Island of Death gets “Perverted” and shown in Indianapolis, 1976

4-9-76, Indianapolis
4-16-76, Indianapolis

It’s great to be returning on WordPress after building up a readership with my Facebook page which I felt needed some support, so expect double trouble from The Scene! There’s no better way than to start things off again with a serious rarity that could only have happened in the Mid 70s.

Nico Mastorakis’ Island of Death has been an eye opener in the Blu Ray world via Arrow’s classic release, but very little is known about its theatrical history, especially in The States. EDIT – I was just going through my notes once again after seeing the second ad and found out that Bryanston was behind this release in it’s very last days as an active company – Not surprising considering also picking up Last Stop on the Night Train – and although I will have to seriously capture where I got it from, this might have been the true story. The only showing I have so far is for one in Indianapolis at the Vogue, a theater that was moving into X-Rated movies by the Fall of 1975 would play for two weeks – Flesh for Frankenstein was its co-feature for it’s held over showing.

The Director was already being talked about through getting the gig for The Greek Tycoon, although there was hardly any mention of this film in those reports for obvious reasons. Despite the name value that was brought into the ad, it was obvious that it would join the ranks of the many imported films which played a few theaters in the dying days of the classic Exploitation era and quickly shoved aside after a few showings including Because of the Cats, Delirium (with Mickey Hargitay), The Student Connection, and Born for Hell. It would be soon a Video Nasty favorite in England, where it was Distributed theatrically through Winstone and would be bootlegged for years until recently.

The Vogue closed circa April, 1977 after months of showing Porn and revived itself as a club on New Year’s Eve in that year and still operates as a theater today.


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