For the Love (and Fear) of “Torment”

10-6-67, LA area and Canoga Park – The Pussycat Theaters taught it’s customers an important lesson with Love + Fear = Torment, Max Pecas’ sexy Crime Drama released in The US by Olympic International. While Bob Cresse had some trouble playing the films picked up from Japan including Hentai, other releases like those by Pecas did pretty well in the Adult Movie scene back in the day.. Here, the LA area have two different stylish ads for the feature with the Park announcing it’s co-feature of the House on Bare Mountain which was it’s Nudie Cutie breakthrough starring Cresse in his best comedic role as Granny Good.


8-18-67, Akron – Torment played the Astor, once a leading Adult Cinema in Akron. The B was Lou Campa’s Cool it Baby.


9-29-67, San Antonio – Torment played the Prince Theater, which sadly was to close up a couple of years after this showing. It’s B was Hentai, a film on many Exploitation fans’ wish lists.


2-2-68, Lawton – The Ritz was running in it’s Adults Only phase by this time until it’s shut down in Mid-1974.


7-11-68, Corpus Christi – The Palms’ North Screen was the hot spot for the Adults, showing Torment with the jaw dropping Made in Texas class-sick She Mob.

~ by screen13 on October 6, 2019.

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