Random Sleaze and Tease – To Be Continued


10-12-73, Poughkeepsie – Private School Girls was another Sexploitation hit from Hallmark, who brought you the films that reminded you that it was only a movie…and with this subject, it was important to remember that (and you know why). Here, the theater was risky for putting a fake R in the ad, as it was officially rated X (yes, Hallmark was learning that it was a good thing for a while!).

This is a small section of odds and ends that include subjects to be researched on for later. Until then, enjoy!


5-18-73, Newburgh, NJ – Going “Deep” with this ad, I can possibly tell that this was not used as much, but this is a “subject” I have to see if that was the case. The Screen 13 Report is under way.


4-19-74 – How to Play the Seduction Game and Sex and the Lonely Woman was another Sunset International Pictures double of Imported flicks which played here and there, although not as successful as Should a Schoolgirl Tell/The Games Schoolgirls Play which seriously proved that The 70’s were The 70’s for good reasons. Greenville, SC


5-4-73, Ottawa – I do want to start some blasphemous rumors! OK, that Depeche Mode reference out of the way, this ad would NEVER pass in The States, but it wound up in Ottawa. Here, the B was listed under the original title of the film that turned into Teenage Sex Report in the US (or Teenage Girl Report if the paper was conservative, but still carrying X-Rated Movie ads). The Mall was a Exploitation-friendly screen that was in some serious competition with the growing Porno area that was taking their business away, even if they were hosting some of the greatest all-night movie marathons. Sex Life in a Convent was a West Germany/France co-production – you have to keep some continuity with these double bills.


9-6-74, Montreal – the Punishment with Karin Schubert was a bit of a hot item while the Eve was playing it comparatively safe with Teen Age Love and Schoolgirl Report #3.


2-20-81, Binghamton, NY – Directed by Jim Buckley as Jim Clark (Debbie Does Dallas)


5-30-75, Xenia – The ladies on the left and right may be hot, but Rene Bond in the center will always be for the win!


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