Something Weird (Video) in Honolulu


7-9-76 – Looking through some of the latest ad grabs from Honolulu, there were a few that had “Something Weird” going on, as in Something Weird Video. Thankfully, some of the more over-looked titles beyond the beyond have popped up playing through The 70’s like the Greek Crime story Diamonds on Her Naked Flesh. Starring Eleni Anousaki (12-year member of it’s Parliament!), the film first played the US in LA at the Mayan in 1974 but found a hurdle in moving outside of the city as an X-Rated that kind of fell through the cracks until it wound up at a few theaters in places like Anniston and Honolulu when the Distribution company finally found some room to play it some time later (if you had a choice between Hemisphere’s endless list of Schoolgirl films, New World’s sure fire hits, Hallmark’s films that remind you to repeat “It’s only a movie”, Porn, and this…). Although the Hawaii is one of the big theaters in the city which is now a place for Dramatic Arts today after a restoration, back in that time it was playing a lot of sleaze and Japanese Pink flicks. making it a natural choice to book a film like this.


6-21-74 – The LA premiere.


11-17-67 – Hentai and The Sadist was a perfect match for the Waialae in Kahala, part of the Royal chain of theaters that included the King and Queen (later an Adult theater). Bob Cresse’s pick-ups were great for a city that had specialized in Eroductions. Sadly, that film is still not in the SWV library, but a print of The Sadist, the highlight of Arch Hall, Jr’s career, found it’s way into the catalog.

11-8-67 – Playing at the King a couple of weeks before with the big ad.


11-8-67 – the final day of David F. Friedman’s She Freak at the Waialae, “all the more appalling in color”!


12-1-70 – the Consolidated Theaters booked The Gore Trilogy at the Hawaii Theater and Kam Drive In, who sometimes shared the same program. Wonder if they had the barf bags! In this ad, your weekend was planned perfectly including the then-topical Dairy of a Mad Housewife at he Cinerama and the controversial and brilliant Performance at the Varsity. I know what you’re thinking…time machine…NOW!

3-8-68 – Bob Clark’s She Man plays the King and Waialae. You seriously have to see it to believe it! It’s actually a pretty good film and nothing to be ashamed of.


9-1-67 – the Weird World of LSD was one of the most jaw-dropping “expose” films ever, possibly the cheapest of them all. Here, the Princess booked it with Riot on Sunset Strip with Mimsi Farmer’s famous trip out sequence possibly as if to say that those hip teenagers are danger and in trouble…although the realities of the world would have made the viewer ask “where do I get some?”


12-11-64 – Before Joseph Green promoted Tetsuji Takechi’s trail blazing Day Dream through The US in 1966 cut with added in scenes that had nothing to do with the movie, there were showings of the real version from 1964  in connection with Shochiku.


12-17-64 – The Roosevelt was the “Weird” spot in Honolulu that showed the Sexpoitation that carried it’s business up to the Early 70’s and closed as the Rex Theater around 1973. The mark of a great Adult sin-ema is when Olga cane to play,


9-8-72 – The Rex with Sex Rituals of the Occult, a kind of “White Coat” style film starring Steve Vincent as the “Doctor” and a bunch of models and guys all frolicking around.

As you can tell, there’s more to come!


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