What’s New? A Screen 13 Update

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6-20-81. Phoenix

I’m sure that there’s a few of you wondering what has been happening around this Blog, and I seriously apologize for not being around much during the last couple of months.

So much research has been happening that I seriously had to keep up with the one thing that has connected this blog to those who are interested in these films, which is based in the social media on Facebook under my real name as well as trying to find other spots to fly the freak flag high and stay there.

So, it will take a little while for the action to return to it’s maniac pace, but I’m still around and watching these flicks.

See you soon!!!

Eugenie …Screen 13’s Continued Journey into It’s Sexy Advertising, Part 2

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11-13-70, Lowell Mass.

Here’s an update of my continued interest in Jess Franco’s classic of sleaze featuring Marie Liljedahl. More ads have appeared in my research during the last few months, each one a gem. To slightly recap, Eugenie was one of two film under National General’s Distinction Pictures line with the other being Max Ahlberg’s Nana. In it’s US run, it played a number of screens including the very few mainstream screens that were adventurous, a few places that were trying to find a spot in The 70’s with more Adult fare before Porn took over, and some Drive Ins. Possibly knowing it’s alternative appeal, it first played with The Boys in the Band, a release by National General Pictures itself (All Neat in Black Stockings was also another of it’s releases), and then was paired off with Nana for a double feature that played here and there for a couple of years.

In Des Moines, it played the area’s Porno screen…you can find that in Part One!



11-13-70, Wilmington, Del.


2-17-71 – Although to the onlooker, this is a disappointing ad, but it was from Detroit which makes me at least happy that it played my area of the States. The sad thing was that the three indoor theaters listed all were long gone by the the Late 70’s. Art Weisburg Managed the Palmer Park since the 1950’s and later went onto turn the UA/Downtown and the Summit as Adult/Exploitation/Softcore places in the Downtown Detroit area starting around this time.


9-8-72, Ottawa – A classic showing at The Mall, a theater that left us behind around 1974 when Hardcore took over the city in an area close to it. The B is a very rare find.

Connecting this with the ongoing look at the Censored Titles of Shame, now is the time for a couple of repeats.


9-18-70, Chicago – This ad “Skirts” the issue and tones the perversion down to wickedness!


1-22-71 – With the recent ongoing interest in ad censorship, this should be a repeat. Kind of reminds me of the Fuego trailer – a block reading “See it all in Fuego!” covered up the more spicy bits.


1-22-71 – This San Antonio ad made Eugenie look like a T-Shirt Night contestant (who would win!). So, is this her journey into Surfing (Endless Eugenie)?

A few more recent finds before winding this down…


11-6-70, Rochester, NY


11-13-70, York, PA


10-8-71, Claymont, PA

Censored Titles of Shame, the Return that Goes Amok!

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4-25-70, Louisville – NOT a film about The MC5, either. It’s Andy Milligan’s Filthy Five.

It’s time for another round of censored movie titles of shame. Thanks for digging the first post of this series that looks into the crazy newspaper censorship of the day when all things “Naked”, “Filthy”, and those three letter words starting with S that will send you to H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks (There’s an early Saturday Night Live reference for you!) that were subject to the newspaper’s censorship. Today, I can imagine that these film releases would not even be any part of the reported US mainstream and shunned to the margins in an out-of-sight-out-of-mind way, so you can say that in the past they had some guts to say that they were playing at a theater.

NOTE: Some of these titles were actually printed in full in the listings, but they knew that the eyes were more attracted to the pictures enough just to cut the titles that connected with the visuals.


1-23-70, Cincinnati – Doe, a Deer indeed. Newspaper censorship extended to those Art Films with the risky titles, too. This was an ad for Claude Chabrol’s highly acclaimed Les Bitches. released in The US by Exploitation legend Jack H Harris. By the Late 70’s, the word “Bitch” could not be escaped thanks to songs by The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Nazareth, and Rod Stewart. The title was not censored much, but Cincinnati was a rare case.


2-9-68, Amarillo – It’s not unusual that HG Lewis faced many censored titles through his career as his Nudies with David F. Friedman and even his 1969 releases and the Blood Trilogy faced it from time to time. The topical The Girl, the Body, and the Pill had it’s “Body” cut out of the title this time from a ad mat that was not as used much.


6-5-70, Cincinnati – The Imperial was one of the area’s Adult Burlesque Houses which showed the spicy stuff you did not take the family to. Here, this program is bought to you by the letter R, and I don’t mean the rating…possibly The Ravager, a controversial flick that pre-dated Forced Entry which was playing the circuit since the start of the year.


5-22-64, Chicago – Orgy at Lil’s Place was a title that was naturally censored, but at least this Capri showing let you know that “It’s Wild” (for 1964 standards, at least).


6-9-67, St. Louis – Sex turns Sick and the censors are OK with that.


3-28-68, Anniston – You already know why this is a little ironic. A killer cat combo!


7-7-65, Detroit – Smut turned into a less-icky “Grim” for this showing.


3-16-66, Fresno – Sin turns into Play…I agree, same definition, but censors will be censors!

2-12-75, Detroit – In an area already troubled by do-gooders against Adult films, that three letter word starting with S meant trouble, especially when it played at “those places” – The Mel being a neighborhood theater that turned to Porn at the turn of the decade.

Now to the star of the post, Dinos Dimopolous’ 1963 film Amok starring Floretta Zana which was released in 1965 in The US by Zenith International Films as The Rape, a sordid tale of 10 women who broke out of prison who hide out on an island only to meet up with 7 men (an Ex-Nazi is the leader) who have their sights on the escaped convicts who revolt at the end. Since it’s on YouTube on some channels, it’s easy to find. This one has the proper look (others have that Hi-Def presentation that squashes the bodies a bit…), in Greek.


9-2 and 11-4-66, Chicago – The Rape was a controversial Greek film which got subjected to many title alterations, but Chicago’s was the most jaw dropping by actually adding on “Of Lucrece” to make it sound like it was the Shakespeare story! Far from it!


9-9-66, Lubbock – This ad changed it to The Hunt


6-22-66, St. Louis – This showing at another notorious Drive In was more specific.


10-22-65, Detroit – This ad went for the description approach.


4-9-66, San Antonio – Going “All the way” with this one! The censored block was a regular sight without the seriously hot image.


1-3-69, El Paso – …which was used in this ad for the Drive In that was forced to close up in a few months.


Love Camp 27, aka Living Nightmare – Group 1’s Nazi Exploitation Release, 1977

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4-29-77, Akron

Nazi Love Camp 27 was one of the very few films of the short list of Italian Nazi Exploitation films to have seen a US release. Released Stateside by Group 1 and starring the lovely Sirpa Lane, the ads to this film were perhaps the most shocking for many newspapers to publish in 1977, but that only made those like us interested to see the film which thankfully was one of the better examples of the genre. Some of the films it played with are classics, including this showing in Akron with the one and only Switchblade Sisters which resulted in a very fitting show – excellent Exploitation films led by strong performances by women who rise above the situation to provide great dramatics. Room of Chains was one of Group 1’s earliest releases that played for years.


5-20-77, Rochester, NY  – A censored ad that has the tagline covered up!


7-22-77, Terre Haute, Indiana – Another censored version of the ad.


9-9-77, Greenville, Miss. – the Showtown 2 had a lot of room for exploitation, and the replacement of Schoolgirls In Chains/Love Butcher with Nazi Love camp 27/the Runaway on one of it’s screens with the other being good Chop-Chop screen filler is proof.


9-23-77, St. Louis – A more bare version of the ad!


10-9-77, Detroit – As normal, the Northgate had the In-Theater play. The cinema, located next to the Time Zone Arcade in the Hazel Park area, was notable for playing many Exploitation films in the Metro Detroit area. Slightly unusual for the Detroit Free Press, who shunned X-Rated ads since 1972, it ran the more bare version with the title covering up the body.


11-20-78, Chicago – It had a “Brief” Drive In showing (ouch!)


5-16-80, Wilmington, Delaware, as Living Nightmare playing with Massacre at Redneck County (Poor Pretty Eddie). Living Nightmare played with Maniac Mansion/Amuck in 1982 in Detroit.

Sick Sin at the Storefront (and Other Smut Centers)! 1968-1974

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4-28-72, Albuquerque

Time for another round of random Adult Movie madness! The Adult film scene of 1968 to 1974 went all out to produce some of the sleaziest flicks ever imagined with cheap budgets that were only topped by the ads themselves…that’s if the paper was willing to print them. These advertisements were made as cheap as they can be and sometimes with some jaw-dropping original graphics possibly whipped up by some acne-scarred College Student who  could not win the affection of the snobs, but could whip up some drawing that will do just fine for a small ad.

The Early 70’s were a prime time for what they called Storefront Theaters, those small places where someone took over a disused building or any vacant place (including those in small shopping centers!) for the growing Adult Movie trend. If the building is still standing, it’s a good guess that any of these places are some Mobile Phone shop, Pizza take out, indie computer place (reportedly, the Cinema X in Alamogordo turned into one years after it closed), or office.


3-2-73, Detroit

For a more extreme example, the Pussycat on Telegraph in Detroit was built at what was a gas station and turned into a theater of focus in the “Anti-Skid Row Ordinance” of November, 1972 which tried to prevent a close group of Adult Theaters in one area, which could be said to have resulted in the Metro Area’s X-Rateds to be scattered about – The decision to close it was overturned by the Court of Appeals making the theater last until about 1981 after years of being part of the Las Vegas Entertainment chain of theaters that included the Atlas (a regular neighborhood theater where The Gore Gore Girls had it’s first run appearance in 1972 when it was changing it’s game).

Don’t go looking for it, it’s an empty lot now, although there’s a Zazz gas station just South of the lot…what comes around goes around!

The reason why I said “and other Smut Centers” is because of the actual theaters that were like the theaters from the 50’s and 60’s that were actual Art cinemas or struggling general theaters that faced the changing climate by joining the Adult Movie scene. The Hi-Land was the Paris for a short while in The 60’s, but was usually known as it’s original name which is short for it’s location in Highland Park.


10-26-73, Detroit – Possibly the only sighting of an actual ad for The Geek!


12-27-68, Long Beach – Byron Mabe was fired from Space Thing and returned to the adult movie scene with this. Although it’s loved today by Something Weird Video fans, this savage sickie had a tough time finding playdates, usually in the lower level theaters like the Star on Locust and Ocean. the place might not be listed in Cinema Treasures, but it’s a part of Screen 13’s Skin-ema Memories.


8-1-69, Long Beach – Swingtime at The Star!


8-8-69, Long Beach – This ad always makes me think of this…


7-11-69, Long Beach – Limbo lower now!


10-11-69, Long Beach


11-3-73, Alamogordo – Using the ad image for Russ Meyer’s Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! for the Cinema X presentation of Ensenada Hole.


1-1-71, Albuquerque – Love those names – The Back Door Theater and The Mini-Vue seriously scream out that they were certainly not for the family.


12-2-72, Toledo – The Las Vegas always brings up childhood memories of passing by it on family shopping trips (it was near where Best was).


9-4-70, Tuscon – No visuals, just telling like it was.


12-11-70, Daytona Beach – Don’t let the modern day fool you, the area had a Stag-A-Rama!


8-19-74, Tyrone, FLA – IN A SHOPPING CENTER!!!  Of course, that’s gone, but the area is now the Tyrone Gardens. Again a place honored by the Screen 13 Skin-ema Memories.


3-3-72 – Girard, Ohio, while the Cinema One was more of a regular small theater, it’s advertisements fit the bill perfectly, this one using the ad mat for Joe Sarno’s Daddy Darling. It was the Wellman Theater before George Pappas ran it. Kind of wonder what it was showing!


10-20-71, Warren and Girald OH – The Bantam was an X-Rated that was at a shopping area that’s now seriously long gone. The Plaza also had a Woolworths!

More Later!

The Slave, an Olympic International Films Release

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7-12-68. Lake Worth, Florida with Unholy Matrimony

The Slave was Max Pecas’ sexy Crime Drama that was released in The US through Olympic International which had some success on the Adult circuit with a series of excellent ads. Although most of Bob Cresse’s releases are really for those with a taste in the perverse like the author of this blog (to those asking, Olympic International was the company that unleashed the Reichsploitation classic Love Camp 7), this was something that could actually be considered something more on the sleazy and sophisticated side that still had an edge. With a story written by Jean-Patrick Manchette (who’s the Prone Gunman turned into a film starring Sean Penn and who also wrote The Nada Gang which turned into a respected film and also the story to Pecas’ Torment as well as Jean-Pierre Bastid’s Little Girls, which was also an Olympic International film!) and starring Vera Valmont, Sylvie Coste, and Marie-Christine Weill, this was promoted with style…a sordid European Sin Street style, but it’s kind of style that’s timeless.


5-31-67, Detroit


4-7-67, San Antonio – The Prince would close up circa 1969.


4-28-67, Pasadena, California


8-18-67, Albuquerque – The Guild will turn into a revival theater by The 70’s


12-8-67, Pussycat Theaters, California with another Pecas film, Heat of Midnight. A clever “Fall of society” ad used to bring in the audience who knew that all they were selling was classy Sexploitation.


1-28-68, San Antonio, this time at the Lackland DI!


3-8-68, Corpus Christi at the Twin Palms North Screen playing with Barry Mahon’s Fanny Hill Meets Dr. Erotico with a nice slim-line ad.


3-19-68, Wilmington, Delaware – An Olympic International double bill.


7-8-68, Lubbock. TX – Something Weird Video fans get happy! This one played with the infamous jaw-dropping She Mob at the Continental Cinema!


7-25-69, Odessa, Texas

Altered Titles of Shame! (Call Theater for Title)

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12-19-69, Cincinnati – The ad that stripped the Naked off!

Time for another series, this time focusing on censored and forced title changes in the newspaper ads. You already know where this is going, so let the fun begin!!!


1-4-66, Danville – Come on, “Knock” it off!!!


10-5-66, Detroit – It’s alright to talk about the den, but not his “Mistress”! Gee! The fact that it’s a Mitam Production already tells you about the quality anyways!


11-23-66, Detroit – Yes, “Anna”, that is you! Take Me Naked seriously had some crazy censorship problems.


6-2-67, St Louis – Another title change to Take Out!


10-2-81, Akron – Taking out the Teenage from Teenage Tramp and not letting the public that the girls in feature #3 go to school! A lot of films that teased that way seriously got the treatment. But wait, there’s more!!!


5-1-81, Louisville – Independent-International’s re-issue of Loving Cousins had the temperature toned down in other cities.


6-11-71, Salt Lake City – Take our word for it…because the censor took ours!

I Drink Your Blood/I Eat Your Skin for those asking.


10-3-69, Detroit – Open Pit of Horror? Arm Pit of Horror? Oh BLOODY Hell, I give up!


2-20-69, Cincinnati – I hear you knocking, but you can’t come “In” Dixie, but you can wish to be her.


10-18-68, Akron – The answer to the question is Bite!


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