Sweet Saviour Update – With Come One, Come All at the Fine Arts!

Ashville, NC, 2-16 to 18-72 – Here’s a recent and rare find for Sweet Savior’s showing at the Fine Arts in Ashville, NC. While the theater today is an Indie house, back in the day it was one of the many Adult theaters that populated the US landscape. While the topic was timely and the film given a high profile New York City showing which caused some shocks and criticism, it wound up being thrown into a small number of theaters after it’s first plays in quick time. Several of it’s showings were at theaters that showed the usual Adult fare in some kind of attempt to prove that they don’t just show the typical X-Rateds only to return to the regular programming the next week.

The film under the title The Love Thrill Murders would be revived to more success when it was picked up Omni and best known through it’s Troma release thanks to the film’s Production Manager Lloyd Kaufman gaining the right to the film


~ by screen13 on July 17, 2017.

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