The Many Rides of The Blind Dead, Part One

9-8-72, Wilmington, DE – THE BAG IS BACK! Amando de Ossorio’s Blind Dead films are legendary with many Horror film fans while the first movie in the series was the one which got some serious success in the Early 70’s US cinema scene through some clever promotion by Hallmark (the company that will always say that “It’s only a movie”!) and the fact that it’s simply a damn good film. Officially known as Tombs of the Blind Dead, opening engagements of the first installment included a continuation of the barf bag gimmick the US distributor used for Mark of the Devil and advertising that name-checked several films including Night of the Living Dead, which was an inspiration for this film and a title to drop to bring in the customers. It’s Gothic atmosphere, quality shocks, and excellent story made for an excellent film that might not exactly make NOTLD a kids pajama party, but one that stands up as a Horror classic on it’s own terms.

Lone Fleming stars along with Maria Elena Apron, Cesar  Burner, and Veronica Llimera along with the Blind Dead Crew.

The Cinemart was one of the many cinemas of the Late 60’s that faced trouble in the Early 70’s due to the usual reasons of increased competition. After management switched from ABC to Budco, the selection turned into the wild mix of movies which were a mark of a 70’s movie house trying to stay alive with some X-Rated bookings every now and then – those were seriously the days!


8-11-72, Lowell, Massachusetts – This showing at the Rt. 495 DI is combined with Cave of the Living Dead (D: Akos Rathonyi – Starring Erika Remberg, Wolfgang Preiss, and Adrian Hoven). With serious respect to the B, which I actually like and is pretty good DI fare for Horror fans who like their 60’s European flicks seen on the big screen instead of the TV, B&W films were already passe with the mainstream by 1972 so I can see the film as the time when the cars were starting to squeak. “DEATH after DEATH after DEATH”!

Here, the comparison was more fitting, although Mark of the Devil was also hard to top.


1-10-73, Kansas City – The Kansas City area had a triple-scream show of some serious shockers! Thankfully there was no “monsters in the audience” gimmick that would have fit the bottom ad line which would certainly could have worked too well. Mario Bava’s Baron Blood was a good fit along with The Deathmaster for this showing.

These theaters were I think  part of the Commonwealth Amusement Corp. which was in most of the Midwest (excepting the MI/OH/IN Tri-State area).


7-18- and 8-4-72, Binghamton, NY – The Cinecom theaters in the area, possibly well connected with Hallmark, had their Blind Dead shows at the Riviera theater and V Drive Ins. the Riviera turned into a budget house under the Soprtsservice company that took over the Cinecom Theaters.  The V also played the Hammer Horror classic Curse of Frankenstein.


10-6-72, Johnson City, NY – One more Cinecom Theater stop, this time with the B being the Mummy’s Shroud, one of the many loved films made by Hammer. The Enjoy started off as the Goodwill before the Cinecom change, and it ventured into the world of Adult Movies and Porno along with the PG and R-rated fare.

The change to Cinecom was infamous for playing Love Camp 7 in 1970!


8-10-73, Kokomo, IN – This was a double feature marketed which played some areas in the Indiana and Michigan area – Apartment on the 13’th Floor was the US title for…


6-7-74, Honolulu – I will bid you “aloha” for now with this nice double feature of The Blind Dead and Mark of the Devil Part 2 at the King and Royal Sunset.


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