Aloha from Honolulu! Sexy Boogaloo – Part 2

10-3-80 – The notable Mandarin Horror Hex plays at the Empress. Known for showing Martial Arts movies, it stopped playing anything reportedly by 1988.

Here’s a small selection of classic ads from Honolulu that I chose for the first grouping, but decided to save for a second post due to time and trying not to make these posts super epic. This is going to be more of a mix reflecting the variety of films that were playing during a classic era of movie-going through the 60’s and (mainly) 70’s before things got toned-down a bit. I hope you enjoy this trip.

3-7-76 – The Toyo’s program of Lust in Ancient Japan and Teruo Ishii’s infamous Tokugawa History of Women Under Torture was a popular item in the Honolulu scene. By a couple of years, these movies would appear less in a way that class-sick Exploitation would on the mainland by the end of the decade. To some, it might be too much, but it is a classic for those who follow these films.



4-18-75 – The lovely (and to use a very over-worked word, iconic) image of Reiko Ike used for a film that’s best known today as Female Yakuza Tale promoted with a very amusing re-title. The A, The Priest and The Nun, was originally from 1968.


10-2-70  – One of the smaller Adult theaters, the Risque Theater opened up in 1969 with a style that was the usual for these places at the turn of the decade. At that time, if one was showing the more then-recent stuff, there was the need to take note that they were not showing the older films that were narrated or dubbed – styles that were usually the common in Roughies and European films. There were also those small films for sale, too.


9-26-77 – The return of the Woman Hunter and Victimized double feature with Sex Flight at the Toyo.


9-5-75 – The Japanese Sexy Mondo Twisted Sex is paired off with Russ Meyer’s classic Vixen for it’s second week at the Liberty. The “Three SEE” method is used well.


9-2-77, The Toyo heats it up with another showing of 3 Female Ninja with Ecstasy and Lust of the Shogun.


9-29-73 – Going further back into the 70’s, and when the movies were more new, Female Prisoner #41 “appears in full force” at the Toyo. Recently released through Arrow Video.

8-15-73 – Blind Beast, Yasuzo Masamura’s twisted 1969 classic released by Daiei Film, plays with Toshiaki Tahara’s 1970 sadistic film Island of Horror at the Kokousai.




6-17-74 – Toei’s The Insatiables with Reiko Ike is shown with Dimension’s release of the Single Girls.


9-28-74 – David F. Friedman’s Erotic Adventures of Zorro was his last of the Costume Cuties which played well on first run. This ad, though, shows that the EuroGirls were taking over in the sexy flick scene at the time thanks to the popularity of The School Girls. In the end, EVI’s humorous romp (with a great appearance by the one and only Bob Cresse) has had a longer shelf life thanks to the video release by Something Weird Video. As for the EuroTeen Tease film, it was not the most jaw-dropping of Atlas’ releases in that genre which is seriously hard to come by these days.


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