Sin on the Screen at the Great Oaks Drive In, Cedar Lake, IN (1970)

5-1-70, Cedar Lake, IN – After some time as a regular small Drive In, the Great Oaks took advantage of it’s out of the way location by turning it into an Adult Ozoner perfect for all of the obvious reasons. From 1970 to 1983, it battled all kinds of problems and protests but stayed in business and kept to it’s mainly programming with some weeks changing to playing R films to please the local goodie goodie squad. The Chevron double bill of the seriously successful I, a Woman 2 and How to Seduce a Playboy was joined in with Larry Buchannan’s Under Age.

This post takes a look at a few of the ads mainly focusing on 1970-71 with plenty of classic cult titles playing the screen.


7-30-71 – Another spotting of the legendary Russ Meyer double bill of Motor Psycho/Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! was joined in with The Pleasure Game, a Belgian film also released by Eve.


12-18-70 – Certainly someone was having fun playing these flicks to the delight of the customers and the the disgust of the rest. In a triple bill perfect for a Something Weird Video night, fan favorite All Men are Apes gets connected with Isabel Sarli in Heat and the Roadshow flick Karamoja.


11-13-70 – Got your back!!! The Jayne Mansfield-starring documentary on Las Vegas, Spree, was sandwiched between Bora Bora and Alberto Gout’s 1956 Adam And Eve.

Plus Hot Coffee!!!


6-23-78 – Spree returned with Adam and Eve while replacing Bora Bora with Kama Sutra, the classic sleaze in a white coat.


11-6-70 – Carroll Baker in Paranoia, Jess Franco’s classic WIP film 99 Women and Sandy Dennis in A Cold Day in the Park formed another winning AIP triple play.


10-23-70 – Ann and Eve, with “That Inga Girl”, plays an outdoor date at the Great Oaks.


9-11-70 – Two Joe Sarno films highlight this excellent night of Adult movies with Satan in High Heels taking up the last spot. Yes! was the only film in the bunch that was officially rated X and is now a serious cult classic of the whirlwind of Late 60’s-Early 70’s erotica.


7-16-71 – Substitution sees the theater “substitute” the original ad mat for The Mafia Girls! Censorship can “Go to Hell”!


8-7-70 – David F. Friedman’s production of Starlet plays with  the Danish 1962 Weekend and the Curse of Frankenstein.


10-2-73 – Two Joe Sarno films again take the majority of the program, and for good reason. Red Rose of Passion and Flesh and Lace have went onto become fan favorites.


10-29-71 – Ending this look with Heat and Yes! (Count the Possibilities) playing again while Pattern of Evil shows up judged “Not Obscene” in NYC. Some locals, however thought different.

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