Super Sleaze at the Last Stop Drive In – Various ads and cities 1981-1983

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9-5-80, Akron – Group 1 had nothing to do with this show, but their use of hype lines like “Banned in 39 Countries” was defiantly it’s greatest contribution to Exploitation promotion. There was no other way they could sell a film that was already played “In StereoVision 4D” and had a couple of title changes including Kahuna! that was officially Rated R before MPM picked The Surfer Girls up and re-named it Senior Snatch. Directed by Al Silliman, Jr., who Exploitation fans possibly thank for The Stewardesses and is the Brother of Robert Silliphant (Writer of the Creeping Terror among other films), this had a few showings from it’s first play in 1978 although this 1980 appearance in Akron could be considered a final fling for anyone who regularly went to the Ozoners through the decade thanks to having the flop Linda Lovelace for President as the B feature.

Time out for a trailer you might have caught at some Dead End Drive In to get you in the Playboy Late Show mood…

If you have that WTF interest in bad 70’s Cut Out albums (I have both Detective albums among others in my small but worthy of investigating Crate Collection), sleazy films that give you the feeling that it was made years before you saw it (anyone who saw a SRC movie when it was at the theaters can tell you that), trying to figure out why Saturday Night Live ’80 ever continued to be aired after it’s first sketch (At least I saw Eddie Murphy’s potential when it was first shown among a lot of crap), and investigating the end of an era (Still dig the Dance version of Caligula’s “We Are One” as if it was the soundtrack to the fall of the Disco Empire),  then you came to the right post. Then again, if you just dig what The Scene of Screen 13 has been known for through the last couple of years, then you should enjoy this ride, too. Imagine being in a Drive In with only about 10 other cars around you tops maybe with beer in the trunk without anyone noticing or that date from Hell that nobody approved except you and the No-Tell Motel nearby.


2-26-82, Hendersonville (near Nashville) – You’re welcome! This perky ad sells it like it is, although the real title of the movie starring Bette Verges is The Fruit is Ripe released in 1977 with an official R rating, and it’s a good guess why the title change had to happen.


5-4-79, Hattiesburg, Miss. – They can look here, there, and everywhere, but trouble is what they’re going to get in Sixteen and Teenager playing at the Broadway which correctly calls it’s business “Drive In Flicks” with no shame in the game without worrying if the films they played were already well-traveled for years (1973 and 1974 here). The Beverly Twin played The Exorcist and one of it’s many imitations, Armando de Ossorio’s Demon Witch Child! The film by the Director of The Blind Dead series started touring around 1976 and usually winding up in double bills with the William Friedkin classic featuring the demonic voice of Mercedes McCambridge, one of the adults in Sixteen, a Jack Harris production that was originally called Like a Crow on a June Bug which screamed “too regional”.


6-4-82, Akron – Although Martial Arts at the Drive In was not a happening thing in several areas, the Rubber City had no problems with it. The Summit occasionally showed the choppers up to Early 1985 with the showing of Bruce is Loose, although others in the area like the Gala had their nights with the Games of Death on the screen. World Northal was the champ of distributing these films through the Early 80’s, a business that Mel Maron was good at especially as he worked for Cinema Shares through the Late 70’s.


1-22-82, Anniston – Spaced Out was one of those rare finds – A British Teaser comedy made in 1979 picked up by an Indie distributor in the US (Miramax, which was a Indie back in the day long before the infamy) who played it in a few areas before sending it off to video-land. Although this has it’s charms, it was way too late in the game for it to have the small success as Zeta One had as The Love Slaves when released by Film Ventures despite the editing and changes made from the original British version that aimed for the Stateside market. Cal-Am’s Goodbye Franklin High must have connected with the audience who just graduated out of High School.



9-18-81, Wilmington, Delaware – While Dr. Butcher and Nurse Sherri were entertaining Horror flicks, imagine a kid watching The Manson of Madness as Dr. Tarr’s Torture Dungeon after being admitted in free as the ad announced. Unless one was very much on the outside, this had to be Nightmare Fuel. Released in The US in 1975 by Group 1, it has been seen as seriously surreal and timeless, but certainly a film that will freak the kids.


5-6-83 and 5-17-85, Shreveport – Two months after Kiss’ “10’th anniversary” tour rolled by (a “Last Run” for the classic years before they took the makeup off in August), the Showtown Twin was keeping up with the sleazy flicks that were “Hotter Than Hell”, or something with plots that would fit in perfectly for one of the bands songs in the Mid 70’s – they were the ones that did “Christine Sixteen” – although “High Test Girls” is a title would have been better with Starz (another Rock Steady Production band) or the Godz.

Wanda the Wicked Warden was Jess Franco’s dark WIP film that was better know as Ilsa the Wicked Warden in the Mid 80’s.


5-20-83, Shreveport – Last ad for the post featuring Last House on Dead End Street before fading away into Cult infamy and video collector want lists. The mental and proud of it film originally known at theaters as The Funhouse in 1977 had a strange creep of a ride with it’s peak of popularity in 1979 under the LHODES title, but it had a few little known showings when the Sun Video release was making it’s way to Indie video stores by then.

With the lack of an official LHODES trailer, the only one being the brief TV ad that mimicked the one for Suspiria, here’s an ad for the classic Barrel Entertainment release that kind of captures that Low-Budget VHS commercial vibe with over-dubbed Synth music that at least has some effective scenes that bring the viewer in.


Sinful 70’s with the Young Seducers

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3-30-73, Milwaukee – The Young Seducers had to be toned down to Charmers for the opening day, but at least this ad has the lovely sight of Ingrid Steeger (Bottom Left). They were perfect for playing the “trouble” girls in this film “based on actual cases”, so it’s best to let this be a reminder of a lost decade and just watch the action on the screen and learn from it. A film from a time so far gone, it deserves to be researched to answer the question “where in the Hell did this film play?!!!” only to find the answer was “It was the 70’s”. You will also know where a familiar image used in many ads came from!

By 1972, there was a market for swinging and sinning movies they just don’t make anymore mainly because you just can’t make them anymore. It’s true the  Internet has made the idea of watching these movies outdated in the technical sense for the obvious reasons, but you have to admit that these curios from the time when these films were seen as hot by those who watched them and were damned by others weave a kind of spell that can send you back to the 70’s. Several small Indie companies had their fingers in the pie (did I mean to make a pun?), but Hemisphere had the most successful films of them all by connecting with Erwin C. Dietrich and the batch of Schoolgirl Report and Euro-Smut films re-titled for US consumption.

The one thing that will be timeless will be those boots!

Just to let you know, this title is on Full Moon Streaming. A look through these ads will give you a kind of “cultural” appreciation and understanding of why this film matters for the right reasons the next time you watch it…and I don’t mean plot or Directing skills despite the fact that the local scenery makes for some wonderful sights created naturally. To have a fuller understanding, let’s take a tour on how this film roamed around the US for a few years before it turned into Centerfold Spread when it was piked up by MPM. (* Trivia note – many of these films would be re-released by SRC under different titles that would play the Drive Ins up to the Early 80’s)


3-9-73 Teaser ad. used in Milwaukee. Why can’t they leave things alone?


4-7-73, Strasburg, Ohio – The Lynn Drive In turned into the passion pit during the evening shows.


5-2-73, Detroit and Warren, MI


5-4-73, Detroit – The Ramona was a theater on it’s way to the closing time, but it had a couple of years. The Universal City in Warren was closed around 1987 for a Kroger.


5-11-73, Newburgh, NY – Playing at the Cinecom owned Squire Cinema. If you know your Cinecom history, you can already tell that it was about to change ownership soon.


5-18-73, Chicago – The Name Game continues with The Young Temptresses. What, no 53 Drive In showing?!!!

Louisville, 6-8-73 – Louisville was “drooling” over the Young Seducers…well, the audience that went to films like this anyways!


7-6-73, Pittsburgh area – The Dependable was…er…dependable when it came to showing the Adult films, usually with at least one Mainstream feature on the program.


11-2-73, Connelsville, PA – Schoolgirl Report 4 turned into Campus Swingers, and of course the Young Seducers at a Drive In with a perfect name!


11-16-73, Youngstown


San Bernardino, 2-1-74


9-6-74, Anderson, Indiana – A “Rare” ad for a “Rare” show.


10-2-74, Greenville, Miss.


11-22-74, High Point – The face of the seducers was used on occasion in the Tar Heel Drive In ads without being connected to the films!


2-21-75, Brownwood, TX


6-3-77, St. Joseph – the show that got the Parkview into trouble with a holy roller wanting to stomp out the skin films showing at the Drive In. Smartie Pants was one of Hemisphere’s final films and an end of an era much like this show!


4-11-80, Toledo – One more life to live under the stars as Centerfold Spread!

You have to FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE to Keep STAYIN’ ALIVE! – Select Ads for the Controversial Classic 1978-82

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10-6-78 – Philadelphia – In a classic case of misleading advertising, the infamous Fight For Your Life plays two Budco theaters under Stayin’ Alive with The Thunder Kick advertised as a serious hard action film with characters that have nothing to do with the film. Officially Rated R in December, 1977 and released by William Mishkin under three different titles (Stayin’ Alive was for the Urban market), Fight for Your Life showcased the intense acting of future star William Sanderson in one of the least PC roles ever performed perfectly enough for the actor to shy away from talking about it for a long time. Although the film was a very hard sell and was a spark of dangerous audience reactions, it did well in classic double bills with movies that were just as pulse-raising in the urban centers where all eyes and anger were on the film’s lead bigot Jessie Lee Kane (Sanderson)  and all hope for the family of black Minister Ted Turner (Robert Judd) to live through the ordeal of having to put up with three convicts led by Kane who hide out at the Turner home and their violent attacks and hateful talk – the “Killing Machine” part of the ad refers to the just action against Kane by Turner at the end.


10-13-78 – One more week in Philadelphia starts with added suburban areas and Drive Ins with the same program at the Goldman. In an unrelated story that still is of interest to some readers who might notice a familiar date, it was the day after the murder of Philadelphia-born Nancy Spungen, girlfriend of Sid Vicious (John Simon Ritchie), a story that gained front page headlines.

11-8-78 and 11-10-78, Detroit – Two 8 Mile Drive Ins show Stayin’ Alive in a program that’s the total antithesis of “Feel Good” with the classic Fingers. One of the few programs that went more into the emotional abyss was the Short Eyes/Taxi Driver double at the Adams right in the middle of the Blizzard of ’78. It never played Downtown Detroit, but at least the few who love their movies on the edge had an unforgettable night promoted by an ad that was in full connection with the movie.


11-18-78, LA – Stayin’ Alive is shown with Cirio  H. Santiago’s Death Force with Leon Isaac Kennedy – The World on Hollywood was a screen where many Exploitation films wound up at seen for bargain prices in double and triple bills. Death Force would be re-Distributed by the infamous and legendary 21’st Century with a trailer featuring the voice of Adolph Caesar.


11-24-78, Louisville – The 88 Minutes of Terror promoted without mentioning rightfully that it was Gut-Crushing showed up with The Slasher was AKA So Sweet, So Deadly in another diabolical duo. By this time, the Penthouse was focusing on the Urban and Horror scene.


9-26-80, Chicago – The Woods pairs Stayin’ Alive up with Nightmare, AKA Spree, AKA Survival Run – have to love those Film Ventures title changes!

To go back to the original title, Fight For Your Life played a number of cities at the same time with one ad using the lines used for Stayin’ Alive’s trailer.


3-3-78, Newport News – A showing at a soon-to-close theater happened at the Palace which is now a church. The focus here is more honest with Robert Judd in the ad. Starting with Ilsa in 1976, the theater was more of it’s time and area until it’s shutting down in June, 1978.


10-31-78, Baltimore – This show had to be filled with a lot of madness in the audience as Master of the Flying Guillotine was one of the most out-there films for the time.


1-1-82, Nashville  – Paired with Weapons of Death at the soon-to-close Crescent which was by then playing plenty of Martial Arts films until the doors closed for the final time.


10-14-79, Toledo – This is still the only find I have of Fight for Your Life’s lesser-known AKA, Blood Bath at 1313 Fury Road. Not surprisingly, the Colony (possibly the screen the Franklin Park Cinema sent the films it passed on), closed in 1981 around the same time as the Pantheon in the Glass City’s downtown area.

Drive In Sin-ema Memories from The Mid 70’s – More! More! More!

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10-3-74, Greenville – Another Cedar Lake DI ad starts up this collection of classic sleazy Drive In ads mainly because I think it was not posted before…although I’m sure you don’t mind it being posted again. Young Seducers was not one of the films, but it’s “iconic” images from the ad mats made many appearances through the years for shows that were not exactly mainstream level X. School of Hard Knocks was a film from around 1970 that was still appearing here and there – I wonder if it was “advanced” for the time.


Schoolgirl Report 8, known here as Naughty Co-Eds, plays with Campus Pussycats at the San Pedro and Trail DIs, 1-30-76, San Antonio  – The Winter was always the prime time for the ozoners to throw whatever Euro-sleaze film was available and bring in the Dates from Hell, the deviant, the lonely, and maybe just “curious” (hey, back in the day, not everyone knew about these things) to keep them running through the year. The DIs through the Mid 70’s were still showing these films all over the map and promoting them like major shows just before their ad allowance was cut due to the rise of the multiplexes by the end of the year. Hemisphere knew about this and unleashed whatever European Sex films it had in it’s final days under the usual different titles and altered credits before Roger Cahn took them to his SRC by Late 1976 where they got yet another title and credit list or two (or maybe three).


2-6-76, San Antonio – Read all about Penthouse Playgirls in this crazy and cool article at the Temple of Schlock for an eye-opening view of how low these films can go. It was later changed to Congressional Playgirls later in the year, and then who knows what else after SRC got a hold of it.

Swingin’ Models was AKA Bed Career (not to be confused with Joel “Bloodsucking Freaks” Reed’s Career Bed) and another film that toured nearly every Drive In that allowed these films to show up. Obviously, the Swingin’ scene lasted through 1972 and 1973 before things got “Deep” in the Adult movie industry, but those who wanted a little “atmospheric” background while doing the Drive In Dive In at least had some movies to go along with it. As long there were screens to fill, there were movies to unleash.


3-5-76, San Antonio – The Josephine earns an honorary Indoor Ad mention for going into some tasty blasphemous territory with the Unholy Convent, originally called Story of a Cloistered Nun featuring Eleonora Giorgi and Suzy Kendall. According to my research, was one of the mountain of films Distributed by Cougar through the Late 70’s that might have also had some Distribution through Libert. Although this was unleashed at the end of the Exorcist-Mania craze that unleashed plenty of films focusing on Fun with Nuns (certainly was not the last US release), it’s success was very small although it presented this classic ad.

The Lackland offered a bit of Ed Wood history with The Class Reunion, a 1971 film written by the legend and Directed by Steve Apostolof which is one of the better-remembered films of the Post-Plan 9 days.


3-5-76, San Antonio – Moving into the history of the infamous SRC, Voluptuous Vixens was given the ’76 mainly to fool people into thinking they’re going to see a new film although the campaign was a nice touch. Teenage Playmates was another Ernst Hofbauer epic that may have been alright for Europe, but certainly  best kept in The 70’s (and Early 80’s) in The States. Nice to look at, but nothing compared to what came next…


3-12-76, San Antonio – Any ad with Christina Lindberg’s presence deserves an award just for seeing her, although Anita Swedish Nymphet just might be a fitting last call to an era of Drive In Sin-ema. The Cambist-released flick was possibly the last film featuring her that played around The US a lot at a time when They Call Her One Eye was being shown as Hooker’s Revenge and Maid in Sweden was mainly a memory to fans (maybe) and an occasional sighting on the last run Drive In circuit through the Late 70’s and Early 80’s.

The B was the 1969 film The Minx with a soundtrack by The Cyrcle of “Red Rubber Ball” fame.


10-29-76, Terre Haute area – Although the Cinema 40 was mentioned as a Greencastle Drive In, it was actually located in Cloverdale and was the Midway before it’s infamous change by the one and only Harry Mohney (Sceen Drive In infamy among others). As you can tell, My Master My Love was certainly not something for those looking for a tender love story although Joe Sarno’s A Touch of Genie did add a touch of class for the night. The Grand showed the Hemisphere double shot of Euro-Sex of Penthouse Playgirls (given the Group 1 style “BANNED IN 17 COUNTRIES!” hype…must have been the Jack the Raper segment…or not) and The Young Seducers.


3-29-74, Louisville – They can try to over up the ads, but we already know what’s Swingin’ for the night at the Twilite! Those who would rather deal with the Devil can go to the Parkway for three great Horror films including the Hammer classic The Devil Rides Out, released in The US as The Devil’s Own, and the Euro-Horror flick The devil’s Wedding Night.

And the Critics rave!


6-7-74, Mansfield, OH – A Springmill Drive In triple threat of two New World films and Hemisphere’s Young Seducers plays under a warm June, 1974 night. Wait…Children Under 12 Free? Play Area? Young Seducers? That was The 70’s! Then again, we have seen it all then as now. Time to end this trip until next time!

Another Serving of BLOOD FEAST Ads from it’s first Run 1963-4

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12-11-63, Miami – The Scene finally returns to a film that was featured in posts which made people notice, Blood Feast! This Miami ad was another early run classic which sold it like it is. Through the last few months, more sightings have been found for the early showings of HG Lewis’ classic that I decided to wait until I had a good posts’ worth to throw them all into a…feast! Enjoy!


7-17 and 7-19-64, Akron – The Gala played Blood Feast with AIP’s Blood of Dracula, the British Blood of the Vampire, and, on one night, Roger Corman’s twisted classic A Bucket of Blood. The censorship of the first ad is forgiven for this great program that showed someone was into giving the audience what it wanted.


8-29-64, Kansas City – One of the classic ads that The Scene showed in one of the first posts about it’s tour of terror through The US.


11-20 and 11-22-63, Burlington, NC – This classic triple bill featuring the classic Peeping Tom and Arch Hall Jr’s brilliant performance as The Sadist is both a brilliant find and a sad one. The good part of this outside of the program itself was that it was a sighting of Michael Powell’s killer creeper classic that was part of  a show with a sadistic exploitation film that it was usually paired off with by 1964 – in this case two. The sad part of it was that Nov. 22 was the day that John F. Kennedy was assassinated, an event that must have killed off any interest for anything but mourning.

The pairing of the West Asheville and Dreamland DI ads is classic – the Living and The Dead, anyone?


11-15-63, Tallahassee – A great small ad for this showing with Jack the Ripper.


1-22-64, Orlando – Wonder what was in the “Nausea Pills”?


10-15-63, Santa Rosa – Winding this post up with another classic “Blood-Curdling” new find with this showing with Beast from the Haunted Cave.

On THE HARD ROAD to the Lynn Drive In, 1975

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8-8-75, Strasburg, Ohio – A new find that seriously stands on it’s own is this classic ad for this last run showing of 1970’s classic bummer of bummers The Hard Road at the Lynn DI which was already well-known as an Adults Only place to go at the time. Rightfully presented as The Other Side of (American) Graffiti, this ad used some classic illustrations and the ad mat for The Secret Miracle of Birth and The Wages of Sin roadshow that was fading away into Sexploitation history by this time while using the other two segments for this night. Replacing a well-played but dated film was no problem when you have a film that stars Connie Nelson going from one torrid set piece to another while still looking hot as a poster girl for Downward Spiral cuties and another twisted flick playing as the shock-a-rama closing, Behind Locked Doors (aka Anybody Anyway).


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9-18-56, Lansing – The classic torrid tale of The Flesh Merchant hits the Lansing area at the Crest Drive In with Girls Marked Danger co-starring Sophia Loren in a diabolical double of Prostitute Rings! You can say this night was spent with Sexploitation potboilers that were among “only the very best” of the time mixing the Hollywood gutter scene with the sophisticated Euro style in one show. The Peter Perry-co-written Flesh Merchant with Joy Reynolds and Lisa Rack and was new at the time and would find some success on the DI circuit under it’s original title or The Wild and The Wicked playing to the delinquents and deviants who like their movies on the spicy side.

Hello to all and greetings to the new readers of this look into sinful cinema! It’s been a long time since the last post, but the groups that I contribute to (including one I also Administrate…more on that later) know that I have been on a research trip that aims to add onto what madness I have already posted.


Burlington, NC, 5-19-56 – The classic pre-show ad for the Town’s showing of The Flesh Merchant and The Wicked Woman that was featured a long time ago is among one of my favorites. The co-feature starred Beverly Michaels in one of her “Bad Girl” roles that ended with Val Guest’s Women Without Men aka Blonde Bait and featured a lounge lizard crooning classic theme.


1-11-57, Nashville – Another hot pairing happened in the enter of Country Music with Lili St. Cyr’s eye-opening film Lili’s Wedding Night.


11-11-58, Clarksville – Showing with another film that was presented by Something Weird Video, this DI which usually let in Children for free decided to hold back the kids for this Adults Only show. The irony here is that those who read the paper got to see the reason why it was restricted!


12-6-58, Corpus Christi – another Screen 13 Class-sick ad features the A-position showing of the Roadshow Rarity Violated with Babes of Burlesque and The Flesh Merchant. William Mishkin Distributed Violated with a classic promotion that made him one of the most respected with cult film fans.


6-12-59, Ft. Lauderdale – Two sizzlers and one Action film for the guys highlights this show.


3-4-60, Paris, TX – Winding things up with another Screen 13 classic ad featuring the Violated/Flesh Merchant double with the starring attraction of this post as the first film.