Another Serving of BLOOD FEAST Ads from it’s first Run 1963-4


12-11-63, Miami – The Scene finally returns to a film that was featured in posts which made people notice, Blood Feast! This Miami ad was another early run classic which sold it like it is. Through the last few months, more sightings have been found for the early showings of HG Lewis’ classic that I decided to wait until I had a good posts’ worth to throw them all into a…feast! Enjoy!


7-17 and 7-19-64, Akron – The Gala played Blood Feast with AIP’s Blood of Dracula, the British Blood of the Vampire, and, on one night, Roger Corman’s twisted classic A Bucket of Blood. The censorship of the first ad is forgiven for this great program that showed someone was into giving the audience what it wanted.


8-29-64, Kansas City – One of the classic ads that The Scene showed in one of the first posts about it’s tour of terror through The US.


11-20 and 11-22-63, Burlington, NC – This classic triple bill featuring the classic Peeping Tom and Arch Hall Jr’s brilliant performance as The Sadist is both a brilliant find and a sad one. The good part of this outside of the program itself was that it was a sighting of Michael Powell’s killer creeper classic that was part of  a show with a sadistic exploitation film that it was usually paired off with by 1964 – in this case two. The sad part of it was that Nov. 22 was the day that John F. Kennedy was assassinated, an event that must have killed off any interest for anything but mourning.

The pairing of the West Asheville and Dreamland DI ads is classic – the Living and The Dead, anyone?


11-15-63, Tallahassee – A great small ad for this showing with Jack the Ripper.


1-22-64, Orlando – Wonder what was in the “Nausea Pills”?


10-15-63, Santa Rosa – Winding this post up with another classic “Blood-Curdling” new find with this showing with Beast from the Haunted Cave.

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