Born Mean! A Screen 13 Look at Satan’s Sadists and Anchor’s Other 1969 Film!

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12-24-69, Uniontown, PA – A class-sick show on a Holiday! The Drive In Ghouls get a Merry Tasteless Bummer Christmas!

This Newspaper Round-Up is all about Satan’s Sadists, the Al Adamson film that was made to shock and rock the Drive In crowd complete with a major promotional campaign which used it’s filming at Spahn Ranch as a way to hook the theme up with the Manson Trails that were happening when the film was already a hit. It’s been a LONG time since I first wrote about this classic, but now it’s time to fill in with more goodies!


7-23-69, Greenville, Miss – trying to find another ad closer to the June start-up month, but this will do cool.


9-5-69, Anderson, Indiana – and another Cinecom city! The South still kept up it’s Exploitation-Friendly program after the company went Chapter 11, leaving it’s theaters looking for new owners (A closer city to me is Youngstown, OH).


9-2-69, Toledo


10-18-69, Dover, OH


10-24-69, Kittanning, PA


10-24-69, Alton, Illinois – The Satans and The Pussycats on this classic double bill!!!


San Antonio 12-4-69


Kingsport, Tenn 12-7-69


12-26-69, Uniontown, Penn. – the regular ad.


1-21-70, El Paso

 Around this time, Russ Tamblyn’s other flick from the era called Free Grass, exploiting the star’s connection with West Side Story in the ads. To add to the Cult Level here, famed American Top 40 host and legendary radio DJ Casey Kasem (the real voice of Shaggy!) is on board, too. The film had a Detroit premiere in Oct. 1969 and slowly went through the American Drive In world;


1-31-70, Gastonia, NC


4-30-70, Burlington, NC


5-22-70, Spokane, WA at the Exploitation hot spot of the area the Y Drive In!


9-11-70. St. Joseph, MO at the Cowtown!

At this time, Adamson’s The Fakers which was originally made in 1967 and waiting for some kind of release (originally planned as Operation M) was finally released with a Biker sub-plot as Hell’s Bloody Devils, and there was no better co-feature than Satan’s Sadists to play it with!


9-18-70, Youngstown


1-1-71, High Point, NC


3-5-71, Milwaukee – Thinking that “Devil’s On Wheels” is SHE Devils on Wheels!


6-4-71. Bridgeport, Conn.


5-19-72, Youngstown – Once Al unleashed another Biker themed film which originally started off as another contribution to the genre which was felt to be a little too late to be released which then got altered to Angel’s Wild Women, Anchor and the gang was on the screens along with them.

I’m sure that there will be more later…stay tuned!

Are You Ready to Go On THE HARD ROAD?

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Meet 17-year-old Pam (Connie Nelson). Already given her child to adoption, she drops out of school and gets a job at the office of a Manager (Gary Kent) who happens to have a client in one of Pam’s favorite singers (Roger Everett) and a two-way mirror. At an after-show party, she’s introduced to Downer-Dosing Jeannie (Catherine Howard) who happens to be in a Druggie Relationship with Jimmy (a brilliant performance by John Alderman!). Along the way to a Acid-spiked meltdown at the end, she meets more druggies and also discovers that she may carry a “Communicable Disease” and has to face the anger of her position-aware mother (Liz Renay!). Jimmy finally gets thrown into jail and the Iso Tank, Pam is left alone at his apartment (who’s landlord is played by Pussycat Theater’s Jay Fineberg!) and takes the Sugarcube that sends her out the door in a trip that ends when she gets struck by a car in the middle of the night at the airport she was at all day (catch an appearance by Death Dummy if you look very close).


Throw more drugs at a party hosted in a motel with a Weekly-paying Tenant in a room that looks like a sleazy swinger’s pad, the required painted VW,  the must-have violent addict attack, the hospital birth scene (with Greg Coratio as the Doctor!), a scene where Pam is thrown into hustling for Jimmy for his drug money, and a VD reel hosted by Byron Clark as a slightly-suspect looking doctor, plus a very ugly looking transvestite played by on of the members of the production (!), and you have got The Hard Road!

Still, you have to see it to experience it!







When I first caught this ultimate Bummer of a film that looked like it was made in 1969 and unleashed in 1970 right when the news of the violence at Altmont was starting to get reported and the Manson Trails were under way, I was very interested in when and where it played. A serious reflection of the post-hippie comedown which was made with Nudie flick regulars and Directed by Gary Kent, who’s career was very versatile through the decades, The Hard Road actually was a good Drama which was also the ultimate feel-bad flick right next to She Should’ve Said No when it came to say that everything was bad enough for one to even think twice and three times before venturing out the door. The VD reel in color must have made viewers wide-eyed!

Of course, I will try to get all the ads that I can, but this is to give you an idea of how it played.


Santa Cruz, 2-4-70


El Paso. 11-6-70


Ogden, Utah, 11-19-70


San Antonio 12-23-70






2-3-71, Lubbock, TX

CHI11-5-71AdultMix - Copy

11-5-71, Chicago. This is a very Something Weird-centric capture!


1-26-73, El Dorado, TX – the Love Commune was once Sign of Aquarius and was also promoted as Ghetto Freaks!






Any Lee Michaels fans know his concert history – looks like the Whiskey to me!


Jay Fineberg as the landlord


I’m sure that’s the Sunset Pussycat theater!






…and the Death Dummy!



Starlite Drive In Classic Horror Show Memories

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It’s time to seriously go back into time with some classic ads from the Starlite Drive In in Chicago Ridge, Il. Although it was not around to go into the madness of The 70’s, it had a wonderful time with the numerous Monster Mashes it held back in the Early 60’s. The ads say more than I really can with their incredible and fun shows filled with cool gimmicks and great movies.




6-15-62, a show shared with a number of other Drive Ins which included the Arch Hall Jr. classic Eegah!
















8-9-63 – The Classic HG Lewis show!

Leaving It’s “Mark” In Horror History – Mark of the Devil!

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4-16-72, Youngstown, OH

After it’s first US appearance on Apr. 5, 1972, Mark of the Devil caused a lot of controversy and anger from the general movie-going public while gaining fans who’s taste in Horror was moving into the darker side. A class-SICK Witch Trail movie filled with violence, torture, and excellent performances by Udo Keir, Olivera Vuco (or Katarina), Reggie Nadler, and Gaby Fuchs, Michael Armstrong and Adrain Hoven’s sadistic film was a head turner with a gimmick possibly influenced by Blood Feast. Keir plays a Witch Hunter working for Herbert Lom who loses his faith in his position and also winds up in love wth one of the accused (Vuco). Of course, those who read too much into these films will connect a Young Vs. Old story in here that fits in with the era filled with films that exploited the generation gap, but setting that aside this parade of strong scenes actually is very beautifully shot and with a Gothic flavor that attracts those who came in for the violence or for the attractive women and young couple.

The film was Distributed in The US through Hallmark, with connections with AIP to further it’s promotion and success as well as future Multi-Feature programming later on in the decade. Hallmark was already raising up a storm with films like the Sex Ed flick Together and will later unleash the original Last House on the Left (and of course, guess what film they will pair it up with…).


4-8-72, Beckley, West Virginia – The “All Ages Admitted” line would last a while before the MPAA’s R rating. Causing a controversy right away with those who were worried about sex and violence in the movies had plenty to complain about…although I might imagine many getting into it.


4-12-72. Toledo – I’m sure at the Franklin Part Cinema


4-21-72, Lewiston


4-22-72, St. Petersburg, FLA – The “Sensation” Generation was something that a few people were “Oral”-y talking about, too.


4-28-72, Kansas City, one of the few Pre-Rating performances with an actual age limit.


5-5-72, Jefferson City, MO


A letter published after the one-week Jefferson City run.


5-5-72, Lexington, NC – Hold on to your tongue!!!


5-19-72. Chicago – All Ages Admitted, no problem!


6-9-72, Alton, Illinois

By this time, the MPAA were angry that the film carried the “V for Violence” ad line in a way that it was angry that The Erotic Adventures of Zorro had the “Rated Z” line (although in David F. Friedman’s case, his was already an Adult film in the first place!). It will be rated R by the end of the year.


7-13-73, Ottawa


11-3-72, Youngstown – One of the many showings with Last House on the Left.

There are a couple of definitive DVDs around, one recent release being from the UK-Based Arrow, but the Blu Underground disc is a very handsome presentation, too.

The Virgin Witch (and Her Double Dates with The Man from Deep River and The Sensuous Sorceress)

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2-2-73, Ottawa

The Virgin Witch is a saucy and cool film Directed by Ray Austin which involves the lives of two girls (played by sisters Ann and Vicki Michelle – Ann you have seen in Psychomania a couple of posts back!) getting involved in a Modelling scene that has a dark side to it, and being the Early 70’s it’s all about Sex and The Occult. Noted British Actress Patricia Haines plays the owner of the The US, This Tigon UK film was released by Brenner that played for years in the Drive Ins and a few Sin-Emas and in Canada by Cinepix – Redemption/Kino in The US have released a good DVD recently, too.

By today’s standards, this is more like a sexy Drama, but don’t let that observation stop you from checking it out as it has a nice amount of the topless and plenty of good acting! The Co-Feature in the Canadian ad which starts this feature is a Swedish film that never got an American release, and looking at the trailer it looks pretty good.


This 4-6-73 ad from Calgary with the “Baby Doll” girl that appeared in a few ads in the area to say it’s a spicy flick is another showing of the diabolical duo.

Now, onto a grouping of US release ads. Released by Joseph Brenner, a leader of Exploitation through the 60’s to Mid 70’s, The Virgin Witch seriously got a lot of plays and even some special Double Feature shows later on in the decade.


7-7-72, Mansfield, OH


9-1-72, San Antonio


9-22-72, St. Joseph, MO at the Cowtown DI, St. Joseph’s Exploitation center which closed as the Parkview by 1979 two years after having troubles with films like Smarty Pants being seen by travelers.


9-22-72, Toledo – One of the great things about Toledo’s Drive Ins was that some of the programmers really had a knack for films that fitted perfectly together. Here, Witchcraft ’70, with footage by Lee Frost, was it’s co-feature.


10-6-72, Tuscon


10-6-72, Terre Haute, IN – The logo on the top left is for the Cinecom company, who also had two film companies (Childhood Productions and Chevron). The chain will fade away by Mid 1973 after the company declared Chapter 11. Youngstown, OH also had a chain under this company as well. Night of the Witches was another perfect co-feature.


3-23-73, Milwaukee – The weakest ad of the bunch with very ill-fitting art








5-3-74, Chicago date with a future Mystery Science 3000 flick.


5-8-74 – High Point, NC – Possibly the most perfect combo! Both British Horrors that feature sisters in the leading roles! Twins of Evil co-stars the beautiful Collinson Twins, Madeline and Mary and features the excellent over-the-top performance of the legendary Peter Cushing.


6-22-74, Kansas City – a return performance, this time with another Brenner class-sick The Man from Deep River as well as General’s Bonnie’s Kids at the 40 Drive In! I decided to keep in the small ad for Journey through the Past for the Rock and Roll film fans.


10-24-74, Toledo – They knew what the Drive In ghouls were after by putting the Virgin Witch on top.


3-24-78, Detroit – Brenner, who connected with Bryanston for both The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Devil’s Rain, doubled the later with The Virgin Witch in the Late 70’s. By this time, the company was fading fast along with the classic era of Exploitation.


10-13-78, Youngstown

in the Mid 80’s, The Virgin Witch was released on VHS in The US through Prism, the version I first viewed this film by.

Orgy of the Living Dead Memories – Screen 13’s Triple Feature Classics

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9-20-75. High Point, NC, possibly the most inspired presentation of this legendary three-film show.

The Orgy of the Living Dead was the classic 3-film Europix Consolidated show that traveled through The US during the Early to Mid 70’s that contained two well-remembered titles that were PD Video staples for years, Mario Bava’s Kill Baby Kill as Curse of the Living Dead and Armando de Ossorio’s Malenka AKA Fangs of the Living Dead, a film that rode nicely on the coattails of The Fearless Vampire Killers. Revenge… was Elio Scardamagila’s The Murder Clinic and has a following as well.

Both Bava’s and Scardamagila’s films were released in The US in 1968 and 1967 respectively with Fangs of the Living Dead being new to American screens at the time.


This 11-11-72 showing in Kansas City had a fourth film in Night of the Living Dead, but as it was advertised in Color, I wonder if that was another film being played under the title of the classic film or if it was just mistakenly announced that it was in Color…



4-6-73, Youngstown, OH


…of course, there was some competition in the area with another genre popular at Drive Ins of the time…


6-23-73, Lubbock, TX


6-1-73, Newburgh, NY


3-23-73, Toledo – Sad they had to cut the Anita Ekberg film out of the show for this presentation, though!


4-6-73, New London, Conn. A small ad, but still sweet! Plus, you have your weekend planned with the other screen at the Twin. Of course, if you’re of voting age, you could also hop into the Capitol for the hit “Sex Ed” flick 101 Acts of Love!


Lewiston, 9-7-73

Time to see the Doctor – Dr. Gore!

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6-4-72, Gastonia, NC


In my search for interesting play dates surrounding Night of the Living Dead as the second feature, a Regional Horror made in Charlotte, North Carolina appeared. JG Patterson, Jr.’s The Body Shop had a short lived life as a theatrical feature that had an official X rating by the MPAA when Metrolina brought the film to have an official stamp after it’s premiere (Boxoffice 7-10-72 reported it). After it disappeared, it had a VHS life through United Home Video and Paragon – one with an introduction by the one and only HG Lewis, who has worked with the showman/Magician on films including Just for the Hell of It and How to Make a Doll – and now is one of the many films that is now a part of the history of Something Weird Video.


The story focuses on the mad doctor Don Brandon (Patterson acting under his Don Brandon stage name made famous in the Carolinas for a while) after losing his wife and turns Frankenstein with his hunchback assistant (Roy Mehaffey) as his only help. One by one, pretty local ladies are killed for their parts to complete his project for the prefect woman Jenny Driggers). Sadly, she turns into a play-around with a revolving door of Truckers and commoners while the Doctor goes to jail in the end – al this and the music of Bill Hicks and the Rainbow (Not the legendary comic or band!). It’s filled with the stage blood and special effects which were a more adult version of the Don Brandon stage show, but sadly the sloppy editing, the effects that might have worked well on the stage not working too well in the film, and cheaply made credits wreck the effect if one sees it with a critical eye, although overall it still has that Local Movie charm in the end.







8-30-72, Wilmington, NC – hyping the X rating. In that year, Hg Lewis’ Gore Gore Girls also received the rating, but was not used in the ads.


1-12-73, Danville, Virginia – One of the last of the ads I caught.







1972 was a year that the Carolinas tried to whip up it’s own commercial movie scene filled with Regional flicks by Patterson, Donn Davison, and a few others sparked by the success of the classic Preacherman although without the good production which helped Albert T. Viola’s film do very well outside of it’s target audience. Davison’s Shantytown did score a few playdates in places like Kansas City and had a decent post-premiere life as The Hillbilly Hooker and even Fancy, but Patterson’s Boots cooled off after a few shows in the Carolinias and possibly a few other places. After 1973, and Davison’s work for Film Ventures halted plans for his Lion Dog Films, their scene quietly went away despite Action films and Drive In flicks were still made on occasion there.


8-4-72, Wilmington, NC


12-4-72, High Point, NC




Not an outtake! Still, it accidentally shows the working title as well as the filming date which puts it around Feb. 1972.







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