Some Sexy Odds and Ends – Random Post Time

Binghamton, 11-17-72 – AIP’s hit pick up Dagmar’s Hot Pants with Diana Kjaer (Fanny Hill – the Mac Ahlberg film), Inger Sundh (The Seduction of Inga, I a Woman 3, Eva, Sexy Dozen), and Anne Grete (Without a Stitch, Bedroom Mazurka) plays at the Cinecom V Drive In. Produced by Vernon P. Becker, this tale of a prostitute would play for years through the Drive In circuit.


Montgomery, Alabama, 10-20-72 – the Jet Drive In, home of sleaze since their change in format circa 1970, plays Mondo Exotica


11-2-70, Honolulu – Cinerama wants you to meet Girly and Candy. the British Horror was well played through 1970-1 and The Scene is planning to do an article on it,  but this was too good to pass up. Vanessa Howard is great in this dark comedy.


9-5-69, Binghamton – Some “Candy” talking was happening at the Art. Don’t know too much about this flick, but obviously it includes sex, drugs, lesbianism, and a misleading title – no, it’s not the Ewa Aulin film.


6-14-68, Elmyra – the Roxy Drive In plays Lou Campa’s Venus in furs and Cool It Baby.


11-25-70, Colorado Springs – Jerry Gross’ Female Animal, deceptively advertised as a Spanish production, was one of the hit films that made Cinemation a strong company through the Early 70’s. Arlene Farber was great!


10-12-73, Poughkeepsie – Private School Girls has some success in the Drive In circuit, but Death of a Hooker did well.


Anderson, Indiana, 9-14-73 – don’t know too much about Teenage Animal, but it works well in this post anyways.


1-19-73, Detroit area – Roommates Here and Now had this striking ad


Akron, 11-22-74 – Swedish Swingers was shown many times around the US, and I have a feeling that it was another re-title of one of the Schoolgirl Report films they picked up.


5-25-76, West Palm Beach – I will be planning to post a bunch of ads from the area soon, but here’s something that has been begging to be put on The Scene.


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