Torrid Tales of Sin in the 60’s – More New Arrivals!


2-7-65, Akron

Time to look at some new arrivals in the Sin in The 60’s files, focusing (with some nice diversions) on the New York Roughie scene which could be called Back Alley Art…or something like that. Many of these ads are from Akron, where the Astor Theater knew how to sell them. Starting off with this tasty ad for Body of a Female, we’ll move on..


12-9-65, Akron – the Olga films played everywhere, causing a lot of controversy along the way. Thankfully, several cities had papers that carried the better ads.


6-14-68, Elmyra, NY – this ad for Lou Campa’s Venus in Furs had got the legs to sell it. Wonder how “Underground” the Roxy DI got with this show for 1968!


6-3-66, Binghamton, NY – Satan’s Bed is a great example of how to cobble something together for release, in this case completing an unfinished film called Judas City and bringing in Michael Findlay to add some uber sleazy crime scenes. That the film featured the future wife of John Lennon only added had some extra marquee value once Yoko Ono graduated from being a face on the Conceptual Art scene when this was first released to being a controversial star.


10-7-66, Philadelphia – Another ad that the more adventurous papers printed.


1-10-67, Lubbock – this ad makes Satan’s Bed look more like a common Crime film, but at least it printed the full title. The Lubbock paper would have some problems with the Fine Arts Drive In’s ads soon.


10-27-70, Pittsburgh – Don’t know about this one, but it certainly fits here!


11-25-70, Colorado Springs – I still keep finding ads for the one and only Female Animal, and while it’s in color and has a more Psychedelic style, the downbeat theme still fits.


3-8-68, Honolulu – Bob Clark’s She Man will be remembered by sleaze fans as a pretty good start for a future star Director that actually stands up on it’s own away from the scene.


1-6-67, LA


5-19-66, Akron


1-27-66, Akron – With an ad like this, you already know that this is not a film for those who want to go to Heaven! You got what you payed for.


1-21-66, LA – the Monica was a good place for the New York films on the West Coast. Doris Wishman’s Bad Girls Go to Hell was a small hit on the Adult Sin-ema circuit.


11-11-66, Bad Girls Go to Hell returns to the LA area at the Apollo Arts.


3-19-66, San Antonio – Bad Girls go to Hell showed up at the Prince, which sadly closed up shop in 1969.


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