Saturday Night 70’s Sleaze – 1972

4-19-72, Detroit area – The Metro Detroit area meets Christina Lindburg through her US breakthrough released by Cannon before it turned into the Golan/Globus empire.


5-26-72 – S(ex) in Scandinavia hits the Atlas/Mel/6 Mile Unholy Trinity of sleaze screens.

It’s time for a look into the kinds of films that were playing all around the US in 1972. This certainly is not for everyone, but Exploitation historians still have an interest in these sleazy flicks which were a successful business through the decade.


11-19-72, Greenville – The Cedar Lane gets “Swinging” with the Hemisphere release of The Swingin’ Pussycats, a huge hit for the company co-starring Andrea Rau!


6-23-72, Charleston, WV – The film that started it all for Hemisphere’s 1970’s reign as the EuroTease kings, The Swinging’ Stewardesses was a major hit was liberating in many ways…that is no plots to get in the way of seeing young stewardesses. True, Sherpix’s The Stewardesses was the real start of it all, but the fact that this was a European flick gave it that kind of “exoticism” that many were looking for.


12-8-72, Greenville – This set of ads has got some legs! The Belmont DI’s promotion for it’s showing of Three Cornered Bed is slightly rare as it features the legs of Marie Liljedhal, although sadly Weekend with the babysitter was certainly no match for the first Babysitter. Over at the Cedar Lane, George Rometo’s The Affair, originally released as There’s Always Vanilla, plays with the Danish flick Relations which gives the Lolita Drama genre a bit of a sneaky edge. with Gertie Jung playing the young model of a married middle aged man’s lust.


9-8-72, LA – The New Beverly SINema gets to show Teenage Slaves, while looks like one of those kinky films posed as a warning to the viewer that knows it’s audience.


9-8-72, Philadelphia – Cinemation’s release of Girls at the Gynecologist turns into “Teenage Sex Report” for the US release. This must have seriously dropped jaws, raised a stink with the local uptight squad, and made a lot of money as it played for years.

In the Late 70’s, Beacon re-released this as The Teeny Boppers. Those were the days!


2-18-72, LA – Easy Virtue hits the Mayan. “DL Monty” created this film which will possibly be lost forever under this title or Teenage Party Girls.


12-4-72, Chicago – Universal-Marion was one of the many companies that had a promising start with their release of Dario Argento’s Bird with the Crystal Plumage, but found it’s biggest success with these “Shockers from Sweden”, both rated X. Eva was actually more dramatic than it was advertised for the American market, but that did not stop it from turning into a much-played film.


2-4-72, Youngstown – A cute line for it’s slapped-on X helped sold Dandy to the customers. It was a regular sight through the beginning of the 70’s and was helped by the appearance of John Alderman in the cast. Cynthia Denny (of Ed Wood’s Love Feast) stars.


4-8-72, Kansas City – The School Girls was a major hit film in the US for all of the obvious reasons.


10-20-72, Poughkeepsie – Perfect for the Drive In!


9-8-72, Detroit and 6-28-72, Chicago – Who knows why these films have not been available in the DVD/Streaming age, but I’m usually not surprised. Still, they were a part of an era now long gone which still interests Exploitation fans with a need to know what really happened through that era when sin was all around on the screens.


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