New Arrivals in EuroHorror, EuroSleaze, and Love Camp 27


7-2-76, Indianapolis – Today’s New Arrivals post focuses mainly on EuroHorror, and this is one “Hell” of a way to start things off.


2-21-75, Harlingen, TX – While the Devil Has 7 Faces may not be one of the more celebrated films of the gaillo genre, it had it’s moments and charm enough to attract my interest. After it’ International Cine Film release, this was one of the long line of films Distributed by Libert, a company based in Florida, and Cougar before settling into to Late Night TV Land and PD video. The theater is now used for community gatherings.


2-21-75, San Antonio – The double bill also played the Texas theater that closed up shop in the Late 70’s and raised in 1983.


12-12-75, Jackson. Mississippi – Here, the Devil appeared with the cult flick Messiah of Evil, which was one of International Cine Film’s major releases that did not do well enough to keep the company going and wound up also in Libert’s and Cougar’s lists/


6-13-75, Lubbock, TX


11-8-75, Camden – Intimate Teenagers was a William Mishkin pick-up of a Walter Boos film, but I still don’t know the exact origins of European School Girls. I’ll get “back” to it!


5-13-77, Fort Lauderdale – This cool ad for a Friday the 13’th Four Fright Flick show features another rare spotting of two Jean Rollin films – Demoniacs and Shiver of the Vampires as Strange Things Happen at Night. Make that strange and sexy things!


10-6-78, Honolulu – The Hawaii was mainly an Exploitation-friendly theater at the time after being a center of the hot stuff, but it was still a place to go for some good films. The Euro flick is All the Colors of the Dark, here re-titled They’re Coming to Get You. The leading film of the week, Nurse Sherry, is known to be one of Al Adamson’s best films.

2-10-71, Minneapolis – Yeah! OK, it’s a smaller ad for Eugenie, but it still shows!


4-22-77, Brownsville, TX – The Majestic 2 was showing some prime EuroFlicks at that time. Umberto Lenzi’s The Man from Deep River on one screen and a film that was originally known as Exorcism at Midnight on the other.



6-3-77 – Rino De Silvestro’s The Legend of the Wolf Woman, Distributed in The US through Dimension (the one from the 70’s) on one screen. Of course, Eddie Romero’s Beast of the Yellow Night made in the Philippines needs no introduction as well.

11-18-77 – One more from the Majestic 2 theater features Nazi Love Camp 27 on one of it’s screens while the other offers Jack Hill’s legendary Switchblade Sisters to take us back to The US to wrap this post up! Group 1 sold LC27 like the decadent pros they were and if you are in any way shocked or…wait, you’re at The Scene of Screen 13, you know what you’re getting into! Gute Nacht!



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