Cruising the Savage Streets in 1985 – After the First Run

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2-1-85, Anniston

Savage Streets is one of the last great Exploitation films of the Early-Mid 80’s filled with a lot of the stuff fans wanted to see with a touch of ugliness and the Punksploitation that was a part of the scene. Critics hated it, and even a few reviewers who were giving some good marks to B movies were not in favor, but there’s something about the film that makes fans return to it on occasion  It’s a dark, and some could say cold, film that was seedy and not a pretty picture that had The 80’s dragged through a dark tunnel with hardly anything redeeming about it and it’s troubled production history adding onto things perfectly.

Linda Blair’s performance is sharp, although she did look more of a College age than the High School kid she was playing, Johnny Venocur had a great feature film debut as the troubled gang member, Scott Mayer’s only feature film roll as the Punk Rocker member of the gang showed a lot of promise before moving on in life to Northern California, and Robert Dryer’s gang leader could be called the West Coast version of Terry Hawkins (Roger Watkins’ legendary manic maniac character of Last House on dead End Street). Linnea Quiley was excellent as the deaf and mute sister of Blair who had a rape scene that’s possibly more shocking today and John Vernon was effective in his moments as the principal who was a bit sleazy – Blair and Vernon co-starred in Chained Heat, proving a great combination. A lot of critics may call the music bad, but then again the 80’s movie music was a seriously perfect fit with it’s electronic drums and dramatic singing, and it’s ugly turns in the story only added onto the grim feeling that never let up. It’s a sleaze pit that has it’s fans, including me.


1-25-85, Nashville

In 1984, Savage Streets played a number of cities including Detroit in July where it possibly had it’s biggest success thanks to some record-breaking at the Bel Air Drive In mentioned in the Commentary by John Strong on the DVD – I remember watching the ad on WXON 20 during the video show simply called Hot as a kid and wanting to see it without any hope at all living in Small Dot with no theater for miles. The MPM release was very here-and-there including a New York City appearance that whipped up a couple of members in the audience enough to vow violence an any of the gang members (a story Venocur recalls very well in the commentary) and there were still areas to move into for it’s one or two week showings once 1985 rolled around, but sadly the monies it made possibly did not match the high expectations when it was released in a time when the market for Independent Exploitation was fading out after filming in 1983 when there was still something happening for the industry. In 1985, MPM went out of business although John Chambliss formed Film Concept Group to unleash films that looked like that they were picked up for MPM including Burial Ground and The Other Hell (theatrically played as Guardian of Hell), but Savage Streets had one more life of it’s own as it was headed to the video shelves.


5-10-85, from a Wilmington, Delaware paper

Right in the middle of the “We Are the World” era and just when things were turning into a Breakfast Club of Post-New Wave slickness in the US Pop Culture, Savage Streets played a few more cities which offered a little grimness to those noticing the change in pace who did not want the pastels and day glo while wanting to see what they wanted on the screen.

Entermark Releasing was more likely a company formed by Michael Franzese and John Chambliss in between MPM and FCG for the second run of Savage Streets which played through the Late Spring and Summer of 1985. The scene that was used in the ads was never in the film, but it still fit in it’s own way. Although Linda Blair was the definitive image to promote the film with, the artwork here is not that bad and it has legs…


5-10-85, Phoenix – Take note of Billy Fine in the credits. Fine was the original Producer who was originally in charge with Tom DeSimone directing before the first round of production stopped before things got back into order under John Strong.

5-24-85, Santa Cruz at the Del Mar


5-31-85, Titusville, Florida – Ironically enough, A View to a Kill was also the film on the other screen at the Del Mar in Santa Cruz!


5-31-85, San Bernardino


6-5-85, Louisville – Take note of the return to the font used in the MPM release in the credits with no mention of Fine.


6-7-85, Cincinnati


6-24-85, Carbondale, Illinois with wonderful VHS memories here with the Vestron release of Savage Streets. Bad movie fans will love the Zombie Lake mention while 80’s film fans should connect with either the campy but enjoyable Tuff Turf and the classic Falcon and the Snowman.


7-23-85, from a Del Rio, TX paper…with another Care Bears mention!


Cannibal Holocaust – A 1986 Showing in Claymont, Delaware

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9-19-86 was a time when the Summer blockbusters like Stand By Me and The Fly were moving onto their final first run performances, Shanghai Surprise was struggling to make any impression anywhere, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 was still getting news over it’s ratings controversy, and Howard the Duck was already in the lists of the worst movies ever, but also a time when the few Horror fans who were in the know were still talking about Cannibal Holocaust and Claymont, Delaware was going to know what the small talk was about. The Ruggero Deodato film that has been loved, hated, and debated about had it’s share of fame in some areas and filled with a very controversial history in it’s production and it’s release in 1980 that’s already known to fans everywhere although the decline in Exploitation cinema through the Early 80’s in The US proved to be a major hurdle for unleashing the film Stateside. In June 1985, it made it’s small American release mark in New York City with a bit of 42’nd Street fanfare and little else and actually touched Woodbridge, NJ, but the Trans-American Film release which actually had major distribution in areas like Europe and Japan was that movie which had a hard road to ride on in order to get any kind of US theatrical playdates outside of that after battling the MPAA over the X rating and facing a lot of distribution troubles in a time when the majors were taking over almost every corner and the screens that still played independently-released product were fewer in number than ever.

Still, after finding this gem of an ad, I’m convinced that there are maybe possibly a few more playdates in the US, but I’m not getting any hopes up. With a bit of irony and maybe surprise, the Eric Tri-State Mall 5 was the theater to get it for a week a year and a couple of months after it’s first showing in New York. Looking at the Blue Velvet ad below that, I’m sure some of you will imagine spending a weekend with bleak classics of cinema.



6-14-85, Woodbridge, NJ, your WTF movie listing is right here. Imagine a multiplex programming something like Cannibal Holocaust on one screen and The Care Bares Movie on another today.

Taxi Driver, Snuff, and Patty – New York City, Feb. 1976

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2-9-76, New York City, Village Voice


2-9-76, a couple of pages later.



Through my research, I have seen weeks of incredible intensity and hilarious ironic ad placements, but looking through a couple of issues of the Village Voice from Feb.1976 seriously rocked The Scene’s never ending search.

Taxi Driver’s appearance in the movie scene is well-known and celebrated, but unless one dives into some serious research, the findings of Snuff and Patty playing in the same month as Martin Scorsese’s classic add the jaw-dropping factor bringing you into a serious time in New York’s always interesting cinema history.

Taxi Driver went onto to be one of the iconic films of  The 70’s as it played everywhere and beyond, remaining a potent work that should be seen by everyone who reads this Blog.

Snuff, the infamous re-release of Michael Findlay’s The Slaughter bought up by Monarch with an added on ending that tried to shock the audience into thinking that it was an actual Snuff film, faced a lot of controversy in it’s initial run, but would later be inserted into B slots without much notice after a while. Following on rumors of Snuff movie making, Allan Shakleton took the hardly-played Findlay film and hyped things up for all that it was worth, turning into one of the last well-reported WTF news story of the classic Exploitation era in a “How are you going to top THIS?!!!” style. Some were fooled, but many were not convinced, although you can say that the more ran down the theater, the more the film worked on it’s own.


1-23-76, High Point, NC (reportedly, it also played SC as well…). Reportedly, Snuff first played in the Carolinas.


4-2-76, Detroit first run ad, only in the Free Press as the News rejected all X Rated ads (although it was in the listings)

Image (30)

In Detroit, Snuff played two times in 1976, one  in April and the other in October. The later of the two advertised it as a fake R. The first showing was for three weeks!


12-3-76 – This amusing ad from Toledo shows the presence of the film at the Greenwood Cine, a double screen theater in a small mall on the corner of Lewis and Alexis in the North Side (a little South of the state line). On the other screen was one of the many attempts at G-Rated fare in the Wilderness Family! The theater closed around 1988, and the building is now used for a flea market (in what turned into Food Town some time before), an Ollies, ad a couple of other places.


5-13-77, Albuquerque


8-5-77, a serious hard Exploitation triple play at the Texas featuring Snuff and The Slasher together without much controversy.

Bob Roberts’ second True Crime Exploitation epic following 1971’s Sweet Saviour was reportedly forced out of play as the trail of Parry Hearst was still going on, but that did not stop the film from playing in other areas after the event.

11-2-77, Detroit and Suburbs. The 6 Mile was a part of the Woods-Six/Highland Park area.


7-30-76, Chicago


11-25-77, Youngstown


10-21-78, Youngstown

Sin and Sleaze in the Rubber City Part 1

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3-24-61  – The Astor in Akron featuring a showing of Peter De Cenze’s Hypnotism Confidential. It’s sad that this flick is rare or lost because this looks pretty good! Formally the Allen Theater, the Astor turned into the city’s sin palace in Late 1960 (Guessing Nov.). It’s main competitor at the time was the Art, which showed the hot imports and serious flicks – both would turn Porno by the Mid-Late 70’s.

Besides having a great place in music history, Akron, OH and it’s outlining areas had some notable screens that were exploitation-ready through the years, especially the 1960’s all the way into 1985, the last year I think that the Gala Twin  Drive In was hosting the X-Rated stuff. No need to go into details right now except for the fact that  most of these are updates to already-exiting articles. Just sit back and enjoy!


 7-1-77 – While CB sets were given away at the Gala for it’s showing of The Teasers, the Screen 13 favorite Last Stop in the Night Train showing as Last House-Part 2 was at three screens.


4-21-78 – In my opinion, this ad for “New House on the Left” is the best. It’s another title for Last Stop on the Night Train!


6-10-66 – Another spotting of the Ed Wood-written Shotgun Wedding sandwiched between two Russ Meyer classics!!! Faster Pussycat… and Motor Psycho was a well-played double bill in many areas, including Toledo.


11-1-68 – I have some more information about both Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and She Devils on Wheels in Detroit, but that’s for later…stay tuned!!


8-9-67 – If you have not seen A Smell of Honey, a Swallow of Brine, you should try to correct that soon! It’s a serious definition of 60’s sleaze!

Walker’s first starring film was over at the Forum as the B to Circle of Love.


6-12-66 – The classic Roughie had a one-week showing at the Astor. The Defilers was a 1965 film that played here and there for years!


4-7-78. The Gala Twin was already in super Sleaze mode, and nothing says that better than showing a couple of older Adult flick on Screen 2 and a Jess Franco class-SICK WIP film on the main screen.


11-3-78 – Barbed Wire Dolls returned, this time as the B to SS Girls, released by Topar. This was a film by Bruno Mattei, best known for Hell of the Living Dead, The Other Hell, and Rats: Night of Terror along with a couple of WIP films of his own including Women’s Prison Massacre. By 1986, the Gala had turned into a place where the cooler mainstream shows were airing to keep the place open until around 1993, but the Late 70’s was a time when many DIs were in this mode.


10-6-78 – This re-issue of Sign of Aquarius (or was that Re-Re-issue counting the very short lived incarnation as Love Commune) was playing in through as many areas as possible through 1978 including Detroit! A great definition of Last Run cinema.





These Joseph Brenner-released Double Bills were classic shows of the Late 70’s. Every city should have had them.

I seriously hope that this is winding you up with a few ads to warm you up for some interesting articles to come . these might re-appear in the future in more appropriate places, but I seriously wanted to show you a random choice of ads from the Rubber City to show you why I’m doing more research on it.

“Stone” in Love – Classic Ads for the Stone Burlesk

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The Stone Burlesk was one of Detroit’s first Adult stages, located just South of the area’s two true Grindhouses that survived into 1974, the Colonial and Roxy, that has a place in Adult Entertainment history which Sleaze fans should know about. Ran by Milton Jacobson, it was one of several theaters across The US that was a part of the Burlesque Experience which survived the times from Strippers, Loops and Comics to the age of Porn that also had a classic line of small ads that lasted through the Early 70’s which captured the style perfectly. By the Late 70’s, the theater was one of a number of small Porno places in the Detroit area which existed up until the Mid 80’s, but “back in the day” was a time of sleaze and tease, Loops, 16mm films that would be Rated R-level today, “clean” projectors used  if vice squads were around, “blue lights” to keep the live show safe, and prizes for bringing in hard boiled eggs or tomatoes – you’ll get it when you read this great interview with Milton’s Grandson Matthew Jacobson who was running a retro show in support of a planned Documentary (wonder if that’s still in production).

There’s a very interesting shot of the building way back in it’s early years…take note of the building next to it and then check out the later photos of the land next to the theater in the other links in this post.

This is only a small part of a growing collection of ads that have caught my eye, all of which are very sexy and some even artistic. These small gems stand out from the usual Burlesque ads in my opinion, and should be better known to all fans and those even just interested in the history of Adult Erotic entertainment. The theater has been demolished, but I hope that the memories will live on.
















7-6-60 – Seriously one of my favorites!!!

An interesting thread about the Stone is right here. check it out for more history!
















4-15-66…hey, didn’t we see this before? Who cares, let’s go!


2-8-74 – Still using the classic ads in the age of Porn. The Nortown was a regular theater that turned Porn in March, 1973.

Here’s the brief article in Cinema Treasures…


Random Classic Sleaze

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5-18-71, Indianapolis

Welcome to another small collection of ads that I want to share with you tonight without rhyme or reason, but with a few You Tubes to make the journey more interesting.

For many years I have been wondering where this double bill of the over the top Drug Scare/Sex Scare epic the Hard Road and Bleep showed and a least I found one answer. Bleep is AKA Teenage Tease, directed by Actor Richard Erdman.


11-3-71, Detroit – The small ad to the showing of Daughters of Darkness and something called Next! was something that sparked my interest as the main feature was the slightly played US release of Sergio Martino’s The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh released by Maron.



4-1-77, Louisville – The small wave of Manson Exploitation films sparked a few tasteless triple bills which seriously are a mark of the “Last Run” era along with Russ Meyer’s classic and one of the first class-sicks of the genre . Made in 1970 but having a long time to get released, The Other Side of Madness was a Production of Wade Williams made when the trail of the Manson Family was still on. complete with Manson’s recording of “Mechanical Man” and very fitting background music by Sean Bonniwell of the Music Machine including the instrumental take of “Dark White”



4-9-76, Louisville – The ads for this X-Rated Drive In would shrink down by the next year, but for a while they were allowed to be loud and proud. The Scene takes delight in showing you the ad with Hard Gore and a nice drawing with a woman in thigh boots!



Both of these are from 10-7-77, Louisville


8-29-70, Danville, VW – The Girls from Thunder Strip played a lot of Drive Ins through the Early 70’s, but this is one of the more impressive ads I have seen!


1-3 and 1-10-73, this Warren, MI programmed the two films of Distinction’s catalog on different weeks, resulting in some classic shows for the beginning of the year!

Blood Suckers/Blood Thirst – Part Two: Blood Thirst and 1972 Playdates

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Blood Thirst, Directed by Newt Arnold (who’s career as an Assistant Director has spanned a wide rage of films!) is one of those flicks that not be highly valued by many, but has it’s charms to those looking for something perfect for viewing at 2AM. Being in Black and White, it was discarded in some markets that wanted all color films, but catching it in a Drive In or second run theater would have been a kick anyways. It’s also the “Second Feature” on the Something Weird Video disc released in 2001…damn, time flies!

Today, it’s also found on a disc released by Vinegar Syndrome along with The Thirsty Dead.

Maybe I have been warped by watching those hard-to-find movies on WGPR at 4AM back in the Early 80’s – an era that had one of Jess Franco’s Red Lips films appear at one time – but I kind of like it.


Being a true to form groovy ghoul flick, the story is simple – A series of murders is about to be investigated with the help of a Sex-Crime specialist (Robert Winston), brought into the Philippines as he’s a friend of the local inspector (Vic Diaz!) as these look a little kinky beyond the norm. With a monster roaming loose and a sexy belly dancer named Serena providing the entertainment, you know that something is up Bathory style once you put the pieces together. Yvonne Nielson is true eye candy, Katherine Henryk is the inspector’s Daughter who’s the interest of the specialist and the monster is cool. Nothing to read into, as it is a 1965-made screen filler for some reason not released until 1971, and nothing too “exciting” for those looking for harder thrills, but those wanting a nice little talkative “BOO!” with some nice gore for 1965 and some slightly kinky bits might want to give it a try.




Certainly NOT the reception on opening night!




Now it’s time for the main event of Part Two…the ads!

In 1972, this double feature played a number of markets with some very amusing promotions. Sadly, no rings were on offer, but a lot of fun. The best of these showings was part of what was called “The Festival of the Undead” featuring the two films with Death by Invitation and some classic Roadshow style greatness.


6-14-72, Louisville


9-15-72, St. Louis with an “Anti-Hex Coin”!


This 10-10-71 showing in Reno hinted at many of the other showings in the future with a fitting co-feature.


8-16-72, Cincinnati – the titles of the double feature with the House That Dripped Blood are hard to see (or possibly forgot to be put in), but they were playing!


4-1-72,  this North Carolina Drive In had a great Dario Argento film in it’s “Scream-0-Rama” show! the screen closed up shop in 2014, one of the few long-standing Drive Ins of America.

Some cool photos here…


7-2-72, El Paso – This only had Blood Suckers, but the class-sick double bill featuring Night of Bloody Horror is worth a mention!


2-25-72, Chester, PA – The double feature was added on to the main double bill which played at the RKO Stanley Warner State.


This was the original double at the indoor theater, but I can’t pass up any opportunity to post something about Flesh Feast, a real WTF flick that only bad film fiends understand.


Those in York, PA got the full show, too. You have to get some kind of business in February!


10-28-72, Paragon seriously had some flicks to but together for a full Halloween show!


1-5-73, Phoenix


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