Hot Times in The 70’s at the Cedar Lane Drive in, Greenville, SC

12-24-76 – I hope that this post will be like a X-Mas present in the middle of the Summer heat! The Cedar Lane Drive In’s history is little known beyond the facts that it opened in 1966 and stopped advertising by October, 1986, owned by the Piedmont theater chain which operated in the Carolinas. A lot of their ads from the class-sick age of sinema are filled with the things that make a great sight to see, and at least they kept up the quality of their shows when they went to programming more regular flicks in it’s final days.

Located near the North/South Carolina border and about 35 miles West of Spartanburg, Greenville was home to a few good Drive Ins including the South 29 (turned Porno by the Late 70’s) and one of the Jerry Lewis Theaters that played X movies (more on that later).

Through The 70’s. the Cedar Lane logo stood out proud and strong until around 1976.


9-14-73 – The Country house appears to be the film that played LA in 1969, but this ad is more appealing.


10-12-73 – Teenage tease was on the screen in popular to play Teenage Tramp while the 1969 flick The Girl Grabbers provided more sin for the show.


3-30-73 – Two of Cinemation’s biggest hits including the classic Fritz the Cat!


3-15-74 – Many thanks to Chris Poggiali of the Temple of Scholck for this Edit: This Scream Bloody Murder was the other film under that title playing through The States at that time which was originally AKA My Brother Has Bad Dreams. A film by Robert J. Emery of Sign of Aquarius/Ghetto Freaks cult fame, the film was released under it’s original title through Libert in Florida as one of it’s first films and could have been picked up by Cougar. With so many ads and titles to go through, sometimes there will be a brain glitch that can be corrected with ease.


5-4-76 – Gore-nography plays the Cedar Lane with Scream Bloody Murder, the only film of this great Dusk to Dawn show which might cause some people today to drop their jaws to see at a program that lets children under 12 for free…yes, those were the days. The other films are all great, by the way!


10-5-79 – Showing the classics was always first priority, and on that October night, two well-played films are offered one more reel around the Drive In. Franz Joseph Gottlieb’s 1969 EuroErotica flick was picked up by AIP, so that meant it was easy to get and play, but more historically interesting was Prison Girls,Directed by Tom DeSimone, which was originally in 3D, but had 2D prints ready for the Drive Ins and later runs. In 1979, this must have been like taking a trip in an Adult Time Machine.


5-10-77 – Harry Kerwin’s Tomcats (AKA Deadbeat) may have been sold as a hot and ready film, but the real focus is on a Law Student who’s sister was attacked by four thugs seeking revenge after the group get off lightly due to some technicality after being pulled over on the road. Star Chris Mulkey will later star in the 1990 TV series Twin Peaks while Kerwin, the brother of William Kerwin who plays the Law Student’s uncle who advises against his actions, will pass away in 1979. Here, the Dimension-released film was paired off with the Group 1 release of the EuroSex flick Girls in Trouble.


5-4-73 – This fun and of-it’s-time ad showing a special admission which actually lets in those who ride in the trunk legally free by the permission of the management! Among the films here are two Something Weird Video favorite, Blood Freak and the Body Shop (aka Dr. Gore), and the Crown International double bill of films connected to Rex Carlton, Blood of Dracula’s Castle (Directed by Al Adamson!) and Nightmare in Wax. Dealing with the familiar cheating tactic with a sense of humor showed that the Cedar Lane knew it’s business and it’s audience.


12-15-72 – This ad has legs and booted for action! The Dead End Dolls play the Cedar Lane


10-25-74 – Michael Findlay’s jaw-dropping flick Shriek of the Mutilated would have slightly worked better in a Drive In setting!


10-19-79 -Speaking of Group 1, here’s their release of Poor Pretty Eddie presented as Redneck County. It’s not a pretty picture, but that’s the attraction to the film’s fans today.


2-27-76 – This triple sex show had three good films. Deep Sleep was another film that got into trouble, resulting in some controversy for star Kim Pope, while Sex Freaks was the 1974 film by John Lamb. Sandra was a more dramatic film from 1970’s “Freedom of expression” trend which was a mark of the time between the Cutie/Roughie era and Porno that starred the cute Monica Gayle and Directed by Gary Graver. I’m sure nobody cared about the age of the films, only that they delivered more than the tease.


3-22-74 – The Devil’s Nightmare and In the Devil’s Garden was one of the hot shows of the Mid 70’s that was promoted with an “Exorcist” angle to bring them in. Erika Blanc is stunning in the Jean Brisamee film on the left while Suzy Kendall is among the sights in Sidney Hayers’ film on the right that was aka Molested and Assault.


3-1-74 – The Ginger series was another popular must-show item through the decade, and the ads were all classics. Here, the image from the first one was all you really needed.


2-6-74 – “R” you ready to check out The Gore Gore Girls?!!! I know you are! Here, the infamous HG Lewis film gets the fake R which was applied to most of it’s showings. On the same program, The Whip and the Body whips it good under the title What (it was the US title…) and a few second of Barbara Steele highlights the pretty good She Beast!


3-16-73 – Well, it is time to STOP until next time. Here’s another great ad for Dagmar’s Hot Pants and Swedish Fly Girls, a popular double bill of the Swinging era of Sexploitation.


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