A Mix of Class-SICKs – Asylum Erotica, Love Me Deadly, and more


Newark and Claymont, Delaware, 3-24-72 – One of the coolest recent finds is this triple bill at the Naamans DI in Claymont (RIP reportedly 1987) and Newark featuring the much-played night of Bloody Horror/Women and Bloody Terror double bill with Might of the Living Dead. George Romero’s classic was a serious win for any Drive In, but a serious must-see when paired with some great hits. While the then-recent show was in Violent Vision, NOTLD was the best out of them all.


Binghamton, 9-15-72 – Following up on the Strand Theater article a couple of posts back, here’s a tasty ad for Fernando Di Leo’s Slaughter Hotel marketed as Asylum Erotica. Starring the great Klaus Kinski and Rosalba Neri, the film was Distributed in the US through that “It’s only a movie!” company, Hallmark who seemed to be in good contact with the Cinecom chain as much as Aquarius were judging from other ads from the area.

Kind of reminds me of the gun action in this, although she was better to look at!


Binghamton, 8-4-72 – The Art gets “Deep” with the original throat that gets looked over, Mona! Here, the film is promoted through WOM – Word of Mouth…and we know where this is going! Making the Blue Film was Directed by Jerald Intrator and is a well-remembered Porn Documentary with Shaun Costello and Harry Reems. Among the non-credited people in Mona starring Fifi Watson and Judy Angel (also uncredited…these things were made Underground!), Howard Zeihm and Producer Bill Osco would go onto more success with Flesh Gordon.


Montgomery, Alabama, 3-22-74 – This was possibly the final show of the theater’s life, and reportedly there were cuts in it’s Adult fare that it was showing then. Still, this film has quite an interesting history as it was Distributed through Re-Mart – who’s owner Joseph Fink was behind Thunderbird which presented two of William Grefe’s best known films (Death Curse of Tartu and Sting of Death) – and possibly Directed by Rene Martinez, Jr. best known for the brain-crash that is The Guy from Harlem. I dread and wonder how this flick actually was and if it was so sleazy you walked out of the theater needing a shower. Carol Conners, “The Nurse” of Deep Throat, went onto…well, other Adult films like the then-famous Candy films of Gail Palmer, a couple of TV cameos, and was seen in a clothed role around the time in a film called Dear Throat which possibly should have starred her going by the 1 review on IMDb (thankfully there is no film called Deer Throat – Hey, Animal Lover was a hit!)


10-21-72, Kansas City – Before it was best known as I Dismember Mama, Poor Albert and Little Annie was among the sleaze-a-thon of 1972, and it was a serious creep show. It had little success in it’s original run, but turned into a cult video later on.


Louisville, 1-10-75 – Leaving you this time with another sighing of Love Me Deadly! This time, it’s paired with the cult Occult horror Mark of the Witch as the third film. The Animals is AKA Five Savage Men starring Michele Carey and Henry Silva.

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