HG Lewis’ Movie Madness Remembered – Part Two: Maniacs, Moonshine, Scum, and Sun! 1963-4

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8-9-63, Chicago area – Blood Feast and Scum of the Earth playing at Stan Kohlberg’s theaters. Kohlberg was an uncredited part of the money team behind Blood Feast who owned a number of screens in the Chicago-land area including some Drive Ins which included one in Gary, Indiana. Although the Lewis/Friedman/Kohlberg team would end up in a battle by the time of Color Me Blood Red over monies that was supposed to be aimed for a production company, at least the film-making part of the trio learned from one another and would later team up once again to prove that we were gluttons for all we could eat of their films! Still, this is a time to remember on the best of what happened, which brings to mind this wonderful work of art…I mean it!


4-5-63, Kohlberg Theaters, Chicago area (The 53 was in Palantine, Starlite in Chicago Ridge) – Reportedly this ad for one of the many movie ghoul shows played at Kohlberg’s Drive Ins was the work of Lewis and Friedman.


Like many of these shows, it would have all the wildness you could imagine a Drive In show to have for “Girl Ghouls, Jean-Agers, and Groan Ups!” – in other words, don’t take the kids!

Love the line-up with obvious re-titled pictures!


9-23-63 – A full ad for Goldilocks and the Three Bares at Thomas Dowd’s Capri – note the re-title. This ad capture also features the Woods playing Damaged Goods. Both titles would be released on VHS and DVD through Something Weird Video. Kind of wild and…weird, really!

Goldilocks… was the next to the last chapter of the Lewis/Friedman production team making a Nudie Cutie in Florida at any nature camp that would not mind. During the Winter months, they would travel to Miami or nearby, a move that resulted in making Blood Feast around the Spring of 1963. Two Thousand Maniacs! was made in St. Cloud, Florida later that year following the success of Blood Feast and the making of Bell, Bare, and Beautiful, and the Roughie, Scum of the Earth.


7-25-64, High Point, NC (or technically, Archdale) – the Tar Heel Drive In was a major center for Exploitation. According to Lewis history, Dominant Pictures was a strong company and Sub-distributor for Lewis’ movies through the Carolinas, Georgia,and Jacksonville, Florida which would usually hit the Drive Ins and some Hard-Tops. In this business, the more connection you had with the Sub Distributors in a certain area, the better (Look what happened to Hemisphere and Mercury Pictures in Kansas City that led to Bev Miller being a part of Blood Island history!)

8-22-64, Gastonia. NC – the Sunset DI played Exploitation on a regular basis, and would be a home to Lewis’ films, most likely through the Sub-Distribution of Dominant.


10-22-64, Greenwood, SC – Greetings from Moonshine Mountain! In the aftermath of the battle between Lewis and Kohlberg – the later would tour the Blood Trilogy for years, resulting in an amusing 1976 showing I will get to later – Dominant Pictures would be behind the first of the Director’s Hillbilly Flick movies. Featuring some of Lewis’ best actors including Jeffery Allen of Two Thousand Maniacs!, this would play the rural areas easy. The music reflected his love of Bluegrass very well.


12-12-64, Scum of the Earth in San Antoinio – The Prince was a once-strong theater that turned into an Arthouse by the 60’s which featured films which would move into the Something Weird Video world. The theater’s ads were small and column-width featuring well-played films, although some of which had their first showings in the area – these films mainly toured. By 1969 it would go out of business.


6-19-64, Chicago – The Plaza was a theater that turned Arthouse by The 60’s until it’s demise later in the decade (possibly 1967-8). Featuring the “Plaza Playmates” a la Playboy’s bunnies, this was another Chicago-land theater which housed Lewis’ Cuties with ease.


4-30-65 – A Plaza date for Scum of the Earth. Back in the day, Adult movies would more or less tour as the number of these theaters would grow by the number. With so many movies in this field at the time and only a few hundred screens, these movies would find a screen, play there, maybe get lucky to have two weeks, then move. Some ads would lie about being a “First Run” mainly because it would be a good guess that most of the audience already forgot.


11-12-65, Kansas City – In one of the lucky shots of all time, Moonshine Mountain appeared with Russ Meyer’s Mudhoney aka Rope of Flesh! Two Exploitation titans!

10-9-65, Oshkosh, WI – Moonshine Mountain played the 44 with Ma Barker’s Killer Brood and the headlining Ed Wood-written Shotgun Wedding!

After putting some of the pieces together, I have some thoughts about how the madness worked back then which I hope are on the right track.

A major lesson learned by looking through HG Lewis’ career was that even if you have the most out-there films or if you had a sordid film about whatever was the topic that was spoke about in whispers or one-on-one, both of which he had plenty of, it was nothing without both an eye-catching campaign and – most importantly – connections to get your movies played. Through The 60’s, Lewis’ connections from David F. Friedman, Stan Kholberg, Fred Sandy, and others would grow strong enough to form a history of how these films played in the US Exploitation market before VHS turned everything around.

In every market, there were Movie Ghouls (like us, really!) who went to places like the Drive Ins, the small theaters in the area that wanted a new show but without the means to get big major company (which led to Exploitation a Go Go!), and the ran down theater on Main Street that was the last-run dead end where hardly anyone from the mainstream wanted to go to. There were Rockers, Outcasts, JDs, DGs, Weirdos, Arthouse customers, and just about anyone else that wanted a sensation they could not see on TV back in the days when one could only get between 5-10 different stations nearby (maybe 20 if you count Late Night UHF crawls on a clear evening with a good antenna!). True, there were shows for the wild stuff on television, but there was nothing like seeing it on the big screen with a group of people no matter how big or small it was, and sometimes a film that would catch their eyes wold play one of the big screens if they were lucky.

To the theaters and the movie makers, it was all a business, and we knew that these films were made as entertainment – anything else that is talked about now was seen later on in retrospect. We wanted to check out the wild stuff and to see if it lived to it’s word and in this case, the best of HG Lewis’ films delivered!

It’s time to “Monster” a Go Go out of here for now. Next up, some “Unusual” stuff that’s Something Weird and colored blood red will happen. More later!

HG Lewis’ Movie Madness Remembered – Part One: A “Gore”-met of Greatness 1963-4

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4-29-64, The Feast that Shocked and Rocked LA!

Herschell Gordon Lewis, one of the legends of Exploitation Cinema and of Advertising, passed away on Monday at 87 and has left a history of movies and marketing mayhem that’s proven influential and timeless. “He seen something different, and he done it” can sum up a lot of his life, especially when one remembers the 4-letter word connected with some of his best movies that is G-O-R-E, but it took a lot of hard work, risk taking, and daring moves. Viewing the movie industry as a business first might have been seen as cold to those who may never take that first step into the reality of the Cinema scene, but it shows as the ultimate truth the more one reads his interviews although the element of having fun and having a strong positive attitude is also also part of the plan.

This is a small collection of classic (and class-sick) moments of his career. This first post has some familiar sights for the Scene, but to those just looking in, these are great ads that personify his Exploitation world that rocked, shocked, and set the level for Exploitation for the next couple of decades.


3-6-50 – Already hinting at his future, Tweak the first line and you might wind up with Lessons in Copy Writing and Marketing Mastery. This was a short lived venture when Lewis lived in Pennsylvania after his time as a Teacher of English, Humanities, and Journalism at the University of Mississippi, but at least it was a start!


9-17-61, Toledo  – The first two feature films connected to Lewis were produced by Mid-Continent Films, which quickly went out of business. Thankfully, David F. Friedman was around to market them to available screens, solidifying a legendary business partnership.

Friedman’s Exploitation connections as a Distributor and promoter were already legendary while he was sharpening up his Producer skills that would take him to the next level by the time he moved to California. In Toledo, Stripper Rose la Rose was a main player in the area who encouraged them to whip up some shorts for her business – after all, they were easier to manage than the talent. With the rise in Adult Sin-ema, Friedman knew that one full feature would be a better game than a bunch of simple reels.

What happened next…

2-7-62, Toledo – The famed appearance of The Adventures of Lucky Pierre at the Gayety in Toledo, OH. The Nudie Cutie was born out of both competition to Russ Meyer’s groundbreaking The Immoral Mr. Teas and knowing that programming a full feature was better than playing a bunch of shorts and dealing with troublesome performers on stage and in the band. It also was fun to watch, as well.


5-11-62, Chicago – A showing of Lucky Pierre at the Capri, ran by Tom Dowd which was an Arthouse that turned into an Exploitation house. Dowd would be behind the scenes of the Friedman/Lewis Cuties including Goldilocks and the Three Bares and would later help Lewis in the films made in California in 1969.

3-1-63 – Boin-n-g! was another Cutie with a lot of fun plus a classic scene featuring Larry Wellington as a Distributor.


8-8-63, Burlington, NC – the Circle G was a Drive In that focused on Exploitation and would later turn Adult, a perfect place for Lewis’ films to show up. At that time, the DIs ads were great, and the product placement of Blood Feast in other sections of the paper would result in both controversy and massive interest. Through the years, North and South Carolina would prove to be among the best states for his films.

9-27-63 – Goldilocks and The Three Bars at the Capri in Chicago!

10-25-63, Indianapolis – “ALL YOU KIDS MAKE ME SICK!” – Scum of the Earth might not be the Roughest of the Roughies, but is was among the first of it’s kind. It’s Indianapolis play was at the area’s leading Arthouse of the day. A great film, seriously!


11-15-63, Syracuse, New York – A favorite Blood Feast ad that saw the appearance of Horror Show host Barron Daemon.

5-1-64, Pelham, NC – The South DI was just south of the Virginia/North Carolina border and a few miles South from Danville, VA. This was one of the usual haunts for a Lewis film to be played. Inspired by the musical Brigadoon, Two Thousand Maniacs! took the concept beyond and back with over-the-top effects and a wonderful music soundtrack featuring Lewis on the classic theme song.

8-20-64, Lee’s Summit, MO – A great ad for Blood Feast at the Terrace DI.


10-31-64, Detroit – The Fox in Downtown Detroit once was THE place for Exploitation films up until 1981. Very fitting for a Halloween show, and the first of many Lewis films to play the theater.


12-30-64, Detroit – A great ad for Two Thousand Maniacs! at the Riviera, a theater that would turn into a concert hall by the end of the decade (The Grande Riviera would reside there for a few months).

Winding this up with a recent find, and something that ways that the performance will always outlast the critics…


2-4-74 – Critics and Snobs be Damned, and Feast Goes On! The classic Blood Trilogy in the LA area. The changes in the line-up was the State’s showing of the first successful “Children of the Gore”, David Durston’s I Drink Your Blood, and two Drive Ins showing George Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead in replacement of Color Me Blood Red.

Sinful Cinema in Detroit, 1971, Part One

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2-26-71 – To think that through Nov. 1968-Early 69, the Summit was known for showing 2001! The header of this ad bluntly states a fact which makes many Adult films that came after look like romps in the park, except for the rough ones of course. Sadly, by the end of the year, it was closed.

Tonight, I’m going to Detroit, 1971 and dive into the Adult Scene of the time. The year was a time of serious change, with once-strong Downtown theaters feeling the post-riot pinch of not being in the Grand Circus area and turning to Adult movies to varying degrees of success and some of the classic Adult screens trying to keep alive with some of the new theaters stealing the thunder with only a few winners like the Trans-Lux Krim which twinned by Late 1972. Some of the new breed were once-time B-level theaters of suburban screens that felt like it needed more of a profit than they were getting, like the Mel in Melvindale and Ramona in Detroit, some of them joining up a chain that included the Six Mile that would last a little longer into the Mid 80’s than either the Las Vegas Theaters or the remaining Studio screens that would close up in the Early 80’s (1982, mainly).


1-6-71 – I’m still to this day trying to dig up some information about Ultima 70. I have a feeling, judging by the copy on Delicato that this is a Nick Millard happening, but this is something to be proven by those who are seriously in the know. For now, I’m digging the ad!


1-15-71, The Fox hosted this Chevron-released X-Rated happening, which played for I think two weeks. Although Mac Ahlberg’s film was not seriously the success of the first two I, a Woman films, with the first one Distributed by the legendary Audubon and playing for months on end through 1966-7, this still has it’s place in X-Rated film history and was placed along with I, a Woman 2 on Drive In and B-House shows. Now to find some ads for Black Voltage, the re-titled version!



1-15-71 – With two Detroit-based theaters, one screen in Highland Park and another in the Eastpoint area, this was another chain of theaters that played the New York stuff – the advertised film being from Chancellor. Sadly, the Follies (Ex-Family Theater!) would burn down during a showing of Deep Throat in 1973.

2-5-71 – The Art was showing a “White Coater” flick with Steve Vincent trying to play a Doctor for some “Socail Commentary” while the Variety and Guild had HG Lewis Linda and Abilene. Like most of the classic school Adult theaters that were not hooked up by some Art Theater Guild or some company that brought them into their Porno chain (The Atlas, already showing Adult by this time hooked up with Las Vegas Entertainment by 1974), they faded away quietly by 1973, although I think the Guild lasted until 1974. The Art turned into Le Art trying to stay on, but it was a fail.


2-12-71 – The Roxy, Mel, and Six Mile theaters were joining up by this time, and next in their history was…

2-17-71 – Swedish sleaze playing at a couple of once-B-level theaters, the Mel and Atlas, the Six Mile, and an actual 24-7 Grindhouse (The Roxy!). This Chevron release was released in the Metro Detroit area showed that the company’s more edgy fare was more suited to the “Arthouse”/Grindhouse theaters of the area. The Scene’s look into LA showed it playing at the Vine in Mid-1970…Chevron must have been worried a bit when it hit The D like this.

Weird-centric Post-Script: The Atlas would join with the Krim in paying HG Lewis’ Gore Gore Girls in 1972!


2-17-71 – We met Eugenie in Detroit before, but this seriously deserves another posting as two films featuring Marie Liljedhal were in the area. More on the Indoor screens when we meet the Sidewalk Cowboy!


2-26-71 – The legendary Censorship in Denmark: A New Approach with The Ramrodder! Something for everyone!


3-3-71 – True to form, the Variety and Guild showed one of the New York flicks, Doris Wishman’s Amazing Transplant, while the West coast is represented by Nick Millard’s Delicato.


3-12-71 – Sex Rituals of the Occult was one of those films that played everywhere with good reason. Not only was it a part of the small trend in The Occult of the time, it was freaky enough to provide something different than the usual White Coat Rain Coat flick. This showing, however, was at the Cinderella and Kramer, two theaters that used to be big, Art Weisberg was possibly running the Palmer Park by this time as he was also running the United Artists and Summit as Exploitation/Adult screens. detroit-3-19-71-swedish

3-19-71 – The DIs were kind of getting into the act, too. Although One Swedish Summer was one of the many Imported X-Rated films of 1970 (released by UMC, who also released Bird With the Crystal Plumage), it had several Drive In playdates through the years, too. The Ecorse Road DI was in the Taylor area, South of The D.


5-12-71 – A Documentary released by EVI, with David F. Friedman in the mix of course, played the Trans Lux Krim. detroit-5-14-71

5-14-71 – the White Coat/Age of Aquarius flick.


5-7-71 – The Gem re-opened with this wild ad!


5-28-71 – No joke, this MGM release was mainly placed in the Adult houses despite it being a very serious and arty look at The Body that seriously fell into the cracks – Too Art for the Raincoats, but with the X that nailed it to “those theaters” in many areas. This was the movie with music by Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters and musician Ron Geesin, fresh from their work on Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother! It played LA/Hollywood at the Vine which seemed to be the place to watch Rock-oriented flicks fitting for it’s Hollywood and Vine location. The Michigan Theater would play host to a number of great concerts by the time it closed.

5-7-71 – Doris Wishman’s attempts to turn a film from Greece in to US product turned into Franken-Films as the translations were left behind resulting in new dialogue being created and new footage was made. At the Ramona and 6 Mile,  The Hot Month of August was shown.



5-21-71  – Before StrangeHer was unleashed, but not as remembered. Sounds interesting, but lost.


6-11-71 – Another Mel-6 Mile including the Atlas. the White Coat films were all the rage for the obvious reason from Late 1969 to whenever Deep Throat showed up in the area.



detroit-7-2-717-2-71 – A Distribpix double shot with a Michael Findlay flick (Closer to the Bone…)!

8-4-71 – Eugenie and Nana play as the Distinction Pictures collection double feature at the UA in Downtown D.

detroit-8-27-71-stone detroit-9-3-71

8-27-and 9-3-71 – The Stone was still classic Burlesque. Shortly after 1971, the focus would turn to Black Erotica


9-17-71, Forbidden Loves hits the Variety and Guild. this looks like an interesting case – is this Freaks under another title (and it was released as Forbidden Love), some very low budget flick (more of a possibility), or some Import film released through some C-Level company? The world may never know.


9-22-71 – the Colonial was no stranger to Adults Only, but it was more of a Grindhouse than a regular Adult place. Look what it was playing with!!!

The colonial would close up by 1974.


10-15-71 – The secret to the Krim’s success was seriously easy. With good connections and a long standing history of being among the best theaters, it’s transition to Porn was easy. This film, presented by Al Shakleton, was a hit in Adult theaters, but sadly is still reported lost.

Music Break Time! There was some very notable music used in Ultra Violet’s look into vintage porn including two songs sung by The Left Banke’s singer Steve Martin Caro, written by the one and only Micheal Brown (RIP, 2015) that’s only the start of an intriguing part of 60’s Music history. Although I’m sure that it was a tough time for the musicians, and there was not too much of a stigma of contributing to a film like this then (which resulted in a record released by Kama Sutra), it’s also understandable if there’s some hesitation to talk about that time today (With two great Top 20 hits in 66-67 and a 1971 of this, you might know how this feels). To those who are into these films this provides at least an interesting story which also includes Brown-written songs by Bert Sommer (RIP, 1990)  and Brown-Produced tracks by Montage – pretty much a fascinating post-script to the Left Banke’s history.



11-12-71 – The Trans-Lux Krim would twin by the end of the next year. The Amero Brothers film did respectfully in some markets including Detroit.


12-1-71 – the Atlas and Mel team up for The Deviants.


12-29-71 – The UA Downtown re-opens after being closed for a few months with Isabel Sarli!


12-15-71 – Eugenie and Nana hit the Drive Ins!

EuroHorror and Other Sick Delights at the Last Run Theater – A Few 1979-85 ads from Akron, Louisville, and Toledo

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Akron, 4-13-79 – Three more Houses of Hell! The infamous Last House on Dead End Street gets paired up with “The New House on the Left”, better known now as it’s original title The Night Train Murders (or the original US title Last Stop in the Night Train), and the Thriller Terror Under the House.

I love seeing ads for EuroHorror classics playing through the days of the Last Run! These showings might have brought in the usual customer who did not really care as long as the films were good, or at least perfect background to whatever was happening in the seats, but there must have been a few Cinema Ghouls who knew that these might have been their last times to catch these films as they were intended to be seen. Before VHS or Cable brought the films into the home, catching these movies had some kind of magic that can never be recreated, even the stuff that could be re-enacted on a sofa.

Akron was seriously a great city for Exploitation and one that had theaters that are legendary with “The Scene” as being Adult Movie theaters (The Astor…more later!) and Drive Ins that played a number of class-SICK Horror and Sexploitation flicks. Louisville was also a great city for the wild films to show up at the Drive In, and one great ad stood out to be placed in this selection for tonight. Sometimes, Toledo had some classic shows at the Butch Cassidy as well, usually starting and ending their seasons with the good stuff.

If I wanted to post everything I loved, I would have been at this for maybe days, so here’s a small selection for now. Enjoy!

Akron, 4-20-79 – This serious mixed up ad seriously wins an award of some kind! The only ones who can actually say what this was all about were those who were there, and the possibilities of remembering anything about it are close to zero (although I’m hoping someone will step up and talk about it)! Was this a tag team mix of films? Was Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks, some Dracula flick, and Schizo a part of it? LOVE this ad!!!


Louisville, 9-12-80 – FREE BUBBLING VAMPIRE VENOM!!! With a set like that including Franco’s Jack the Ripper and Creature With the Blue Hand (Klaus in two flicks that night!), I’m there!


Toledo, 8-18-80 – I seriously need to get some more Pantheon ads here. The Downtown Toledo theater used to be a Family-oriented screen until The 70’s and Urban Action proved to be more of a money maker – it’s only competition at the time in that decade was the short lived Sepia. The Midnite Show looked cool including one of Paul Naschy’s Hombre Lobo movies.


Akron 4-2-82 – Going classic with this one! You can say that this was one for those who really wanted to take a time trip to Drive In Past with some great films for the outdoor screens.


Akron, 5-23-84 – PIECES! ENOUGH SAID!


Akron, 10-21-83 – AKA Cannibal Apocalypse, this film had a few playdates here and there through The US before moving into VHS Land.


9-14-84 – Make them Die Slowly surprisingly showed up in Toledo!


Akron, 5-3-85 – Get ready for this classic show of pure Last Run Drive In EuroHorror fun including a re-release of Dario Argento’s classic Bird With the Crystal Plumage! All of this was presented by the legendary 21’st Century.

9-27-87 – Ending this with another Three Houses of Hell that was not the legendary Drive In package with Last House on the Left, but instead three different, and arguably stronger, films. House on the Edge of the Park is seriously one to see!

HG Lewis Ad Spotting Update! She Devils on Wheels, This Stuff’ll Kill Ya, and The Wizard of Gore/Gore Gore Girls

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akron-9-5-69-satan-she-devils9-5-69, Akron – A serious Double Feature Win!

It’s time for another update in this blog’s HG Lewis history.

The appearances of HG Lewis’ She Devils on Wheels were numerous through 1968 to 1971 when the Biker Flicks were popular. A previous post about it’s showings showed that it played with a lot of great films including Born Losers and even Switchblade Sisters, and this only add to the proof that it had what it took to ride with the big hits of the day,


1-10-69, Louisville area with a New Albany, Indiana show


3-19-71, Indianapolis – Not only did the She Devils appear in the area, but another HG Lewis film also was around…


This Stuff’ll Kill Ya is a tough one to find, but it’s always great to see some real ads floating around instead of the word-only mentions. Even better is when it plays with movies that go perfect with it.


4-8-77, Longview, TX – Another sighting of The Gore Gore Girls with the advertising for The Vampire’s Night Orgy and Count Dracula’s Great Love. Must have been some Sub-Distributor ad or something like that as this was also spotted in New Mexico (ad from 4-13-77)


7 Doors of Death – Screen 13’s Time Travel Part Two

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4-27-84, Los Angeles


The chopped, diced, and sliced US release of Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond might have disappointed the fans who were expecting a flood of the red stuff when they only had a bath, but at least those who dug the wilder stuff had a chance to see it if they were lucky to be in an area where it played. For me, I was too young to go out on my own, so the Toledo Drive In showing was out of the question and it was not playing in Detroit (I lived far away from the good places that might have let me in anyways and I don’t think my parents would have even accompanied me…), so catching this on the big screen was not going to happen. While the wait to see the real deal was worth it, I still would have to been there in 1984 at some theater hearing the audience talk back and having some fun watching and sometimes being shocked by it.


5-18-84, Greenville, SC

The Augusta Road DI had the show for the win!

9-18-84, Louisville – The South Park DI with Women in Cell Block 7!!! CB7 was another Aquarius release while The Day After Halloween (originally titled Snapshot in Australia and first re-titled as One More Minute in the US before this release) was unleashed through Group 1.

10-12-84, Bloomington, Illinois

I hope to see more ads soon, but this should give you a good look at how this film played in it’s Us Theatrical run.

Sinful 60’s Cinema in LA, The Early Years – Part One, Post Three – 1963 (and Dec. 1962)

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2-8-63, Los Angeles – the Apollo would turn into an Adult Moviehouse that would try to compete with the Pussycat Chain, of which the nearby Sunset was a part of, but wound up a B-Level screen although with some great films from time to time.

Here’s some classic 1963 ads from the Los Angeles area that pre-dated the Nudie rush of 65-66 that tried to establish some theaters as Arthouses, of which the Lou Sher-owned Cinema seriously was. In the end, they were a group of theaters which played the sordid stories, torrid tales, and sometimes sick flicks that were always Adult. While some would continue into the Porno era and maybe join the Pussycat chain or tread water with the lower-grade fare (which sometimes was more interesting in it’s rawness), the movies of their early years in business were serious Exploitation that mainly played “Those Places” across the country where the Over-18 set could watch something more spicy. Many of these chart the days of the HG Lewis-David F. Friedman Nudie era as well as the start of Olympic International.


2-15-63 – The Apollo Arts showing No Morals, Vice Dolls, and Soho Strip. Vice Dolls was a release through William Mishkin, who would later achieve success with Andy Milligans Roughies in New York among other films (Fight for Your Life starring William Sanderson was one of their films in the Late 70’s). As evidenced in Part One, No Morals proved to be a film to replay with it’s showing in 1965.


1-7-63 – The Apollo showing a double of The Festival Girls and the classic Peeping Tom which had some problems playing through the US Cinema landscape and winding up at the Adult/Art cinemas.

4-12-63 – The Town was best known as the theater that turned into the first Pussycat, but it was seriously not a change in the program by that time. the Vista would turn into one of the Continental Theaters, one of the several small chains in the Porno era. Once again, Vice Dolls found a screen to play, this time with The Festival Girls, presented by Olympic International.

la-4-3-63-lewis-lyric4-3-63, a piece of Pre-Pussycat Miranda Movie theater history, this time with one of HG Lewis’ Nudie Cuties.


4-12-63- The Lyric and Sunset offered a Weekend Vacation giveaway or $100 for a while, which brought in more customers. I wonder about that “Ranch”, but maybe it’s best to leave it a mystery for now at least. This was a pairing of a Nudist Colony film (offered through Something Weird Video now) and a serious Boxing Drama aimed at over-18 males.


3-15-63 – West End Jungle was a Stanley Long film from the UK focusing on prostitutes. Both films were released by Atlantic Pictures in the US, not to be confused with a company of almost the same name from the 70’s-80’s.

5-3-63 – HG Lewis strikes again in LA with “Babes in the Woods” – better known as Goldilocks and The Three Bares. If you missed Festival Girls at the Apollo, Vista, or the Town, then you could have another chance to catch it at the Paris. More on the Paris’ interesting line-up of films in the Late 60’s soon. the preview was Bill Teas’ ill-fated follow-up to Russ Meyer’s The Immoral Mr. Teas which seriously was NOT the 1959 classic, but instead was a William Mishkin-released movie that has a little success. Brandy Long would appear in the better known Not Tonight Henry.


11-2-62 – LUCKY PIERRE?!!! Yes, Lucy Pierre played at the Lyric, which was already enjoying some success with the Nudie crowd. the Lewis/Friedman flick possibly started it’s theatrical run back in Feb. 1962 in Toledo at the Gayety.

6-1-63 – The Case of Patty Smith found a screen in LA at the Sunset! This serious flick about Abortion found it’s way to fans of Something Weird Video. If you have not seen it, try to do so soon as it is a good one!


4-5-63 – The Monica International shortened it’s name to just Monica by 1962-3. It would play many great films and would turn into a Pussycat Theater in the Early 70’s.

8-2-63 – the Monica showing the film that turned Jayne Mansfield into an Adult Theater star. More on this planned for a future article.

12-7-62 – Closing up this post with a couple of Bob Cresse-related flicks, the first ad was from the Vista. Once Upon a Knight was your standard Nudie flick although this one was written by Cresse about a detective looking for an art thief who was allergic to naked women (cue silly bits of naked women and a guy sneezing…). Chained for Life was the Drama starring Siamese Twins Violet and Daisy Hilton promoted with a more spicy campaign almost suggesting a B&D film when it was only just a light flick with a Exploitation element thrown in based a little on their lives.

12-7-62 – The real start of Olympic International – A Lee Frost film co-starring Bob Cresse in his comedic era that was best represented by House on Bare Mountain, but everyone has to start somewhere!