New Sleazy Arrivals – Albuquerque 1979


5-11-79, Albuquerque – Group 1 was still trying to sell it’s flop Disco Fever by any means possible, but I can imagine that the “Disco Demolition” that happened in Chicago the next month possibly was the hint to put this on the shelf instead of through their re-name machine that served them well. Casey Kasem was the co-star in this amusing and cynical flick that had some excellent ad mats including this rarely used work that makes it look more like a Disco Roughie.


5-11-79 – The 66 in Albuquerque was the place to see the sleaze at their Midnight Delight show, although their regular programs had their amounts of the goods. The night’s program offered a mainstay of the Late 70’s, the Trucker-sploitation flick, a good genre which filled a gap in the Drive In circuit that attracted those “I’ve heard of him before” level names (and struggling Country musicians) that were looking for a acting gig and the eye candy to pose in front of the trucks and provide some kind of “romantic interest”. The Delight was there to show the more edgy or older Sexploitation that was still a major sell for the Ozoner enough for it to turn XXX by 1981, although I can imagine the viewer seeing the decade-old Ann and Eve feeling like being put into a time machine!


4-20-79 – Girls in Bondage and House of Shame was a double dose of sleaze possibly promoted by the infamous Hallmark that played here and there through 1978/9 to the Early 80’s (and I’m sure with titles like those, it had to have played Detroit!), but the 66 took that show and split it up for their program for the night. Thanks to the Tempe of Shlock, we have a confirmation that Girls in Bondage was The Cult, The Love Cult, The Together Girls, and The Manson Massacre, which would explain it’s position at the Swinger Late Show while House of Shame (whatever that was) was possibly not as freaky enough to make the regular bill. Donovan Winter’s Escort Girls was right for that very late night past-the-sell-date feeling that was perfect for the Midnight crowd, some of whom were having their own shows in the lot and others who were as lonely as the guys in the film who were in their cars.


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  1. As always, I want to thank you for all thr work you do in preserving these images.

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