Glen or Glenda Update – Dateline: Heath, Ohio

10-8-57, Heath, OH – The Scene can never get enough of Glen or Glenda or any classic Ed Wood film, and it’s with happiness that an update to the G or G collection has been made recently with this showing in Heath, OH.


2-24-57, Detroit – Not to leave a recent find standing alone, it’s fitting that this Detroit grindhouses – the Grand and Regent – is mentioned.


4-3-57, Detroit – Another Motor City showing I think was at the Gayety Burlesk as Two Lives Have I: Male and Female already hinting at the Adults Only world Wood would go into in full by the 1960’s.


4-18-58, Toledo – This was among one of the first ads I collected several years ago, but it is important as it was from an area close to one of my childhood homes. The Palace also played Plan 9 from Outer Space as the B to Go Johnny Go, the best known double feature of the Wood-land Sci-Fi classic’s original time on the screen.

~ by screen13 on October 9, 2019.

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