Deviant and Dirty in the D – 1974 Highlights Part One


2-15-74 – The Cinemation triple threat of Hunchback of the Morgue/I Drink Your Blood/I Eat Your Skin starts this look at Detroit in 1974. The Harper would soon turn into the well known concert showcase Harpos.

It’s time for another time trip into The Motor City and the surrounding areas. Detroit was known for being a great place for the sick and twisted films – The Gore Gore Girls actually played two screens in it’s first year of release there in 1972 – and it hosted a number of twisted and sick films through the years. In 1974, things were seriously heating up!

As someone who was only a kid when thee films were playing, I can seriously say that I would have been there if I was born earlier! .

1-25-74 – A violent double bill in The D from Dan Cady’s Entertainment Pyramid landed in the Colonial, a true Grindhouse in Downtown Detroit that was soon to close up early in 1975. Henning Schellerup Directed both of these gritty shows while the angry revenge flick The Black Alleycats features Sandy Dempsey as well as an appearance by the one and only Marsha Jordan.The action takes place on serious savage streets that make the 1984 film look like a TV movie (I love it, but facts are facts!).



6-28-74 – Speaking of kick ass sexy revenge…One Eye…you know her…you love her! It played Detroit with the other film it was paired off with.



8-17-74 – John Alderman in the Heroin Crime show A Taste of Decadence was a small hit in some areas, and it played four screens in the Detroit area. The Atlas would shortly be a part of the Las Vegas Entertainment chain while the Guild, and Mel would be among the longer lived Adult screens.


3-1-74 – The short lived Frisco theaters had some nice small ads, but the Guild show wins over in this capture. The Woodward Frisco is now a PNC Bank!


10-11-74 – This classic ad for an appearance by Chesty Morgan was a start of the Six Mile as a Burlesque theater with the Live and Film combos. A campy ad, but a good one!


11-8-74 – A very rare Cinar film called The Bittersweet Night used the familiar looking ad you see above (“Oh David! Oh David!” screamed the radio ad familiar to Something Weird Video fans), but this edit on 7-13-17 is confirming that my guess was very wrong – and there will be an article soon. By 1974, they were using a clearer version of the drawing for what I think was a pick-up of Sweet Vengeance that was later turned into Trick, then re-released with other footage as Dirty Trick – one of those versions was called Big Mike’s Girls in Canada. Is it me or does this version used for Trick resemble two too young kids? The original versions of the ad for The Bittersweet Knight which obscured the faces possibly thought so, too. I know, it was The 70’s and all…but, lets move on!


10-16-74 – The Drive In circuit gets to know what’s Inside Amy! this Ron Garcia film is a tale of life in the Swinger’s Lane, and we know where this is headed knowing how Amy looks like – Booted for Action!


3-8-74 = This Saxton Films double bill of German pick ups was a nice screen filler, especially with the lovely Barbi Benton turning into a household name through her appearance in Playboy. How Did a Nice Girl… was later re-titled The Naughty Cheerleader when it was later picked up by Independent International (Sam Sherman).


5-10-74 – The Adams hosted The Devil’s Wedding Night and Voodoo Heartbeat. The B later turned into The Sex Serum of Dr. Blake in it’s Last Run showings.


3-15-74 – No look into The 70’s is complete without this fun double bill which palyed the Drive Ins and theaters through the Mid 70’s. Ralph Bakshi’s Fritz the Cat is one of the crowning achievements in animated films while The Cheerleaders was one of the biggest hits of the decade.


4-17-74 – Although Mark of the Devil 2 was mainly a sequel in name only, this time that was no problem for those looking for EuroHorror of the sleazy kind.


4-3-74 – Another essential 70’s double bill! Hemisphere might have been “Swingin’ ” at that time, but it also had time to shock you out of your seat with these releases put together for the Exploitation and Drive In market. It is true that Devil’s Nightmare was picked for the B slot on many Horror double bills through the years.



10-30-74 – At the Palms downtown, Black Frankenstein and the great Werewolf Vs. the Vampire Woman made a stop.


9-4-74 – Anyone know about this flick? I seriously dig the advertising!


11-8-74 – A modest ad for the Las Vegas Entertainment centers including the Atlas and the Telegraph Pussycat that seriously not part of the official Vince Miranda chain. Plenty of hits on this list although the Atlas is seriously on the bottom of the chain with the 3 Dollars/3 Hours/3 Movies line-up…wonder if Bat Pussy made a stop!


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