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Philadelphia, 10-3-75 – Starting off with a Jess Franco title which was distributed in the US through Howard Mahler, diary of a Nympho was a small hit on the circuit through the Mid 70’s. Paired with Forbidden Sexuality, reportedly a re-title of Max Pecas’ Libido: The Urge to Love, this was a double dose of nymphomania that played for two weeks in the area.


The Dutchess and Duke Theaters were a good place to catch these films.

I’m finally back! Through the last three months I have been gathering all kinds of goodies and wild stuff for the Blog for your enjoyment as well as taking care of a lot of business so that I can bring you these blasts from the past on a regular basis. So let’s go!


4-22-77, Calgary – The Trivoli today is now a shopping area, and I’m sure some of it’s customers don’t even know it’s history as an Adult Movie theater through the 70’s and 80’s. Carlos Tobalina’s film was a hit on the X-Rated scene while Prostitution Around the World was one of those films that crept around through the years.

12-13-68, Munster, Indiana – Cleverly censoring the suggestive imagery with something from the ad mat of Naked World and a cute bit from the film advertised,Mondo Bizarro was at the 41 Drive In. Here, one of Bob Cresse’s best known films is joined up with Night Women, a Olympic International pick-up Directed by Claude “A Man and a Woman” Lelouch that’s still lost, and I, a Lover by Borje Nyberg.


3-24-72, Binghamton – A very clever ad put together by the Art Theater which was one of the many places where it started showing cool imported films to Porn, but one of the few to revive itself as an Indie screen by the Late 80’s. Sadly, it burned down in 2004.


6-6-75, Lubbock – This creepy double feature won no awards for Feel Good Entertainment, and it was all the best for it. Boxoffice International was among the leaders of the sexy flicks in the 70’s, but their best offerings were the darker films it picked up through those years. Toys are Not for Children is a serious downer which was originally released by Maron.


4-7-72, Binghamton – The Oral Generation is now released through Vinegar Syndrome, and was one of those films that crept through The US during the Early 70’s like many “White Coat” films did. It featured some good looking women who we many never know about apart from this screen appearance that was part of the appeal of this film which was released at the tail end of the trend and was lucky enough to get plenty of bookings. Deep Throat historians will recognize the theater right away as it was one of many that was raided for showing it.

LA-12-1-72 (2)

2-1-72, LA – Want to know what’s in the bag? As the Pussycat Theaters are all closed up, you will just have to tune in later for another installment of The Scene of Screen 13!


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