Jess Franco’s The Demons and Those Who Played With Them

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12-26-73, Pittsburgh – While The Exorcist was already causing a storm of controversy, in the American movie scene, Jess Franco’s tasty Nunsploitation was in the Pittsburgh area. Picked up for US Distribution through Howard Mahler Films, the early ads lacked a certain competitive punch that would be used shortly after. While there were lines all around for the William Friedkin classic, the Drive Ins possibly had a low car count although this sleazy wonder was something for those who wanted something a little more Adult…at least young adult and European.


4-24-74, High Point, NC – The Tar Heel was one of THE places to play the good stuff before the days of Porno and the Kitten Club (and they were good, too), although you can tell that the ad left a little something to be desired. Proving that the copy writer for the theater knew what to do, The Exorcist was mentioned.

Pairing it off with Jose Luis Merino’s The Scream of the Demon Lover another example that a good imported Horror could inspire programmers to go to their nearest Sub-Distributor for other ghoulish delights, and The Demons’ days in the Sin-ema circuit under it’s original title as well as She Demons was a perfect pick to go wild with.

Back at the Pittsburgh showing, there was one Stateside creeper at that show in The Together Girls, aka The Cult, aka The Love Cult, aka Girls in Bondage, aka…


5-17-74, Louisville – The Demons were there with this tasty ad, although a mention of Jess would have been more than welcome. The B was the ever-reliable Devil’s Nightmare, the Hemisphere release that was at about 3/5’ths of the Horror shows from 1973-1978 as a B or C after it’s first run.


6-7-74, Toledo – Here’s another great double feature, this time getting the “Hammer” with Lust for a Vampire. I guess it was a night for those with a “Strange Love”! Like me!


3-7-75, Shreveport, Louisiana – The tour continues, this time at the Strand, which (possibly shocking to readers of The Scene) is still alive and kicking today!

10-15-76, Brownsville, TX – When the double screen has “She” Demons and House of Insane Women (aka Exorcism’s Daughter) on one screen and Devil Woman/Dragons Never Die on the other, the law says to post the whole thing. Your devilish weekend is partially planned out here! Here, the House was the title for the Howard Mahler distribution run – National Forum Releasing had it under it’s original title in 1974.


9-1-73, Lubbock, TX at the Golden Horseshoe DI.


2-18-77, El Paso – A Late Winter Horror Special with The Witch Who Came from the Sea and Mario Bava’s classic Twitch of the Death Nerve (A Bay of Blood).


7-8-77, San Antonio – A pairing with Pete Walker’s Schizo was another late-run show.

New Arrivals in EuroHorror, EuroSleaze, and Love Camp 27

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7-2-76, Indianapolis – Today’s New Arrivals post focuses mainly on EuroHorror, and this is one “Hell” of a way to start things off.


2-21-75, Harlingen, TX – While the Devil Has 7 Faces may not be one of the more celebrated films of the gaillo genre, it had it’s moments and charm enough to attract my interest. After it’ International Cine Film release, this was one of the long line of films Distributed by Libert, a company based in Florida, and Cougar before settling into to Late Night TV Land and PD video. The theater is now used for community gatherings.


2-21-75, San Antonio – The double bill also played the Texas theater that closed up shop in the Late 70’s and raised in 1983.


12-12-75, Jackson. Mississippi – Here, the Devil appeared with the cult flick Messiah of Evil, which was one of International Cine Film’s major releases that did not do well enough to keep the company going and wound up also in Libert’s and Cougar’s lists/


6-13-75, Lubbock, TX


11-8-75, Camden – Intimate Teenagers was a William Mishkin pick-up of a Walter Boos film, but I still don’t know the exact origins of European School Girls. I’ll get “back” to it!


5-13-77, Fort Lauderdale – This cool ad for a Friday the 13’th Four Fright Flick show features another rare spotting of two Jean Rollin films – Demoniacs and Shiver of the Vampires as Strange Things Happen at Night. Make that strange and sexy things!


10-6-78, Honolulu – The Hawaii was mainly an Exploitation-friendly theater at the time after being a center of the hot stuff, but it was still a place to go for some good films. The Euro flick is All the Colors of the Dark, here re-titled They’re Coming to Get You. The leading film of the week, Nurse Sherry, is known to be one of Al Adamson’s best films.

2-10-71, Minneapolis – Yeah! OK, it’s a smaller ad for Eugenie, but it still shows!


4-22-77, Brownsville, TX – The Majestic 2 was showing some prime EuroFlicks at that time. Umberto Lenzi’s The Man from Deep River on one screen and a film that was originally known as Exorcism at Midnight on the other.


6-3-77 – Rino De Silvestro’s The Legend of the Wolf Woman, Distributed in The US through Dimension (the one from the 70’s) on one screen. Of course, Eddie Romero’s Beast of the Yellow Night made in the Philippines needs no introduction as well.

11-18-77 – One more from the Majestic 2 theater features Nazi Love Camp 27 on one of it’s screens while the other offers Jack Hill’s legendary Switchblade Sisters to take us back to The US to wrap this post up! Group 1 sold LC27 like the decadent pros they were and if you are in any way shocked or…wait, you’re at The Scene of Screen 13, you know what you’re getting into! Gute Nacht!

Random Sleaze and Tease – To Be Continued

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10-12-73, Poughkeepsie – Private School Girls was another Sexploitation hit from Hallmark, who brought you the films that reminded you that it was only a movie…and with this subject, it was important to remember that (and you know why). Here, the theater was risky for putting a fake R in the ad, as it was officially rated X (yes, Hallmark was learning that it was a good thing for a while!).

This is a small section of odds and ends that include subjects to be researched on for later. Until then, enjoy!


5-18-73, Newburgh, NJ – Going “Deep” with this ad, I can possibly tell that this was not used as much, but this is a “subject” I have to see if that was the case. The Screen 13 Report is under way.


4-19-74 – How to Play the Seduction Game and Sex and the Lonely Woman was another Sunset International Pictures double of Imported flicks which played here and there, although not as successful as Should a Schoolgirl Tell/The Games Schoolgirls Play which seriously proved that The 70’s were The 70’s for good reasons. Greenville, SC


5-4-73, Ottawa – I do want to start some blasphemous rumors! OK, that Depeche Mode reference out of the way, this ad would NEVER pass in The States, but it wound up in Ottawa. Here, the B was listed under the original title of the film that turned into Teenage Sex Report in the US (or Teenage Girl Report if the paper was conservative, but still carrying X-Rated Movie ads). The Mall was a Exploitation-friendly screen that was in some serious competition with the growing Porno area that was taking their business away, even if they were hosting some of the greatest all-night movie marathons. Sex Life in a Convent was a West Germany/France co-production – you have to keep some continuity with these double bills.


9-6-74, Montreal – the Punishment with Karin Schubert was a bit of a hot item while the Eve was playing it comparatively safe with Teen Age Love and Schoolgirl Report #3.


2-20-81, Binghamton, NY – Directed by Jim Buckley as Jim Clark (Debbie Does Dallas)


5-30-75, Xenia – The ladies on the left and right may be hot, but Rene Bond in the center will always be for the win!

Screen Filler – The Troc’s Burlesque Fun Feast of Names

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3-1-74 – Time for a break from the movies with an amusing set of ads from The Troc in Philadelphia. Now operating under it’s full name of the Trocadero for concerts, it was known through the 60’s and 70’s as a Burlesque house. While several notables appeared there, it served as a place where performers were given some rimshot-worthy names based on silly but funny word-play. An outline of it’s history can be found here…
















Jess Franco’s Succubus – A look into it’s US Cinema flight

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5-16-69, Chicago

Jess Franco’s Succubus was one of the few serious hits of the Arthouse/Sexploitation wave in the Late 60’s not least due to a wonderful advertising strategy by AIP, who were still at the top of the game and had the Trans-American sub-division to unleash the spicy films. I can imagine that the surreal erotica was possibly a tough sell in The US, but as it was a very stylish, erotic, and interesting film which had that perfect Sexy Kinky Psychedelic Nightclub flavor, there was some success and notoriety. Although first-timers to the film today may laugh that it was an X, it was spicy enough at the time to earn the rating and to cause some outrage among the mainstream at the time.

As it still had some playing power for the Early 70’s, it would later wound up as part of AIP’s special multiple feature shows, usually with other notable erotically charged films.


5-25-69, Chicago – Today, first-timers would wonder what would have been cut as X was a different animal then, but it was very early in the MPAA Ratings Game.

5-9-69, Los Angeles – The most talked about promotion encouraged the reader to call the theater to find out the title and look up the meaning of the word in a dictionary. Once again, it was 1969 and I’m sure that the word Succubus was a bit of a problem for papers that had a tight editorial control in it’s movie ads, although there was no problem in it being mentioned in the reviews…along with words like sleazy.


6-11-69, Cincinnati – AKA “Exclusive”! Sadly, the theater was demoed in 1982.


7-9, 13, and 16-1969 – Detroit had a unique ad which seriously told it like it was!


7-11-69, St. Louis – The Midwest attack continues!


8-20-69, Ogden, Utah – Here, the title was mentioned. Three in the Attic was a sizable hit for AIP that played for years after it’s first run in it’s multiple-feature shows.


8-20-69, Dixon, Illinois – the famous ad!


8-8-69, Ottawa – The Mall should be known to all Exploitation fans as it was the place to find these films in the Ottawa area before the Porno area stole it’s thunder by 1974. It would be a good guess that the programmer already know about Jess Franco by this time as the classic Diabolical Dr. Z was also playing as a good match for Succubus…but then again I might be dreaming.


9-5-69, Kansas City – Formally the Paramount, the Towne was a 4-screen theater which sadly was torn down in 1972 after a long life starting in 1919.


10-25-69, Kansas City ad surrounding areas – the DI showings using the mysterious ad. Maybe the ad censor was ready to give the title the chop after it’s first run in the area.


10-11-69, Uniontown, PA – This time, the B was Tom Laughlin’s classic Born Losers which introduced Billy Jack to the American film scene. By then, the “call the theater” gimmick was no longer necessary.


10-10-69, York, PA – The Southern went onto to play Porn as well as the area’s showing of A Clockwork Orange. The building on 30 E. Jackson turned into a Spanish church.


12-13-69, Toledo – It took a while to get to the Glass City, but it finally found a spot at the Miracle Mile, located on Jackman located I think North across the street from the Miracle Mile Shopping Center which closed in 1986. The shopping center that took it’s place houses Allied Record Exchange (at least something worthy is still in that area!).


11-6-70, Chicago – AIP threw Succubus into a Drive In blend with A Bullet for Pretty Boy (with Fabian), Chasity (the flop starring Cher that was given another chance when the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour was a surprise hit), and de Sade (with Kier Dullela and Lilly Palmer).


10-8-71, Chicago – A very interesting double bill with one of the lesser known White Coat films of the day was at the Cinestage – the theater where HG Lewis’ Wizard of Gore was advertised with a fake GP rating.


3-5-71, Clovis, NM – AIP’s Trilorgy ’70 Experience was not exactly one of AIP’s most successful shows, but at least it offered Succubus another run.

4-16-71, Hamilton, OH – A more fitting double bill featured the then-hot Kama Sutra with a twist of the ad line to make Succubus sound like a new film.

3-5-71, Washington Court House, OH – Considering that “12 and under free” line, I wonder if they were checking the cars for kids for this show.


11-10-72 – Succubus was a natural for the growing list of imported films at the Drive Ins, in this case with Hemisphere’s youthful Swinging Stewardesses and the slightly controversial Tropic of Cancer.

3-16-73, Chicago – another Windy City Drive In showing surrounded itself with two other films released  in The US in 1969 for a fading taste of an era that already ended with the rise of Porno. Thankfully, both Succubus and Paranoia were fine examples of the wave of imports while The Curious Female had a period charm to it. After that…

Sin, Shock, and EuroSex in LA, 1972

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1-28-72 – the Teenage Teases that sparked the 70’s EuroFlick craze – The School Girls released by (Billy) Fine Films and Dagamar’s Hot Pants were the ones that made this genre solid for a while, but it was the “Report” that really set the scene.

Once again, it’s time dive into the world of 70’s schoolgirls, teasers, pleasers (at least on film), anti-adult messages (in films made by adults), and sleazy attitudes usually made in Europe with good looking girls usually in those leg hugging boots and scored with funky soundtracks.  It was also a moment in time when the big theaters could play these films from time to time as well. Curious (Screen)? You are!

The Time: 1972. The City – LA and the surrounding area.


2-18-72 – For some reason, this is one of the very few full on ads of The Deviates I can find! I see nothing wrong with this.


3-17-72 – Easy Virtue at the Mayan, and that claim about “Denmark’s most erotic film makers” is about as true as Milli Vanelli. At least The Young Erotic Fanny Hill is an actual import by one of the top film makers of the day, Joe Sarno!


3-24-72 – Take a walk on the wild side at the Paris with the Gay Guide to Crusing…although one had to be very careful in the real world of course!


8-9-72 – Hemisphere finally found it’s way out of the Blood Bank and into the Swinging Set with the US release of The Stewardesses Report following on the wild success of The Stewardesses. This seriously wound up playing for many years!


10-13-72 – These schoolgirls might have grown up, but I’m sure the audience didn’t.


9-8-72 – Nothing says “Ultra Sleaze” more than a title like Teenage Slaves.


11-3-72 – Cinemation’s infamous release of Girls at the Gynecologist was successful enough to have played for years and picked up by Beacon Films who re-named it The Teenyboppers for a series of Late 70’s shows.


One more ad? Why not!

5-5-72 – Released by Duffy Films, a subdivision of (Mel) Maron Films, the company that released some classics like Daughters of Darkness to the US market, Eroticon was a Documentary that did very well for some time. Here, it played with Circle of Love.


1-21-72 – Sean S. Cunningham’s super-hit, Distributed by Hallmark Releasing, played!


6-2-72 – I’ll stop with this…the title is in my opinion a message for today as well!

Something Weird (Video) in Honolulu

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7-9-76 – Looking through some of the latest ad grabs from Honolulu, there were a few that had “Something Weird” going on, as in Something Weird Video. Thankfully, some of the more over-looked titles beyond the beyond have popped up playing through The 70’s like the Greek Crime story Diamonds on Her Naked Flesh. Starring Eleni Anousaki (12-year member of it’s Parliament!), the film first played the US in LA at the Mayan in 1974 but found a hurdle in moving outside of the city as an X-Rated that kind of fell through the cracks until it wound up at a few theaters in places like Anniston and Honolulu when the Distribution company finally found some room to play it some time later (if you had a choice between Hemisphere’s endless list of Schoolgirl films, New World’s sure fire hits, Hallmark’s films that remind you to repeat “It’s only a movie”, Porn, and this…). Although the Hawaii is one of the big theaters in the city which is now a place for Dramatic Arts today after a restoration, back in that time it was playing a lot of sleaze and Japanese Pink flicks. making it a natural choice to book a film like this.


6-21-74 – The LA premiere.


11-17-67 – Hentai and The Sadist was a perfect match for the Waialae in Kahala, part of the Royal chain of theaters that included the King and Queen (later an Adult theater). Bob Cresse’s pick-ups were great for a city that had specialized in Eroductions. Sadly, that film is still not in the SWV library, but a print of The Sadist, the highlight of Arch Hall, Jr’s career, found it’s way into the catalog.

11-8-67 – Playing at the King a couple of weeks before with the big ad.


11-8-67 – the final day of David F. Friedman’s She Freak at the Waialae, “all the more appalling in color”!


12-1-70 – the Consolidated Theaters booked The Gore Trilogy at the Hawaii Theater and Kam Drive In, who sometimes shared the same program. Wonder if they had the barf bags! In this ad, your weekend was planned perfectly including the then-topical Dairy of a Mad Housewife at he Cinerama and the controversial and brilliant Performance at the Varsity. I know what you’re thinking…time machine…NOW!

3-8-68 – Bob Clark’s She Man plays the King and Waialae. You seriously have to see it to believe it! It’s actually a pretty good film and nothing to be ashamed of.


9-1-67 – the Weird World of LSD was one of the most jaw-dropping “expose” films ever, possibly the cheapest of them all. Here, the Princess booked it with Riot on Sunset Strip with Mimsi Farmer’s famous trip out sequence possibly as if to say that those hip teenagers are danger and in trouble…although the realities of the world would have made the viewer ask “where do I get some?”


12-11-64 – Before Joseph Green promoted Tetsuji Takechi’s trail blazing Day Dream through The US in 1966 cut with added in scenes that had nothing to do with the movie, there were showings of the real version from 1964  in connection with Shochiku.


12-17-64 – The Roosevelt was the “Weird” spot in Honolulu that showed the Sexpoitation that carried it’s business up to the Early 70’s and closed as the Rex Theater around 1973. The mark of a great Adult sin-ema is when Olga cane to play,


9-8-72 – The Rex with Sex Rituals of the Occult, a kind of “White Coat” style film starring Steve Vincent as the “Doctor” and a bunch of models and guys all frolicking around.

As you can tell, there’s more to come!