Lost at the Last Run Drive In – Rare EuroHorror and EuroCrime Classics (and One British Horror) Under the Stars, 1975-87


10-30-81, Greenville, SC – While Werewolf Woman did alright when it was released by Dimension, this was possibly around the time when 21’st Century (Cathy’s Curse, Nightmare, and many more) got the company’s films after going out of business. This special show is a rare presentation with fun for the family in the costume contest that starts off the show. I’m sure that the kids were (maybe) asleep by the time Werewolf Woman showed up on the screen! I said maybe because something like this did not come around every day for them to peep at from the back seat!

In this post, it’s time to travel back to The Late 70’s-Early 80’s and think about watching a well-played film for possibly the last time in a Drive in when the cinema scene was turning epic and you still wanted to spend some time at an place that was still showing some wicked stuff. Back then, there was a very small and interested audience that would grow into the cult we are a part of now, but most of the audience were there to see something cheap or just hang out at an ozoner.

This set of ads focuses on titles I know I can’t do a long article with, but have seen some interesting showings at Drive Ins in the scenes final days. I’m going through my files and I want you to join in the fun!


4-16-82, Fontana, California – Reportedly out in the middle of nowhere, this was a time when one can enjoy 70’s sleaze. Sex and the Lonely Woman from 1972 can be found through Something Weird Video while Jean Rollin’s Schoolgirl Hitchhikers made in 1973 is found through Redemption Video’s Jezebel line. Sunset International was a company living off it’s past by this time which at least included a few Schoolgirl  films and European Sex comedies.


2-7-75, Louisville – This was one of the first showings of Rollin’s flick along with Sex and the Lonely Woman and the EuroSex of Should a Schoolgirl Tell. It was The 70’s!


11-9-75, Anniston – The Pisces Group released a few International Coproductions films like Because of the Cats, which has a very small following today. Rich Kid Crime happens, and it’s a very exploitable topic, especially when made in the Netherlands. Director Fons Rademakers will later win an Academy Award for best foreign Language Film with The Assault, released in the US through Cannon. Demons of the Mind is a very under-rated Hammer film that tried to go back to their more dramatic style after years of sexy Horror films, but wound up lost in the wilderness.


10-21-83, Akron – I’m sure I did something on this film before, but I’m sure the new readers would like this! Released by Aquarius in the US, this is more officially known under it’s original title…and of course the B needs no introduction!


4-7-78, Akron – Now HERE’S a Drive In Line-up! Included is a presentation of Jess Franco’s feel-good movie of the decade, Barbed Wire Girls at the Gala Twin!


9-14-84, Toledo – Although I went to this DI a couple of times, sadly this was not one of them. Cannibal Ferrox was re-titled Make Them Die Slowly for the US market and played very few times outside of New York City (the fate of a lot of these films at that time).


6-14-75, Panama City, FLA – What a sick and sleazy film! Even in it’s US edit, Delirium was a little too extreme in a time when that was the magic word to bring in the customers! Maybe it was just a little too ahead of it’s time…


9-19-80, LA area – True, When the Screaming Stops was a major hit at least with our kind of films, but look at the co-feature! It’s the rare Mickey Hargitay psycho sexual killer thriller Delirium!!! Apart from a few showings around 1976-7 through the South and maybe a few other areas, Delirium was seriously persona non grata in the US movie world outside of a few people remembering some wicked stuff on the screen. This showing is perhaps it’s greatest success. If your collection is missing these titles, you should get any official DVD of both films NOW!


3-3-77, Anniston – I have to bring in a showing of Delirium at the Skyway which is new to the collection. Pets was the super sleazy flick that crept through the Drive Ins through the Mid-Late 70’s.


2-13-76, Corpus Christi – While Demon Witch Child was a small hit, especially in theaters desperate to play anything and The Devil’s Hand was a Crown International cult classic by that time, Enzo G. Castellari’s Cold Eyes of Fear had a very small release in The US as Deperate Moments through Trans World Entertainment best known for it’s videos after it’s time in the movie marketplace.


3-3-78, Longview, TX – What are you looking at, Waldemar? The River Road 3 was known for three full screens of good stuff, and Screen 3 was with a couple of early releases from SRC that were re-issues of Hemisphere’s Schoolgirl Reports and other European teasers. The main focus here…come on, look up one screen…you’ll see Curse of the Devil with Paul Naschy that was released by Goldstone in the US. OK, you can look at Screen 3 now.


11-21-80, Ft. Meyers, Florida – Leon Klimovsky’s Night of the Walking Dead playing anywhere in the US is too rare of a find, but unfortunately any streaming video of it is a hard find, so…here’s a trailer to The Seven Brothers Meet Dracula instead! It might have been a small hit, but it works!


Ft. Meyers, Florida’s more visual ad.


9-12-80, Louisville – Jess Franco’s Jack the Ripper had a little more success in it’s US run, but only a pinch. Still, there’s no other showing with “Free Bubbling Vampire Venom”!


10-10-86, Edgewater Park, NJ – Down for the count, the Super 130 at least showed Cannibal Holocaust, the end of an era…and the end of this article.


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