Lost Torrid Films!

8-28-68, Detroit – Very little is known about Mail Order Confidential beyond it’s Distribpix release and that it stars Diane Smith, Michael Courtney, and a few others. The plot revolves around a play-around adult “film maker” who makes movies from mailed in requests, including the required Roughie flick, and the “shocking” revelation that his wife is watching one on a lesbian couple.  I wonder if that ad is from the Rough bit.


1-3-68 – Come Play with Me (originally released in 1967) looks like a tasty “Abnormal” kinky-nudie from the New York scene judging form the trailer, but sadly the film has not been unearthed. The sight of Janet Banzet and Rita Bennett should have some people on the search, but it’s a good chance that it got dumped into the nearest garbage dump. This is not to be confused with the Italian movie of the same name from 1968


8-22-68, Lubbock, While Suburban Pagans is released through Something Weird Video, Come Play With Me ie promoted by the familiar sight of the woman from The Rape.


5-19-68 – While the original 1961 Greek version of Spoiled Rotten is around on DVD, the English version released by Chancellor is still long gone or in someone’s storage.


1-5-68, LA – Infidelity American Style is a film by Sandie N. Johnson who’s known for the classic Teenage Gang Debs and so-starring Peggy Steffans (married to the legendary Joe Sarno). One of the several films released by Chancellor which may never be found.


3-22-68, Pussycat theaters, California – Four women are asked about the murder of Johnny Whip (Forman Shane) in this lost flick made by Jerry Denby and released by CIP (Teenage Gang Debs). Made on the West Coast, using the Classic Cat in the story, this had a good number of plays and even a release in Canada by Marden Films reportedly in 1977. Still hoping that this will see the day.

Thankfully, the Lou Campa Venus in Furs is easy to get and features some light kink comfort that makes it on it’s own Pre-Porn low budget Adult movie level.


1-21-68, Pelham, NC – Here’s a cool pairing for Whip’s Women and Riot on Sunset Strip! Thankfully, the AIP flick is easy to catch.

Gotta add a little color to the post, so here’s Mimsy (More) Farmer on her famous “trip” in Riot on Sunset Strip.  While her performance in the film made famous by Pink Floyd’s music was hot, she was quite cute in AIP’s teensploitation mess-terpiece.


3-22-68, Lubbock – Turn Me On! featured Capri, Michelle Angelo, and others who did not mind to be in a Mitam film. Whip’s Women was the second feature. The Fine Arts was a Drive In infamous for it’s ultra-sleazy advertising through the Mid-Late 60’s.


3-1-68, Abilene at the Tower Twin  – Love Sadistic Style is a title I want to see unearthed. Same goes for Mondo Erotico. This sounds like a pretty cool program


9-6-68, Chester, PA – This looks like a while one, but sadly this also looks like it was a victim of one of the many usual circumstances of why these films are lost.


4-6-68, Bridgeport, Conn – Putting the spell on the reader to see this movie!


3-7-69, Miami – Olympic International’s infamous see-through-mirror film You played quite a bit through the years, but it’s a good guess that it was one of the victims of being in the bunch of films that was thrown out once the monthly storage charge was not payed.


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