Aloha from Honolulu! Sin and Sleaze in Hawaii – Part One of Many

7-6-73 – The Sexy Pink Action at theaters like the Toyo had ads that would make many censors blush. Here, two “Period Dramas” of the adult kind take the screen with class and style.

During this last of my long periods of silence here, I have been going over through a time when Honolulu was showing some of the most artful Exploitation and Sexploitation filmed in Asia while offering other delights from The US and Europe on a regular basis, usually with Adult Period Dramas, Eroduction, and Pink films. For many years, every week had a couple of theaters showing some wild film, especially when theaters focusing on films from Japan and China were around that had connections to the well known companies like Toei, Shaw Brothers, and Shochiku to show these delights. In The 60’s, films that would make up a good amount of the Something Weird Video library were at the Roosevelt which later turned into the Rex – RIP 1973 – and screens like the Toyo and Hawaii were keeping up while the Porno Chic days were highlighted by theaters like the Busy B and the All Male Tomcat, with the later starting off with word-only blocs and moving onto some great examples of small effective advertising.

This is only a small sample of things to come.


7-30-76 – Those who remember the “Got Your Back” posts will put this one on the top of the best of lists with The Backside of 17. Pleasures of a Motel and Apartment Sexploitation were also played from time to time.


9-12-75 and 8-12-76 – the Toyo was smoking up the screens with these films.


8-3-73 – Seen as a classic, this Shochiku film was from 1968 and still getting the occasional playdate in the Early 70’s.

10-10-75 – City of Corruption used a classy Roadshow style advertising.


7-16-76 – Sonny Chiba in a very rare film that’s AKA Detonation! Violent Riders with Three Female Ninja.

8-28-75 – This Japanese 1971 Mondo is a rare one, but I hope to come across it more. It played a couple of weeks at the Hawaii with only one of them with the Don Davis flick For Single Swingers Only.


5-25-76 – The Tomcat goes for the Scorpio Rising look for Chained.


8-15-75 – Another controversial hit that played from time to time, Hanjiro The Woman Hunter proved to be a pretty popular film.


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