Falling Star(r)s: The Ill-Fated Re-release of Son of Dracula as Young Dracula


5-2-75 – Son of Dracula, Ringo Starr’s ill-fated movie with Harry Nilsson, was already a sad memory with Beatles fans who either heard about the movie or was in one of the few areas that had it either s a one-week run or (in Chicago and LA) a Midnight show with a memorable soundtrack album that was headed for the cut-out bins if it was not already there. Cinemation in it’s final run as a company was re-releasing several of it’s high-profile films and decided to take one more desperate chance to promote a film that had high expectations that came out high in other ways. Say “Hello Goodbye” in a week to Young Dracula! At least the music, a mix of favorites and the classic “Daybreak”, wins.

It had very little success, with the word of mouth causing a lot of hesitation, but it played some areas during the next few months.


6-18-75, Honolulu – Crossing into the Hawaii area, the ad threw in Harry Nilsson’s name just to let them know that the “Without You” hit maker was a Co-Star(r) in the film.


~ by screen13 on December 3, 2017.

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