Delinquents, Drugs, Devil Dolls, and Defiant Daughters – JD Thrills


12-22-67, Akron – Three sexy flicks from the classic Rock ‘n’ Roll JD era plays the Gala Drive In, all released by Times – the New York company that also gave you Mondo Cane. Although the Psychedelic era arrived – this was the month that The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour, The Rolling Stones’ Their Satanic Majesties Request, and The Monkees’ Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Jones, Ltd/ were among the top three albums – it was a safe bet that most of The US apart from a few city centers was still more like this (and I will say that a film like Teenage Gang Debs was more accurate than something like Psych Out even if it was a great film). Beat Girl would naturally be the best known of the bunch thanks to the appearance of Noelle Adam, but also to the appearances of Christopher Lee, Adam Faith, and Oliver Reed.


10-5-62, Chicago – Wild for Kicks at the Capri, the Arthouse managed by Thomas J. Dowd, a name familiar to fans of HG Lewis and David F. Friedman’s Nudies like Goldilocks and the Three Bares.

ALBUQUERQUE-8-7-63-JD - Copy

8-7-63, Albuquerque – While Wild Youth was marketed as Naked Youth showing Co-Star Jan Brooks in her claim to JD poster fame, there was nothing Adult about this Crime Drama. Beauty and the Cave, however, pushed the age limit for this show.


4-29-60, Chicago – The Alex was a JD scene in itself, playing cool B flicks and sometimes promoting their shows with small hand-drawn ads that at least prove that someone liked their job. One Way ticket to Hell was a wonderfully bleak attempt at a more realistic Drug Scare film focusing around a girl that was already on her way down even before her first puff of Pot. Although the film was from 1955, it’s style was still relevant to 1960 when it hit the Windy City. The 1950 British flick Once a Sinner is also part of the program.


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