Do the (Binghamton) Strand! Part One

8-4-72 – Once Binghamton, NY got “Deep” with Linda and Harry, it was already all systems go with the sleaze being unleashed by the city’s theaters that were following in the footsteps of the Art. Several of them then operated since 1970 by Cinecom, who’s Chevron Pictures offered us flicks like Ann and Eve that helped bring in the Eurosex of The 70’s. Out of all the four theaters and one Drive In it got, it was the Strand that had the most notoriety for showing the infamous film and getting in trouble although it certainly did not change a thing about what it showed even after the ownership was changed to Sportservice…but that’s getting a head (bah, duh, hiss!!!) of the story.

The Strand opened in 1920 kind of ironically judging by what it turned into with a film called Little Sheppard of Kingdom Come. It remained a regular Downtown theater for years and by the 60’s it was showing some of the hipper films in the area.

And to think that Cinecom’s early foundation was with buying up the then-bankable Childhood Productions just when the Matinee trend was dying quick and using their library as a bait for theaters to team up with the company. As quick as you can say “That Inga Girl”, those plans added in Adult films very fast.


3-3-72 – Getting witchy with Witchcraft ’70 and Secret Rites. Lee Frost’s alteration of Luigi Scattini’s Angeli bianchi…angeli neri was a sure pick to play through the Early 70’s with all of the interest in the Occult being a big trend.


4-11-72 – This was one of the first weeks the Strand used with the famous Cinecom logo after a couple of years of the block use. Although the Evil Ways of Love was reportedly directed by Gerald Damiano, there’s not too much confirmation other than it was with Alpha Blue’s set of films centering around the Director while the IMDb does not say anyone in that position. Still, it was a rare one that had some playdates, most interestingly at theaters like this as it was linked to one of the infamous smaller chains of the era.


5-12-72 – Get your White Coat on for this flick! This was following the showing of The Oral Generation back in April.


10-13-72 – A Clockwork Blue was recently released through Vinegar Syndrome on DVD and Blu, but it’s mainly Early Porno Fans-Only material for those looking for cheap thrills and seriously dumb jokes. Still, it played at a Cinecom!


9-22-72 – Things got Swingin’ EuroSexy style with this Hemisphere release with Ingrid Steeger. This tempting teaser was released on VHS through Something Weird Video.


11-3-72 – Belinda is a rare/maybe lost film by Richard Franklin, Director of The Oral Generation and Eroticon, released by Aquarius, the legendary company who released a lot of class-sicks. This looks like some kind of Crime-themed Porn, but we only have these ads and a trailer on Bucky’s Triple XXX Movie Trailers Vol. 1 to only think about how it could be.


11-19-72 – Not everything was Adult! There was this classic trip of films featuring the Night of Bloody Terror/Women and Bloody Terror combo with Night of the Living Dead!


12-15-72 – This creepy ad is a good one – I can see a swinging schoolgirl-booted woman getting scared at someone who could pass for Jim Jones in the sunglasses. Directed by Anthony Spinelli (Touch Me, Suckula, Seduction of Lynne Carter, Sex World, Aunt Peg and many more including XXX videos), this includes Rene Bond and Ric Lutze and was released by Aquarius. Hope someone finds this and unleashes a seriously dark film from the darkness of LA’s Early 70’s.


3-9-73 – Deep Sleep was a film starring Kim Pope made by Alfred Sole in Patterson, NJ. Sole later made the great Alice Sweet Alice and continued having a healthy career as a Production Designer. This was another film that ran into quite a bit of trouble, resulting in prosecutions and infamy. Being played at a Cinecom Theater is an interesting trivia note to the story.

More on the film right here and on the Rialto Report’s site  (link at the You Tube page) with a detailed story.


7-28-73 – One of the final days of Cinecom at the Strand, Riviera, Capri, and Enjoy. A change in owners resulted with Sportservice Theaters winding up with the management. This change also happened in Youngstown, OH where Cinecom had a strong presence for a couple of years.


8-8-75 – French Throat appears to be one of the many Adult films of Ray Dennis Steckler in the 70’s that at least did some business in a time when the films he is known and loved for were very much out of time. With names like Francoise Germain in the cast, it’s obvious that hardly anyone will really know who they were – although viewers of the VCA tape who knew how “deep” it got might say something if they caught something like The Hollywood Strangler Meets the Skid Row Slasher and see some familiar faces.


9-5-75 – Is it me, or does Blackmail for Daddy sound like a great title for a song? Using the  ad art to Joe Sarno’s Daddy Darling as the selling bait, you can tell that the advertising budget at the time was not much. This also features the Sportscenter logo used by the theaters after Cinecom left town in August 1973. I’m sure the number of legal battles it faced with it’s Adult themed theaters was a big part of it’s bankruptcy.


9-2-77 – There has to be some John Holmes in this story, in this case the hit Porno Ecstasy Paired with the infamous 70’s Porno Roughie Sex Wish, this had to be a great double bill.


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