Various Sinful Madness from the Screen 13 Files featuring All the Sins of Sodom, Female Trouble, Zaat, and more!


10-25-68, Los Angeles – Joe Sarno’s All the Sins of Sodom was another win for the legendary director, who was soon to have his biggest success with Inga, but even in 1968 the title was a bit of trouble to promote – although in this case the LA paper mentioned the real title in the listings. The Left Bank is the short lived Late 60’s era of the Monica, later the Monica ‘Cat Pussycat Theater which turned into the Tomcat, a gay theater. This is possibly the best of the re-titled ads, but certainly the most interesting as it’s from LA.

The film is now released on Blu Ray through Film in connection with Something Weird Video! This follows up on the DVD by Secret Key and the Blu through Vinegar Syndrome, but be sure to check this release out for a special extra.

The Rilato closed in 1988 after years of the usual changes that hit Downtown theaters (one era included Spanish films) and is now an Urban Outfitters…sign of the times.


4-6-73, Orlando – The Devil’s Nightmare was a great success, but this ad mat is a comparatively rare find. While not as effective as it’s best known ads or it’s appearance on it’s run with In the Devil’s Garden, it at least showed that Hemisphere knew what they were selling and tried as many ways possible before the days of the Swingin’ movies put them on auto-pilot.

To prevent from turning into “Auto-Pilot” myself, here’s a mix of cool ads that stand out for me, enjoy!


10-17-75, Albuquerque – John Waters’ legendary Female Trouble plays the Pyramid with a flick featuring Baby Bubbles showing that the programmer knows a thing about putting on a show. This remains my all time favorite of Waters’ films after leaving a big impression on me back in the days of renting stacks of videos and sharing the love with friends. Although this was a favorite on the Midnight and Art House circuits, this showing is one of the few I caught that was advertised as “normal” as it could get then, although it was at an Adult theater that normally showed Porn.


8-1-75, Detroit – Throwing in some Detroit action, the Cabaret’s showing of Female Trouble and Pink Flamingos must be among the best programs it ever showed. The Friday and Saturday Midnight show of Radley Metzger’s Lickerish Quartet is of another film that impressed me back in the days of video renting.


5-18-75, Greenville, Mississippi – These films are certainly not rare to find, although the combination of the Howco films at the Showtown were what I could call Third Run by that time. To those still not in the know – Monkee Micky Dolenz is in Night of the Strangler.


Akron, 1-16-76 – This is another excellent triple bill featuring a movie I featured some time back – Dear Dead Delilah, something already long gone forgotten except for Late Show addicts. The Blood Waters of Dr. Z was originally known as Zaat! and now a Mystery Science Theater 3000 favorite while Night of Bloody Horror gets another showing on it’s here and there creep through the American Sin-ema scene in The 70’s.


10-29-76, Greenville, SC – I normally don’t feature the Trucker-sploitation movies mainly due to the fact that I have so many Horror and Grindhouse finds to sort out, but The Scene seriously salutes them for being around when the Sexploitation was in a been-there-done-that-what’s-next stage and something had to please the travelers of American’s highways. Here, the White Horse seriously give a real Dusk to Dawn show including gas and jean suit giveaways! They were a part of The 70’s that has a serious part in US history, and having some beautiful women that could melt the screen adds to the fun.


10-10-80 – This reissue of The Mafu Cage by the Jerry Gross Organization did OK, although it never appeared in my area of Detroit-Toledo. Joining in the Don’t Parade, which included Don’t Answer Phone, Don’t Go in the Park, and several other titles, it had a chance to play at a few theaters with a cool advertisement.


2-21-75, Harlingen – The Devil Has 7 Faces was one of the many films connected to International Cine Film that went through the Small run circuit before heading off to video-land. May not be among the best of the gaillo films, but if has a 70’s charm.


2-5-75, Honolulu – For all of my research on this campy flick (I seem to be in an audience of maybe 10 for this one) and it’s stars that had some marquee value, the Yin and Yang of Mr. Go seemed to have went into the garbage cans after it’s few showings, only to have some PD video company of the 80’s unleash this to an unsuspecting market. It’s not good, and I can see why it could get passed up, but it is one of the more amusing films made from 1969-70 that saw a number of Hollywood names go into the Hip Swing of things only to miss all together. It lies down the middle – It’s not Art or trying to be relevant nor is it not a drug expose that several films with notable names trying to look hip were at the time (and it can be said that Jerry Lewis’ The Day the Clown Cried is a genre of one!), but a espionage caper with a few thought-to-be-trendy topics of the day that still has a little something that makes it stand slightly above most star-driven vehicles that had problems.

If anything, the ad stated a truth…it was made in Hong Kong, Winter 1969-70!


10-1-76, San Antonio – To those wanting real rare, here’s Gary Kent’s The Pyramid! To this day, this has been the only ad I could find of this hard to find cult classic. A serious mark of the time, but certainly a very interesting one filmed in Dallas. While one critic stated that it was better than Billy Jack, the days of Dramatic Independent movies with a message that were shown with good distribution were drawing to a close by 1976.


5-20-77 – Now HERE’S competition! The 1977 model King Kong vs. A*P*E pitched side to side in Akron! While Dino’s Kong had the lavish production and Jessica Lange, the Jack H. Harris pick-up that got into trouble after it’s original announcement as The New King Kong featured the ape giving the finger!  Now that’s cinema!


3-4-77, Greenville, SC – The Demon Lover was so low budget, you can say today that it looks more like a Documentary of SE Michigan than a movie. All of the clumsy fashion, crappy cars, ran down bars, hair-dos, Occult interests, and doughnut shops are in there along with a minimalist Synth score that must have sounded state of the art back then. Out of all of the bad movies I have seen, this seriously earns a spot in the Screen 13 Hall of Infamy mainly because I’m from there. It hardly played, but that’s a part of it’s charm.

Look for Leatherface himself in a small role.


11-24-78, Honolulu – One last Video favorite to wind this up. The Tormented was best known as The Eerie Midnight Horror Show after Continental Video picked this up under  that title released by 21’st Century Dist. Corp., the home of Nightmare, Cathy’s Curse, and many Kung Fu flicks. It’s original run under the Possessed only had a few stops outside of NYC, including Toledo where it wound up at the Greenwood Cine 1&2 (a small double in a small mall where I saw Reform School Girls back in ’86 as a young Cult Flick fan – wish I was born earlier). Here’s one of the better ads for it from Honolulu.


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