk scene met up at these shows.


7-4-75, Brownwood, TX – This word-only ad might have spoke about the theater’s budget, but also it’s willingness to bring in some customers. Giorgio Ferroni’s Mill of the Stone Women (released in the US in 1960 through Parade Releasing Organization) is great while Beast of Paradise Island was a 1953 film also known as Port Sinister. Now about that “Teenage Torture”…Humm…


10-31-75, Spokane – A Halloween show at the Auto-View using ad art from The Sinful Dwarf plays four flicks featuring two Hammers – The Devil Rides Out under it’s US “Devil’s Bride” title and Taste the Blood of Dracula. I Was a Teenage Werewolf featuring Michael Landon is a great campy vintage classic which was best viewed at a Drive In.


10-3-75, Albuquerque – The Encore Cinema was once a Mini-Vue located near the still-standing Guild that turned it’s programming from XXX to Classics. It looked like the chain of small Porno theaters (Storefronts, I’m convinced) had ran into some trouble including one in Alamogordo, NM after seeing the changes a couple of them went through the Early 70’s. Thankfully, it showed some quality films including The Day the Earth Stood Still, which must have brought in the few in the area who bought Ringo Starr’s Goodnight Vienna.


6-27-75 – The Encore’s showing of Forbidden Planet was paired off with The Day the Earth Stood Still. The Encore had a good thing going!


6-10-77, Brownsville, TX – Another showing of the great Dr. Mabuse films as reported about earlier.

Classic Universal Horrors Play Detroit and Akron, Late 1967 – Boris Karloff as Frankenstein and Bela Lugosi as Dracula (with some tasty competition)

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11-8-67, Detroit – Universal’s Classic monster movies were always returning to the theaters, and welcomed by fans. At the Grand Circus in Detroit (now the Detroit Opera House), this specially packaged program of the great Dracula and Frankenstein movies played with a fine promotion which got better on the weekend…


11-13-67, Detroit


12-29-67, Akron – Now this ad is a capture of great competition! The Frankenstein/Dracula double at the Starlight and Montorse DIs with Kiss of the Vampire, the 4 Thrill Shock Hits at the Gala, and the Sexploitation of Teenage Mother at the Starlight! Wonder what films were showing when 1968 started…