HG Lewis’ Scum of the Earth at the Indianapolis Fox – Shameless Sin on the Screen, 1963 Style with a 1964 (Close to the) Deuce

10-25-63, Indianapolis – HG Lewis and David F. Friedman’s Scum of the Earth plays the Fox, the “Home of the Unusual Art Film”. Over the last decade, the Godfather of Gore’s Roughie flick has gained a new audience who has appreciated the other sides of his film making legacy, especially the very low budget B&W flicks that went down and dirty…for Mid 60’s standards, at least. The basic story of a good girl who gets trapped in the “dirty photograph” industry was very spicy for the time although it’s 1963 approach could get it a PG-13 today.

Lawrence J. Aberwood and Mal “Fuad Ramses” Arnold are excellent as the owner and left-hand man in the operation, especially Aberwood thanks to his immortal speech that could just apply to many situations today, but it’s Louise Downe (sometimes known as Bunny Downe) and William Kerwin who steal the show as the good girl gone bad and photographer who develops a conscience. Throw in Carl Maudslay’s rough tough Ajax to provide the few rough moments, and you have a serious sleaze classic.

8-9-63, Chicago area – One of it’s first showings was with Lewis’ Gore classic Blood Feast at four Drive Ins including the Starlite and the 53, both documented well here at The Scene. This show had double the Mal – one as an elderly shop owner who had a taste for Egyptian Feasts and the other as a very unconvincing JD who still rocked. Young, Willing, and Eager was the third feature on that show.

8-16-63, Philadelphia – The Abbe’s word-only promotion for Scum of the Earth was “depraved” and “demented” enough to be a classic on it’s own. Daughter of the Sun with Rusty Allen was one of the Lewis/Friedman Nudies that started their career.

8-16-63, Lansing – At the Downtown Art Theater with Lovers on a Tightrope.

8-28-64, New York City – The Tivoli plays Scum of the Earth for the New York Grindhouse audiences with Nature’s Playmates while the Cameo offered Red Lights of Tokyo, Ecstasy on Lover’s Island, a stripping flick with Tempest Storm, lili St. Cyr, and Blaze Starr, and the classic torrid tale of The Flesh Merchant.

12-12-64, San Antonio – At the Prince with Hollywood Nudes Report.

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