Gory Goodness through The 70’s – HG Lewis Movies on the Replay

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8-18-72, Binghamton – Two of Horror’s greatest hits, George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead and HG Lewis’ Blood Feast are played at the Enjoy Theater, then part of Cinecom.

Tonight’s post may seem like an easy ride, but getting many interesting appearances for Herschell Gordon Lewis’ films is more of a stroke of luck than anything else. Many of these ads appeared out of surprise, but they are all welcome pieces in solving the puzzle as to where these films wound up after The 60’s. Several of them are teamed up with other classic of the genre as well as the many low-budget gems we love.

Through The 70’s, many Drive Ins and Theaters with some time to fill in sometimes picked films by the Godfather of Gore, HG Lewis. Most of these showings were in places that had good connections with his movies including those in the Carolinas, but sometimes they wold hit places that were expecting these the least. The trail of The Blood Trilogy will possibly be impossible to complete, but it’s fun to get as many cities as possible, and the rest of his movies are too cool to ignore as well.


7-10-70, Anniston – Dusk to Dawn time featuring A Taste of Blood and Teenage Strangler! I love it that Mantis in Lace, the psycho-sexy LSD shocker of 1967, was on this bill too!


5-1-70, Greenville, SC – Gruesome Twosome was #4 in this Dusk to Dawn Horror-thon. While there’s no art from the ads, this is one killer mofo of a sight anyways!


5-8-70, Malletts Bay – A Taste of Blood was re-promoted with a nod to the more permissive 70’s. All due respect, but after the intense Corruption, many movies that followed it (not all) turned into serious car-rocking time.


2-22-71, Newport News – The Trilogy hits the Twin Drive In!


2-4-74, LA – This showing of The Blood Trilogy must have been a meet and greet for future members of the LA Punk Scene in a way that Manson did a couple of years later (The book Lexicon Devil about the Germs mentioned . Most of the theaters were showing the Trilogy, but there were interesting choices to replace the weakest of the three, Color Me Blood Red. The State, picking the class-sick I Drink Your Blood, was facing some troubled times by then – reportedly it was regularly showing Spanish-dubbed prints of hit films – although there reportedly has been some renovation going on. Two DIs picked the can’t-fail classic of classics, Night of the Living Dead!


3-22-73, Clovis, NM – Yipes Stripes! the Taste of Blood/Teenage Strangler double feature got billed with the film Andy Rominoff walked out of during production, Flesh Feast! The Veronica Lake film directed by Brad Gritner was a serious jaw dropper, although the Director would go on to make the even more wacked-out Blood Freak! Must have shared the same Sub-distributor – have to check out on this!


2-9-73, Greenville, SC – The “Blood” of the ads for A Taste of Blood appeared in a few blood Feast ads around this time. The White Horse was a long-standing screen, and it had did the right thing by bringing in the all-mighty Trilogy.


7-8-77, Greenville – The soon-to-close Fox Theater caught The Gore Gore Girls in 1977. HG Lewis’ 1972 blood red freak out which was his final film for a long time has a very interesting history of showings to track down, and I am trying to get a good part of that story. I think that many of them hit screens like this after some 1972 showings. Reportedly, Brother on the Run is a serious train wreck of a film – I need to see it!


10-9-71, Hancock, NJ – I know, not the most exciting of ads, but to those who have seen both Teenage Gang Debs and She Devils on Wheels enough to quote lines at the drop of a hat, this reads like Drive In Poetry!


9-14-72, Longview, TX – Again, a plain ad to those not in The Scene, but to us it’s Exploitation Gold. This ad has a Fake R for The Gore Gore Girls at a Drive In that would triple up soon, filling many customer’s nights with more crazy flicks than before.


8-11-72, Binghamton – Using the art for Andy Milligan’s Bloodthirsty Butchers for Blood Feast, this diabolical duo must have been proven popular to have another show in the area in the next week!


More with Monika!

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9-10-58, Holiday Drive In, Trenton, MI (Detroit area). After opening in the Detroit area at the Van Dyke Drive In, it moved to the Holiday to continue it’s successful run. Many DIs at the time showed films for only three or two days back then, so you had to catch them fast. The Van Dyke ad looked the same, but what an ad!


8-13-55. Odgen, Utah – the hype brought the movie to the personal ads of newspapers which looked very believable as this kind of writing was all over the classifieds then.

Time for another classic research update! Monica: The Story of a BAD GIRL was one of the hottest Drive In shows of it’s time. Ingmar Bergman’s film in it’s original edit is a classic Drama centering  around the lives of a rebellious girl who loves the movies (Harriett Andersson) and a straight-up boy in Sweden (Lars Ekborg) who gets attacked by his girlfriend’s ex-ready-to-return JD (John Harryson) and is left holding the baby at the end, the US version was something spicier. The version presented by Kroger Babb knew it’s audience by taking out segments seen to drag the film in his opinion and replacing the beautiful music with the sound by the legendary Les Baxter, which to play Devil’s Advocate admittedly could connect with an American audience more – in short a film edited perfectly for the Rock and Roll generation who could connect to the story even if it was a total alteration of a classic movie which saw the original version wind up at Art houses through Ajay (who would move into the Exploitation market soon – see Jungle Street Girls) after a heated discussion between the original producer and Friedman.


11-2-55, De Kalb – Going for the then-daring bare shoulder ad that’s now iconic.


9-14-55, Indianapolis – Looks innocent, but she’s BAAAAADD! Still, one look at the Nordic oceans just might make you believe your sins would wash away, too.


9-22-55, Indianapolis – Wowing them in Indianapolis, the second week shows the funny ad with the wimp character and Monika laying down.


Used in the Indianapolis run and others


9-22-55, Provo, Utah – another safe ad with the wicked smile!


11-13-55, Terre Haute, Indiana


3-30-56, Humboldt, California – There’s enough time to check out the Chicago Syndicate at the Bel Air and get ready for Monka the next day.


4-22-56, Kalispell, Montana


9-14-56, Des Moines showing at the S.E., 14’th Street DI. This ad gets an A!


9-19-56, Mason City, Iowa


9-15-56, Des Moines – I don’t think that Bergman aimed this film for JD parties at DIs.


10-2-56, Benton Harbor, MI – A bit of censorship in this.


9-22-61, Indianaplois – the Fox was growing into one of the area’s Art cinemas at the time.


10-6-56, Alton, Illinois – With Monika going into the sea naked, this post ends says “bye”.

The Many Rides of The Blind Dead, Part One

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9-8-72, Wilmington, DE – THE BAG IS BACK! Amando de Ossorio’s Blind Dead films are legendary with many Horror film fans while the first movie in the series was the one which got some serious success in the Early 70’s US cinema scene through some clever promotion by Hallmark (the company that will always say that “It’s only a movie”!) and the fact that it’s simply a damn good film. Officially known as Tombs of the Blind Dead, opening engagements of the first installment included a continuation of the barf bag gimmick the US distributor used for Mark of the Devil and advertising that name-checked several films including Night of the Living Dead, which was an inspiration for this film and a title to drop to bring in the customers. It’s Gothic atmosphere, quality shocks, and excellent story made for an excellent film that might not exactly make NOTLD a kids pajama party, but one that stands up as a Horror classic on it’s own terms.

Lone Fleming stars along with Maria Elena Apron, Cesar  Burner, and Veronica Llimera along with the Blind Dead Crew.

The Cinemart was one of the many cinemas of the Late 60’s that faced trouble in the Early 70’s due to the usual reasons of increased competition. After management switched from ABC to Budco, the selection turned into the wild mix of movies which were a mark of a 70’s movie house trying to stay alive with some X-Rated bookings every now and then – those were seriously the days!


8-11-72, Lowell, Massachusetts – This showing at the Rt. 495 DI is combined with Cave of the Living Dead (D: Akos Rathonyi – Starring Erika Remberg, Wolfgang Preiss, and Adrian Hoven). With serious respect to the B, which I actually like and is pretty good DI fare for Horror fans who like their 60’s European flicks seen on the big screen instead of the TV, B&W films were already passe with the mainstream by 1972 so I can see the film as the time when the cars were starting to squeak. “DEATH after DEATH after DEATH”!

Here, the comparison was more fitting, although Mark of the Devil was also hard to top.


1-10-73, Kansas City – The Kansas City area had a triple-scream show of some serious shockers! Thankfully there was no “monsters in the audience” gimmick that would have fit the bottom ad line which would certainly could have worked too well. Mario Bava’s Baron Blood was a good fit along with The Deathmaster for this showing.

These theaters were I think  part of the Commonwealth Amusement Corp. which was in most of the Midwest (excepting the MI/OH/IN Tri-State area).


7-18- and 8-4-72, Binghamton, NY – The Cinecom theaters in the area, possibly well connected with Hallmark, had their Blind Dead shows at the Riviera theater and V Drive Ins. the Riviera turned into a budget house under the Soprtsservice company that took over the Cinecom Theaters.  The V also played the Hammer Horror classic Curse of Frankenstein.


10-6-72, Johnson City, NY – One more Cinecom Theater stop, this time with the B being the Mummy’s Shroud, one of the many loved films made by Hammer. The Enjoy started off as the Goodwill before the Cinecom change, and it ventured into the world of Adult Movies and Porno along with the PG and R-rated fare.

The change to Cinecom was infamous for playing Love Camp 7 in 1970!


8-10-73, Kokomo, IN – This was a double feature marketed which played some areas in the Indiana and Michigan area – Apartment on the 13’th Floor was the US title for…


6-7-74, Honolulu – I will bid you “aloha” for now with this nice double feature of The Blind Dead and Mark of the Devil Part 2 at the King and Royal Sunset.

EuroHorror (and more) at the 75-79 Drive In!

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4-6-79, Battle Creek – The infamous Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride – aka The Satanic Rites of Dracula – played in several areas through 1979-80 enough for it to have been seen by many cinema ghouls who were wondering what was in the water when they devised this flick, not knowing that it was a film made years ago during the Martial Arts craze of 1973. The Werewolf Vs. The Vampire Woman with the one and only Paul Naschy was more timeless.

It’s time to drive to the Mid-Late 70’s, now called the 75-79 Drive In at the Scene, to see what was happening. Many well-played European Horror movies that were lucky to get a distribution were filling up the screens at Drive ins and theaters who knew their audience that were not wanting Disney and who did not want to go to a party or disco although maybe a place to fool around. This resulted in many fine finds that just may bring back a memory or two or get the reader wishing for that time machine. Some of these films were already on TV, but in edited form – you had to see it on the big screen to get it all (or at least most of it depending on the condition of the print). Get your refreshments and enjoy!


5-13-77, Ft. Lauderdale area – Friday the 13’th was always a great day to play a Dusk to Dawn Horror show,  but this one features the double dose of Jean Rollin films. Demoniacs and the Shiver of the Vampires played here and there through the West Coast and South during the Late 70’s.


4-28-75, Louisville – A very effective ad for a great triple feature at the Preston DI featured the two Mark of the Devil films. By 1975, these high profile releases would not happen as much as they did through the Early 70’s, but then when you had the ground-breakers being among the most potent films of their time, it was hard to top them.


6-13-75, Montgomery, Alabama – This Friday the 13’th show included four Hallmark-released class-sicks with both Mark of the Devil flicks being presented.


11-12-76, Honolulu – This triple play included the Dracula’s Great Love/Vampire’s Night Orgy double bill from International Amusements. horror legend Paul Naschy is in Dracula’s Great Love which would see a re-titled release under the name Cemetery girls; Burnt Offerings was good, but light entertainment compared to the Europenan creepy classics.


3-22-75, High Point – Now THIS is how you sell it! The Tar Heel presents a great program featuring the four films that toured together through the mid 70’s.


1-24-75, Akron – Here’s a foursome featuring two well-played films, the House f Seven Corpses, and the PG-Level made-in-the-Philippines camp of the Thirsty Dead.


4-21-78, Akron – I might have featured this ad before, but this still is a winner! Last Stop on the Night Train had some playdates here and there when it was originally released by Bryanston under that title, but it was better known as Last House, Part 2. The Gala and Ascot knew how to bring in their customers with these films. This is originally known as Night Train Murders, and it is a very good film.


11-3-78, Akron – Those who had the adventurousness to check out the small number of Nazi Exploitation films released in the wake of Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS were int for a treat with SS Girls. It might not be the most popular genre in the scene, but some of these films had a dramatic style to them, not to mention women who look good in jackboots…OK, so the last part was the only believable bit. Here, Jess Franco’s Barbed Wire Dolls was the B.


10-20-78, Toledo – These films might not be as rare, but it’s from my old stomping (make that thrashing) grounds of Toledo with another showing of Vampire’s Night Orgy/Dracula’s Great Love shown in the Late 70’s. The added feature, Vampyres: Daughters of Dracula, needs to be focused on more at The Scene, but I will get to it seriously!


11-11-77, Phoenix – Pete Walker’s Schizo had some playdates here and there including the Mustang and Rodeo DIs.


6-8-79, Milwaukee – Living Nightmare was the re-issue of Nazi Love Camp #27 by Group 1, a company known for the Name Game. While not as rare, this ad is one of the few that was complete (the Detroit News ad was one of the many censored). I decided to throw in the ad for Ray Dennis Steckler’s Teenage Hustler, a film of another age and time – in real life, meeting one can lead you into another kind of horror!


1-12-79, Phoenix – The Beyond the Door reference? Check! The hot scared woman? Check! The fact that it’s yet another European-made occult possession film with some familiar faces? Check! A 21’st Century release? Yes! Cue big box VHS release a few years down the line under the name The Eerie Midnight Horror Show!


9-14-79, Louisville area  – Dario Argento’s Deep Red had another run as The Hatchet Murders for the Explotiation and Drive In market during the company’s final days. One of the supporting films was the atmospheric rural Horror cult classic Produced by Pat Patterson, Axe (aka Lisa Lisa and later re-released The Californian Axe Murders…Boxoffice International had to sell it by any means possible!).


4-20-79, Akron – Leaving you with this classic WTF mix of visuals and titles we many never find out what this show really was!

Rare EuroErotica Advertising – Justine de Sade…with a little Paranoia thrown in!

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4-4-75, St Meyers, Forida  – Available on Full Moon Streaming and a DVD release through Blue Underground, the tasty Justine de Sade by Claude Pierson and starring Alice Arno was given a small release through Cinema International Pictures. Filled with period costumes and timeless skin (yes, this is a sexy one), this has fans who seriously follow the films of Jess Franco’s more erotic 70’s work as well as films that only had a few playdates in the US before fading away into the deepest corners of the video store that movie ghouls like myself were regularly found at. Video Gems actually had a release of this.


4-9-76, Montgomery, Alabama – It showed up at the Jet Drive In, which specialized in sexy films through most of The 70’s and up to 1982. this was one of it’s more distinguished films…meaning that it was well produced, lavish, and still containing the stuff customers really wanted in their movies seen under the stars.


6-11-77, Brandon, Manitoba – Getting lucky at the Lucky Star! Justine de Sade and French Love together on the same show. Now for the interesting part of when ads go wack…

10-3-76, Neptune City, NJ – This seriously looks wack. The title of Justine de Sade is on top, but there’s something completely different in the rest of the ad. Plus, neither Stephen Johnson or Judy Farrow are in Justine de Sade or the film that the ad mat was really for…


2-27-76, Honolulu – The main part of the Neptune City ad was for this Italian film which got a small US release that played some Adult theaters due to it’s X rating, although here the real show was for a rarity called True Way and is part of the Dragon Art theater collection through Something Weird Video. The Scene loves to dig up the rare and sleazy!

Milligan in the Rough – The Lost Films of Andy Milligan, a Screen 13 Tribute, Part One

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8-25-67, Akron – Andy Milligan’s The Degenerates and Depraved! hits the city’s Sleaze Palace, the Astor on the 26’th – A Double Dose of Milligan! Feel the hate! Playing for it’s last day was Love + Fear = Torment and Lou Campa’s Cool It, Baby. “OF HUMAN SEXUALITY” was the censored line. JER handled the Degenerates and Depraved.

It’s seriously frustrating when most of Andy Milligan’s movies which reportedly were seriously great Roughies are not around to live on in the digital/streaming age. Judging from Fleshpot on 42’nd Street and Vapors, he captured the steamy, sleazy, and dirty side of life perfectly enough for you to want to see more. They were hits in NYC where I’m sure some of the audience saw them as home movies and were played well in areas that had a screen which dared to show the more edgy stuff, but fate had it for them to be gone and remain the much talked about legends which might live up to the words said by the few who still remember seeing them back in the day.

Just a small note – Many stories and opinions of why they are lost have been said, especially the films made for William Mishkin. In this series, through the use of ads from many areas of the US, Canada, and England, The Scene of Screen 13 wants to take you back to where the action was to show you where they played and to add more facts to the story for a more complete and real picture. For the record, I would have been a customer at many of these places then and feel that I would have loved these films back in the day.


6-28-67, Detroit area – Depraved! is playing at the Paris in Highland Park and the Melody in Inkster. I had to throw in the Howling Wolf ad – The Chess Mate was a pretty popular place for music at that time and Howling Wolf is cool.


8-23-67 – Depraved! returns to the Detroit area at the Guild and Art theaters. both of these screens would usually share the same shows.


9-8-67, Louisville – Now the toast On Market, the Shel-Mar was a regular theater turned into a Burlesque/Adult theater reportedly by the 1950’s, although it’s re-opening in 1965 as an Adult theater started it’s best known phase. Small ads, but usually good ones.


4-15-67, Lubbock -So, you can print “go down” and “human sexuality” but not the word “love” nor “degenerates” (although you can still show “generates”), and have to cover up an image of Love Milligan Style that’s usually safe to show. Some messed up censorship is in this ad. Another classic ad from the history of the Fine Arts Drive In.


8-10-67, NYC – This release of what was originally known as Liz stayed at the World when Vapors was playing the Cameo. In”The Deuce” it was the Summer of Milligan!

8-18-67, Ft. Lauderdale – Depraved! even hit the Drive Ins! The Thunderbird was known for showing films like this with some of the more exciting advertisements of the day.


6-9-67, San Antonio – the Lackland in San Antonio was another hot spot for the adult stuff. It was so cool, that the title of it’s co-feature was printed in full!


2-16-68, Philadelphia – Depraved! is shown at the Studio where it had ads every week unlike the others who got the listings, but not the visual placements.


8-16-68, Amarillo -The Trail was usually an Adult DI although there were times when it showed Spanish movies, the mark of a struggling DI. The A by Enrico Blancocello looks like one hell of a Roughie, but sadly it’s still lost too.


10-29-68, San Antonio – Little is known about the Art, but I’m looking into it. The Filthy Five was one of the Mishkin releases that demands to be unearthed – I hope to live to see they day! From here down in this post, the films would be released by William Mishkin.


8-7-69, NYC – More Milligan action at the Rialto and World!


7-3-69, NYC – Gutter Trash plays the World! Seriously cool ad from the Village Voice!


10-10-69, Lake Worth, FLA – Gutter Trash hits the Playboy (later Play Toy) Theater.


9-12-69 – Kiss Me! Kiss Me! Kiss Me! also made it to the Playboy Theater – no relation!

6-11-69, Honolulu – Hawaii gets a dose of Deuce Decadence at the American, a place where there were a few sleaze shows from time to time. The main place for these films would have been the Roosevelt which turned into the Rex by that time (I think).


3-6-70 Essex, MD – While Andy Milligan’s better known Horror flicks were playing all over the country, his Roughies still had some playing value as well. Tricks of the Trade would be usually seen at the theaters still keeping it to older levels as things were turning Danish on us.

Lost Torrid Films!

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8-28-68, Detroit – Very little is known about Mail Order Confidential beyond it’s Distribpix release and that it stars Diane Smith, Michael Courtney, and a few others. The plot revolves around a play-around adult “film maker” who makes movies from mailed in requests, including the required Roughie flick, and the “shocking” revelation that his wife is watching one on a lesbian couple.  I wonder if that ad is from the Rough bit.


1-3-68 – Come Play with Me (originally released in 1967) looks like a tasty “Abnormal” kinky-nudie from the New York scene judging form the trailer, but sadly the film has not been unearthed. The sight of Janet Banzet and Rita Bennett should have some people on the search, but it’s a good chance that it got dumped into the nearest garbage dump. This is not to be confused with the Italian movie of the same name from 1968


8-22-68, Lubbock, While Suburban Pagans is released through Something Weird Video, Come Play With Me ie promoted by the familiar sight of the woman from The Rape.


5-19-68 – While the original 1961 Greek version of Spoiled Rotten is around on DVD, the English version released by Chancellor is still long gone or in someone’s storage.


1-5-68, LA – Infidelity American Style is a film by Sandie N. Johnson who’s known for the classic Teenage Gang Debs and so-starring Peggy Steffans (married to the legendary Joe Sarno). One of the several films released by Chancellor which may never be found.


3-22-68, Pussycat theaters, California – Four women are asked about the murder of Johnny Whip (Forman Shane) in this lost flick made by Jerry Denby and released by CIP (Teenage Gang Debs). Made on the West Coast, using the Classic Cat in the story, this had a good number of plays and even a release in Canada by Marden Films reportedly in 1977. Still hoping that this will see the day.

Thankfully, the Lou Campa Venus in Furs is easy to get and features some light kink comfort that makes it on it’s own Pre-Porn low budget Adult movie level.


1-21-68, Pelham, NC – Here’s a cool pairing for Whip’s Women and Riot on Sunset Strip! Thankfully, the AIP flick is easy to catch.

Gotta add a little color to the post, so here’s Mimsy (More) Farmer on her famous “trip” in Riot on Sunset Strip.  While her performance in the film made famous by Pink Floyd’s music was hot, she was quite cute in AIP’s teensploitation mess-terpiece.


3-22-68, Lubbock – Turn Me On! featured Capri, Michelle Angelo, and others who did not mind to be in a Mitam film. Whip’s Women was the second feature. The Fine Arts was a Drive In infamous for it’s ultra-sleazy advertising through the Mid-Late 60’s.


3-1-68, Abilene at the Tower Twin  – Love Sadistic Style is a title I want to see unearthed. Same goes for Mondo Erotico. This sounds like a pretty cool program


9-6-68, Chester, PA – This looks like a while one, but sadly this also looks like it was a victim of one of the many usual circumstances of why these films are lost.


4-6-68, Bridgeport, Conn – Putting the spell on the reader to see this movie!


3-7-69, Miami – Olympic International’s infamous see-through-mirror film You played quite a bit through the years, but it’s a good guess that it was one of the victims of being in the bunch of films that was thrown out once the monthly storage charge was not payed.