Dear Dead Delilah and the Evil Women who Played With Her

5-5-72 – Will Geer appears in person at the Paramount in Nashville to promote Dear Dead Delilah. Released in a year of serious WTF cinema, this will collect a small and loving cult following within sin-ema fans through the collecting world.

Distributed by Southern Star with play dates mainly in the South before it’s TV showings with some Midwest and Canadian dates after it’s first run, this creepy and proud of it Regional Horror was promoted with one of the most jaw-dropping ads in an era filled with them. Director John Farris was best known as a writer, who’s book The Fury turned into a hit movie in 1978 while most of the cast were respected actors who were best known on the TV screens taking their skills to the cinema where they can indulge in some R-Rated stuff. Made in Nashville, this was one of the many films in a time when the Independent movie companies were producing movies at full speed with all kinds of wild films that featured familiar actors and actresses stepping out of their safe zones and into some strange worlds only for them to be played in a few areas in their first runs and go onto the Late Shows and Video shelves (via Embassy) soon after.


5-12-72, Putting some grim Horror in the Sunshine State, Orlando meets Delilah!

Anges Moorehead (Bewitched!) stars as the edgy matriarch who has been rumored to have left a $500,000 in the mansion which just hired a new caretaker – one that had a cut-throat style of dealing with people in her history. Patricia Carmichael is in her one and only starring role in film history as Luddie, who was released from prison after 30 years for murdering her mother and is now helping out Delilah and possibly planning to help herself to the family fortune.  Among the notable list of actors is Will Geer who made this film before his best known role in The Waltons turned him into a serious household name in Prime Time and Dennis Patrick from Perry Mason and Dark Shadows among a long list of TV shows.

Sadly, Angus Moorhead would pass away in 1974, but not without one more popular film to end a fine career with in a voice roll for the hit Charlotte’s Web as the goose released in 1973. DDD showing as a second feature in some out of the way Drive In by then.


9-15-72, Wilmington – At a theater that closed in 1974, maybe the setting was a perfect place for DDD. Many older theaters had that creepy value which made these films work.
After these first showings, it went onto triple bills featuring wicked women characters you did not want to mess with – I wonder if it played with Girly somewhere?


11-3-72, Cincinnati, OH area – AAAAAAAAAH!!!! DDD was put into a Unholy Three triple feature or what I call theBattle of the Battle Axes show, with the emphasis the Ax!

…except for the Montgomery who had at least Solomon King of the Witches and Cry of the Banshee. There were only so many prints to go around.


11-2-72, Hamilton, OH – The Valley also had this shock show!


12-1-72, Akron – With Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, but also Bonnie’s Kids. The third film’s tale of greed featuring Tiffany Bolling and Robin Mattson was a real Drive In hit in The 70’s.


9-22-72, Gastonia – The Village Theater with the Adult Late Show also programmed DDD.


2-2-73, Indianapolis – This cool triple bill has it all! Night of the Cobra Woman and Lady Frankenstein are good cult classics which continued DDD’s perfect fit with films featuring the evil women of 70’s Exploitation. Both of these Drive Ins were possibly ran by Priority Theaters.


12-17-76, Ottawa – Last but seriously not least, DDD appeared in Canada!!! This showing at 2 theaters was headlined by Behind the Shutters, a re-titled release of The Corruption of Chris Miller made in Spain. Hope to find more ads from there soon.


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