In YOUR BED at the Autolodge, 1972

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la-11-21-73-autolounge-experience11-21-72 – This second ad for the Autolodge Motel soon to be The Experience is too cool to pass up. The first ad for the Autolodge’s turn to Adult Entertainment was a word-only and modest affair, but this seriously brings you in…and “In YOUR BED!”  This would later be renamed the Experience and would be one of the first of it’s kind. Attorney Don Leon thought of the idea in after reading a report on hotels in Japan and thought it would work well in The States resulting in an under-performing place to go with this concept – I also heard that Leon was involved in Film Distribution not least being the head of Leon Films which worked more in the Mainstream Exploitation side of the industry. The films would be put on U-Matic cartridges, and sent to the hotels and motels carrying the entertainment in the days before VHS, Cable, and Satellite took over and the mountain of films released by companies like Stacey Distribution (including two Ed Wood films) and Cosmos Films, some companies having West and East Coast connections, and some reported unauthorized tapes had no problem filling the screens.

Leon Film Enterprises worked business with a number of Al Zugsmith films including getting an R Rating for Sappho Darling as well as try to break into the mainstream with Head On and Watch Out for the Bummer with PG Ratings in 1971.

Last Run Theater – Ed Wood’s Necromania Showing in 1976-78 and it’s U-Matic Landing at the San Antonio Inn in Bridgeton, MO

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11-24-78, Philadelphia – It’s very interesting to research on titles released during the turn of the Late 60’s to Early 70’s still peeping around in the Late 70’s-Early 80’s. especially when it’s one of the films Ed Wood made before his final fall into making 8mm Sex Ed reels (to be fair, while still occasionally working with AP Stephens) and his untimely passing on shortly after this showing on 12-10-78. By this time, Wood’s classics like Plan 9 from Outer Space were the Late Night experiences on TV (it was shoved onto TV screens as early as 1960!) and a cult was developing for his 1950’s films we know and love while Orgy of the Dead was only but a memory with that growing group of followers who wanted to dive into what happened next, although I would not be surprised if I happen to stumble upon an ad for some DI that showed ages old Nudies giving the film one last run showing it to customers wondering if they were in a time machine. Before Rudolph Grey’s essential book on the Director, Nightmare of Ecstasy, nobody knew anything about Necromania except for the fact that the one and only Rene Bond was in it and that it was one of many films produced – or make that escaped – during 1969 to 1971 before Porno turned into a serious money shot business which was still showing at any desperate screen during the late in the game era, usually a storefront or mini-cinema showing “3 Movies, 3 Hours, 3 Dollars” with very few showing the usually 1-hour titles, some of them from Stacey Distribution who unleashed this and The Only House in Town with many more to offer.

Today, Philadelphia’s 1131 Market is  part of the Hard Rock Cafe chain, but back in the final days of Adult Cinema, it was the Apollo, one of the many small places of the day which showed films from the mountain of 1-Hour quickies.

4-2-76 – The Termite in Chicago, an Ex-Art House turned to Porn through the rest of the decade. Here, an interesting pairing is with a film called Switchcraft – was this some sex change “epic”?

11-2-76, Corpus Christi – The address used to be the Grande Theater and a part of Braslau Furniture Store before turning into this Mid-Late 70’s incarnation. In 2012, the block was torn down, and I have a feeling that the Bail Bond office was where the theater once stood. I will not be surprised if “Sandra” was the respected Sandra: The Making of a Woman.

st-louis-5-15-77-wood-motel5-15-77, Bridgeton, MO (near St. Louis) – The 1 Hour Flick format was perfect for the U Matic tapes that flooded the Adult Hotel market that showed these films on Closed Circuit TV (in this case Channel 7 for you crazy Trivia buffs). What was a good business idea at the turn of the decade in Los Angeles with the Auto Lodge/Experience where it was not a surprising development turned into a dark story through the country by 1975 with the rise of places like the No-Tel Motel in Tucson and the start of the San Antonio Motel chain in Texas.

The St Louis paper was censorious with the ads, and I don’t think that there were any other movies called Necromania…Ed Wood was always one of a kind even in the Occult Nudie field of the Early 70’s. Here, the paper took the title by the “Neck”! Ouch!

8-6 and 8-5-76 – Teenage Sex Kitten was the real name of this Rene Bond flick showing at the Olympic Drive In, the notorious St. Louis Passion Pit and DG area that used to be auto dump before it’s change into a Drive In during the Early 60’s (1962 I think). You can have the Orgy and the Danish, but not the Sex, although you can have the Sin on the weekends!

A bit about the Bridgeton, MO location of the San Antonio Inn shows an interesting history about this ill-fated chain of cheap day rates, U-Matics, and sordid stories.


8-5-76 – Around the time of it’s re-opening. The plan was not to go kinky with the movies, but you already know the story. I think that they could not show Deep Throat, too.

The San Antonio Motel mini-chain was a perfect encapsulation of how sad things got by the Late 70’s with the many movies that played storefronts and cheap theaters possibly forming the bulk of the programming shown on Closed Circuit TV. The first in San Antonio started off as a regular motel which appeared to be struggling in 1975 when it changed around while the motels that brought in the business seemed to be in dire straits – The St. Louis location was part of the Albert Pick chain, then a Sportsman’s Inn by 1969. and then the Royal St. Louis from 1972-6. There were worse histories – the first Louisville location was a Towne Terrace Motel, a Quality Inn, and a Master Coach Inn until it moved down S. 2’nd into what used to be the Downtown Holiday Inn and a Key Host with the later business being part of the San Antonio chain by 1978 before turning into a Super 8 until the early 2009 (In one of the rare cases of happy endings, it’s now a place for struggling families, the homeless, and those looking for a room at around $49 dollars). A location in Irving was raided in Early 1977 months after bringing in the chain and went right back to being called Villa Inn in shortly after while other locations in New Orleans, Omaha, Dallas, and Houston were also around with I’m sure a mountain of crime stories that could fill a book or two.

st-louis-1-9-66-san-antonio-inn-albert-pick-ad1-9-66 – an ad for the Albert Pick Motels with the 4625 N. Lindbergh location turning into the San Antonio Motel a decade later. It’s want ads were looking for people from small town and country backgrounds.

st-louis-4-8-70-san-antonio-inn-sportman-socialbals4-8-70 – Shortly before the Sportman’s Inn’s closing, it hosted a recruiting party for The Sociables. I will not be surprised if this ad comes off a bit creepy to some readers or maybe something that Ed Wood can make a movie out of at that time.


6-20-71 – With the Royal St. Louis sign and trying to keep an image of professionalism.

2-1-74 – Going for the Moonshine Mountain approach with this ad featuring “The Still” at the Royal St. Louis incarnation.

12-24-75 – The Royal St. Louis’ final New Year’s bash at the Downspout at the Royal St. Louis featured Del Reeves.

Here’s Rene Bond from Frankie and Johnny Were Lovers singing in a way that I could imagine her if she took the lounge singer route. Kind of fitting for an ending! I would have aimed for one of the “hand-censored” videos of Necromania, but they don’t do the trick.

The Bridgeton location was demoed to make more room for the St. Louis Airport after years of infamous stories which ended in Early 1987. It was torn down after years of deciding what to do withe the building which was planned to be part of the Sheraton chain before just deciding to give it up and let the runway go through the area. I hope I have more chances to find out what got played through the U-Matic machines, mainly sightings of Ed Wood’s films released through Stacey.

Rare, Wild, and Weird in Detroit! More Motor City Flick Madness Screen 13 Style

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1-14-66 – Not to be confused with the Gem that’s still standing at 333 W. Madison, this Gem is no longer around. This was one of the very few decent sized ads before it went to the normal smaller style usually in connection with other theaters in the Metro Detroit area. By 1972, it turned into one of the few Panascope 35 theaters which did not last very long.

3-24-72 – It might have had a wide screen, but as you can tell it showed films that were in classic 4:3 form and already out of date by that time.


8-18-72 – A familiar sight in Something Weird Video galleries, Mondo Erotica played the Atlas, Mel, and Trans Lux Krim. By 1974, the Atlas was one of the Las Vegas Entertainment screens, the Mel would be one of the few suburban Adult theaters to last into The 80’s, and the Krim would be doubled and last a little longer than the Mel.

2-2-66 – Believe it! All Men Are Apes played the Fox!


9-28-66 – Max Pecas’ Five Wild Girls – officially known as Five Wild Kids! – played the Gem, Capri (Eastpointe), and Harbor (Ecorse). I love where they stuck the Adults Only!

1-18-67 – A return engagement om the Metro Detroit area happened at the Oakdale.

detroit-1966-5-18-66-mondo-olga5-18-66 – Mondo Oscenita was more of a collection of clips from American Films Distribution than a Documentary, but that’s cool considering that the films it had. Nice mention of Olympic International’s Mondo Freudo, which was already doing well in some areas.


7-22-66 – The Cambist release of The Unsatisfied plays the Variety and Oakdale. The later, an Hazel Park theater is sadly only to be remembered by some Weirdos as it closed up around 1967, issoing out on that Twilight Time of Adult’s move to Porno.

detroit-9-7-66-banned9-7-66 – The Gem shows CIP’s release of The Girl from S.I.N. and Banned.

detroit-5-26-67-swv5-26-67 – Bill Grefe’s classic double bill played the Fox!

10-25-68 – I, the Marquis de Sade was one of the many films that used the controversial writer/sexual philosopher  as a selling point for some slightly risky for their time Adult films of the day which had hardly anything to do with his works Scare Their Pants Off was a New York Kinky/Roughie that was paired with Satan’s Bed on DVD.


12-11-68 – Detroit was one of the first markets outside of LA to meet Mama Lupo! Invitation to Ruin remains one of the most WTF experiences.

Rocking at The Troc Burlesk – Screen 13 Gets “On With the Show”

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First, it’s time to seriously apologize for the long quiet this blog has had through the last month. Let’s just say that I felt like I seriously need to do some more research to make sure things are moving in the right direction, look through and organize my files, and even go into some other interests that just might show up on another Blog I’m planning to revive. Pretentiously, it was a time to do some “Soul Searching”, but really it had to be a time to rest and reflect on different things including what has been happening around the world. Personal, Political (these days, you can’t help but find out your opinions), and everything else, so many thoughts collided and it was not the best time to keep blogging.

I’m sure that would have been a bit on the turgid side for you, so I left things alone to see where things stood. Sometimes you have to take these vacations while planning your next step.

The Good News: I have returned as the same insane Blogger of demented films, crazy ads, and flipped out flicks. It’s still Lo-Fi and proud of it!

Here’s some ads from the Troc, short for Trocadero, in Philadelphia when it was the Burlesque place that featured all kinds of dancers with funny names just to warm up the “Post New Blog” section one more time. The building is still alive and kicking as a concert place, but The Scene will always remember it for these great sleazy and silly ads.

In 1973, the building was listed as a Historical Place while some of this great stuff was happening, but those days were over after a while and it was decided to move into longer lasting entertainment to live up to that distinction which led to a good Post-Exploitation life. In 1982, The Pennsylvania Opera Theater was hosting shows and it turned into a concert venue in 1986 – some of you might remember that Lamb of God recorded Killadelphia and Tesla recorded their hit version of “Signs” there as well, among many well-remembered events. Still, as memorable as recent events are, you still have to admit that these ads bring back a sexier time.

As I write this, the Metal legends Overkill are playing the stage. Somehow I can imagine someone like Eartha Quake whipping up a special stage show to go with that.




philadelphia-4-23-71-troc4-23-71 – Thankfully NOT G. G. Allin!!!



For those who were not around, you will get it after watching this. They seriously don’t make them like this anymore…

philadelphia-3-23-733-23-73 .

On with the show!

Six She’s and a He – Screen 13 goes on a Time Trip with the Love Goddesses of Blood Island and survives!

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6-13-65, North Miami, FLA – The world of Richard S. Flink’s Florida-made wonder Six She’s and a He boggled my mind when I first saw a part of it as a bonus of the Death Curse of Tartu/Sting of Death disc years after reading a bit about it in the AFI Catalog which started my look into all of this madness.This twisted blend of Blood and Burlesque about a stranded soldier on an island of vicious but cute women starring Bill Rogers (A Taste of Blood and the voice on any K. Gordon Murray presentations and trailers) and some very good looking women (led by Launa Hodges) was a clash between Blood Feast-level gore and a exotic stage show with seriously bad music that will linger on in your memories was a tough sell on it’s first runs Distributed by Sidney J. Reich’s Dominant Pictures, an occasional sight at Adult movie theaters by the Late 60’s, and then as a curious bottom-of-the-bill presence during the Mid-70’s. The kind of release it took was more like a sporadic hit-and-run: hitting a screen at random, making the viewers go “DAFAQ?!!!” while looking at the vicious beauties, and running onto the next town it was booked, although I’m sure it was programmed by those in the know about the mad appeal of this film by it’s later showings.

Until someone had the smarts to program it with HG Lewis’ classic Blood Trilogy films, this played some of the most head-turning double features at a Drive In, some featuring very amusing and interesting choices for the B. Although this was reported in the AFI books as being also distributed through Wheeler Films, it’s connection to Dominant, home to Lewis’ The Blast Off Girls and The Girl, the Body, and The Pill, was sealed solid forever. Thankfully, Something Weird Video knew what to do when it came across this title to keep it living and show future audiences just how jaw-dropping this film is.  I love it!


1-31-65, Hollywood, SC – One of the first ads I have found so far, playing with a Bardot film.Wicked and Wonderful might be Plucking the Daisy or Doctor at Sea with the one and only “Wicked and Wonderful” Brigitte Bardot (and “Wonderful” is correct!). Plucking… was also known as Mademoiselle Striptease, Co-Written by Roger Vadim, directed by Marc Allegert, played as an French Import called Please, Mr. Balzac, and Distributed in it’s first US run by DCA (Plan 9 from Outer Space). Whew!

While doctor at Sea would have been more of a logical fit, I have a feeling that it’s this…and I hope I’m guessing right!


3-5-65, Anniston – A Kissing Station was used as a gimmick. Knowing what people did in their cars, it was not even needed.  The B, Ensign Pulver, was a little more fitting, but not as tempting as a Bardot film.


3-14-65, North Miami – At the Boulevard with Shock Corridor.

3-12-65, Greenwood, SC – Another flip flop show with I’d Rather Be Rich.

Pelham, NC –  The South was the right kind of screen to play Six She’s and a He along with any good flick with a striptease moment.


10-29-65 – Believe it or not, the “She’s and a He” went west to the Lyric, Sunset, and Park screens as the grammatically correct Six Women and a Man as a “Stark Bold Shocking Preview”! socking was the right word for that. It’s B was The Young Go Wild with Peter van Eyck and Christian Wolff originally released in 1959 in Germany.


11-5-65, Burlington, NC – Now hitting the theaters it was meant to play in, the Circle G with two tales of tease (including the Fanny Hill Directed by Russ Meyer and Albert Zugsmith, Six She’s, and a He! the Circle G would turn full Adult by the Early 70’s.


1-7-66, Kingsport, TN – A look at the listings for future Marbro shows included Six She’s with Young and Evil, a re-title of Cry of the Bewitched, which proved to be a very good fit. Take note of “Wicked and Wonderful” as the B on that night for The Wacky Playboy as well as Satan in high Heels with Jungle Street Girls in the listings. They have heaters!


10-21-66, Kannapolis, NC -with a name like the Starlite Drive In, you have to have the kind of flicks that live up to such a name, and this show seriously has them! Not only is Six She’s with the all  might Two Thousand Maniacs! and Blood Feast, Return of the Fly was also on the bill. I seriously wonder if they got into any trouble with the “Bugger Man”, which sounds more like a Peeper Man considering the show.


8-11-66, Burlington – I don’t know who did the re-title to Kiss Me Bloody, but that person should win some kind of an award for Best Re-title. Knowing the popularity of HG Lewis’ gore class-sicks, they had an angle to promote the film with, although I think that if Herschell Gordon Lewis or David F. Friedman saw it, that “Shocked” would be more like “shockingly BAD”. At least the B was The Skull and it was still Mature Adults Only.


7-15-67, Burlington, NC – Under the title of Kiss Me Bloody, Six She’s… played with the Gore Trilogy. A perfect fit!


10-15-67, Salt Lake City – Shocker seems to be the right word for this movie, although back then the “Girl running away from her father into a sordid and seedy story” plot of Young, Willing, and Eager was also an eye-opener (today, it’s more like “been there/done that/post online”).

Here, Jess Conrad just poses with a guitar as he lip syncs in this clip from the B reportedly featuring The Dave Clark 5 before their 1960’s fame and fortune.


11-1-68, Fresno – At the Paris, this was a stand-alone, which could also mean the number of fans after this left the city.


6-26-68, Phoenix – The Portafino used truth in advertising to bring them in with The Surprise Movie of the Month! More like one of the WTF movies of your life, but it’s close enough without getting censored from the editor.


5-8-69, Long Beach – The Star was in the line of Bottom-of-the-chain theaters with small ads and normally playing the low-end of the Adult Movie scene with a few class films here and there. This time, however, there’s The Scissor Girls and Six She’s and a He…I’m there!


3-1-69, Pittsburgh and…


3-19-69, Kitanning, PA – the remaining life Six She’s and a He had in it’s cinematic lifetime was as a B to Women and Temptation starring the legendary Isabel Sarli (Fuego and numerous other films). It’s another clash, but what a clash!


10-24-69, Akron – A cool double bill at the Astor with Oliver Drake’s Ride a Wild Stud as the B. Drake turned to Sexploitation as Revilo Ekard at the end of his long career, but at least Ride a Wild Stud enjoyed a small success on the skin flick circuit.


7-8-70, Uniontown, PA – In a serious case of throwing anything on the screen (or maybe not getting The Wild Bunch), here’s the re-release of Girl on a Motorcycle as Naked Under Leather starring Marianne Faithfull in all of her hot 60’s look and Death Dummy with the Love Goddesses. A match made…on a wonderful drunk night, perhaps!


9-3-71, Cumberland, MD – The Six She’s, a He, and Sarli were found at the Super 51 for the Midnight Adults Only show.


1-4-74, Carmichaels, PA – Heading to the end, the Love Goddesses were with the Full Time Females and Part Time Virgins on Friday and Saturday.


2-3-74, Frederick, MD (Baltimore area) – A Sunday showing of the Six She’s, the He, and Sarli was made into a triple with Marsha Jordan in Infrasexum!


1-3-75, Belle Vernon, PA (Pittsburgh paper) – The ad that started it all for me! Six She’s ad a He played with Mac Ahlberg’s Around the World with Fanny Hill and Sean S. Cunningham and Brud Talbot’s Case of the Full Moon Murders at the Super 71.

Mitam Mania – Sordid Sleaze for the Sick Set: Various ads, Part One: 1966

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2-10-66, Akron – Tortured Females, the only Roughie with a :Half-witted, monkey-chattering, Mongolian Hunchback”, appears at the Astor with an ad that obviously looks like that pasted the ad mat over something from the LA times. Obviously doing their homework!

It’s time to get into the super 60’s sleaze featuring the ads of Mitam, a company that had a long line of down and dirty lowdown Smut ads for their films which played many skin flick joints and down-for-the-last-count theaters. Something Weird Video fans know this company for unleashing Tortured Females, the trailer for The House of Cats (Still want to see that!), and Private Arrangement with Uschi Digart, but most of their films were lost over the years resulting in some wondering what the rest of their Sexploitation films were like. You would never believe that it would try to go mainstream in the Early 70’s by jumping on the Philippine Horror bandwagon with The Thirsty Dead, although in the end it got picked up by International Amusements, but it happened.


2-18-66, Strand Theater, Kansas City with Once Upon a Night and the must-see Go Go Girl Revue.


4-6-66, Highland Park and Inkster, MI at the Paris and Melody with the Troy Donahue/Doris Day comedy Palm Springs Weekend! Now that’s quite a mix!


1-21-66, Fresno, CA at the Paris with a newsreel and a cartoon.


12-17-66, San Antonio, TX at the Prince which closed in 1969. The B was Just Once More, which was kind of a Swedish version of a JD Girl flick which wound up on many Aadults Only screens.

8-17-66, Detroit at the Art and Guild theaters – The House of Cats seriously clashed with Brigitte Bardot as Agent 38-24-36 with Anthony Perkins, but that was the way they programmed them.

9-2-66, Wilmington, Delaware at the Capri, which I think closed around 1970.


9-29-66, Akron at the Astor


10-21-66, Kansas City at the Strand with Nick Millard’s The Erotic Mr. Rose

12-14-66, Eastpointe (Detroit area) and Ecorse, MI at the Capri and Harbor – The House of Cats returns to the Motor City at the same time the Downtown Gem Art was showing the infamous Ravaged.

10-5-66, Deastpointe and Ecorse – Satan’s Mistress under the title of Satan’s Den hits the Capri and Harbor with the “forbidden” (at the time) world of love in Strange Loves, a 1963 film with William Koenig which fit the Art portion of the program.


10-8-66, A smaller ad for the Detroit area showing.


11-19-66, San Antonio – With the William Mishkin presentation of Pleasures and Vices, an imported film from France with Viviane Romance and Maurice Ronet (original title Gueule d’ange).


9-9-66, Wilmington, Delaware, Male Service hits the Capri.

Smut at the Drive In – Heating Up the Screens and Steaming Up the Car Windows

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11-5-82, Hendersonville, TN – No censored titles here! Sadly, this was near the end of this DI’s life.

It’s time to go back to the Drive In when the Sleaze was all night long and sometimes in the public view! Through The 70’s, the Drive In was facing some major challenges to it’s business, especially that of the growing amount of multiplexes and cinemas in the malls which were bringing in the customers. One of the most successful battle plans was to throw on the sleaze because most of them were already the “Passion Pits” where what was going on the screen was going on in a lot of the cars.

For those who were alone, many of these films were pretty good choices to watch and wish in the comfort of the car in seclusion. Either way a film was enjoyed or served as a backdrop for the night, many of the movies re-ran for years up to and including the Last Run era when it was almost mandatory to keep the business open with these films.


3-24-75, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, where all of these films were safe to see on the screen, but might get your “Ascot” if you tried to live these out in real life. Such was the guilty pleasures of 70’s Sin-ema. Actually, Sixteen was more of a Drama so-starring Mercedes McCambridge that fitted in well when it was playing with the EuroSex flicks of the day.

11-10-78, Akron – With Christina Lindberg as the star, Anita, Swedish Nymphet was a serious hit film with theaters that still played these films. To those asking, Sugar Cookies was an early Troma re-release back in the day when they were more Sexploitation before it turned into the house that Toxie built as Lloyd Kaufman was a Co-Producer of the film originally released by General Film Corporation. .


11-24-78 – A nice “Got Your Back” ad with Love in Tokyo with (I think) Roman Polanski’s What? that was released in The US as Diary of Forbidden Dreams.


2-27-76, Spartanburg, SC – John Lamb’s kinky flick was showing with deep Sleep, the film known for getting Kim Pope into some trouble, and the tasty Sandra (always a wise choice to fill up the screen).


3-6-76, Spartanburg, SC – Another South 29 Night of “Rated Ex” flicks including Eroticon, a cult hit film that started it’s sin-ematic life back in 1971 which kind of dates the “Ladies and Gentlemen of Now” ad line, but I don’t think anyone was taking note.


3-12-76 – A nice small ad for Love Lust and Violence with Lecher. The first film was AKA Mafia Girls, but not the familiar 1969 released by RAF film that played a bit on the DI scene. .


6-6-75, Long Beach – Although I wished that it was 76 just to have a 6-6-6 kind of date, this ad is a must-post! The DI housed 1000 cars and had a sail boat painted on it’s front, but with this blog, it’s known for having Adult Movie programs like this.


6-26-75, Long Beach – …and this!

8-6 and 10-1-76 – High Point, NC, The Tar Heel Drive In’s Kitten Club was a mainstay of the DI’s last years.


9-17-76, Abilene




9-4-76, Coleman, TX – Some say that this DI lasted until the Late 60’s, but it was still living in the Mid-70’s with the Adult stuff. I’m sure it closed up in the Late 70’s.


6-18-76, Carksville, IN – I will be planning to get more ads from this theater which shut down it’s DI part although the indoor portion is still open, but I seriously love the ads that are in my collection now. A cute woman in boots is always a nice touch to any ad!


4-9-76 – This is a keeper! The Theatair X advertised with two indoor screens to have your weekend panned!


2-25-75, Louisville – The South Park DI was another hot spot to see the spicy stuff.


4-30-76, Statesville, SC – The low-budget twisted tale of Janie was not exactly a big hit, but it had some plays here and there. It was kind of creepy when seen under the stars. Here, “Schoolgirl Report ’75” was was the second of the Reports released very late in the game and without much fanfare.


10-19-84, Akron – This small ad has it all – Horror and Sleaze in Akron at a DI in the Early 80’s! The leading Sleaze feature on Screen 2 was courtesy of SRC with a title that was promoted with an ad that looked like Making Love which could be any of the Hemisphere EuroSex flicks of The 70’s it played under a number of titles. Screen #1 was for the Drive In Ghouls with Driller Killer, Blood Eaters (Toxic Zombies), Flesh Grinders (TV Mikel’s Corpse Grinders), and Drive In Massacre!

Being a 1984 ad, I seriously wonder if The Seducers was the 1969 film with Rosalba Neri which was a small hit when released through Cinemation or if it was Death Game which had an AKA of The Seducers.