Something for Everyone…Adult! Random Ads 1969-70

7-3-70, Reading, PA – Starting sleazy at the Park in Reading, this show includes one of the classic creepers of the day in Don’t Just Lay There. This may be the only time we will get to see some visual ad for Last of the Two Dollar… that looked like it was done for that much!

The Scene is having a organizational party and you are invited and encouraged to look through all of the random wildness that could not be fit into any focused article (yet!).


6-5-70, LA – the White Coat films were about anything they can talk about. L-dopa was actually a happening in the erotic scene back in the day as now.

For a more serious look into, check out this article, but there are some bodybuilding forms that sometimes discuss the more “romantic” effects.


6-5-70, LA – This Jefferson Burke is a different one from the one known today. There is a Dream of Body by Pat Rocco under another name said to have been released in 1972 when one looks at the IMDb, but knowing the underground nature of most of these films it’s possibly this film playing in 1970. Signature also had one of the many Denmark Documentaries of the era and Song of the Loon.


6-5-70, LA – the Apollo, Star, and Rialto chain of theaters were one of the lowest-level, but they are of serious interest for the rare and lost titles that made up a lot of their programming. Sometimes, you really want to see what these films are like even if you already know the very low-budget sleaze that’s in store.


7=24=70, LA – I wonder if this was filmed in the same “jail” as Caught in the Can.

1-29-70, NYC – Village Voice! The all male shows have some boots that were made for more than walking on the wild side while the Cine Lido plays another hot White Coat happening that was all over The US at the time.


2-5-70, NYC – Sticks and Stones should be a familiar title to Something Weird Video fans.


9-12-70, Danville – so much attention is given to the South in Pelham, NC, but the North had a lot of rare and sexy shows too.

12-11-70. Daytona  – you have to love these “new policy” ads!


6-19-70, Chicago


7-10-70, Chicago – Quite an evil selection! Sinthia, the Devil’s Doll is at the Image, with a “Le” to make it look arty…ooooooh!


5-22-70, Chicago – By throwing in the “In” to The Spy Who Came, it made it sound more serious to those who knew.


10-10-69, El Paso – Just asking before I find out if the Loretto Shopping Center was one of those strip malls where you could find a “Storefront” if you were lucky. Sadly, time was running short for these theaters due to the usual anti-smut league problems.


4-4-69, LA – One for the Pat Rocco fans.


12-12-69, LA


1-3-69, Long Beach – I don’t think that this theater is mentioned in the Cinema Treasures, meaning of course it’s one of those small smut centers.


3-14-69, LA – The Mayan 21 was a smaller alternative to the Pussycat on 5’th and Hill which played a better variety of films that were not as distinguished as the legendary theater’s. If you were lucky, you could get to see a WTF classic that was passed to them.


4-5-68, San Pedro – Humm…someone was playing with fire with the name.


10-11-68 – Messing with the big league will only bring you trouble. The Baby Doll was a cool name that will not get passed today in the PC culture, but was fine for The 60’s as the 1956 film was already a classic (and was about to be re-released by Cinemation).


9-13-68, Miami – by Early 1969, these ads would be forced to go word-only.


9-5-69, Reading – Ending off where we started…better leave them alone!


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