Beyond the Deuce – 1966 Memories from the Metropolitan and Shore

2-16-66 – The CIP release of Banned was a faked study of the censorship within the Adults Only movie scene of which the company was a part of with films like Violated Love. Although lost, it’s possibly safe to say that it contained several scenes from it’s movies a la Mondo Oscenita from American Films.

The Metropolitan in Manhattan was East of Union Square Park and had a bad reputation in it’s Adults Only years up to it’s closing in 1988. By Mid-1966, it was teaming up with the Shore in Coney Island/Brooklyn playing second-third run films despite the “First Run” claims of it’s ads. Despite that fact, many of the shows were in the rougher part of the scene until the XXX days, with ads that were suitably small and sleazy. The Shore reportedly closed up in 1973.


4-8-66 – The Sensation Seekers is best known as The Sensualist starring Ilona Lys as Katrina who can’t get any satisfaction in the Greenwich Village scene despite moving from partner to partner. Director Peter Emmanuel Goldman was best known in the art movie scene with this being his only movie Distributed by an Adults Only company, American Films Distribution Corporation. Peter Studies Form is more likely a bit from The Beautiful, the Bloody, and the Bare focusing on the more artistic side of the troubled character and Eves on Skis is a cutie that sometimes played with the other co-feature with Olga movies.


5-16-66 – Kitty Galore was more commonly known as Pussy Galore, a title known to cause plenty of trouble despite it also being the name of a famous James Bond character. Here, it’s with the legendary Olga’s Girls.


5-30-66 – The Soul Snatcher may have been light entertainment by comparison to a lot of the other movies around, but it has it’s charms. The return of The Sensation Seekers fills up the second half of the show.


11-21-66 – The classic Strange Compulsion appears with Honeymoon of Horror, here known as The Golden Nymphs.

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