More with Monika!

9-10-58, Holiday Drive In, Trenton, MI (Detroit area). After opening in the Detroit area at the Van Dyke Drive In, it moved to the Holiday to continue it’s successful run. Many DIs at the time showed films for only three or two days back then, so you had to catch them fast. The Van Dyke ad looked the same, but what an ad!


8-13-55. Odgen, Utah – the hype brought the movie to the personal ads of newspapers which looked very believable as this kind of writing was all over the classifieds then.

Time for another classic research update! Monica: The Story of a BAD GIRL was one of the hottest Drive In shows of it’s time. Ingmar Bergman’s film in it’s original edit is a classic Drama centering  around the lives of a rebellious girl who loves the movies (Harriett Andersson) and a straight-up boy in Sweden (Lars Ekborg) who gets attacked by his girlfriend’s ex-ready-to-return JD (John Harryson) and is left holding the baby at the end, the US version was something spicier. The version presented by Kroger Babb knew it’s audience by taking out segments seen to drag the film in his opinion and replacing the beautiful music with the sound by the legendary Les Baxter, which to play Devil’s Advocate admittedly could connect with an American audience more – in short a film edited perfectly for the Rock and Roll generation who could connect to the story even if it was a total alteration of a classic movie which saw the original version wind up at Art houses through Ajay (who would move into the Exploitation market soon – see Jungle Street Girls) after a heated discussion between the original producer and Friedman.


11-2-55, De Kalb – Going for the then-daring bare shoulder ad that’s now iconic.


9-14-55, Indianapolis – Looks innocent, but she’s BAAAAADD! Still, one look at the Nordic oceans just might make you believe your sins would wash away, too.


9-22-55, Indianapolis – Wowing them in Indianapolis, the second week shows the funny ad with the wimp character and Monika laying down.


Used in the Indianapolis run and others


9-22-55, Provo, Utah – another safe ad with the wicked smile!


11-13-55, Terre Haute, Indiana


3-30-56, Humboldt, California – There’s enough time to check out the Chicago Syndicate at the Bel Air and get ready for Monka the next day.


4-22-56, Kalispell, Montana


9-14-56, Des Moines showing at the S.E., 14’th Street DI. This ad gets an A!


9-19-56, Mason City, Iowa


9-15-56, Des Moines – I don’t think that Bergman aimed this film for JD parties at DIs.


10-2-56, Benton Harbor, MI – A bit of censorship in this.


9-22-61, Indianaplois – the Fox was growing into one of the area’s Art cinemas at the time.


10-6-56, Alton, Illinois – With Monika going into the sea naked, this post ends says “bye”.


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