Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Ad Research Update!

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5-13-66, Camden, NJ – More Pussycats who Kill! Kill! have been found, and it’s time to celebrate. Although Russ Meyer’s classic was usually shown with Motor Psycho, this was with Mario Bava’s classic Blood and Black Lace.

7-29-66, Des Moines – A very exciting ad for these classics.


10-21-66, Honolulu! – Considering that A Smell of Honey…A Swallow of Brine was playing the Roosevelt, the “Most Adult Film” line would have went to the David F. Friedman Roughie. Still, Drive In patrons who were or were not going to those theaters would have been for a treat that was not meant for children (back then).


9-7-66, Minneapolis, Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! was playing four theaters in the Minneapolis area with Racers from Hell.

9-30-66, Louisville – The classic Pussycat/Motor Psycho show hit the Twilite DI

5-20 and 7-29-66, Phoenix – I’m still trying to wonder why the Continental used the girl from The Rape to promote Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! at the Continental, but at least the title was in the paper.

Jess Franco’s Diary of a Nympho – For Starters…

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3-15-74, Pittsburgh – I’m starting up a collection of ads for Diary of a Nympho, Directed by the one and only Clifford Brown…but we can call him Jess Franco! Howard Mahler Distributed this film through The US.

12-13-74, Greenville, Mississippi

8-7-76, Logan, OH – I’m planning to get more, but this is a start!

Like It Is – On the “Road” Again from telling it to selling it as Not My Daughter

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10-30-70, San Antonio – “Those damn kids and their loud Rock ‘n’ Roll, Mini Skirts, Long Hair, and red eyes!” The Hippie Generation had four Roadshow “Expose” flicks in Late 1970 which tried to tell everyone in a style that mixed Reefer Madness with Hair how we were going to Hell in a handbasket just because someone decided to take their first puff of a joint, took our first pill, or just started to socialize with some people who looked hip. The Hard Road was the perfect anti-everything flick with Connie Nelson turning into the poster girl for the Downward Spiral, Sign of Aquarius tried to be the first Tribal Rock Musical Film but turned into Ghetto Freaks instead, Walk the Walk was Kroger “Mom and Dad” Babb’s final stand, and Like It Is turned into Not My Daughter.

Bad news for them: we were already there and at the point of no return years before Rock ‘n’ Roll; Good News for Us: The Mini-Skirt generation had looked hotter, the music was loud, and the stupidity was stronger to exploit thanks to the Hippie Rebellion/

11-26-71, Wilmington, NC – Much more like it! I wonder if the mention of Readers Digest pulled a fast one on the audience (note no names of issue dates).


3-3-72, Alton, Illinois – Playing with an old Sexploitation flick (Hot Money Girl) ad what I think was another Mondo (Wild World). Hey, if you can’t scare them, you can stil play them.  One of the best things about the film was that it had a good looking Teenager who possibly was better looking than the common kid (the major plus of The Hard Road) and Rock and Roll, although the plot was still happening all around us at the time.

Remember, it’s Bumper Strip Nite!!!


3-10-72,Long Beach – Proud to have no X films, but they could still play outdated flicks posed as swinging movies…although the pose for Sex and The College Girl was cute! I’m sure that Cinema 1 was the bread winner of the week.


3-17-72, St. Joseph, MO – MOOOOOOOO!!!!!! the Cowtown DI got the Not My Daughter/Wild Wild World Show with Fanny Hill – wonder if it’s this…


10-11-74 – Ogden, Utah – It keeps on playing! Here, it’s sandwiched between an adventurous Joe Sarno flick and The Student Teachers.

HAMILTON-3-22-74 (2)

3-22-74, Hamilton, OH – The Not My Daughter/Young Playthings double also hit the Valley DI.


2-11-74, Shreveport – At The Don DI, always good for Sexploitaion fun, Not My Daughter was brought in along with Hot Mother and The Stepdaughter. To those playing the Re-Name Game, Hot Mother was first known as Up Your Teddy Bear starring Julie Newmar and The Stepdaughter was AKA Winter Love which had Byron Clark of The Hard Road and Monie Ellis playing someone named Penny Crane (Crane/Lane…yeah, we get it!).

Sick Sixties Sin at the Avalon – Minneapolis, Minnesota

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2-11-66 – Minneapolis’ Avalon Fine Arts Theater was another example of a once-major screen turned to spicy exploitation by the Mid 50’s and staying Adult through the Early 80’s. This was the theater that David F. Friedman mentioned in the commentary to The Head Mistress as being connected with his good friend and competitor Bob Cresse back in The Mid 60’s (it’s a good guess that he was connected until being shot in LA by Vice Cops circa 1972), and it’s programs were usually as sordid and occasionally “Art”/Import-level the films offered up by Cresse’s Olympic International (Mondo Bizarro, Love Camp 7…). Some Olympic films were advertised with some rare ad mats that were possibly hardly used elsewhere (until I find more examples) – much like the other rare finds used California that were for the Pussycat chain.

It’s still open today, but it now hosts concerts, stage shows, and community programs without any reminder that it was once a hotbed of sin…a history that The Scene is ready to report about. The ads will mainly focus on the Mid 60’s when the ads were great before usually being cut down to half their power by the end of the decade.


2-18-66 – Joe Sarno’s early flick Sin You Sinners gets a showing.


3-25-66 – The controversial Lollipop was a small hit with the theaters that did not mind showing something with a Lolita style but without the star power of a Peter Sellers to make it OK to show in the mainstream.

8-1-69 – Sadly, the paper censored the ads to the point that nothing “Indecent” was mentioned, although it was OK to say that things were “Strange”. The Doris Wishman classic was playing with Barry Mahons’s Fanny Hill Meets Dr. Erotico, one of three “Fanny Hill” films that filled up the screens which thankfully featured the good-looking Sue Evans, a familiar face in some of the Director’s films at the time.


10-6-67 – A small ad for the classic Aroused still sold the film very well.


2-12-71 – One of the final films of Al Zugsmith appears with a film written by the one and only Edward D. Wood Jr. which was just another screen filler until the Wood revival.


2-3-67 – Unholy Matrimony shows up with The Young Sinner starring the future Billy Jack, Tom Laughlin. I wonder how the 70’s star felt about that film appearing in sin centers like the Avalon…


2-24-67 – Rent-a-Girl turns into Girls a Go-Go by the censor.


11-1-63 – Although without the amusing visuals, The House on Bare Mountain was advertised with the silly sense of humor that made it work.


9-1-67 – Olympic International’s pick up of Little Girls is promoted with a good full ad featuring it’s lead face Michelle. The film’s campaign caused a bit of controversy then, but it possibly would not even be attempted in today’s climate…at least not in The US.


9-15-67 – PPS was one of Barry Mahon’s better Nudie-Roughie flicks. These films were perfect for the “putting film through a camera” method that Mahon seemed to believe in through The 60’s as the streets of Manhattan were a movie all to itself. The Naked Fog was a film by Joe Sarno, who made them by the dozen back then with style.



8-18-67 and 8-25-67 – This combination of Dale Berry’s Hot Thrills and Warm Chills with Lorna Maitland and Woody Allen’s hit What’s Up Tiger Lily was popular.


11-24-67 – Another Berry production in Hip, Hot, and 21 was teamed up with the very sordid Mondo Sexo which was the source of the fan favorite Follow That Skirt.


7-21-67 – The Olympic International presentation of The Adolescent was not one of it’s biggest films in the catalog, and it’s campaign possibly and understandably made many go in WTF Mode. A pick-up from Japan, like The Love Robots and Hentai, this was a far more serious film than what the ads promoted it. Don’t be mislead about to Be a Crook either – it’s a film by Claude Lelouch of A Man and a Woman fame made in the same era as Night Women, a film picked up by Olympic International.


12-15-67 – Heat of Midnight was Directed by Max Pecas while Hollywood’s World of Flesh was one of the early Olympic International films.

Sexy Sleazy ’73

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Tonight, a sexy and sleazy selection from 1973, enjoy!

Akron, 3-30-73


Akron, 9-29-73


Akron, 10-26-73


Akron, 11-2-73

4-14-73, Burlington, NC


3-21-73, Detroit


3-23-73, Detroit


10-26-73, Detroit


6–73, Gastonia


6-2-73, Gastonia


3-10-73, Kansas City




3-2-73, Detroit


10-27-73, Akron


3-2-73, Detroit


4-7-73, Strausberg, OH


5-4-73, Detroit


11-2-73, Pittsburgh


11-16-73, Pittsburgh

Delinquents, Drugs, Devil Dolls, and Defiant Daughters – JD Thrills

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12-22-67, Akron – Three sexy flicks from the classic Rock ‘n’ Roll JD era plays the Gala Drive In, all released by Times – the New York company that also gave you Mondo Cane. Although the Psychedelic era arrived – this was the month that The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour, The Rolling Stones’ Their Satanic Majesties Request, and The Monkees’ Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Jones, Ltd/ were among the top three albums – it was a safe bet that most of The US apart from a few city centers was still more like this (and I will say that a film like Teenage Gang Debs was more accurate than something like Psych Out even if it was a great film). Beat Girl would naturally be the best known of the bunch thanks to the appearance of Noelle Adam, but also to the appearances of Christopher Lee, Adam Faith, and Oliver Reed.


10-5-62, Chicago – Wild for Kicks at the Capri, the Arthouse managed by Thomas J. Dowd, a name familiar to fans of HG Lewis and David F. Friedman’s Nudies like Goldilocks and the Three Bares.

ALBUQUERQUE-8-7-63-JD - Copy

8-7-63, Albuquerque – While Wild Youth was marketed as Naked Youth showing Co-Star Jan Brooks in her claim to JD poster fame, there was nothing Adult about this Crime Drama. Beauty and the Cave, however, pushed the age limit for this show.


4-29-60, Chicago – The Alex was a JD scene in itself, playing cool B flicks and sometimes promoting their shows with small hand-drawn ads that at least prove that someone liked their job. One Way ticket to Hell was a wonderfully bleak attempt at a more realistic Drug Scare film focusing around a girl that was already on her way down even before her first puff of Pot. Although the film was from 1955, it’s style was still relevant to 1960 when it hit the Windy City. The 1950 British flick Once a Sinner is also part of the program.

Aloha from Honolulu! Sexy Boogaloo – Part 2

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10-3-80 – The notable Mandarin Horror Hex plays at the Empress. Known for showing Martial Arts movies, it stopped playing anything reportedly by 1988.

Here’s a small selection of classic ads from Honolulu that I chose for the first grouping, but decided to save for a second post due to time and trying not to make these posts super epic. This is going to be more of a mix reflecting the variety of films that were playing during a classic era of movie-going through the 60’s and (mainly) 70’s before things got toned-down a bit. I hope you enjoy this trip.

3-7-76 – The Toyo’s program of Lust in Ancient Japan and Teruo Ishii’s infamous Tokugawa History of Women Under Torture was a popular item in the Honolulu scene. By a couple of years, these movies would appear less in a way that class-sick Exploitation would on the mainland by the end of the decade. To some, it might be too much, but it is a classic for those who follow these films.


4-18-75 – The lovely (and to use a very over-worked word, iconic) image of Reiko Ike used for a film that’s best known today as Female Yakuza Tale promoted with a very amusing re-title. The A, The Priest and The Nun, was originally from 1968.


10-2-70  – One of the smaller Adult theaters, the Risque Theater opened up in 1969 with a style that was the usual for these places at the turn of the decade. At that time, if one was showing the more then-recent stuff, there was the need to take note that they were not showing the older films that were narrated or dubbed – styles that were usually the common in Roughies and European films. There were also those small films for sale, too.


9-26-77 – The return of the Woman Hunter and Victimized double feature with Sex Flight at the Toyo.


9-5-75 – The Japanese Sexy Mondo Twisted Sex is paired off with Russ Meyer’s classic Vixen for it’s second week at the Liberty. The “Three SEE” method is used well.


9-2-77, The Toyo heats it up with another showing of 3 Female Ninja with Ecstasy and Lust of the Shogun.


9-29-73 – Going further back into the 70’s, and when the movies were more new, Female Prisoner #41 “appears in full force” at the Toyo. Recently released through Arrow Video.

8-15-73 – Blind Beast, Yasuzo Masamura’s twisted 1969 classic released by Daiei Film, plays with Toshiaki Tahara’s 1970 sadistic film Island of Horror at the Kokousai.




6-17-74 – Toei’s The Insatiables with Reiko Ike is shown with Dimension’s release of the Single Girls.


9-28-74 – David F. Friedman’s Erotic Adventures of Zorro was his last of the Costume Cuties which played well on first run. This ad, though, shows that the EuroGirls were taking over in the sexy flick scene at the time thanks to the popularity of The School Girls. In the end, EVI’s humorous romp (with a great appearance by the one and only Bob Cresse) has had a longer shelf life thanks to the video release by Something Weird Video. As for the EuroTeen Tease film, it was not the most jaw-dropping of Atlas’ releases in that genre which is seriously hard to come by these days.