Thanks To…

After all of this time, I feel that it has been long overdue to have a Thanks Page. This list should grow in time, but I seriously want to thank some of the people who have seriously been a part of the experience. I’ll try to keep this as chronological as possible.

Ted Cogswell – He was around the Yahoo Something Weird Video Group was bursting with activity and is now hosting The Rock ‘n’ Roll Freaks Group on Facebook and on Tumblr. Through all this time, he gets a mention.

Chris Poggiali – Sometimes you might see the familiar Internet Name of Screen 13 in the comments section followed by one of my rambles. That the Temple of Schlock is an inspiration to The Scene is important.

Howie Pyro and Lisa Petrucci via The Something Weird Video Fan Club on Facebook – If it were not for their encouragement and help, this blog would have been kind of stuck in a gear that would have been tough to change. As you can tell, a lot of the titles have been released through the Seattle-based video company that I first heard of way back when it was advertising in Psychotronic. A lot of things started to connect through the years, and when I got my first DVD player, a lot of my purchases were of their product – some of it being films I rented a hell of a lot through The 90’s.

Bruce Holecheck is another great person that needs to be mentioned here as well.

Tony M. Clark of the Psychotronic Movies club on Facebook is another pace to mention. For some time, since I kicked this blog back  into action, he deserves a mention for his love of these films and history.

In the world of Books I read as a High School student trying to grow up and away from Small Dot, MI, I thank Michael Weldon’s Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film, Re/Search’s Incredibly Strange Films, as well as some others that will show up in this list soon.

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