The Young Marrieds in 1974 plus some cool and sexy odds and ends

1-28-74 – Could this be the Ed Wood film? I seriously hope I’m not being confused by any other titles as the film we can now see carried a 1972 copyright, but at least there’s a Village Voice ad printed in it’s 1-31-74 issue to confirm more playdates in the later year.


1-31-74, NYC – The Young Marrieds at the Eros 2. Just go a couple of blocks North from the famous 42’nd Street Port Authority Bus Terminal, look to the right when you hit 45’th and…it’s Trattoria Daniela.

Time for another mix of madness this time as more research is turning up a mountain of results for a long article and I still have to have some fun with you.


2-8-73, Greenville, SC – Here’s a regional flick I forgot to post in the last article about the Cedar Lake DI, and it’s too cool to pass up. The Night of the Cat was reportedly re-named Karate and The Knife, who’s ad is a favorite of Something Weird Video fans who watch the galleries.


8-21-71, Lansing – I wonder if Bob Seger saw this and got inspired to write “Katmandu”. also playing that night was Kama Sutra and Jess Franco’s Succubus!


4-5-74, Detroit – one of the lower end theaters showing Sexteen.


11-22-74, High Point – The teenage tease used officially for the Young Seducers ad mats was used in many other advertisements. Nothing wrong with that!


11-24-78, Honolulu – The Eerie Midnight Horror Show started life in the US under the title The Tormented. This would get a replay in 1980 with The Obsessed One.


9-8-79, Orlando – here’s a rare find for Dracula and Son starring Christopher Lee.


3-24-72, Binghamton – Open wide and say “Aaaaaaah”!


7-5-74 – I hope it’s not too off-beat! Still, the drawing of the booted woman is pretty cool!


7-27-73, Binghamton – With a title like Psycho Sex returning by popular demand, you kind of wonder about the audience. Those were the days!


1-9-76, Waco – The Naughty Roommates made their way through a lot of theaters in 1976. Directed by Franz Antel, this film featured an early appearance by Andrea Rau!


1-21-72, LA – Time to go to Wendy’s Place at the Pussycat! vinegar syndrome has this film with Uta Erickson and Linda Boyce who appeared in many films together through the Late 60’s to Early 70’s including a couple of Findlay flicks.  I like the looks of the co-features, too!


9-28-73 – Poughkeepsie – Ending this at the hometown of Ed Wood. More 9G action soon, and more on this double feature soon as well!

More of The Young Marrieds is right here…you’ll love it!

The great story of Night of the Cat can be checked out here at the Temple of Schlock.


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