Snoopy Goes to the Art Theater! Sioux City’s Crest Theater Promotes Barry Mahon’s Fanny Hill Meets the Red Barron, 1969

10-10-69, Sioux City – In the days when parents dropped off their kids at the nearest movie theater to make it play Babysitter back in the day, you can imagine the Crest having to deal with a potential problem after this very cute and unauthorized used of Snoopy’s likeness looking bedazzled was used in an ad promoting Barry Mahon’s Fanny Hill Meets the Red Baron that looked like it was inspired by the Royal Guardsmen’s series of camp classic hit records. I can just see it now – a bunch of kids annoying the ticket seller demanding “I want to see the new Snoopy movie!!!” not knowing that it was an 18 and over theater and asking their parents who “Dr. Erotico” was while being ordered to wash out their mouths with soap. As the ads for the Crest stated after it went to the Nudies in 1968, you had “to be 18 and prove it”! Scram, kids!

The third installment of Mahon’s trio of films cashing in on the use of the name Fanny Hill starring the very good looking Sue Evans was not as big of a Nudie hit as when she met Dr.Erotico or Lady Chatterley mainly as it was unleashed right in the middle of changing times and tastes that were going either in a more Art direction (the age of the Imports) or more Rough, but has it’s own place in Mahon’s history before he made a few G-level films for a couple of years that “OZ-iffied” the audiences at Cinecom theaters that still had Matinees.

Due to the lack of You Tubes containing anything from Barry Mahon’s Fanny Hills, here’s the groovy ad for Musical Mutiny released in 1970, filmed a few months before this show at Pirate’s World Amusement Park with the In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida lineup of Iron Butterfly (who were changing their line-up by this time). More on that later…


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