Various Sinful Madness from the Screen 13 Files featuring All the Sins of Sodom, Female Trouble, Zaat, and more!

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10-25-68, Los Angeles – Joe Sarno’s All the Sins of Sodom was another win for the legendary director, who was soon to have his biggest success with Inga, but even in 1968 the title was a bit of trouble to promote – although in this case the LA paper mentioned the real title in the listings. The Left Bank is the short lived Late 60’s era of the Monica, later the Monica ‘Cat Pussycat Theater which turned into the Tomcat, a gay theater. This is possibly the best of the re-titled ads, but certainly the most interesting as it’s from LA.

The film is now released on Blu Ray through Film in connection with Something Weird Video! This follows up on the DVD by Secret Key and the Blu through Vinegar Syndrome, but be sure to check this release out for a special extra.

The Rilato closed in 1988 after years of the usual changes that hit Downtown theaters (one era included Spanish films) and is now an Urban Outfitters…sign of the times.


4-6-73, Orlando – The Devil’s Nightmare was a great success, but this ad mat is a comparatively rare find. While not as effective as it’s best known ads or it’s appearance on it’s run with In the Devil’s Garden, it at least showed that Hemisphere knew what they were selling and tried as many ways possible before the days of the Swingin’ movies put them on auto-pilot.

To prevent from turning into “Auto-Pilot” myself, here’s a mix of cool ads that stand out for me, enjoy!


10-17-75, Albuquerque – John Waters’ legendary Female Trouble plays the Pyramid with a flick featuring Baby Bubbles showing that the programmer knows a thing about putting on a show. This remains my all time favorite of Waters’ films after leaving a big impression on me back in the days of renting stacks of videos and sharing the love with friends. Although this was a favorite on the Midnight and Art House circuits, this showing is one of the few I caught that was advertised as “normal” as it could get then, although it was at an Adult theater that normally showed Porn.


8-1-75, Detroit – Throwing in some Detroit action, the Cabaret’s showing of Female Trouble and Pink Flamingos must be among the best programs it ever showed. The Friday and Saturday Midnight show of Radley Metzger’s Lickerish Quartet is of another film that impressed me back in the days of video renting.


5-18-75, Greenville, Mississippi – These films are certainly not rare to find, although the combination of the Howco films at the Showtown were what I could call Third Run by that time. To those still not in the know – Monkee Micky Dolenz is in Night of the Strangler.


Akron, 1-16-76 – This is another excellent triple bill featuring a movie I featured some time back – Dear Dead Delilah, something already long gone forgotten except for Late Show addicts. The Blood Waters of Dr. Z was originally known as Zaat! and now a Mystery Science Theater 3000 favorite while Night of Bloody Horror gets another showing on it’s here and there creep through the American Sin-ema scene in The 70’s.


10-29-76, Greenville, SC – I normally don’t feature the Trucker-sploitation movies mainly due to the fact that I have so many Horror and Grindhouse finds to sort out, but The Scene seriously salutes them for being around when the Sexploitation was in a been-there-done-that-what’s-next stage and something had to please the travelers of American’s highways. Here, the White Horse seriously give a real Dusk to Dawn show including gas and jean suit giveaways! They were a part of The 70’s that has a serious part in US history, and having some beautiful women that could melt the screen adds to the fun.


10-10-80 – This reissue of The Mafu Cage by the Jerry Gross Organization did OK, although it never appeared in my area of Detroit-Toledo. Joining in the Don’t Parade, which included Don’t Answer Phone, Don’t Go in the Park, and several other titles, it had a chance to play at a few theaters with a cool advertisement.


2-21-75, Harlingen – The Devil Has 7 Faces was one of the many films connected to International Cine Film that went through the Small run circuit before heading off to video-land. May not be among the best of the gaillo films, but if has a 70’s charm.


2-5-75, Honolulu – For all of my research on this campy flick (I seem to be in an audience of maybe 10 for this one) and it’s stars that had some marquee value, the Yin and Yang of Mr. Go seemed to have went into the garbage cans after it’s few showings, only to have some PD video company of the 80’s unleash this to an unsuspecting market. It’s not good, and I can see why it could get passed up, but it is one of the more amusing films made from 1969-70 that saw a number of Hollywood names go into the Hip Swing of things only to miss all together. It lies down the middle – It’s not Art or trying to be relevant nor is it not a drug expose that several films with notable names trying to look hip were at the time (and it can be said that Jerry Lewis’ The Day the Clown Cried is a genre of one!), but a espionage caper with a few thought-to-be-trendy topics of the day that still has a little something that makes it stand slightly above most star-driven vehicles that had problems.

If anything, the ad stated a truth…it was made in Hong Kong, Winter 1969-70!


10-1-76, San Antonio – To those wanting real rare, here’s Gary Kent’s The Pyramid! To this day, this has been the only ad I could find of this hard to find cult classic. A serious mark of the time, but certainly a very interesting one filmed in Dallas. While one critic stated that it was better than Billy Jack, the days of Dramatic Independent movies with a message that were shown with good distribution were drawing to a close by 1976.


5-20-77 – Now HERE’S competition! The 1977 model King Kong vs. A*P*E pitched side to side in Akron! While Dino’s Kong had the lavish production and Jessica Lange, the Jack H. Harris pick-up that got into trouble after it’s original announcement as The New King Kong featured the ape giving the finger!  Now that’s cinema!


3-4-77, Greenville, SC – The Demon Lover was so low budget, you can say today that it looks more like a Documentary of SE Michigan than a movie. All of the clumsy fashion, crappy cars, ran down bars, hair-dos, Occult interests, and doughnut shops are in there along with a minimalist Synth score that must have sounded state of the art back then. Out of all of the bad movies I have seen, this seriously earns a spot in the Screen 13 Hall of Infamy mainly because I’m from there. It hardly played, but that’s a part of it’s charm.

Look for Leatherface himself in a small role.


11-24-78, Honolulu – One last Video favorite to wind this up. The Tormented was best known as The Eerie Midnight Horror Show after Continental Video picked this up under  that title released by 21’st Century Dist. Corp., the home of Nightmare, Cathy’s Curse, and many Kung Fu flicks. It’s original run under the Possessed only had a few stops outside of NYC, including Toledo where it wound up at the Greenwood Cine 1&2 (a small double in a small mall where I saw Reform School Girls back in ’86 as a young Cult Flick fan – wish I was born earlier). Here’s one of the better ads for it from Honolulu.


Torrid Tales of Sin in the 60’s – More New Arrivals!

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2-7-65, Akron

Time to look at some new arrivals in the Sin in The 60’s files, focusing (with some nice diversions) on the New York Roughie scene which could be called Back Alley Art…or something like that. Many of these ads are from Akron, where the Astor Theater knew how to sell them. Starting off with this tasty ad for Body of a Female, we’ll move on..


12-9-65, Akron – the Olga films played everywhere, causing a lot of controversy along the way. Thankfully, several cities had papers that carried the better ads.


6-14-68, Elmyra, NY – this ad for Lou Campa’s Venus in Furs had got the legs to sell it. Wonder how “Underground” the Roxy DI got with this show for 1968!


6-3-66, Binghamton, NY – Satan’s Bed is a great example of how to cobble something together for release, in this case completing an unfinished film called Judas City and bringing in Michael Findlay to add some uber sleazy crime scenes. That the film featured the future wife of John Lennon only added had some extra marquee value once Yoko Ono graduated from being a face on the Conceptual Art scene when this was first released to being a controversial star.


10-7-66, Philadelphia – Another ad that the more adventurous papers printed.


1-10-67, Lubbock – this ad makes Satan’s Bed look more like a common Crime film, but at least it printed the full title. The Lubbock paper would have some problems with the Fine Arts Drive In’s ads soon.


10-27-70, Pittsburgh – Don’t know about this one, but it certainly fits here!


11-25-70, Colorado Springs – I still keep finding ads for the one and only Female Animal, and while it’s in color and has a more Psychedelic style, the downbeat theme still fits.


3-8-68, Honolulu – Bob Clark’s She Man will be remembered by sleaze fans as a pretty good start for a future star Director that actually stands up on it’s own away from the scene.


1-6-67, LA


5-19-66, Akron


1-27-66, Akron – With an ad like this, you already know that this is not a film for those who want to go to Heaven! You got what you payed for.


1-21-66, LA – the Monica was a good place for the New York films on the West Coast. Doris Wishman’s Bad Girls Go to Hell was a small hit on the Adult Sin-ema circuit.


11-11-66, Bad Girls Go to Hell returns to the LA area at the Apollo Arts.


3-19-66, San Antonio – Bad Girls go to Hell showed up at the Prince, which sadly closed up shop in 1969.

Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror and House of Psychotic Women – Celebrating (Birthday Star) Paul Naschy in the US Cinema Scene

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5-16-71, Akron – After a failed opening in Los Angeles as a 3-D movie in January, Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror starring Paul Naschy, best known as the more appropriate Mark of the Wolfman, made it’s way through The US as a regular release Distributed through Independent International starting in the Spring of 1972. Sadly, the LA showing was botched through a showing with acrylic lenses after a reportedly impressive showing for Sam Sherman’s company, resulting in a 2D release. The story had nothing to do with the classic tale, but it was all about Paul Naschy being El Hombre Lobo, and at the Scene there’s nothing wrong with that as long as it results in a good movie, although I can understand if Naschy was not too pleased with this title as it fell victim to the US Distributor had to re-title something to fill the promise of a Frankenstein movie for 400 theaters (Wikipedia link later in the post).

Hello once again! There was a serious tine away from blogging for several reasons, not least trying to get more ads, finding more information, contacting old friends, listening to great music, and just relaxing while watching the movies without thinking “Blog” to make sure my mind remembers why I am writing about these films. There has been so much going on in the world, and of course many eyes are on the US for the well-reported reasons, but I’d like to see this as a place to relax for a while to enjoy things, catch your breath, and return to our lives a little more focused.

By the time I write this, it will already be 9-7-17 in my time zone, but anytime is a right time to celebrate the work of Paul Naschy, born 9-6-34. Through The 70’s, most of  his work wound up on TV, mainly on the late shows where his films work their magic, but thankfully there have been some good releases of his movies which appeared on many screens. The focus here is on two of them – Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror and House of Psychotic Women, now best known under it’s original title Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll.


9-10-71, Chicago – This showing was for the cinema ghouls who like their Horror any way they can, in this case being both Color and B&W.


9-10-71, 53 and 41 Drive Ins, Chicago area – This was a good program for the Drive Ins that ran different than the main ad. The co-features are tow well-loved Hammer films.


5-2-71, Indianapolis – With William Grefe’s Sting of Death and David Hewitt’s Gallery of Horror. Kind of a mis-match, but that was the way they played them!


9-12-71, Lincoln, Neb.

As time was running out for 400 theaters wanting a Frankenstein picture I-I announced, something had to be done…such was the business! With Terror of the Blood Monsters being partially a B&W film tinted with headache inducing colors with another silly explanation for it all, you could say that it was the company’s brief era of cheesy excuses.


12-15-72, Detroit – Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror played as a B to Dracula Vs. Frankenstein after I-I finally got the prints to what they originally planned to release.


10-13-73, Indianapolis – With the infamous Dracula Vs. Frankenstein. No more needs to be said!


7-30-76, Chicago – Blue Eyes of a Broken Doll had a good release in the US under the title of House of Psychotic Women. Today, it’s best known under it’s original name in The States first through a great DVD release by BCI/Eclipse under it’s Deimos line.


9-24-76, Indianapolis


5-14-76, Hamilton


1-28-77, Anniston

Hard Women was originally known as..


9-23-77, Detroit – This is a great double bill. Even if the third Blind Dead movie was not the most-loved, it had a charm for aging theaters in Downtown areas, of which the Madison was one (RIP, 1984-5).


10-28-77, Colorado Springs

A Mix of Madness!

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5-10-74, Minneapolis – This is possibly the only sighting of the ultimate ad for People Toys featuring the “Four Little Angles of Death”! Most of the ads used were smaller variations of this, but it seriously was not a hit under that name when it was released by Billy Fine! AKA The Horrible House on the Hill when released by Cinemation and Devil Times Five when re-issued in 1977.

This is a small collection of recent finds which stand out that I want to share with you for future reference. You might find them in other posts as soon as possible. Enjoy!


8-10-79, Jackson, Tenn. – You can’t top this review!


1-11-74, LA area – I have featured Pets before, but I don’t think The Scene had the LA ad.


4-23-76, Appleton, WI – There’s a bunch of Appleton ads in the collection, but I don’t think you have to guess more than a few seconds why I wanted to pick this. This was a threesome presented by United International Pictures of imported erotica which played a lot through the Mid-Late 70’s with Love Under 17 being the big hit of the time. OK, I’m not fooling anyone as to why, but there has to be some description, right?


6-26-81, Akron – One of the best ads for Bloodsucking Freaks presented by Troma after it’s run as The Incredible Torture Show – a title that played with The Gore Gore Girls in San Antonio back in ’77. This would see many showings with other Tromaville flicks, including one in Detroit in ’85. This would be a go-to sickie rental shortly after.


12-4-81, Phoenix – A nice super show ad featuring one of the all time great jaw-deoppers of movie history, Don’t Go in the Park! The Hatchet Murders was the re-issue of Dario Argento’s classic of classics Deep Red.


1-11-80, Jackson, Miss – We’re still trying to find out what Disco Sexpot and Stag Party was all about, but screen 3’s pairing of The Rape Killer and Cry Rape was a reminder of a decade gone by when these films were showing all over the country. My guess for Stag Party is possibly Pelvis, AKA Toga Party with the working title of Disco Madness/


1-29-82, Oxford, Alabama – I love it when I stumble upon a film that actually got shown somewhere before it went into VHS Hell! While Jerry Warren deserves a spot in Cinema Hell for his crimes to Low Budget film making, you have to admit that Frankenstein Island is something “special”. As it said in the ads, you learn “The Total”! The Total WTF?


2-26-82, Nashville – If this is not a perfect way to end a mix of ads, then I don’t know. Coming of Age is actually a light flick originally called The Fruit is Ripe, but that ad…you already know the power of selling these films, and even the most been-there-done-that among us will be wanting to shed a few dollars from the wallet to see the film if only for one reason. The B was the kickin’ film from New World which toughened up the night.

Dear Dead Delilah and the Evil Women who Played With Her

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5-5-72 – Will Geer appears in person at the Paramount in Nashville to promote Dear Dead Delilah. Released in a year of serious WTF cinema, this will collect a small and loving cult following within sin-ema fans through the collecting world.

Distributed by Southern Star with play dates mainly in the South before it’s TV showings with some Midwest and Canadian dates after it’s first run, this creepy and proud of it Regional Horror was promoted with one of the most jaw-dropping ads in an era filled with them. Director John Farris was best known as a writer, who’s book The Fury turned into a hit movie in 1978 while most of the cast were respected actors who were best known on the TV screens taking their skills to the cinema where they can indulge in some R-Rated stuff. Made in Nashville, this was one of the many films in a time when the Independent movie companies were producing movies at full speed with all kinds of wild films that featured familiar actors and actresses stepping out of their safe zones and into some strange worlds only for them to be played in a few areas in their first runs and go onto the Late Shows and Video shelves (via Embassy) soon after.


5-12-72, Putting some grim Horror in the Sunshine State, Orlando meets Delilah!

Anges Moorehead (Bewitched!) stars as the edgy matriarch who has been rumored to have left a $500,000 in the mansion which just hired a new caretaker – one that had a cut-throat style of dealing with people in her history. Patricia Carmichael is in her one and only starring role in film history as Luddie, who was released from prison after 30 years for murdering her mother and is now helping out Delilah and possibly planning to help herself to the family fortune.  Among the notable list of actors is Will Geer who made this film before his best known role in The Waltons turned him into a serious household name in Prime Time and Dennis Patrick from Perry Mason and Dark Shadows among a long list of TV shows.

Sadly, Angus Moorhead would pass away in 1974, but not without one more popular film to end a fine career with in a voice roll for the hit Charlotte’s Web as the goose released in 1973. DDD showing as a second feature in some out of the way Drive In by then.


9-15-72, Wilmington – At a theater that closed in 1974, maybe the setting was a perfect place for DDD. Many older theaters had that creepy value which made these films work.
After these first showings, it went onto triple bills featuring wicked women characters you did not want to mess with – I wonder if it played with Girly somewhere?


11-3-72, Cincinnati, OH area – AAAAAAAAAH!!!! DDD was put into a Unholy Three triple feature or what I call theBattle of the Battle Axes show, with the emphasis the Ax!

…except for the Montgomery who had at least Solomon King of the Witches and Cry of the Banshee. There were only so many prints to go around.


11-2-72, Hamilton, OH – The Valley also had this shock show!


12-1-72, Akron – With Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, but also Bonnie’s Kids. The third film’s tale of greed featuring Tiffany Bolling and Robin Mattson was a real Drive In hit in The 70’s.


9-22-72, Gastonia – The Village Theater with the Adult Late Show also programmed DDD.


2-2-73, Indianapolis – This cool triple bill has it all! Night of the Cobra Woman and Lady Frankenstein are good cult classics which continued DDD’s perfect fit with films featuring the evil women of 70’s Exploitation. Both of these Drive Ins were possibly ran by Priority Theaters.


12-17-76, Ottawa – Last but seriously not least, DDD appeared in Canada!!! This showing at 2 theaters was headlined by Behind the Shutters, a re-titled release of The Corruption of Chris Miller made in Spain. Hope to find more ads from there soon.

You Gotta Have “Art”! Something Weird’s Happening at the Art Theater, Binghamton, NY (some 1965-70 highlights)

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5-13-66 – Want to know where bad girls go? See the movie! The Binghamton ad for Doris Wishman’s Roughie classic Bad Girls Go to Hell showing at the Art with Vice Girls Ltd. with the Censor at work.

Binghamton’s Art Theater is remembered by cinema fans for it’s final years as a much-loved Indie and revival movie house – I’m sure that 90’s fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show made it a go-to place for a while – and historians for it’s history, which included some legendary live shows every now and then. It’s Porno era of The 70’s-86 is not as fondly remembered as another example of theaters that moved to that genre, but The Scene salutes it’s 60’s, when it was showing the edgy Adults Only flicks about controversial topics, shocking stories, and back street affairs promoted by ads that had it’s moments of censorship – many titles that would be saved and presented through Something Weird Video. An electrical fire closed the theater in 2004, and there are many memories ranging from the good to bad and the WTF (The 70’s had a lot of them!).


3-11-65 – One word was all you needed to tell them what was showing…OLGA! All three of the infamous films featuring Audrey Campbell were among the most controversial and successful of the 60’s with breaking barriers and taste all over the US. The down and dirty tales of drug dealing and BDSM Play Torture (light by comparison to what would be shown  in movies later) were a hit in urban areas where they knew the story all too well, but told with a sexiness that was usually missing in real life. A men’s adventure story brought to the screen, the Olga movies are serious classics of their time and place, and should be seen by those interested in films that shocked the public back then.


6-3-66 – Pairing Satan’s Bed with a Goddard movie was possibly trying to convince the audience that it was not all about shock, but it was that kind of mix which made the Adult Theaters an adventure at the time. The main feature is actually a fine film in it’s own way – Michael Findlay took (or was given) an arty and grim unfinished film featuring Yoko Ono called Judas City and filled up the time with enough Lower East Side sleaze to make it a playable feature. Three Junkies looking like Beatniks Gone Bad go out for the kill as they try to “get the money” to score some H that was “delivered” by the man in the Judas City footage looking for a way out of the racket who just met his mail order bride (Ono, who was a known artists in Avant Garde circles at the time before meeting John Lennon) with the Roughie Findlay footage looking tough and rough – maybe seductive to those who’s tastes go that way with a couple of good looking victims.


11-9-66 – Another Day, Another Man was one of the films by Doris Wishman that went into Roughie World, and all the better for that. The Smut Peddler was promoted with an incredible trailer and had a “travelogue” style to showing the women in the film.


2-4-66 – Joe Sarno’s Flesh and Lace is one of the Director’s finest moments of The 60’s before he went on to make Inga in Sweden. While June Roberts deservedly gets the ad space, the real star of the show is Alice Lin/Linville/Davis/Baez…or just Judy Young.


5-20-66 – The films of Joe Sarno were everywhere, and not just for the fact that he made so many. His work featured topics that everyone can relate to or at least has heard about. Swapping was a big thing in some quarters, and someone had to make a film about it. Thankfully, Sarno filled in the gaps with a great story and acting all around.


6-9-67 – Double the Findlay, Triple the Sleaze! The Bowery Art of Take Me Naked meets the gritty Touch of Her Flesh in one classic show.


5-12-67 – TV Mikels’ Dr. Sex was the light relief after the cool smut of Massacre of Pleasure, imported from France and picked up by Olympic International


8-1-69 – Ride it, Marsha!!! The AP Stephens film Lady Godiva Rides was a fun flick while The Spy Who Came is one for those looking for more sophisticated thrills – everyone wins!


10-10-69 – While we may never know about the “Mod Film” Lysistrata, The Divorcee was one of the many films starring Marsha Jordan, the sight for those who were more advanced in age who connected with her beauty than the younger generation moving in.


1-2-70 – Fluctuations – WTF, Roughie Style defined. Obviously the Director wanted to be in the league of the Findlays, but did not have what it took to go there. Still, it has to be seen to be believed. Baby, Light My Fire was one of the many films by Lou Campa that played a lot through 68-71.


10-23-70 – Showing classic Adult flicks back in the day when they were just screen filler was normal. Still, The Unsatisfied was a very Dramatic movie that had a style to it.

Saturday Night 70’s Sleaze – 1972

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4-19-72, Detroit area – The Metro Detroit area meets Christina Lindburg through her US breakthrough released by Cannon before it turned into the Golan/Globus empire.


5-26-72 – S(ex) in Scandinavia hits the Atlas/Mel/6 Mile Unholy Trinity of sleaze screens.

It’s time for a look into the kinds of films that were playing all around the US in 1972. This certainly is not for everyone, but Exploitation historians still have an interest in these sleazy flicks which were a successful business through the decade.


11-19-72, Greenville – The Cedar Lane gets “Swinging” with the Hemisphere release of The Swingin’ Pussycats, a huge hit for the company co-starring Andrea Rau!


6-23-72, Charleston, WV – The film that started it all for Hemisphere’s 1970’s reign as the EuroTease kings, The Swinging’ Stewardesses was a major hit was liberating in many ways…that is no plots to get in the way of seeing young stewardesses. True, Sherpix’s The Stewardesses was the real start of it all, but the fact that this was a European flick gave it that kind of “exoticism” that many were looking for.


12-8-72, Greenville – This set of ads has got some legs! The Belmont DI’s promotion for it’s showing of Three Cornered Bed is slightly rare as it features the legs of Marie Liljedhal, although sadly Weekend with the babysitter was certainly no match for the first Babysitter. Over at the Cedar Lane, George Rometo’s The Affair, originally released as There’s Always Vanilla, plays with the Danish flick Relations which gives the Lolita Drama genre a bit of a sneaky edge. with Gertie Jung playing the young model of a married middle aged man’s lust.


9-8-72, LA – The New Beverly SINema gets to show Teenage Slaves, while looks like one of those kinky films posed as a warning to the viewer that knows it’s audience.


9-8-72, Philadelphia – Cinemation’s release of Girls at the Gynecologist turns into “Teenage Sex Report” for the US release. This must have seriously dropped jaws, raised a stink with the local uptight squad, and made a lot of money as it played for years.

In the Late 70’s, Beacon re-released this as The Teeny Boppers. Those were the days!


2-18-72, LA – Easy Virtue hits the Mayan. “DL Monty” created this film which will possibly be lost forever under this title or Teenage Party Girls.


12-4-72, Chicago – Universal-Marion was one of the many companies that had a promising start with their release of Dario Argento’s Bird with the Crystal Plumage, but found it’s biggest success with these “Shockers from Sweden”, both rated X. Eva was actually more dramatic than it was advertised for the American market, but that did not stop it from turning into a much-played film.


2-4-72, Youngstown – A cute line for it’s slapped-on X helped sold Dandy to the customers. It was a regular sight through the beginning of the 70’s and was helped by the appearance of John Alderman in the cast. Cynthia Denny (of Ed Wood’s Love Feast) stars.


4-8-72, Kansas City – The School Girls was a major hit film in the US for all of the obvious reasons.


10-20-72, Poughkeepsie – Perfect for the Drive In!


9-8-72, Detroit and 6-28-72, Chicago – Who knows why these films have not been available in the DVD/Streaming age, but I’m usually not surprised. Still, they were a part of an era now long gone which still interests Exploitation fans with a need to know what really happened through that era when sin was all around on the screens.