Getting Weird at the Beach Drive in, Riviera Beach (north of West Palm Beach), FLA

1-28-68,  Forbidden, the last of the Olympic International “Mondo” films, and the Roughie classic The Defilers plays the Beach Drive In in West Palm Beach.

Excuse the clumsy edit, but there was an add on to the change of the title to make it accurate. It is listed as a West Palm Beach DI on some spots, but technically it is in Riviera Beach FLA. Have to keep it sharp here.

While getting into the research for a couple of planned out articles, I decided to throw in another mess of madness that’s sure to please you. Going back to the Late 60’s, the ads for many Florida theaters were as wild  as they came with shows to match. These ads focus on titles available through Something Weird Video, and I have seen several of these films and seriously like them. This had a history which will connect to every Sexploitation fan around the world who wanted to see these films under the stars in the privacy of their own car (sometimes with a hot date) and not near some raincoat wearing, heavy breathing lunatic that reeked in a theater.

The Beach started off like any regular DI until it decided to turn sleazy, especially through the Late 60’s and through The 70’s, and this is where this blog comes in…


4-19-68 – Lee Frost’s maniac classic The Animal gets an advance advertisement.


8-28-70 – Let’s start off with another ad for the classic Gruesome Twosome/Something Weird double feature of HG Lewis greatness.


4-30-67 – Doris Wishman’s “French” Paulette and the arty sexploitation of Love Hunger shows up.


7-18-70 – HG Lewis’ the Blast Off Girls/The Girl, the Body, and the Pill double feature gets paired with the backwoods Lolita tale of Jennie Wife/Child and the British flick Just Like a Woman. If you have not seen Jennie, with an excellent soundtrack by Davie Allen and The Arrows, then you’re missing out on a good one!


4-9-67 – Uta Erickson with a bullwhip in an acid trip is the highlight of Unholy Matrimony, and the rest of the film is not bad either! CIP’s release of Banned is still lost, but the trailer is a favorite and the ad is too cool for words!


1-7-68 – Doris Wishman’s Indecent Desires is a very wicked flick together with Max Pecas’ Love+Fear=Torment released by Olympic International provided a night of B&W sleaze that must have been great to see under the stars in Florida.


2-12-71 – Mondo! Mondo! Mondo! Now here’s a kicking show filled with people acting sexy or just plain stupid…just like the Internet but cooler! Placed in this show is HG Lewis’ looking into wife-swapping Suburban Roulette.


3-18-77 -If you were not playing The Swinging Pussycats so much that you lost track by 1977, then you were not running a Drive In properly unless you had a few of the other EuroSex flicks that were running around the country. In the WTF-level of programming that made the Drive In experience great back then, Frederick Hobbs’ Roseland was on the bill! That must have made some viewers wondering if the Coke was dosed! The familiar looking girl on the left is from the ad mat of The Young Seducers.


3-25-77 – Time for some EuroTeen Tease with the Young Seducers. Like Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” playing on some station at any given time through most of The 70’s, it was a given that some Drive In somewhere was playing Young Seducers, aka Blutjunge Verfuhreinnen made by a Erwin C. Dietrich and co-starring Ingrid Steeger (a King of EuroSleaze and a Star of some of your favorite films) every weekend at least up to 1977.


4-28-67 – Teenage Gang Debs is one of the greatest cult classics rescued and released by Something Weird Video, and it’s a must-see! Even better is that it was surrounded by two great Russ Meyer films and the British flick The Leather Boys which had that Third Sex feeling that you had to hide away at that time. Ending this with a taste of the gritty side of NYC (Brooklyn area) which rocks with the best.


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