Rent-A-Girl, aka Rented, and rare AKAs Escort Girl and Hire-a-Model


11-1-67. San Bernardino – the classic double feature!


William/Werner Rose’s smut classic Rent-a-Girl was reported to have been played in Omaha on 10-15-65, and is now  favorite with classic Sexploitation fans. The scene where Darlene Bennett gets hosed down is a classic and the whole film seriously works as a Nudie-Roughie Case History movie, one where some woman takes her case to the criminal justice system about a modelling service ran by a brother and sister team is actually a front for hookers which unfolds into a cool film. The fact that Barbara Wood is a very presentable actress is a major plus and the presence of other New York faces on the scene like June Robers give it more to look at while the jealousy and anger between members turns into a punishment feast at the end.

The ad was a classic featuring an eye catching model and the film seriously lived up to it’s sleaze quotient with the addition of some good dramatic Bondage initiation and punishment scenes, especially near the end.  Although it was Distributed through a leading company, Cambist, there was one slight hurdle – the title. Today, one can see why the name was certainly one to alter when used in a Sexploitation film, and it did lend itself to a few revisions through the years it played. The AFI listed Rented, but these ads also uncover a couple of more, I think used in one-off situations (any more, please let us know!).


Fresno, 11-12-65 – Here, the title is seriously changed to Escort Girl, the name of another classic Exploitation film that’s a part of David F. Friedman’s roadshow Rarities collection. Of course, being the Paris, there’s the News and Cartoon, too!


2-25-66, Denton, TX – Using the title in a classic sleaze fashion with a “High School Girl” film that was originally called The Yellow Teddybears, a dramatic British film which also turned into Gutter Girls in The US…more on that later!!!


8-19-66, Kansas City – Playing with the Unsatisfied, this was at the Strand as Hire-a-Model. Make sure to catch Patty Gee!


9-3-66, Daytona Beach at the Capri – “A model for every mood” is a rare find for these ads.


6-28-67, Amarillo, TX – classic add-on line!!!


10-13-67, AKA Rented!


4-29-68, Lubbock – Call Theater for Details! This was a leading double bill thanks to the quality of both films and Isabel Sarli in The Female.


1-24-68, San Antonio at the Joy.

There were several plays later on, thanks to Cambist being very business smart in letting the films be available to play for a long time, and although Rent a Girl was over-shadowed by some of the films it was paired off with, it was still one to seriously remember. It’s release through Something Weird Video should be checked out…although once again, Aroused will be the A-Slot to Rent a Girls beloved B.

Don’t Rent it, KEEP IT!

In the lack of You Tube footage, here’s the trailer to the Thrill Seekers!

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