George Romero – 1940-2017, R.I.P. – Memories of the Many Nights of the Living Dead, Part One


12-20-68, Detroit area Drive Ins (run starting 12-18-68) – Night of the Living Dead shows in the Metro Detroit area at several Drive Ins, some time after it’s first showing at the Fulton theater in Pittsburgh on Oct. 1, 1968 with it’s controversy and notoriety already known.

The word Legend and the phrase “Often imitated, never duplicated” will describe the wonderful world of George Romeo and he will be missed. His passing due to Lung Cancer has hit the Cinema world after years of groundbreaking and influential movies, and right now I’m seriously just going to spend the night with the Elite DVD of Night of the Living Dead which remains a definitive experience. NOTLD is one of the first films that brought me into this world of wonderful films through one of the many PD VHS presentations presented to me as a gift from a friend who has brought me into the Toledo Punk scene way back in the day.

The Scene is paying tribute the only way I feel it can through some classic ads of this classic. These might bring back some memories or interest those who want to know about how it was shown and promoted in some areas with some double and triple features that might surprise some readers. Right now I want this to start with some highlights I already have.


12-13-68, Lansing Drive In with an ad that was cut for the space allowed, but…


12-15-68, Lansing (Sunday) –  …it was proven popular to be given another day on Monday when the runs at the Drive In were usually just through the weekend. This show will move to the Metro Detroit area on the 18’th (Wednesday).


Baytown, TX, 11-25-68 start – This was a brilliant pairing with Mario Bava’s classic Blood and Black Lace with the Insurance Policy.


Biddleford, Maine, 12-5-68 – Here, The Shuttered Room was it’s co-feature.


12-5-68, Scarborough, Maine – The West Screen had a great night for Horror fans with NOTLD and two Hammer features. The other screen offered those who wanted other fare with some good entertainment. Everyone in the Mature Audience area won!


Bridgeport, Conn,12-27-68 – the Candlelite/Pix Twin Drive In was featuring a classic triple Horror feature with two Hammer classics added to Romero’s film. To those who did not want to be shocked, the other screen offered the just as timeless and influential Yellow Submarine which was playing in many areas at the same time including Detroit (it moved from the Radio City to the New Studio Center and four other theaters around the time of NOTLD’s Detroit Drive in show).


Glenolden, PA, 10-25-68 – Although pairing it with For the Love of Ivy may seem slightly odd with the leading film more of an Dramatic Indoor cinema experience, it was logical for bringing together films starring leading American black actors who have made their mark in very important films with Poitier already legendary in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and Duane Jones being an Executive Director of the Black Theater Alliance who starred in Romero’s ground-breaking and thought-provoking Horror classic. Dr. Who was perfect DI viewing although I wonder how the children under 12 who got in free reacted to the intense Zombie shock.


12-17-68, Chicago – A little before Roger Ebert wrote his famous review, but already controversial.


The 66 and Starlite DIs offered this great Horror show.

Troy, NY (11-6-68) and Tuscon, Arizona (11-8-68) – Two more excellent pairings.


9-10-69 – Believe it or not, the Teenage Psycho Meets Bloody Mary show included NOTLD as a co-feature! This was a touring presentation of Ray Dennis Steckler’s The Incredibly Strange Monsters who Stopped Loving and Became Mixed-Up Zombies (whew!). At the end of this show, it must have been a tie between the boys and girls to wind up chicken.


11-1-68, Fresno area – The clumsy censorship seriously dates this ad, but is played with The Sorcerers with Boris Karloff.


1-18-69, Danville – the 360 has been a regular focus in the posts at the Scene, and I feel that right now it’s about time to make this the last ad for this post. There will be more posts later one, but I want to get to my DVD to remember this classic to remember a great Director as I’m sure you’re already doing with the Romero film of your choice.


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