Jess Franco’s The Demons and Those Who Played With Them


12-26-73, Pittsburgh – While The Exorcist was already causing a storm of controversy, in the American movie scene, Jess Franco’s tasty Nunsploitation was in the Pittsburgh area. Picked up for US Distribution through Howard Mahler Films, the early ads lacked a certain competitive punch that would be used shortly after. While there were lines all around for the William Friedkin classic, the Drive Ins possibly had a low car count although this sleazy wonder was something for those who wanted something a little more Adult…at least young adult and European.



4-24-74, High Point, NC – The Tar Heel was one of THE places to play the good stuff before the days of Porno and the Kitten Club (and they were good, too), although you can tell that the ad left a little something to be desired. Proving that the copy writer for the theater knew what to do, The Exorcist was mentioned.

Pairing it off with Jose Luis Merino’s The Scream of the Demon Lover another example that a good imported Horror could inspire programmers to go to their nearest Sub-Distributor for other ghoulish delights, and The Demons’ days in the Sin-ema circuit under it’s original title as well as She Demons was a perfect pick to go wild with.

Back at the Pittsburgh showing, there was one Stateside creeper at that show in The Together Girls, aka The Cult, aka The Love Cult, aka Girls in Bondage, aka…


5-17-74, Louisville – The Demons were there with this tasty ad, although a mention of Jess would have been more than welcome. The B was the ever-reliable Devil’s Nightmare, the Hemisphere release that was at about 3/5’ths of the Horror shows from 1973-1978 as a B or C after it’s first run.



6-7-74, Toledo – Here’s another great double feature, this time getting the “Hammer” with Lust for a Vampire. I guess it was a night for those with a “Strange Love”! Like me!


3-7-75, Shreveport, Louisiana – The tour continues, this time at the Strand, which (possibly shocking to readers of The Scene) is still alive and kicking today!

10-15-76, Brownsville, TX – When the double screen has “She” Demons and House of Insane Women (aka Exorcism’s Daughter) on one screen and Devil Woman/Dragons Never Die on the other, the law says to post the whole thing. Your devilish weekend is partially planned out here! Here, the House was the title for the Howard Mahler distribution run – National Forum Releasing had it under it’s original title in 1974.


9-1-73, Lubbock, TX at the Golden Horseshoe DI.


2-18-77, El Paso – A Late Winter Horror Special with The Witch Who Came from the Sea and Mario Bava’s classic Twitch of the Death Nerve (A Bay of Blood).


7-8-77, San Antonio – A pairing with Pete Walker’s Schizo was another late-run show.


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