A Mix of Madness!

5-10-74, Minneapolis – This is possibly the only sighting of the ultimate ad for People Toys featuring the “Four Little Angles of Death”! Most of the ads used were smaller variations of this, but it seriously was not a hit under that name when it was released by Billy Fine! AKA The Horrible House on the Hill when released by Cinemation and Devil Times Five when re-issued in 1977.

This is a small collection of recent finds which stand out that I want to share with you for future reference. You might find them in other posts as soon as possible. Enjoy!


8-10-79, Jackson, Tenn. – You can’t top this review!


1-11-74, LA area – I have featured Pets before, but I don’t think The Scene had the LA ad.


4-23-76, Appleton, WI – There’s a bunch of Appleton ads in the collection, but I don’t think you have to guess more than a few seconds why I wanted to pick this. This was a threesome presented by United International Pictures of imported erotica which played a lot through the Mid-Late 70’s with Love Under 17 being the big hit of the time. OK, I’m not fooling anyone as to why, but there has to be some description, right?


6-26-81, Akron – One of the best ads for Bloodsucking Freaks presented by Troma after it’s run as The Incredible Torture Show – a title that played with The Gore Gore Girls in San Antonio back in ’77. This would see many showings with other Tromaville flicks, including one in Detroit in ’85. This would be a go-to sickie rental shortly after.


12-4-81, Phoenix – A nice super show ad featuring one of the all time great jaw-deoppers of movie history, Don’t Go in the Park! The Hatchet Murders was the re-issue of Dario Argento’s classic of classics Deep Red.


1-11-80, Jackson, Miss – We’re still trying to find out what Disco Sexpot and Stag Party was all about, but screen 3’s pairing of The Rape Killer and Cry Rape was a reminder of a decade gone by when these films were showing all over the country. My guess for Stag Party is possibly Pelvis, AKA Toga Party with the working title of Disco Madness/


1-29-82, Oxford, Alabama – I love it when I stumble upon a film that actually got shown somewhere before it went into VHS Hell! While Jerry Warren deserves a spot in Cinema Hell for his crimes to Low Budget film making, you have to admit that Frankenstein Island is something “special”. As it said in the ads, you learn “The Total”! The Total WTF?


2-26-82, Nashville – If this is not a perfect way to end a mix of ads, then I don’t know. Coming of Age is actually a light flick originally called The Fruit is Ripe, but that ad…you already know the power of selling these films, and even the most been-there-done-that among us will be wanting to shed a few dollars from the wallet to see the film if only for one reason. The B was the kickin’ film from New World which toughened up the night.


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  1. I think you’re right about Stag Party being PELVIS.

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