Love Me Deadly – The Sinful Satanic Seventies Cinematic Creep of a Legendary Jaw-Dropper

Just to give you a bit of trivia, according to the IMDb, Columbia Pictures of Canada had this film in the Great White North, so I have a feeling that the MGM ad was for Europe. More on that later, now on with the show…


9-15-72, El Paso – “Only At the Big DRIVE-INS!” this time with a legendary film that is a perfect fit in it’s own way.

Ever since it’s appearance in the video world through Video Gems in the The 80’s and more importantly Something Weird Video in the 90’s, the necrophilia tale of Love Me Deadly turned into a small cult classic among those who wanted their films way off the beaten path. It was one of the many films in an era that brought us such eye-openers like The Baby which crept around the country and made the general public wonder if the film industry was turning into a cuckoo’s nest after “The Permissive 70’s” arrived. This remains one of the crowing kinky kings of the era for cinema ghouls like me – The Code Red DVD is great.


6-22-72, Chappel Hill, NC – While I’m still trying to find an ad for it’s first showing, at least there’s a small mention from one of it’s earlier plays. Not the most exciting to look at, but the title alone is enough to bring out the freaks.


10-1-72, Greensville, Miss.  — The Showtown Drive Ins were filled with ghoulish flicks. It’s appearance with the Vampire Lovers was a bit of compare and contrast between Lush Los Angeles and Hammer Gothic. This was the time when Last House on the Left was making a serious mark in the movie scene, and you would think that a film like this would also get big as well. Sadly the Distribution was not as strong. The Drive In would close up shop by 1980.


11-10-72, Alton, Illinois – By 1987, this was turned into a Hardees.


1-10-73, Tuscon – This screen would close by 1978.


2-6-73, Ottawa – The Mall is a legendary theater for Exploitation fans in Canada which closed in 1974 through serious Porno competition stealing it’s audience. How Columbia of Canada picked it up is something to think about, but it is an interesting story.

Now is a good time to connect to the information mentioned at the beginning. Believe it or not, Love Me deadly actually had some international distribution. It certainly was not too big of a hit, but it must have played a few overseas markets hungry for American product. Check out this Italian version!!!


3-2-73, Santa Rosa – A rare ad with the wreath is found! this DI was closed in 1986, a perfect year for these shut-downs – Many of Detroit’s were “Lights Out” in that year.


2-28-73, Las Vegas, New Mexico – Believe it, it’s still open! Went digital in 2013.


3-20-74, Victorville and Barstow, CA – The success of The Exorcist sparked a while new campaign! While we did not see any possession, the participation of a Church of Satan Grotto was perfect for this ad anyways – even if we found out long after the fact! While the Joshua closed up, the Skyline is still open! It would be interesting to see this in the wide open air at night in California.


6-21-74, Phoenix – The possession moves onto Arizona! The Phoenix closed in 1983 while the low-price Westdale 4 was hanging around a little longer.


11-8-74, Indianapolis – The North Side was originally the Northside and then the Mark Twain before it’s final years as it’s third and final name before closing in 1981. The Twin East’s address is now a Chase Bank!


11-8-74, St. Louis – This reportedly played a Halloween show sometime in 1981!


12-13-74, Hampton, Virginia – Going back to the original formula. this used to be the Sidney Lust Drive In, and might have ceased to exist around 1980.


1-10-75, Louisville – the Preston was another long standing DI which operated through a good part of The 80’s.


3-21-75, Chicago – This might be a small ad, but it’s a Monroe Theater small ad! It played most of the legendary Exploitation films through the years up to it’s passing around 1977. When it closed up, it was kind of like an end of an era that nobody took notice.


5-2-75, Danville – The 360 was another hot spot for Exploitation, and Torso was teamed up with Love Me Deadly.  This screen would stop playing movies around 1984.


10-15-76, Matinowoc, Wisconsin (?) This third-on-the-bill showing was on the same weekend that the Mikadow had Manson Massacre, AKA The Cult, AKA the Love Cult, AKA Together Girls, AKA Girls in Bondage (whew!!!).


9-25-76, Little Chute, Wisconsin – had to end it with a nice visual ad heading to the final shows. Little is known when it closed, but it seriously was the end of the line until it hit the Video shelves. Video Gems offered it’s release in 1985 as part of a reduced price 10 Terror Treats promotion…and a cult was born.


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