Gory Goodness through The 70’s – HG Lewis Movies on the Replay

8-18-72, Binghamton – Two of Horror’s greatest hits, George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead and HG Lewis’ Blood Feast are played at the Enjoy Theater, then part of Cinecom.

Tonight’s post may seem like an easy ride, but getting many interesting appearances for Herschell Gordon Lewis’ films is more of a stroke of luck than anything else. Many of these ads appeared out of surprise, but they are all welcome pieces in solving the puzzle as to where these films wound up after The 60’s. Several of them are teamed up with other classic of the genre as well as the many low-budget gems we love.

Through The 70’s, many Drive Ins and Theaters with some time to fill in sometimes picked films by the Godfather of Gore, HG Lewis. Most of these showings were in places that had good connections with his movies including those in the Carolinas, but sometimes they wold hit places that were expecting these the least. The trail of The Blood Trilogy will possibly be impossible to complete, but it’s fun to get as many cities as possible, and the rest of his movies are too cool to ignore as well.


7-10-70, Anniston – Dusk to Dawn time featuring A Taste of Blood and Teenage Strangler! I love it that Mantis in Lace, the psycho-sexy LSD shocker of 1967, was on this bill too!


5-1-70, Greenville, SC – Gruesome Twosome was #4 in this Dusk to Dawn Horror-thon. While there’s no art from the ads, this is one killer mofo of a sight anyways!


5-8-70, Malletts Bay – A Taste of Blood was re-promoted with a nod to the more permissive 70’s. All due respect, but after the intense Corruption, many movies that followed it (not all) turned into serious car-rocking time.


2-22-71, Newport News – The Trilogy hits the Twin Drive In!


2-4-74, LA – This showing of The Blood Trilogy must have been a meet and greet for future members of the LA Punk Scene in a way that Manson did a couple of years later (The book Lexicon Devil about the Germs mentioned . Most of the theaters were showing the Trilogy, but there were interesting choices to replace the weakest of the three, Color Me Blood Red. The State, picking the class-sick I Drink Your Blood, was facing some troubled times by then – reportedly it was regularly showing Spanish-dubbed prints of hit films – although there reportedly has been some renovation going on. Two DIs picked the can’t-fail classic of classics, Night of the Living Dead!


3-22-73, Clovis, NM – Yipes Stripes! the Taste of Blood/Teenage Strangler double feature got billed with the film Andy Rominoff walked out of during production, Flesh Feast! The Veronica Lake film directed by Brad Gritner was a serious jaw dropper, although the Director would go on to make the even more wacked-out Blood Freak! Must have shared the same Sub-distributor – have to check out on this!


2-9-73, Greenville, SC – The “Blood” of the ads for A Taste of Blood appeared in a few blood Feast ads around this time. The White Horse was a long-standing screen, and it had did the right thing by bringing in the all-mighty Trilogy.


7-8-77, Greenville – The soon-to-close Fox Theater caught The Gore Gore Girls in 1977. HG Lewis’ 1972 blood red freak out which was his final film for a long time has a very interesting history of showings to track down, and I am trying to get a good part of that story. I think that many of them hit screens like this after some 1972 showings. Reportedly, Brother on the Run is a serious train wreck of a film – I need to see it!


10-9-71, Hancock, NJ – I know, not the most exciting of ads, but to those who have seen both Teenage Gang Debs and She Devils on Wheels enough to quote lines at the drop of a hat, this reads like Drive In Poetry!


9-14-72, Longview, TX – Again, a plain ad to those not in The Scene, but to us it’s Exploitation Gold. This ad has a Fake R for The Gore Gore Girls at a Drive In that would triple up soon, filling many customer’s nights with more crazy flicks than before.


8-11-72, Binghamton – Using the art for Andy Milligan’s Bloodthirsty Butchers for Blood Feast, this diabolical duo must have been proven popular to have another show in the area in the next week!


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