Like It Is – On the “Road” Again from telling it to selling it as Not My Daughter

10-30-70, San Antonio – “Those damn kids and their loud Rock ‘n’ Roll, Mini Skirts, Long Hair, and red eyes!” The Hippie Generation had four Roadshow “Expose” flicks in Late 1970 which tried to tell everyone in a style that mixed Reefer Madness with Hair how we were going to Hell in a handbasket just because someone decided to take their first puff of a joint, took our first pill, or just started to socialize with some people who looked hip. The Hard Road was the perfect anti-everything flick with Connie Nelson turning into the poster girl for the Downward Spiral, Sign of Aquarius tried to be the first Tribal Rock Musical Film but turned into Ghetto Freaks instead, Walk the Walk was Kroger “Mom and Dad” Babb’s final stand, and Like It Is turned into Not My Daughter.

Bad news for them: we were already there and at the point of no return years before Rock ‘n’ Roll; Good News for Us: The Mini-Skirt generation had looked hotter, the music was loud, and the stupidity was stronger to exploit thanks to the Hippie Rebellion/

11-26-71, Wilmington, NC – Much more like it! I wonder if the mention of Readers Digest pulled a fast one on the audience (note no names of issue dates).


3-3-72, Alton, Illinois – Playing with an old Sexploitation flick (Hot Money Girl) ad what I think was another Mondo (Wild World). Hey, if you can’t scare them, you can stil play them.  One of the best things about the film was that it had a good looking Teenager who possibly was better looking than the common kid (the major plus of The Hard Road) and Rock and Roll, although the plot was still happening all around us at the time.

Remember, it’s Bumper Strip Nite!!!


3-10-72,Long Beach – Proud to have no X films, but they could still play outdated flicks posed as swinging movies…although the pose for Sex and The College Girl was cute! I’m sure that Cinema 1 was the bread winner of the week.


3-17-72, St. Joseph, MO – MOOOOOOOO!!!!!! the Cowtown DI got the Not My Daughter/Wild Wild World Show with Fanny Hill – wonder if it’s this…


10-11-74 – Ogden, Utah – It keeps on playing! Here, it’s sandwiched between an adventurous Joe Sarno flick and The Student Teachers.

HAMILTON-3-22-74 (2)

3-22-74, Hamilton, OH – The Not My Daughter/Young Playthings double also hit the Valley DI.


2-11-74, Shreveport – At The Don DI, always good for Sexploitaion fun, Not My Daughter was brought in along with Hot Mother and The Stepdaughter. To those playing the Re-Name Game, Hot Mother was first known as Up Your Teddy Bear starring Julie Newmar and The Stepdaughter was AKA Winter Love which had Byron Clark of The Hard Road and Monie Ellis playing someone named Penny Crane (Crane/Lane…yeah, we get it!).


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