Sin, Shock, and EuroSex in LA, 1972


1-28-72 – the Teenage Teases that sparked the 70’s EuroFlick craze – The School Girls released by (Billy) Fine Films and Dagamar’s Hot Pants were the ones that made this genre solid for a while, but it was the “Report” that really set the scene.

Once again, it’s time dive into the world of 70’s schoolgirls, teasers, pleasers (at least on film), anti-adult messages (in films made by adults), and sleazy attitudes usually made in Europe with good looking girls usually in those leg hugging boots and scored with funky soundtracks.  It was also a moment in time when the big theaters could play these films from time to time as well. Curious (Screen)? You are!

The Time: 1972. The City – LA and the surrounding area.


2-18-72 – For some reason, this is one of the very few full on ads of The Deviates I can find! I see nothing wrong with this.


3-17-72 – Easy Virtue at the Mayan, and that claim about “Denmark’s most erotic film makers” is about as true as Milli Vanelli. At least The Young Erotic Fanny Hill is an actual import by one of the top film makers of the day, Joe Sarno!


3-24-72 – Take a walk on the wild side at the Paris with the Gay Guide to Crusing…although one had to be very careful in the real world of course!


8-9-72 – Hemisphere finally found it’s way out of the Blood Bank and into the Swinging Set with the US release of The Stewardesses Report following on the wild success of The Stewardesses. This seriously wound up playing for many years!


10-13-72 – These schoolgirls might have grown up, but I’m sure the audience didn’t.


9-8-72 – Nothing says “Ultra Sleaze” more than a title like Teenage Slaves.


11-3-72 – Cinemation’s infamous release of Girls at the Gynecologist was successful enough to have played for years and picked up by Beacon Films who re-named it The Teenyboppers for a series of Late 70’s shows.


One more ad? Why not!

5-5-72 – Released by Duffy Films, a subdivision of (Mel) Maron Films, the company that released some classics like Daughters of Darkness to the US market, Eroticon was a Documentary that did very well for some time. Here, it played with Circle of Love.


1-21-72 – Sean S. Cunningham’s super-hit, Distributed by Hallmark Releasing, played!


6-2-72 – I’ll stop with this…the title is in my opinion a message for today as well!

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