Milligan in the Rough – The Lost Films of Andy Milligan, a Screen 13 Tribute, Part One

8-25-67, Akron – Andy Milligan’s The Degenerates and Depraved! hits the city’s Sleaze Palace, the Astor on the 26’th – A Double Dose of Milligan! Feel the hate! Playing for it’s last day was Love + Fear = Torment and Lou Campa’s Cool It, Baby. “OF HUMAN SEXUALITY” was the censored line. JER handled the Degenerates and Depraved.

It’s seriously frustrating when most of Andy Milligan’s movies which reportedly were seriously great Roughies are not around to live on in the digital/streaming age. Judging from Fleshpot on 42’nd Street and Vapors, he captured the steamy, sleazy, and dirty side of life perfectly enough for you to want to see more. They were hits in NYC where I’m sure some of the audience saw them as home movies and were played well in areas that had a screen which dared to show the more edgy stuff, but fate had it for them to be gone and remain the much talked about legends which might live up to the words said by the few who still remember seeing them back in the day.

Just a small note – Many stories and opinions of why they are lost have been said, especially the films made for William Mishkin. In this series, through the use of ads from many areas of the US, Canada, and England, The Scene of Screen 13 wants to take you back to where the action was to show you where they played and to add more facts to the story for a more complete and real picture. For the record, I would have been a customer at many of these places then and feel that I would have loved these films back in the day.


6-28-67, Detroit area – Depraved! is playing at the Paris in Highland Park and the Melody in Inkster. I had to throw in the Howling Wolf ad – The Chess Mate was a pretty popular place for music at that time and Howling Wolf is cool.


8-23-67 – Depraved! returns to the Detroit area at the Guild and Art theaters. both of these screens would usually share the same shows.


9-8-67, Louisville – Now the toast On Market, the Shel-Mar was a regular theater turned into a Burlesque/Adult theater reportedly by the 1950’s, although it’s re-opening in 1965 as an Adult theater started it’s best known phase. Small ads, but usually good ones.


4-15-67, Lubbock -So, you can print “go down” and “human sexuality” but not the word “love” nor “degenerates” (although you can still show “generates”), and have to cover up an image of Love Milligan Style that’s usually safe to show. Some messed up censorship is in this ad. Another classic ad from the history of the Fine Arts Drive In.


8-10-67, NYC – This release of what was originally known as Liz stayed at the World when Vapors was playing the Cameo. In”The Deuce” it was the Summer of Milligan!

8-18-67, Ft. Lauderdale – Depraved! even hit the Drive Ins! The Thunderbird was known for showing films like this with some of the more exciting advertisements of the day.


6-9-67, San Antonio – the Lackland in San Antonio was another hot spot for the adult stuff. It was so cool, that the title of it’s co-feature was printed in full!


2-16-68, Philadelphia – Depraved! is shown at the Studio where it had ads every week unlike the others who got the listings, but not the visual placements.


8-16-68, Amarillo -The Trail was usually an Adult DI although there were times when it showed Spanish movies, the mark of a struggling DI. The A by Enrico Blancocello looks like one hell of a Roughie, but sadly it’s still lost too.


10-29-68, San Antonio – Little is known about the Art, but I’m looking into it. The Filthy Five was one of the Mishkin releases that demands to be unearthed – I hope to live to see they day! From here down in this post, the films would be released by William Mishkin.


8-7-69, NYC – More Milligan action at the Rialto and World!


7-3-69, NYC – Gutter Trash plays the World! Seriously cool ad from the Village Voice!


10-10-69, Lake Worth, FLA – Gutter Trash hits the Playboy (later Play Toy) Theater.


9-12-69 – Kiss Me! Kiss Me! Kiss Me! also made it to the Playboy Theater – no relation!

6-11-69, Honolulu – Hawaii gets a dose of Deuce Decadence at the American, a place where there were a few sleaze shows from time to time. The main place for these films would have been the Roosevelt which turned into the Rex by that time (I think).


3-6-70 Essex, MD – While Andy Milligan’s better known Horror flicks were playing all over the country, his Roughies still had some playing value as well. Tricks of the Trade would be usually seen at the theaters still keeping it to older levels as things were turning Danish on us.

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