The Continuing Hot Adventures in Paradise! It’s Hot in Paradise, 1961-1964

6-23-61, Philadelphia – The Scene’s research on It’s Hot in Paradise takes us as back as 1961 at The Studio in Philadelphia! Featuring an ad that “lays down” the attraction, the Studio cinema was a perfect place to play this film back in the day. the B was Pacemaker’s presentation of La fille de feu with Claudine Dupus and Yoko Tani.

This follow-up to our first look into the playing history of It’s Hot in Paradise takes on another tour through The US in the space of about three years, moving from territory to territory with a couple of special packages that highlighted it’s appeal to the Art market before it turned into Horrors of Spider Island with a brief cut in the running time. Most of the ads focused on Barbara Valentin with most covering up or throwing a bikini on the catfight that was featured in a few ads untouched wile others showed the classy girl group line-up. As I like to give this trip some added historical content, several of these theaters were early examples of places considered and shunned by the mainstream as “those theaters”, although there were some high profile showings including the Fox in Detroit as featured before.

I know readers are going WTF thinking that back in the day this was spicy stuff in The States, but it seriously was.



8-26-62, Hollywood, SC – The Palmetto must not have had the ad sheets or declined to use them. Instead, they used the memorable image form Liane, Jungle Goddess.



9-4-62, Hartford, Conn. – Another ad that covered up the cat fight promoted it’s showing at the Art Cinema, but the good news is that the theater is running films today although they’re of the XXX kind from what I heard. Nothing wrong with that, but just to let you know.



6-13-62, St. Louis – The World was a theater that stood strong until the Early 70’s (possibly 1974). The ad here has a “Leg Up” on some of the others and promoted as “A film gem”.

2-22-63, St. Petersburg – The Capitol Theater was showing films for the mature crowd by that time and would continue by 1965 before a very brief attempt to go mainstream as the Family Theater. The B to this show would be the Janus release of Elevator to the Gallows featuring music by Miles Davis.


3-6-63, Lubbock, TX – With Audubon’s presentation of Douce violence with Elke Sommer as the B and an ad that covered up the cat fighting at the bottom, It’s Hot in Paradise played the Westener Drive In, better known to smut fiends as the Fine Arts. The censorship of the ad would be proven light compared to wht happened later in 1968-9.


4-11-63, Miami – The 79’th Street Art had the movie with the British crime film The League of Gentleman. “A guilty past and a hopeless future”…I wonder if some in the audience could relate to that line in this trailer.


7-12-63, Minneapolis – The El Lago was I think a theater that closed down as a movie house by 1966, but it was notable for being one of the area’s earliest Adult movie houses. Career Girl was released in the US by Astor.



8-2-63, Cincinnati – The Royal was moving to the Adult stuff after it’s time as a second run house. Closed in 1979.

10-11-63, Clermont, Indiana – The DI was a survivor lasting until 2007.


11-1-63, Green Bay –  The Starlite was a Late 80’s casualty.


11-22-63, Jackson, Mississippi – Seven Daring Girls was about “A vacation that turns into a nightmare” and was a perfect fit. The Skyvue was a Gulf States theater through a good part of The Early 60’s.


12-17-63, Greenville, Miss. – The future Showtown DI was another Gulf States theaater which ran until 1980.




4-11-64, Glens Falls, NY – Pacemaker’s final round with It’s Hot in Paradise before cutting three minutes off and re-naming it Horrors of Spider Island featured an “educational” film originally called Paradiso terreste which played a bit as Ritual of Love. this was one of the rare times when the ad to the B was presented more visually.

4-24-64, Allentown, PA – So far, this is one of the final finds of it’s original run before it went into a more general release


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