Rare EuroErotica Advertising – Justine de Sade…with a little Paranoia thrown in!

4-4-75, St Meyers, Forida  – Available on Full Moon Streaming and a DVD release through Blue Underground, the tasty Justine de Sade by Claude Pierson and starring Alice Arno was given a small release through Cinema International Pictures. Filled with period costumes and timeless skin (yes, this is a sexy one), this has fans who seriously follow the films of Jess Franco’s more erotic 70’s work as well as films that only had a few playdates in the US before fading away into the deepest corners of the video store that movie ghouls like myself were regularly found at. Video Gems actually had a release of this.


4-9-76, Montgomery, Alabama – It showed up at the Jet Drive In, which specialized in sexy films through most of The 70’s and up to 1982. this was one of it’s more distinguished films…meaning that it was well produced, lavish, and still containing the stuff customers really wanted in their movies seen under the stars.


6-11-77, Brandon, Manitoba – Getting lucky at the Lucky Star! Justine de Sade and French Love together on the same show. Now for the interesting part of when ads go wack…

10-3-76, Neptune City, NJ – This seriously looks wack. The title of Justine de Sade is on top, but there’s something completely different in the rest of the ad. Plus, neither Stephen Johnson or Judy Farrow are in Justine de Sade or the film that the ad mat was really for…


2-27-76, Honolulu – The main part of the Neptune City ad was for this Italian film which got a small US release that played some Adult theaters due to it’s X rating, although here the real show was for a rarity called True Way and is part of the Dragon Art theater collection through Something Weird Video. The Scene loves to dig up the rare and sleazy!


~ by screen13 on July 25, 2017.

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