Inframan, Mazinger-Z, Kamen Rider, and more Fun in Honolulu – Screen 13 In the World of Super Action Fun in Honolulu


4-4-75 – Taking a break from the Exploitation action, Honolulu’s theaters also played host to many cool films that serious fans Asian entertainment will know about. which gave kids of all ages something to like. I’m VERY new to researching on these films, so there might be several mistakes here and there, but the excitement of seeing these ads sparked something to give The Scene another world to check into, Toho released Lupin III starring Yuki Meguro and Eiko Ezaki in 1974, and was popular enough to play in the next few years at theaters like the Toho although it is the only live action film in a world of TV shows and the Anime. Based on the Magna, this looks like a fun flick I have to check out soon.


11-28-75 – The very popular Kamen Rider series had quite a few theatrical releases on top of it’s TV show and as featured in this case, featurettes.

There’s a clip from the 1975 Kamen Rider Stronger that’s more relevant to 1975 at the end of the post, but in the interest of those new to the world of this series, it’s best to introduce the Rider with some exciting clips that were easy to find which were from circa 1973. There’s also a clip of Inazuman 3D flick that looked like it was a serious hit with the kids. I’m not too interested in Digby, though.



11-21-75 – The one and only Super Inframan was Produced by the Shaw Brothers and made it to the US Mainland through Joseph Brenner for a seriously successful run of showings, matinees, and TV showings.


4-25-75 – Gamera Vs. Gurion was a 1969 film that had some good value for special shows for the public.  Here’s the US AIP cut of the film…


7-11-76 – 13 episodes of Mazinser Z on the big screen is promoted in a report/hype about the opening of the Peralridge Theater 1-4 in Aiea, Consolidated’s Multiplex that shunned some of it’s other theaters like the Toyo to the side, although after closing in 2000 it’s now office space.

One last Kamen Rider clip, this one with a Spaghetti Western style that’s amusing.


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